Still, unable to plan a holiday? Or dealing with the challenges of individual booking? Well with the help of a travel planner app, we have got all the requirements accumulated under one roof. With the escalation in technology, the way people used to plan their vacations has taken an impressive transformation. They just love to use mobile apps to find famous dining places, destinations, hotels, and everything else related to travel. If you are also looking to know How to develop travel planner app? then In this blog, we are going to discuss travel planner app development costs features, and technologies.

This has given impeccable momentum to the concept of travel planner mobile app development as it keeps the user away from dealing with any kind of travel headaches.

Out there, a myriad of traveling businesses exist, thus definitely it is a must that you embark on the right and excelled travel app development in order to grab a seat ahead of your competitors.

Worldwide Revenue Estimation of Online Travel Booking

Travel Booking stats

So, find out the best features that are required to be integrated into the travel planner mobile app, and its basic architecture, that will be for sure embraced and loved by the users. Thus, keep reading the post to identify the development procedures of travel mobile apps so as to conquer a remarkable business identity.

The Framework of the Travel Planner App

It is important that the framework of the travel app development that you are taking to the market is developed to perfection. It needs to be flawless and have the most features that would make it easier for you to connect with your users.

If the user intent of your application fails to meet its purpose the popularity would decline and you would struggle with the right functioning.

Our travel planner app development company can help you bring the best to the market in a limited time.

Customer Panel

The customer panel of your application is designed in a way that is not only aesthetically attractive but easy to use. With the burger menu clearly displaying all the elements of the application, it becomes quite easier for people to reflect on your work and take you a step forward.

How to develop travel planner app
  • Account Login: This is the first section where the users will land. They can log in either by creating a new account or else can using email or social networking credentials.
  • Request for the holiday package: According to their interest, they can select a holiday package by specifying the number of days and the location and accordingly can grapple with ideation about the best package available.
  • Avail a deal: Once all the details have been identified by the user along with all the destinations to be covered, reservation, and accommodation solutions they can avail a deal.
  • Request Customized Package: What if users do not like a particular package for their destination? Simple, they can request some other package with some more customized solutions. This may cost a little extra, but then at the same time provides the users with all the solutions they require.
  • Accommodation Reservations: Users can book their hotels within the package or can do it individually as well in case; they love some other accommodation option.
  • Find a Cab: Users can find a cab within an app for renowned destinations. This way it becomes very easier for them to explore the city in a very convenient manner.
  • Select a Guide: Under this section, they can select the appropriate guides along with their names, contact details, and price schedules and can book them while discovering new places.
  • Tracking and Navigation: The built-in tracking and navigation feature allows the user to find the most optimized path and also displays all the landmarks so as to remain safe and secure.

If these customer-centric features don’t seem enough tell our experts what more do you need and they’ll help you integrate those features too. We are a team of tech enthusiasts who are dedicated to delivering interesting solutions to people who want to make their mark in the business arena.

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Travel Agent Panel

The mobile apps for travel and tourism would have a panel dedicated to the travel agent. Here the travel agents can upload their schemes, share packages, discounts, reward points, important information, and some interesting stories.

travel planner software development

It is here that the travel agent can convince the users to move forward for better results and build a bigger caravan that can be taken further.

  • Manage Packages: All the packages that are listed by the travel agents and the ones that are availed by the user are managed and stored.
  • List destinations: All the destinations associated with the user’s selected physical location are charted down along with all the specialties and the graphic images.
  • Accept bookings: All the bookings that are made by the users and the cost incurred are accepted and stored by the travel agent.
  • Edit packages and price: Packages that are graphed along with the price standards can be changed or modified by the service provider as per the provisions of the ongoing rate.
  • Manage payments: All the payments that are made by the users through the online mode or cash mode are tracked and monitored accordingly.
  • Manage hotel and flight bookings: All the corresponding and relevant hotels and flight details are listed according to the user search criteria.
  • Reports and Analytics: Reports related to the number of bookings, search requests, visitors associated, hotels and flight bookings, domestic or international deals availed, etc are generated for capturing the overall business growth.

When you are looking forward to taking your business in the market it is important that the travel app developers find it easy to connect with the user else, it would become difficult for them to earn the expected business and make the profits that are expected of them.

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Admin Panel

This panel is run by you. It is important that you are always updated with what is going on in the market and how you would bring the right audience to the service providers. Along with this, you can also check if there is any loophole in the execution and have control over the backend of the mobile apps for travel and tourism.

