“Scrub, rub, rub and scrub!
Soap-suds fly away,
Back and forth and up and down,
Heigh-Ho! For a washing Day…”

This nursery rhyme reflects what it takes to even think of doing our laundry. In today’s fast and competitive arena giving laundry, a little time seems a herculean task. The concept of using washing machines has now become traditional and on demand laundry mobile app development turns out to be a fast-growing trend. If it wasn’t for technology then taking out time would turn out to be mandatory for some for washing their clothes. Hence, usually, it proves to be quite tedious for people to manage such activities when certain other important activities are already lined up.

Thus, On-demand Laundry Service Apps come to rescue people from investing their important time into washing clothes. The usage of the Laundry & Dry Clean service mobile app has fetched an impressive momentum nowadays and the users very much love this concept. Not only does it benefit the users but also has opened the doors of opportunities for the laundry businesses.

With the help of a laundry mobile app, the business can showcase its services on a vast and extended platform. At the same time, they can increase the scalability of their services and can serve the different areas of society, and not just the place that is nearby to their physical appearance.

Precisely, the laundry app can be said to be the major tribute to the laundry business, so here find out the top features and the framework of the laundry mobile app for providing friction to laundry businesses.

A lot of effort is required to be put into developing a feature-rich laundry Mobile App. This post identifies the basic and advanced features that can make the on-demand laundry mobile app development a total hit in the respective industrial niche.

Statistics & Market Size: Where could the laundry sector shift in 2026?

Laundry Service Market
Source – Statista
  • The global laundry services industry faced lucrative growth of $104.2B in 2021 and is expected to be a surge high rate in 2026 with 7.4% at revenue of $141.5B.
  • Total sales rose in the niche industry by 10.8% in 2021 itself.
  • The US market of laundry services has covered a high volume of $193,100M in 2022 with a 3.8% growth rate, according to Statista.
  • Top influencer laundry services players in the market are CSC Service Works, EVI Industries inc, Mulberrys LLC, and Zipjet Ltd.
  • Popular applications in the category are Cleanly, Rinse, Flycleaners, Laundrapp, Task Rabbit.
  • The emergence of technology layout many horizons for organizations. The use of cashless and coin-based laundry systems is how to facilitate the laundries and dry cleaners to come up with a secure solution for washing.

The stats help the industry to retain a successful business model to optimize the operational time as well as budget. In the hectic schedule, people are less interested in cleaning their dirt on their own. Easy and feasible on-demand laundry mobile applications could trigger hope to the working people, old nannies, students, and males.

laundry delivery app development cost

How Does an On-Demand Laundry App Work?

Understanding on-demand laundry app development before you hire mobile app developers would help you make required time estimates and give you an idea of the on-demand laundry app development cost. You need to be clear with the basic understanding of how your app would operate.

Step-1: The Customer Places an Order

The customer can schedule a pickup time to avail of the services via the app or website. This would make it easier for the user to plan their overall day. These days for the working class, the days seem quite packed, and making time for daily chores is a challenge. If in these circumstances you can provide them with a solution where their laundry is picked, washed, and dropped at their ease, then it would be of great help.

Step-2: The Service Provider Picks the Package

The service provider would pick up the dirty laundry at the scheduled time. They keep each bag with clear labels to not mess up.

Step-3: The Dirty Laundry Is Washed

The service provider would wash your laundry once they take it to the center. This is done by professional staff and you can be assured of great services. The washing conditions should be ensured to be clean. Our laundry application development team brings to the notice the hygienic and sanitized conditions that ensure the laundry that is delivered is ready to use.

Step4: Drop off Clean Laundry

After your laundry is done it is delivered back to you at the given time slot.  Our home delivery app development company offers solutions that make dropping off the goods an easy solution. Over the years we have been talking about solutions that are AI-based and automated. At Octal IT Solution, we do offer such solutions.

The laundry app development company integrates GPS with your product to make sure there is not much time lost in finding the pickup and drop locations. Thus, here we see the key elements of laundry service app design. Let us further see how different features influence the working of these elements.

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Solutions & Services Offers by On-demand Laundry Mobile Apps

Laundry App Features: Everything to Know Before You Begin

When you hire a laundry application development company, you expect them to add some interesting features to your product. It is important considering the roles of the various aspects of the apps you enlist some of the best features to include in your on-demand laundry mobile app. If you want a unique product, the list is here.

