Are you developing a new app and worried about starting everything from scratch? Did you there is something called an API (Application Programming Interface) that exists to assist the new apps by providing them with information, or linking them to other applications? Well, you necessarily don’t have to build an application from the beginning but work through an API wherein, you can let your software get features and services from the other mobile applications. This acts as a solution to most of the problems arising when developing a mobile app.

It is fair to say that API’s are the superheroes of the functioning of the app, as it allows them to communicate with each other. In short, it shares data from one app with another. If you wish to dwell on the functioning of API’s and their benefits, keep on reading.

What Exactly Is API?

Before you hire API development services you have to make sure that you understand what is an API. An API or Application Programming Interface is a set of instructions, standards, and requirements that let an application or software execute its feature set of another application.

All in all, it is something that lets the application interact with the devices.

This is the intellect of the application that deals with its data and enables communication between two products. It lets a mobile application or platform share all the data with other applications and platforms making it easier for the users without troubling the users.

Web API development is quite a complex task to accomplish but with the help of an API, it becomes quite easier. APIs clearly eliminate the risk of cheating the application from scratch as you can use an existing API.

If you want to hire a Python API development company that can help you build a strong market presence, then you are at the right place.

Since we use the Agile development methodology we make it a point to make you feel connected to the Android and iOS app development process and be updated with what is happening when in the market.

Important Terminology of API

When it comes to talking about the important process of development you must understand the API terminology so that you can always catch up with what your mobile app development team is working on. You need to be aware of the process and the modifications and the changes that are expected of you. If you want to work strongly with the hired app development team then it is important that you understand what they are sharing with you.

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Not everyone understands the terms used while using the API as it is understandable only by those, who have been working on it for some while or have done a specific course on the same.
However, we are here to assist you and take you through the important terms you need to know about the platform.

  • POST: It is basically an HTTP method that helps in building important resources of RESTful API. Building resources makes it easier for the API development services to reduce the time to market any application.
  • JSON: The full form of this data format is JavaScript Object Notation, and many might already be well-versed with it. The main purpose of this format in API is to request-response body and request for parameters.
  • API key: The API key is the accredited code passed by the requester to the receiver. This request is sent to an app through a parameter and is recognized by the receiver.
  • Endpoint: An API communication is between two systems from one point to the other end. One of the ends of the communication channel is known as the Endpoint.
  • GET: The APIs have to obtain sources while they do the entire process of communication between two apps. This method is called GET.
  • Latency: Now this one is pretty simple, as it means the total duration between a request and its response.
  • OAuth: This process means sharing the details of the user without revealing the credentials to the receiver. This is basically done on the Open standard authorization framework.
  • SOAP: The full form of SOAP is Simple Object Access Protocol which is a procedure of messaging and sharing the organized information that helps execute the web services. SOAP is compatible with an XML information set that formats the messages for transmission.
  • REST: Representational State Transfer boosts the competence of communication between two applications with the help of programming architectural implementation.
  • Rate-limiting: It is the process of the APIs that delineates the rate at which the APIs are accessible by the end-users. This basically means the number of times a requester can initiate and send a request to an API.

Surely these are not enough terms. The technical terms in the industry these days are so complicated that one cannot figure out the jargon at once. You must reach the right team of developers who would not only help you with the right jargon but explain them too.

Depending upon the utility and technology of the API development there are various APIs in the market. Let’s see each of them in detail.

Categories of API

The APIs are available all over the internet and can be translated for better results. Depending on their release policies they can be categorized in various sections. There are majorly four categories of API. Read on for more information:

Open API: Also known as the Public API, these are generally available to the app developers in the public and it also provides them easy access to the web development service and the proprietary software app of their choice.


The Public APIs can be further categorized into open and commercial APIs.

For Open API, the features are public and can be integrated without any terms and conditions. Also, it states that the description and related documentation of the API must be available. Also, these applications are available for free to test and build.

For commercial API users have to pay a nominal subscription fee or use it on an as-you-go basis. Publishers offer free trials that enable users to see and test the API before they make any payments.