  • Manage the request: All the requests and the searches that are made by the users are managed and stored by the Admin
  • Manage advertising and promotions: Advertisement and promotional content running in the social media and all the related content details are managed by the Admin.
  • Manage users: Users that are attuned to the app and the users that are signing from their own account credentials are managed by the admin.
  • Manage travel agents: All the travel agents and the service providers that are registered with the app are managed and the solutions delivered by them are recorded accordingly.

Other than these basic features, a few more features such as In-app calling, spot services, world clock, currency converter, translator, utility finder, weather forecasting app, etc are also integrated into travel planner apps so as to leverage with all the evolving user demands.

The basic features are quite interesting and can help you build a strong market presence but what is important is your ease of working in a way that helps your customers gain the most of your mobile apps for travel and tourism.

Here, find out more features that craft our superior and extraordinary travel mobile app:

travel planner app development cost

More Features to Include in Travel Planner Software Development

So, we are here to discuss the top features of travel planner mobile apps. Thus here goes the very first feature. In case you are organizing the trip or providing the comprehended list of holidays, this option can come as a great deal for providing the exact packages to the users they are looking for. Based on their lifestyle, the holidays they are looking for, and the facilities they are searching for accordingly the appropriate destinations can be listed down. Like the trip, categories can be categorized into summer vacations, trekking trips, resort trips, etc. This way it gets really easy to deliver to the user what they are looking for.

Plan your travel requirements

Before you think of how to create a travel app, proficient travel planning mobile apps will undeniably consist of the below attributes. A well-featured mobile app will allow the user to find the destinations, book and capture the e-tickets along with QR code scanning, offline access, and much more. One of the renowned apps that allows users to manage tickets is the Tripit app.

Maintain a travel diary

Often we have traveler communities that love to share their experiences about the places they visited. Most of them have their own blogs too, so engineering an app inclusive of the diary maintaining feature can contribute remarkably to augmenting the app’s visibility. Embedding the features to upload photos, video, and audio files into the travel planner app can make it hit the app stores.

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GPS (Geo Location Positioning)

Precisely, traveling means exploring unknown places and you actually have no idea about the location of the places. Thus, here the role of a GPS (Geo Location Positioning) comes into the scene. More than 85% of the users adopt the ideation of finding out the destinations with the help of maps and navigation tools. But talking on a serious note integrating GPS will raise the cost of the app but then it comes as a basic necessity for allowing the users to search for the places. Google Maps and Apple Maps can be used for tracking down the location of a user in Android and iOS respectively.

Location-based solutions

A good and featured travel planning app will always allow the user to look for places that are not part of tourism. Thus, it is mandatory that the apps should lay some destinations related to the local market, food corners, and other things such as Wi-Fi finder, washroom, nearby petrol pumps, etc. The users simply love this concept while traveling. Two major apps that come with this feature are Yelp and Trip Advisor.

Search via holiday destinations

Now where actually the user actually want to go? With the help of the selected holidays, they can select their required destination very easily. While you are planning the trips for your users, it is imperative to find out the destinations they are interested in visiting. Thus a trip-planning app can allow the users to select just the right places and can plan their holidays accordingly.

Create and save a wish list

Undeniably there are many people who glance over packages while they are free. Usually, it happens that they want to save the details for the future as well so that they can avail of the packages when required. This makes their searching hassle-free and allows them to browse their searches as and when required thus saving them from spending time on other websites.

Social Sharing

This is one of the features that are mostly loved by today’s tech-savvy generation. They just share the images while traveling with their friends on social media. Thus, integrating these features can boost their traveling experiences. They can even share a wish list with their friends as well so as to keep them in the loop.

The feature set that we have talked about here plays an important role in helping you generate profits. We have been in the business of developing mobile applications that can make it easier for people to survive in the market. Over the recent years, we have moved to technology advancement and the tech geeks associated with us have been delivering future-ready solutions that help you earn the most.

The solutions that are delivered to you are flexible and scalable with the latest advancements thus, you can stay in the market for a long time.

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Required Technology Stack for Travel Planner App Development Process

Of course, to start travel planner app development, certainly, you certainly need to select the sound technological stack. An app delivering optimized performance criteria and adhering to all the quality standards certainly conserves a seat ahead of its competitors. Therefore, carry extensive technical research so as to craft out the featured rich travel planner mobile app.

User Interface & Experience (UX UI):

For the web module/version, the app developer can use the most apparent CSS3 and Bootstrap for the front end and JavaScript, AngularJS, Ruby, Python, or Django for the backend. For the Android version, java is sufficient, and for the iOS development framework, Swift will do the work.