Laundry Delivery Mobile App Development


Laundry App – Customer Panel

When you create a laundry app there is a lot that your customers expect from you. Our mobile app development team has researched the market for the domain and it understands the loopholes that most applications have. If you are looking forward to making a solution that can help you earn better solutions then you are at the right place. We take care of the loopholes from your competition and ensure that the solutions delivered are pitch-perfect.

Register with the phone number or email: Login with social accounts or email account credentials to avail of the on demand laundry services conveniently and seamlessly.

We integrate various social media buttons with the click share feature to your on-demand laundry mobile app. Along with this, we make it a point that the solutions delivered to you abide by the terms of confidentiality. Privacy infringement in any case is a big no for us.

View nearby Laundry Service: It allows the user to identify the laundry service providers that are nearby to their current location thus allowing them to fetch the services within a minimized time.

With GPS integration it is assured that the solutions that are delivered to you take the least time to spot the drop and pick a location. The lesser the time, the more pickups and better profits. We make sure that the solutions that are delivered to you generate the best ROI in no time.

Select laundry type and view prices: Select the appropriate laundry options such as washing, ironing, or dry-cleaning along with the price chart to plan the appropriate laundry budget.

With an estimated cost, the customer can ensure if they want to have a particular service or not. This makes it easier at the end of the process.

Select the pickup date and delivery date: Users can select the appropriate pickup date. The date for the clothes and can set the delivery date as well, according to their convenience.

Send laundry Request: Once the prices and services are viewed by the users, he/she can place the orders for the type of services they are interested in.

Sending laundry requests is as easy as playing games online. What else would anybody need? Daily chores are accomplished so easily. Well, over the years we have been trying to make things easier and we are looking forward to building a stronger technology-dependent world.

white label laundry app development


Track laundryman on Google map: Users can track the location of the laundryman and can suggest to him the appropriate path to be taken as well, for minimizing the delivery time.

View Order Status (Picked, washed, En-route, Drop): Once the order is confirmed, a user can verify the status of the orders. They can accordingly identify whether their orders have been processed or are still in the queue.

Pay through Audio QR scanning, COD, or In-app (Card, Net banking): Make the payments through the latest payment technologies such as Audio QR, or users can also select the COD option and the other internet banking options embedded into the app.

View Order history of your current and previous orders: Users can keep a record of all the orders that are placed and the ones that are lined up in the queue.

View Offers and Discounts: In this section, users can view the discounts and can use the offers while placing orders for the respective on demand laundry services.

Refer your friend and earn rewards: Users can refer to their friends and family for using the services and can earn the rewards for placing the orders at minimum costs.

Write your reviews and rate the service: According to the quality of services delivered, the users can review and rate the service provider accordingly.

Laundry App: Service Provider Panel

The on-demand laundry app development cost majorly depends on the features that we include in your app. We share here the basic features for the service provider.

How to Laundry Delivery App


  • Log in/Sign up: Similar to the user panel, the laundry man can log in/Signup into the account with the help of an email or social networking account.
  • View and Manage Profile: This section allows the laundry man to view his profile and also displays the request that is assigned and pending on his account.
  • Manage laundry charges: According to the number of clothes received and services selected, the charges can be decided and managed by him.
  • View Order Request: All the requests that are made by the user can be viewed by him. He can decline or accept the request as per the number of pending orders.
  • Manage Orders and their status: All the active orders can be managed at their end. This feature allows the laundryman to check the status of the orders that are updated by the Admin.
  • View Order History: The laundryman can view all the orders that are made in the day for keeping the track of all the orders that are still running pending.
  • Manage Offers and Discounts: All the offers and discounts that are applied to the users and the ones that are pending are managed and tracked by the laundry man.
  • View Reviews and Ratings: All the reviews and ratings that are uploaded by the users can be viewed so that relevant actions could be taken for improving the service quality.

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Laundry App: Super Admin Panel

The features of the on demand laundry service for the admin panel need to be well-planned and help them to maintain the right functioning of your on-demand laundry mobile app. The admin needs to make sure that the solutions that come your way are resolved easily. The admin gets to keep an eye on the service provider as well as the customers to ensure that the results that are delivered to you are flawless and behave the way you want.

