The glitz and glam of big cities have inspired many to move to the big cities for a better future and a stronger standard of living. With the population of cities rising at sky rocketing speed, dealing with the traffic and traveling issues becomes quite a major task. Often organizations use monitor car rental pricing software for better results that can make things easier for them.

Needless to say, 6 out of 10 industrial market virtues are having on demand mobile app for flourishing their businesses. Well, the usage of mobile apps is not just limited to beauty salons, coffee shops, etc. but indeed they are covering a large industrial landscape. All the small and medium-sized businesses are looking forward to having a mobile app and one such venture name that is being highlighted nowadays with the mobile app is the car rental businesses.

Yes, the luxury has become an utmost necessity for all the citizens existing across the globe and owing to this fact, plenty of people are taking the cars on rent either for accomplishing their vacation goals or for attending any event.

For instance, there is Alvis, which is a company founded in 1946, only with 3 cars. Today the company provides its services in 165 countries covering 5500 locations around the world. Thus, it is pretty obvious that car rental services are keen to grab a sophisticated car rental mobile solution to entice their users and deliver them comfort.

Car-Rentals Worldwide Statista Market Forecast

When talking about the car hire app development the numbers seem quite impressive. The facts shared here would give you an insight into how much you can earn if you hire the right on demand car rentals app development. Car rental services seem to be a great opportunity to expand your business or enter the market with a start-up.

  • The revenue in the car rental segment rose to around $53,333 million in 2020.
  • With an annual increase of 18.4% CAGR it is projected that the market volume by the end of year 2024 would be $105,285m.
  • The user penetration is expected to hit by 7.1% by 2024

The numbers here clearly reflect why there is a rise in the demand of car rental app development services. Over the years the business of car rental has seen some great evolutions and offers its clients some of the most promising services at the most affordable prices.

Car Rental App Revenue Model to Let It Rain Dollars

Your car rental app development solution needs a well-established revenue model that would help you earn maximum profits with little investments. The revenue models that you can choose from are discussed here:

Own Your Cars

If you have enough money to make the investment then you can setup a big business with a little heavy investment. Buy a few cars and assign drivers to them and earn from the base fares of the trip. You can either pay your drivers either on a monthly basis or per ride basis. Hertz is the giant that follows this model. Just reach to the cross-platform app developers and get an app that is compatible over various platforms at once.

Here one need to have a large sum for investment and along with these they would need to popularize their car rental mobile application to get the best results.

Rent Your Own Car

Your car rental app development company can help you with a mobile application that could showcase your own car for rent. A sum of what you earn would go to the developers. You can either let the customer have your vehicle for use or you can hire a driver who would make use of your car.

If you can afford to buy new cars and want to monetize on your own car, then this is the best model to opt for.

Depending on your revenue model, the cost to develop a car rental app is determined. Also, depending on your revenue model, there are a few types of car rental services that you can offer.

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Different Types of Car Rental Services to Choose From

Car rental services have been in the market for a long time and with each passing day technology is making it better and easier. If you are looking for something that helps you earn the most then along with working with the best car rental mobile app development company you also need to choose the right type of service.

1. Self-Driven Car Rentals

Here the user himself would drive the car. They would book a car that the service provider would drop their location and later the user can drop it at the required stop. It is quite an economical alternative for users who know how to drive but do not own a four-wheeler for some reason.

2. Corporate Car Rentals

Talking about corporate car rentals, these are services that a business may offer to its clients to commute in the city and to work. This may have a limited scope, but the service is in great demand these days.

3. Outstation Car Rentals

Taking cabs outstation needs a lot of budgets. It is easier for the users to hire a car rental service and take it anywhere they want. Ask your car rental application development service provider to include outstation alternatives in the service list for better reach and results.

4. Local Car Rentals

You could start a car rental service only for the locals and tourists who come to your city. Let them take a car, explore the places they want and pay you for the vehicle. Simple!

Working on the car rental system features would make it easier for the developers if you can specify the type of service you want to provide. This would also make it easier for you to manage the track and revenue easily and define a business model for yourself.

A well-defined car rental app service business model helps you make better money and establish a strong customer base. Another important aspect of your application is the feature set you integrate.  So, here we discuss the crucial features that must be integrated into best car rental mobile apps, along with the basic framework through which car rental businesses can aim to enhance their revenues. Thus, the car rental services are looking for a reliable car rental app development for enticing the users. So, here find out the top features that are to be incorporated into the best car rental mobile apps and its basic framework that will just allow the car rental businesses to hit on the perfect revenue architecture.

Basic Architecture of Car-Rental App

When we talk about car rental app features they are often enlisted by our experience and expertise. You need to research well and study your competition to find the loopholes in the work of your competitions.