Partner API: This is not a free API, like in the case of public API. A requester has to fill in his details and follow a procedure to share his information to get consent to a Partner API. An app or an organization needs to have an entitlement for accessing these APIs.

Internal API: Also known as Private API, these are limited to the internal users only. No external users can get access to this. These are supposed to be used by the internal development teams of an application so as to enhance the productivity of their services.

In this case, the application API is available only with the people who are working with the API publisher.

***Even if the application goes public the API remains private.

Composite API: This one is a combination of data APIs and other services. This one is developed with a combination of the existing functions of an API that can perform various functions. This one works towards the betterment of the performance of web interfaces. Though it sounds a little complex but is in great demand for strong and high-rewarding applications.

These are the four major categories of API that need to be worked on all the time. You can choose which of these APIs would you like to develop for yourself that would make it profitable for your business. Our python API development team makes sure to deliver solutions that would be centered around the business objectives and help you earn the best results in no time.

Basic tools used in API

Another important thing to talk about here is the API development tools. These tools make it really easy for the API developer to manage everything. The internet is full of API development tools, but our experts make sure to use just the best ones. These tools have changed the way the API market functions and have earned great rewards for various clients.

The best applications in the market that would make it big for the business are :

  • Dredd: It helps in validating the description of an API in the backend. It goes through the description of the API thoroughly and determines whether the API is validated or not.
  • Apigee: It is an API development management tool by Google that manages the connecting apps and enables the data transfer between two services or applications.
  • API spec converter: The API spec formats have to be converted between the various formats available on the platform. This tool is basically helpful in doing this function efficiently.
  • APIMatic: Used to generating SDKs for APIs across 10 platforms, this tool is intended for use on the web. It helps all the platforms to remain in sync. This tool also enables the platform to convert all descriptions of APIs in various formats such as WADL, Swagger, RAML, OAI format, API Blueprint, Postman Collections, HAR 1.4, and IO Docs among others.
  • Postman: This enables the iOS app developers to evaluate the performance of an API by testing and documenting the same. This is an interactive tool and can be set to automation.
  • Sandbox: This tool reduces the risk of including any third party during the testing phase, as it provides easy tests on the RESTful API definitions.
  • Swagger: Used by some of the top tech companies such as Getty Images, Microsoft, PayPal, etc., Swagger enables the development of APIs in an open-source framework.
  • JMeter: One of the most important tools used, this one helps in testing the performance of a RESTful API on open-source software.
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These API development tools have redefined how the API functions and are clear how things function. If you are looking forward to developing an application that can help experts earn the most reward then you are making the right choice. These tools add features and look to the application that is never expected of it and helps you earn the best results in no time. Before we explore further the important feature set of API Design, let’s further find out how API development works and what are important features.

How Does API Work?

For a clear understanding of the working of the API development process, it is important that we dig in a little deeper. Suppose I have an organization called Serendipity which is to order and deliver food like Zomato and Swiggy. Before you start utilizing the application the important part is to submit the locality, cuisine, kind of restaurant, etc.

As soon as the idea strikes your mind, fill in your application form here and process it.

As soon as a request is received we make it a point that the details like dine-in seat availability, timings, price, and many other details are given to the user. The data isn’t always fed on the system, it works because of the mobile APIs.

To give exact information, the stage sends the solicitation to the site so it can get to the data set and get every one of the applicable information through API. The site then, at that point reacts with the information which was conveyed through API to the stage.

Here, the API goes about as a transitional which smoothes out the information sharing cycle. Then again, the aircraft site and flight booking stage go about as the endpoints. With regards to imparting the endpoints, then, at that point API to be specific works in two different ways which are SOAP and REST.

Presently, that we have perceived the working of APIs, we should view the fundamental wordings utilized in API advancement.

It is important to understand that the functioning of the API design and important features that how it is worked on.

