In today’s times, creating mobile apps has become the go-to strategy for businesses to gain popularity, and this is why many people are keen to find how much does it cost to develop a mobile app. However, determining the cost of developing a mobile app is not as simple as it sounds. It is a complex blend of factors like the platform on which the app is being developed, app complexity, the development team’s experience, and various other factors responsible for the app-making process.

Our experts are often asked, “What is the mobile app development cost?”

To answer the question, we share here a detailed guide to help young entrepreneurs and established businesses clearly plan their mobile app development budgets and needs. 

Mobile App Development Cost, in Statistics

  • By 2025, the global spending on mobile apps will be $270 billion. 
  • By the end of 2024, spending on non-gaming applications will surpass spending on gaming applications.
  • 2022 – The Apple App Store generated 21.2 billion U.S. dollars in consumer spending on in-app purchases.
  • 2022 – Google Play store amounted to around 10.4 billion U.S. dollars worldwide as gross app revenue.
  • Technavio – In 2021, the development market saw a 20.45% Year-on-Year growth, and it is projected to maintain a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 20.65% throughout the forecast period. By 2025, the market is anticipated to rise by USD 653.91 billion compared to 2020.

The facts and numbers give you a good reason to invest in business mobile app development and expand your business.

As you decide to invest in the business application, the first question to answer is, “What will be the cost to create an app?”

Well, the cost to build a mobile application depends on various factors, like how complex your application is, what features you want to include, the niche of your business, your business model, etc.  Our experts share a detailed guide here to help you understand the cost of building a mobile app. 

Factors Determining Mobile App Development Cost


1. App Complexity – How App Complexity Influences Development Costs

The complexity of your mobile application plays a major role in determining the resources, tech stack, APIs, etc. for your mobile application.

Basic App Development Cost

Building a mobile app with a basic login, custom profile, service management dashboard, and other regular features and functions would cost around $5,000 to $50,000.  These applications come with basic security features and simple utilization to help users avail of their services in a short time. 

Medium App Development Cost

The cost to create a mobile app for a medium application with extended features for user engagement, like multiple monetization models, social media integrations, payment gateway, etc., would be around $45,000-$100,000. These applications let users connect and communicate with businesses conveniently and explore the full-service suite. We make sure the solutions you get are easy to engage with and navigate. 

Complex App Development Cost

If you want a complex application, the cost of app development ranges from $100,000 to $350,000 or more. Such applications use advanced technology like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc. These applications implement high-end data logic, transparency in transactions, encrypted messaging, etc. 

Our mobile app developers use advanced blockchain solutions with core fantasy sports applications to create a fantasy sports application that accepts cryptocurrency as an investment. Hire our developers for applications that can help you generate great profits and expand your business. 

The average mobile app development cost is: 

Simple App: $5,000 to $50,000 | Medium App: $45,000-$100,000 | Complex App: $100,000 to $350,000

App ComplexityLevel of ComplexityAverage TimelineAverage Cost
Simple AppMVP Product
Basic UI
2-3 Month$10000 – $50000
Medium ComplexSophisticated Features
Custom UI
4-6 Month$50000 – $100000
Highly Complex AppAdvance Technologies
Multiple APIs
Bespoke UI
8-12 MOnth$100000 – $300000

2. The Influence of Features and Functionalities in App Development Cost

mobile app development cost

Now we know that complexity plays a significant role in determining the cost of mobile app development, let’s explore what factors define the complexity of the mobile application. 

The complexity of any application is defined by the features and functions it offers. For instance, a simple messaging feature would cost less than one with a video and call facility.  

So, to determine the cost of building a mobile app, we need to explore its features and functions. 

UI Optimization for Different Devices

First, your users would use various devices to explore your mobile application. Thus, you need to have an application that is compatible with multiple devices. You need a responsive digital solution with an interface that adapts to various screen sizes making your application available anytime anywhere. 

Landscape & Portrait Mode

A few applications, especially gaming and video streaming, must run in landscape and portrait mode. When you hire mobile app developers for your business application do specify such functions to keep the development process smooth. 

Mobile OS Versions and Device Models Support

Your business mobile application must be accessible on various devices and operating system versions. A few tweaks are required for different versions, which add to the cost of mobile app development. 