  • Effective Management of Laundry Man: The activities assigned to all the laundrymen that are linked with particular on demand laundry service providers are managed under this category.
  • User Management: All the users that have requested using the on demand laundry services such as washing, ironing, dry-cleaning are tracked.
  • Laundry Category Manager: For every department of the laundry respective managers are assigned to each section for processing the request further.
  • Manage Commission: The commissions paid by the service providers that are partnered with the laundry app are stored and managed.
  • Payment Management: All the payment transactions that have taken place via the digital networks and the COD are stored and managed by the Admin.
  • Content Management: All the relevant content that is updated and delivered to the users is updated and tracked under Sophisticated CMS.
  • Analytics (App usage, total users): All the reports associated with the app usage, total number of users using the app, and category of the on demand laundry service availed are tacked for making further business decisions.

Laundry App: Advance Features

For a feature-rich laundry mobile app development, it is a must to survive in the massive competition that is existing out there. Therefore, before bringing the app to the surface, have a look at some more features that undeniably boost the chances of getting your laundry business mobile solution a total hit.

Laundry Delivery App Development

Push Notification

Push notification contributes a lot to making your laundry app visible to the user base. It is a great way of keeping the users attuned to the app, and keeping them updated about the latest deals and offers as well. Push technology aids in gaining user loyalty as well and plays a great role in reminding the users from time to time, for availing the service. When you reach the third party for laundry app development solutions, the team integrates push notifications to share offers and discounts that are to be delivered and the messages related to the order delivery, confirmation, etc. can also be sent to the users for keeping them engaged and engrossed.

In-app Messaging

It is very imperative to provide a transparent platform for the laundry man and the users to make communication with a hassle-free approach. The in-app messaging feature comes as a major rescue for making the conversations. The users can coordinate with the laundryman about the delivery date and in case of urgency can ask him to complete the order a little early. Similarly, it can benefit the laundry persons as well. They can communicate with the users for identifying the location landmark and can request them to suggest the optimized routes as well for making the deliveries within a stipulated time frame.

Split Payment

This is one of the most effective and efficient ways of attracting users. The split payment option permits the users to make payments with different transaction modes. In your laundry app development, it is important to add interesting features that can make your app stand out from others.


The users can make some of the payments online and can pay the remaining amount via some other medium such as COD or through internet banking. The integration of the aforementioned feature into the app is a great way to encourage the users to use the on demand laundry services as they are not bound to pay the whole amount at the time of placing the request.

One-Tap Pickup Request Button

In case, the laundry app development company is providing all the key features and enhanced functionality to the users, sure they will remain glued to your app and will hardly look for any other alternative solution. Depending upon the frequency of the requests generated, a one-tap pickup option displays the desired orders based on the user’s previous request. Thus, the user has to only change some specifications such as the number of clothes and the delivery date and can place the orders directly with a pickup date. The requirement of editing the addresses, again and again, is completely diminished, hence this way the order placing system becomes very simplified and convenient.

These advanced features that experts include in your laundry app, give it a unique identity and help you stand out from the crowd. If you want to develop an on-demand laundry mobile app that can make things easier for you, then push for your laundry app prices too.

How to Monetise On Demand Laundry Service App?

When thinking about the business perspective, there is no way other than opting for the right model to retain high ROI for the business. There are different revenue-gaining models in the below list, promising you to earn higher profit for you and stay with you lifelong.

1. In-app advertising (beneficial for the advertising industry)

This revenue-gained model gives extra space to the other advertising-based companies and services to promote their services similar to the domain industry. Here like soap, detergent, powders, mob, etc., this way customers get engaged with something new in the ad space and easily target more customers.

2. Sale Commission (beneficial for app owners)

In such a monetization model, on-demand laundry mobile app owners could charge some money for every sale that happens on their platform.

3. Featured listing (beneficial for business)

Business either new or old, everyone wants to promote their brand value as much as in the hearts and minds of their audiences. In the featured listing model, the laundry app owner charges some amount to other businesses that would fit their business. Here they target the top sections of the application; the home screen. Why? To earn high revenue for themselves.