Location Tracking

This is one of the most important technologies to hit on. Based on the user proximity sensors, their location is being tracked and analyzed to make traveling more convenient and secure.


Using cloud servers comes as a major rescue in case you have large data to store. Amazon data servers or Google Cloud storage can be used for securely maintaining the data so as to streamline business processes.

Real-time Analytics:

For tracking user data including the number of users visiting the website, the number of downloads, bounce rate, and other similar information Google Analytics is a good option.

SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification:

For authenticity and for keeping spambots at bay. The app developer can use Facebook SDK or Google sign-in for that.


For organized storage of consumer leads as far as the database is concerned, the app developer has options like MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra, Postgres, MySQL, etc.

Real-Time Analytics:

Integrate a reliable analytics tool that is capable of giving a detailed picture of the number of visitors getting on the app. This can also help personalize applications according to user requirements. As far as suggestions for mobile analytics tools are concerned, here are a few for reference-

  • Google Analytics
  • Flurry
  • Mixpanel
  • Localytics
  • Pre-emptive

We have earned for ourselves a strong presence in the market and the clientele we have has always appreciated us for our after-deployment support. We understand there are times when you may need to connect with the travel app developers to understand certain functioning, in that case, our developers are available round the clock to connect with you. Not just this, we have been building a strong customer around the world and thus expanding our team with a customer support department.

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Travel Planner Mobile App Development Process

Certainly for developing an extraordinary travel planner mobile app, extra effort is required to be put into it. Now when talking about this hyper-competitive market, conserving the remarkable identity for an app is not at all easy therefore, you need to invest a good amount of hard work before embarking on the app development. Find out the 4 steps that are required to be deeply analyzed, in case you are looking for an out-of-box travel mobile solution.

Recognize your user requirement

Needless to say, this is very important. Perform intensive research on the user requirements, their likes, the places they like to visit, how often they visit, and everything associated. View their comments and communicate with them so as to garner a brief understanding of their interests and preferences.

Analyze your competitors

Always look for the solution provided by the key players. For instance, Trip Advisor API provides access to UGC for making advanced travel planner apps. Hence, take into account all the attributes and the benefits that are being delivered by the competitors.

Right Mobile App Development Company

Certainly, it is a must, for developing superior-quality travel planner mobile apps. It is extremely important to identify all the skilled project managers, astute iOS App developers, Android App Developers, UI/UX designers, and testers that can graph out the quality of mobile apps in the industrial niche.

Implement the App development cycle in the right way

While initiating the travel app development, it is just that to hit upon the right development procedure for crafting the best mobile app. The 6 stages (Planning, analysis, design, development, quality assurance, and launch), if processed rigorously, can reap the best-in-class mobile apps.

Travel Planner Mobile App Development Cost

Now let us come to the cost of this type of Travel planner mobile app development. Most companies charge on an hourly basis. For Android, it will take around 500-600 hours, and for iOS near about the same 500 hours. Companies in the United States charge around $70-$100 per hour on average, but firms in India charge approximately $25, which is much cheaper than the current market situation.

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Therefore, it will cost around $20,000 to $80,000 to develop a travel planner app as per your startup OR business requirements.

Wrapping This Up!

When working on the travel planner mobile app development our team makes it a point that they include all the features and functionalities. We understand that you would be excited to know the progress thus we make sure to make you a part of the development cycle. We would let you review the functioning and operations to make sure that the results that reach you are well-defined and help you make a name in the market.


How much does it cost to build a travel planner app?

Developing a travel planner app will cost around $20,000 to $80,000 depending on your startup or business requirements. The cost is determined by the features, design, complexities, and many more factors that are involved in the development process.

How much time does it take to develop travel planner software?

Developing a travel planner app may take around 500 to 700 hours depending on the complexity and the features you want to include in your solution. The number of hours is determined by the size of the project and the features you want.

Why Should I hire developers from your company?

Hiring developers from Octal IT Solution can help you in several ways. 
Improved Time Management
Fewer Training Requirements
Promotes Greater Flexibility
Reduces Risk
Quality Assistance
Fresh Perspective
Perfect for Temporary Problem
Increased Scalability

What features do you offer in the travel planner app?

Some of the most alluring features of our travel planner app include:
Creating Trip Itineraries
Enabling Geo-Tracking
Calendar Setup and Sync
Push Notifications and Alerts
In-App Language Translator
Integration of Uber-Like App Service
Trip Reviews

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