Offline Mode

Another significant feature that impacts the mobile app development cost is how you want the app to function offline. This is something very basic that you want to figure out. If smartly planned, you can surely save here. 

Push Notifications

Push notifications, alerts, etc., play a vital role in engaging your customers. They ensure that your customers are constantly involved with your business and are informed about the latest information.  

User Profile & Social Login

The cost of adding additional features and information for the user profiles and integrating social login for users makes it easier to log in effortlessly in less time. If the login process takes longer, the majority of users choose to abandon the application.   

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Localization and Multi-Language Support

Your application becomes popular only if the end-user connects with it. Adding features that make it seem from their region makes engaging and interacting with the application easier. 

Multilingual support is one of the major factors in increasing user engagement. However, the languages and translations would add to the cost of mobile app development. You can choose to integrate a few local languages along with English for your application. 

In-App Chat

Your application must have an intuitive chatbot that interacts with users. Affirm that the application you want has multiple channels for users to share their queries and problems with you. 

Integrating a traditional script-based chatbot would cost less than integrating a smart AI-based chatbot that is intuitive and works on a self-learning model. 

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App Analytics and Usage Tracking

To know how well your application is doing in the market, you’d need to have insights into how users engage with the app, what are the pitfalls, what works well for them, etc. Google and Flurry offer tools for mobile analytics to help you analyze all the required details. 

  • The basic functions of a mobile analytics service provider are: 
  • Records the number of users and predicts their behavior 
  • Calculates in-app payments and revenue
  • Tracks actions such as visits, downloads, uninstall, etc. 
  • Evaluate the navigation path
  • Enlists the sources from where users visit 

Integrating these tools to check your app performance would add to your business mobile app development cost. Based on various plans, you can pick the one that suits you the best and once profitable upgrade it. 

Intelligent Product Feedback

The best way to analyze how well your product is doing in the market is to gather user feedback and study these responses to better your product. Once the users feel their suggestions are heard, they connect with the brand and the product, thus adding to the revenue. 

The cost of integrating these platforms depends on the size of your target audience, your business’s niche, and other factors.

  • These platforms help you: 
  • Pick user requests on priority 
  • Automate your review system 
  • Help the sales and development team to deliver better results. 

Integrating Payments, QR Codes, Navigation, OCR, and More

When estimating the cost of creating a mobile app, remember to include the integration of additional features like payments, maps, animations, basic gesture controls, etc. 

Some of the most popular tools you can’t miss to integrate are:

  • Apple Maps and Google Maps for Location Optimization 
  • PayPal, Skrill, Stripe, etc. as Payment Gateways
  • Gesture Control 
  • Image and Voice Recognition 

These are some fancy features that are now available with all the mobile applications you may use. The cost to integrate these functions into your application may start from $2000. 

When you partner with the mobile app development company, share your business idea with them and finalize the features and functions you may need for your application.

3. App Type: Cost Variation in Mobile App Development by Type

An important factor in determining the cost of mobile app development is your business niche and the type of mobile application you want to develop. 

Offline Standalone App 

The cost of creating an offline standalone application that can function without the Internet depends on various factors such as design, coding, testing, business niche, etc. The cost of developing such an application ranges from $10,000 to $35,000, depending on its complexity and navigational features. 

App with Moderate Online Connectivity

The applications that need an internet connection may cost a little more as they involve integrating offline and online components into the application architecture. The mobile app development cost for these applications may range from $25,000 to $55,000.

4. App UX UI Design & Animation Also Impacts App Development Cost

The cost of app design and animation plays a significant role in enticing your users with your mobile application. Small details play a major role in how your users interact with your application and how popular the app grows. The major factors that influence the cost of app design in the mobile app development process are: 

  • Custom icons
  • Prototyping
  • Finger tap
  • Navigation
  • Animations
  • Layers of smoother functioning

The cost of UI/UX design elements is based on the application’s niche and the product’s aesthetics.  A basic design with minimalist elements and the right color combination would be affordable and attract more users than something extravagant with the wrong combination. The process for UI/UX design and development are: 

  • App Design Market Research and Analysis: $100-$350
  • UX Design with Rough Sketched: $1500-$8500
  • UI Design with Final Mockups: $10,000-$40,000
  • Creating Logos, Icons, and Social Media:$5,000-$20,000
  • Animations and Illustrations:$1000-$20,000

When partnering with your mobile app development firm ask them if UI/UX design services are included in the quote and what could be the trimming points.