Coming next to the turn, we need to focus on technologies currently trending on the outside.

Technologies Involved – Laundry App Development

Technology stack plays an important role in laundry mobile app development. It is important that your service provider makes things easier for you and helps you earn great ROI in a limited time frame.

Cloud Environment

The integration of cloud technology is crucial for any mobile app to sustain itself in this hyper-competitive marketplace. When it comes to laundry mobile app development, the role of cloud servers cannot be missed. It is a prime technology used nowadays for storing data. The entire information associated with the orders, payment history, number of users, and laundry persons attuned are stored on the servers and can be verified when required.

A on-demand laundry mobile app loaded and engineered with cloud technology helps a lot in making the business scalable and handles all the communication on secured servers, thus protecting the overall business integrity.

GPS Tracking

This is one of the major features to keep an eye on. Using the GPS (Global Positioning System) in a on-demand laundry mobile app can assist the laundryman to identify the relevant destinations and also suggest the miles to be covered. Furthermore, the information can be updated in real-time to the users and the admin as well, for keeping them updated and attentive before the deliveries.

on-demand laundry mobile apps


Analytics Dashboards

The business must visualize and identify the major on demand laundry service areas that are leading the race and the ones that are behind. With the help of analytics, laundry app businesses can view all the statistics related to sales, user base, the services mostly used, running price standards, and much more.

Analytics comes a great deal in making the business process more fluent and at the same time outlines a clear idea about the improvisations required. Several Open Source Analytics Tools, Apache Spark, Apache Storm, etc. can be integrated into the system to deliver accurate and real-time data to assist decision making.

Audio QR to make payments

Audio QR is the latest technology used for making payments at a very fast speed. Users have to simply tap the button for searching the nearby on demand laundry service providers or laundrymen. With just a single click they can simply transfer the payments and can accordingly generate the request. The technology uses ultrasound waves for making transactions and the latest app that uses the Audio QR technology is Google PAY.

The addition of Audio QR into the app can add a little extra benefit to the on-demand laundry mobile apps, as the users will enjoy playing through the app, the major reason being, that they are not required to add the account information every time. Therefore helps to deliver a very seamless payment mechanism.

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TechStack Required For Laundry App Development

For making a robust and sophisticated laundry mobile app, it is a must to implement standards technologies for delivering an all-new level of quality and excellence.

  • Cloud Solution – AWS is a Tested and well-admired cloud environment
  • Real-time Analytics – Apache Kafka OR Amazon Kinesis
  • In-App Navigation – Google Map Remains the best choice
  • API for Push Notifications Services – Twilio, Push.io
  • API for SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification – Nexmo, Twilio
  • Payments API for Smooth Transactions – Braintree,  PayPal, Stripe
  • Database Technologies – MongoDB and Cassandra for real-time serving

The technology stack is used to determine the on-demand app development cost. If you are looking forward to a technically sound, flexible, scalable, and future-ready solution, then you surely need a team that understands the technical advancements.

The team of laundry app developers can help you get your vision on the screen in a limited time on your budget. Just hire a laundry app development team and get ready to enter the market with a high-earning profile.

Best On Demand Laundry Service Apps: Laundry Business

The market of laundry apps is fully-fledged with many applications, especially after the government allows some relaxation in the rules and social distancing. People are more cautious in taking security care on their own and trusting others to wash their clothes and home.

Coming to the industry, there are some top players who exist with their solutions to help people in their cleaning. The list begins with Laundrapp, Laundryheap, Rinse, Cleanly, and many more. Let’s discuss some of them to inspire similar businesses.


Cleanly-Laundry Service app

If you are planning for a hassle-free way to clean your laundry, then Cleanly is just for you. Users schedule their time slot and other details to place pick-up requests for laundry. With the defining security, it is very convenient for users to handle. While laundrymen confirm the booking and arrange every facility to wash, dry, and iron the clothes and get back to the same address.


Laundrapp-Laundry Pickup Delivery app

This award-winning app launched in 2020 with a captivating and fresh outlook. Save your countless hours for cleaning with Laundrapp. Book your laundry and cleaning at the doorstep within a single click. Wash, tumble dry, and neatly fold your clothes. 