Important Features in an API Design

Important features that would make it easier for you to handle easy solutions. If you are looking forward to delivering a strong solution that would make things easier for you then you are at the right stop. Our API development team shares here the important features that you would include for the right functioning and better sharing. Keep the team on the same page and help them make an API effectively with the help of the following features:

mobile app development

Authentication and authorization: This is an important feature as it allows the platform to authenticate a user before he starts working on the applications and the entire process of the API. One might or might not be authorized to make changes in the process, that is where authorization comes in. Only those who are authorized to perform actions on the API will get access.

Pagination: As time proceeds, your database will expand with the additional information. This will result in certain resources taking more time than normal to recover the data. For such issues, one must do pagination of the content so that one page doesn’t get all clustered and slow. With this, the users can go to a certain page if they have any queries, and pagination also helps in improving the security of the APIs.

Cache: To improve the speed of an API or the backend, one must clear the cache from time to time. This also helps the users in retrieving the resources. Tools like Redis and Memcached can be used for caching the same. This move of the database to the in-memory simplifies requests and the cost of these requests will also reduce invariably.

Wrappers: These language-specific containers are a combination of sets of API that transform the API calls into various functions that are more user-friendly. These calls are made without having any interaction with the user. These help the receivers understand the API calls more efficiently.

Handling the errors: Handling the errors efficiently can help in simplifying the process of API and can reduce issues from the client-side in the server. The clients might just change the request in some cases or can contact for support on the same.

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Take a look at how these errors can be handled:

  • Giving an explanation as to why the error occurred
  • Keeping the domain and general errors of API separate
  • Using error codes that are more popular and easier to use
  • Giving out correct information of the number of errors made
  • Giving a green signal in API is basically validating it.

These are some of the major things that are to be considered when developing the API. We have been in the market for a long time and we make sure that no matter what the results are given in the right way. If you want to own an API that takes over the market and helps others build a strong market presence then you are at the right place. Our experts can easily develop a solution that would help you earn great results.

The validation process is categorized into two sections

  • Client-based validation: This includes prompt feedback which can be anything from highlighting an issue in bold or in some color.
  • Server validation: this is more crucial as it gives information on validating properties.
  • Testing: As the testing of any other mobile or web application, API testing is also mundane and necessary before launching the product. The things that go through testing include the functions, reliability, performance, and security of the API.

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The best practices for developing an API are to be followed to make sure the product that reaches you is well-designed and issued in the public interest. Do you think it is important to bring in the picture some interesting solutions that define how well you earn? Well it is!
Profits is the ultimate goal!

Best API development Practices


When it comes to redirecting the flow of the information, data, and traffic, safeguarding the denials of service, and backup APIs, app throttling becomes quite an effective practice to follow. It is well defined and can reflect in solutions that help you earn better profits and make your application more popular.

Overriding HTTP Method

Some of the proxies in the market only support POST and GET methods. This is why you must follow your RESTful API to override the HTTP method. One can accomplish this by either using the HTTP Header X-HTTP -Method-Overrides.

SDK and Libraries

Who doesn’t know about the SDK and libraries in the system. These are some of the important resources that your development team would need to build a strong API that earns profits. With reusable processes and code, you can evidently take into consideration the important points that would impact your API Development process.


Another important point to consider when working on the API is the security of the application and the data that would be transferred. It is important that you make sure that the API developed secures the data and the information that it deals with. Over time, it becomes quite a complicated task, where a lot of people often confuse how and what to reflect.


If you are looking forward to making an interesting solution that can make things easier, then you are in the right place. With the right documentation, it becomes easier for the users to know how the application would function and where things would be. They can easily find errors in the work and proceed to deliver the best results in no time.

These practices aren’t just important for a flawless result. They affirm that the API that is launched in the market generates profit and helps you build a strong business environment.


This is the detailed write on what APIs actually mean and how they function. We at Octal IT Solution provide assistance to web and mobile apps in the API process. Those who are not wanting to start working on an app from scratch can opt for API and can build their new app, by requesting the API of an already flourishing app and can use its assistance in creating its own.

Our API development services ensure that you get the most profit with the least time to market. We have been delivering world-class results that have been a part of some of the most reputed applications in the market. If you have an idea and want to turn it to a working reality we are just a click away.

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