5. App Platform – Number Of Platforms Increase The Cost To Build An App

Depending on what platform you want to launch your application, the mobile app development cost may vary. You may need an application that targets just Apple users or Android users, or you may want an application that can be universally accessed. The platform for development plays a significant role in determining the cost of mobile app development.

Native App Development

With a native platform-specific application, the cost of development may initially strike down, but when scaling the application the cost may be higher. If you are targeting just Android or iOS users, hiring native app developers would be a great idea. 

At Octal the cost of Android app developers would be around $35 to $75 per hour and that for iOS App developers is around $45 to $85 per hour.  

Cross-Platform App Development 

With cross-platform app development, you get an application that runs on the popular operating systems easily. With cross-platform app development, the coding time is reduced and with little tweaks, the same code is used for both platforms. 

Thus, you save on the overall cost of mobile app development for your business.  

Hybrid App Development 

With hybrid app development, it becomes easier for the users to access your application over web browsers too. Hybrid applications let you reach a wider audience conveniently. 

The users need not always be on their smartphones to explore your application.  

Progressive Web Application Development

With progressive web application development, you can let your users interact with your application web browsers like your smartphone. Hire web app developers who are well-versed in progressive app development and help you expand your services.

Types Of AppsAvg Development Cost
Native Mobile App (IOS & Android)$50000 – $100000
Cross Platform App$25000 – $50000
Web Application$15000 – $50000
PWA App$20000 – $60000
Cost to develop mobile applications for various platforms

6. App Maintenance Cost

When you hire a mobile app development agency for mobile app development services, check if the SRS includes app maintenance services. App maintenance services include:

  • Upgrading Techstack 
  • Reviewing Bugs and Performance 
  • Performance Optimization 
  • Iterating for User Convenience 

Most mobile app development companies offer this as a long-term service. You can ask your consulting firm if they include the charges for app maintenance in their mobile app development cost quote.

7. Code Reusability

With code reusability, one can involve their resources in various aspects and thus cut on the cost of mobile app development. If the development team uses the same code by simply altering the images and logo for your application it helps you slash the mobile app development cost for top.

8. Size and Location of Development Team Also Decide Development Cost

Location of the Development Team

The location of the development team plays a significant role in determining the cost of mobile app development. You may choose to hire an offshore or nearshore development team that can help you with your business mobile app development. 

Nearshore App Development: You can pick the best mobile app development company near you either in the same city or nearby country with a timezone difference of around 2 to 4 hours. 

Offshore App Development: Pick a mobile app development agency from a faraway country that may not align with your timezone but offers you great solutions at affordable rates. 

The best countries for offshore mobile app development services are: 

CountriesApp Development Cost
Ukraine $30-$100
The US$150-$250
Spain $40 -150
Poland$50 -170
Cost of mobile app development based on geographical locations.

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App Development Team Structure

The number of members of the development team and their experience play a significant role in determining the cost of creating a mobile application. An ideal team has a project manager, business analyst, developers, designers, testers, and tech experts. 

Depending on your project, you can expand your development team easily.

Cost to Develop an App like Uber

The features and functions you want to include in your commutation application determine the development cost. The basic features of an app like Uber are: 

Uber app development cost
  • Login/Profile Creation 
  • Register Vehicle 
  • Book Your Ride 
  • ETA
  • Route Optimization 
  • Cancel/Accept Ride
  • Share Ride 
  • Online Payment 

The cost to develop such an application may be around $35,000 to $75,000 depending on the complexity and the technology stack. 

For Details: Cost to Develop an App like Uber

Cost to Develop Media and Entertainment App like Netflix

With OTT platforms gaining popularity, investment in OTT app development has seen a surge. Hire an OTT app development company to create a solution for you that earns profits and helps you be at the top of your game. 