Rinse-On demand dry clean service App

Schedule your choice of time for your laundry and cleaning with Rinse. This app helps you to pick up, clean, and deliver in the ready-to-wear state to you right at the door. This easy-to-rinse app helps you in personalized cleaning, and get the best cleaning advice from experts. The pricing plan starts from $60/month for the next-day automatic delivery service. You can stop by your subscription package anytime.


LaundryHeap-Laundry app development

Never stress over staining your favorite shirt or Clothes. LaundryHeap offers laundry, dry cleaning, and ironing services. You can also schedule the services using the App.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Laundry Mobile App?

This is one of the most important aspects that must be considered before you jump into the sea of on demand laundry service app development. While talking from the perspective of dry cleaning app development, several stages are involved, and according to the attributes that are added and the hours consumed, the price of the app can be determined. Major other factors such as the design standards, platform selection such as iOS or Android, and the infrastructure of the backend and admin panel play a great role. According to the major development phases, the time consumption is charted as below:

on demand laundry app
  • The design of the Android and the iOS apps would take 150 – 200 hours.
  • The development hours for iOS can exceed up to 800 hours while for Android it can incline up to 750 hours.
  • The development of the backend infrastructure can take up to 200 hours.
  • Engineering the Admin panel can consume up to 60 hours.

Depending upon the development hours consumed and the geo-location of laundry app development partner, the on-demand laundry app development cost can be calculated:

  • The hourly cost of US-based developers: is $70 to $200 per hour
  • The hourly cost Easter Europe-based developers: $40 to $150 per hour
  • The hourly cost for South Asia-based developers: is $20 to $50 per hour

So, calculating all the overhead costs, an average laundry pickup and delivery app development can cost up to $10,000 to $25,000 for one platform (either iOS or Android). While for an advanced level app the cost extends up to $50,000.

Trust Your Laundry App Development Team

The on-demand laundry app development cost is also determined by the team that works for you. It is quite significant to get your work done with a reliable team, to ensure the product delivered is flawless and can help you earn the best results.

on demand laundry app development team


You Need a Proficient Team of Developers & Designers.

  • Project Manager: Must possess an excellent command over managerial skills and should be smart enough to identify the most productive solutions tailored to the business requirements.
  • Developers: Android App Developer, iOS App Developer, Back-end App Developers
  • Designers: Expert UX/UI designers, Graphic Designer
  • Testers: A team of proficient and skilled QA experts for delivering a smooth and rich experience to users.

How to Hire a Laundry App Development Company?

When you reach a firm for laundry application development, make sure you have verified their details before and trust them with your business and investment. It is important that the team has vivid experience of the field and can deliver you solutions that are interesting and highly responsive. Here are a few things that would make your laundry app development company reliable technical support for your business.

Check Testimonials

When you reach the website, check for the testimonials provided. These testimonials are not something you can completely rely on, but they do reflect how the organization has worked in the past and what are the expected results.

Surf the Website

A smart search would make it easier for you to reach the right laundry app development company at the right time. Search using the exact service, country name, and other details to make sure that you have reached the right team that can help you grow.

Check for the Technology

The laundry mobile app development process would take a little technical understanding. Your mobile app development company must be updated with the technology they would be working on and help you with an app that stands the test of time.

Review Clientele

With a strong clientele, the company marks its digital presence. See the clientele they have built over the years and if possible speak to some of them. The real-time review of your laundry application development service providers would make it easier for you to take the decision and move ahead.

Be Sure of Availability

The online laundry app development company can connect with you even during peak hours. The investments are at stake and you would need a little assurance from them all the time. Also, in case you want to add something new or test some functionality, they should be available to you all the time.

With these basic check-points, you can hire mobile app developers for Android or iOS for your product easily.

Key Takeaway!

If you are sure you want to enter the market with a laundry app, hire the right digital on demand laundry service providers for a strong identity. The laundry application development is a little complex process and it would take a little of your time. With technology trends and creativity put to work for your laundry app, you would get solutions that are popular among the users and help you generate appreciable profits.

For a highly rewarding and technically advanced laundry application development solution, reach the experts in a click. We would not only build a solution that earns you great results, but also we would ensure that your solution offers help to your clientele in a well-managed way.

on demand laundry service



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