The features that determine the cost of development of an app like Netflix are: 

Netflix App Development Cost
  • Content Delivery System 
  • User Authentication 
  • Search and Recommendation Algorithms 
  • Multiple Device and Platform Support 
  • Offline Viewing and Downloading 
  • Payment Gateway Integration 
  • Security and Digital Rights Management 
  • Scalability and Performance Optimization
  • Legal and License Consideration 

For your OTT platform development, pick a software development firm that is well acquainted with the market trends and can integrate the latest technology for the best results. 

The average cost to develop a media and entertainment app may range from $25,000 to $95,000. For Details: Cost to Develop an OTT App

Cost to Develop Food Delivery Apps like GrubHub

When talking about food delivery app development solutions a lot of factors come into the picture. The most significant is if you want an aggregator app, an app for restaurant chains, or a single restaurant app. On-demand app development costs may vary from as low as $15,000 to as much as $150,000. 

The basic features of such applications are:

Grubhub Development Cost
  • User Interface and Experience 
  • Restaurant Listing 
  • User Authentication and Registration 
  • Ordering and Payment Solutions 
  • Real-time Tracking and Notification 
  • Review and Rating 
  • Geolocation and Map Integration 
  • Restaurant Management Dashboard 
  • Delivery Partner Information Management System
  • Localization 
  • Analytics and Reporting 
  • Security and Compliances 

These are some of the basic features that you must include in your food delivery mobile application for its streamlined functioning and successful operations. For Details: Cost to Develop Food Delivery App

Cost to Develop Social Sharing Apps like Instagram, Twitter

On average, the mobile social networking app development costs around  $30,000 to $90,000. The amount is calculated based on the features and functions your app would need and the time developers invest. The basic features of these applications are: 

  • User Profile Customization 
  • Photo and Video Sharing 
  • Photo and Video Editing
  • Feed Page 
  • Search Panel 
  • Like, Comments, and Share 
  • Direct Messaging 
  • Story Sharing 
  • Live Streaming 
  • Discoverability

Cost to Develop Dating Apps like Tinder, Bumble

When creating a dating app, the cost of development may vary from $20,000 to $70,000 depending on the complexity of the features and functions you want to include in the application. A dating mobile app would include at least the listed features: 

Tinder development cost
  • Easy Onboarding 
  • Profile Management 
  • Left Right Swipe 
  • Text and Video Chat 
  • Virtual Gifting 
  • Notifications 
  • User Authentication 

For Details: Cost to Create App Like Tinder

Hidden Factors Affecting Mobile App Development Cost

The cost of creating a mobile application can be determined by many other factors than what we see on the surface. Some other factors that determine how much it costs to build a mobile are: 

Mobile App Development Cost

App Patenting Cost

Patenting your mobile app idea is a big deal. Your app idea must not go floating on the surface where others can fish on it. You’d have to invest a little in patenting your mobile application and acquire the required licenses and details. Partnering with the right mobile app development company can help you get the clearance for these licenses easily.  

App Marketing Budget

Another factor that many entrepreneurs don’t pay much attention to is the “app marketing” budget. Your application must be marketed the right way to gain new users and increase visibility in the app stores. 

When planning your app development cost, consider the cost of basic ASO and marketing budget that would help you gain popularity in the market. Even before you launch your application, you need to start working on its promotion. The audience can have a sneak peek of what you are bringing to the market, the USPS, and other elements that entice them to use your application. 

Your basic marketing activities may include: 

  • Paid Collaborations 
  • Content Marketing 
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Influencer Marketing

Setting aside an amount for these activities can help you accurately estimate the cost of mobile app development. 

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance and software testing are the most crucial services when you hire mobile app developers for your business application. The service providers make sure the solutions you get are perfect and ready to market. 

You can trim the mobile app development cost here a little by launching the beta version first and making iterations as per the user reaction to ensure the final application is welcomed and appreciated by your target audience.  

IT Support Costs

Another dominant factor when determining the cost of mobile app development is IT support. You’d need upgrades and updates regularly to ensure your app doesn’t become obsolete. You’d need to connect with experts and that would surely add to the cost of creating a mobile application. 

Infrastructure Costs

The infrastructure costs are often overlooked when calculating the cost of mobile app development. Consider you have server needs, maybe systems, and other basic infrastructure when developing your mobile application. 

The server plays a significant role in the success of your application as it is required to: 

  • Store Data Online 
  • Sync with Cloud Data 
  • Allow Communication with Other App Users 

App Publishing Costs

Surely, the publishing costs may not seem much, but they do add to the app development cost. To successfully launch your app on the App Store you’d have to pay a one-time amount of $25 and for Apple Store, you’d have to pay an annual fee of $99. 

App Security

Security of your application ensures the user data is safe and confidential. Adding security features to your application is a significant factor that defines how much it cost to develop a mobile application. 

These are some of the crucial points that are often overlooked when calculating the mobile app development cost. When you connect with the development team, talk to them in detail about the solutions and services they offer and if there are any hidden charges that you may have missed. 

At Octal IT Solution, we have a transparent pricing policy, where we share with you a contract that includes the cost of all the services we offer. We charge no surplus or hidden amount for any service that you may need.  

Now that we have discussed almost everything that may influence the cost of mobile app development let’s explore some easy ways to trim the cost down.

How Can You Reduce Your Mobile App Development Cost?

reduce app development cost

Well, slashing down that whopping mobile app development cost can help you invest in further expanding your business. You can take care of a few things before the development process begins. 

As they say “Better Prepared than Sorry”

Prioritize Features Early On

Well, if you do your homework well, you can have an accurate estimation of mobile app development costs and save on extra expenditures. Plan and prioritize the features and functions you want in your business application and discuss them with your app development team. Share your business objective and goal and check if what you are expecting aligns with what you need. 

With a little preparedness, you can manage to save the cost of mobile app development and get a solution that helps you drive sales and generate revenue. 

Involve Quality Assurance Early On

Instead of waiting for the application development process to be completed for testing and quality assurance, start early on. This would save cost, time, and effort by the developers and help you take your solution to the market faster. 

Adopt Agile Methodology

Discuss with the development team what development method they follow. Try adopting an agile mobile app development methodology to ensure the development process is smooth and transparent. 

After each milestone, you get to check the application features and functions and thus you can iterate during the development process making modifications more convenient and less time-consuming. This would help you slash the mobile app development cost by a margin as minor modifications and changes during the development process are much easier to implement over once the app is ready. 

Plan for the Future

Share your expectations and future business scope with your development team for a scalable solution. Let your development team create a solution that can expand as your business grows. 

This would help you save on the development cost when you’re adding new features or functions to your application and services. 

In-House or Outsourcing

You can save tons when outsourcing your development project. Mobile app development costs are reduced severalfold if you outsource your project to an experienced app development team. You save on the recruitment process, onboarding process, infrastructure, etc. thus, making app development quite budget-friendly for you.  

Consider Cross-Platform Development

As we have already talked about cross-platform development, it can help you save on your mobile app development significantly. Developing native applications is costlier and requires two different development teams. With cross-platform development, you need just one development team and the app works on various platforms easily.

How Can Octal Help in Mobile App Development Cost Estimation?


Surely, this blog will help you determine how much does it cost to build a mobile app. Having an accurate amount may seem a challenge, but by evaluating all the factors you can estimate the amount you need to invest in your mobile app development project. 

In a nutshell, the cost of mobile app development is defined by the hours designers, developers, and the team spend on the project. With a well-planned strategy, you can optimize this cost as it minimizes rework and other aspects.

For your business application development connect with experts at Octal IT Solution, and they can share a quote with minimal development cost for mobile applications to help you grow your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to build an app?

App development costs can range from $ 5,000 to $10,000. If you need a simple application for complex applications, the cost can be around $300,000+. 
Many factors define the app development cost, including app complexity, the development team’s location, features & functions, etc.

What is the timeline to develop an app?

The app development of a simple app would take around 6+ months to develop an app. For a complex application, the cost of development would be 8+ months. The timeline depends on the complexity of the function and features of the operating system.

What is the cost of mobile app maintenance?

The mobile app maintenance cost is around $21,000 annually. Most companies offer free maintenance for the first year and charge a minimal amount later.

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