These loopholes would be the building blocks of your feature set. Your motive to enter the market is to provide your users an application that can help them resolve their queries. If your application can not counter your competition then you can expect to outshine them. Our car hire rental app development company makes sure that we bring to you a product that is exactly what your customers want.


Simple Login – This is the first section where the user will land on. The user can sign in into the app with the help of email or social network credentials.

Multiple Car Types – Under this section, the users can select the type of cars they desire so as to meet their varying requirements.

Schedule Booking – Accordingly, users can select the car along with its basic information such as its number, color, etc, and can schedule the booking.

Book Now – Owing to any urgency or some critical requirements, this feature allows the user to book the car for rent instantly without any delay.

Manage Bookings – Users can manage all their confirmed bookings along with the time span charted with a single tap and can keep a track of their upcoming bookings as well.

Fare calculator – Under this section, according to the distance to be covered, the users can determine the subsequent KM ranges and can calculate the fare charges.

Payments & Receipts – With all the digital payment systems integrated users can pay for the incurred fare charges with the appropriate ride receipts.

Notification & Alerts – Users get the notification, alerts, and the SMS on the booking confirmation or when the milestone is achieved.

Tracking & Security – Customers can track the location and can share it amongst the friends on a real-time basis so as to maintain security.

Cancel a booking – Under this section, the user can cancel the upcoming bookings owing to any urgency as and when required, thus adding to a more effective rental solution.

Delivery at the doorsteps – The users can book for the car at their doorsteps for the prescribed time period. They can drive it to the locations where required.

Car pickup points – Users can also assign a particular landmark or the navigation routes for collecting the driving cars.

The user is the most significant aspect of your app. The car rental app development team makes it a point to integrate features that would make it easier for your user to enjoy the use of your app and make the most of your services.

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The admin panel needs to be developed in a way that it has a control on various aspects of the car rental app.

Dashboard- Under this section, the admin can monitor all the cars associated with the vehicles along with the ones that are assigned to the users.

Car Management – Admin can update the vehicle and car information along with all the user allocation details and thus, optimizing the overall vehicle management.

Customer Management – All the users that are associated with the app are monitored and stored under this category.

Payment Manager – All the payment gateways, payment details, and commission amounts are managed and stored for making transparent transaction systems.

Reporting & Analytics – All the real-time reports associated with the car renting details such as the category of the cars most selected, the time schedules, and the number of orders accumulated are graphed in the form of reports for streamlining the business operations.

Manage Categories- All the categories of cars are managed by the Admin. Accordingly, all the information related to vehicle availability is updated as per the rental bookings.

Manage Fares/Location-Based Charges – All the fare structures, on-demand charges, and the renting cost for the particular areas or the navigation routes are decided and managed by Admin.

With these features, you can easily manage your car rental services and help your users get world-class services in almost no effort. A few taps and your user can easily manage to get a car for their work.

Few More Advanced Features

Along with these basic features our car rental app development company comes up with solutions that have some additional features that provide you an edge over your competition in the market. These features may impact the cost of the rental app, but it would help you take your business to better heights in less time.

Assign Drivers – It allows the users to book the driver along with the car when required. It is mostly required when the users are keen on taking long-distance rides or are on the way of accomplishing any holiday plans. Hence, integrating this attribute can encourage the user for booking your car, or else in case of driver unavailability they would have searched for another alternative for taking the rides, as most of them require that the car and drivers must be belonging to the same service provider. You can also allow the user to define drivers preferences such as age, gender, experience, review rating.

Interactive Statistics- These interactive statistics come as a great deal in making the overall business procedures streamlined. Real-time reports related to fix packages, distances, time rates, base fare, and other settings can be generated in monitoring the overall business processes and extracting all the relevant business insights and ideologies.

Operational Zone Setup- This contributes to your business in case you are on the verge of making it more customized. Precisely, with the aid of this feature, you can serve those areas from where the maximum number of booking orders are captured. Operational Zone setup allows you to aware the users about the services you are offering in a particular area. This is a great medium of attracting users and also at the same time encourages them to book the cars owing to the advantages delivered.

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Payment Gateway- Integrating digital payment solutions befits car rental app development in many aspects. Multiple payment options such as net banking, eWallet or credit/debit cards can be embedded for allowing the users to make payments within an app. This sets them free making the payments for the scheduled bookings later on and assures them with an on-time car delivery. Transparent payment systems are really appreciated by the users and keep them away from all the payment headaches.

GPS Tracking- GPS integration is very important for your app in case you are assigning the drivers as well for meeting the consumer’s travel requirements. With the help of GPS, users can easily track the location of the vehicle on a real-time basis as well as allows them to suggest the more optimized routes to the drivers. The users can update their allocation amongst their friends and can share the same with the Admin as well for ensuring security. The drivers can also find the user pick up points for making the journey more convenient.

Cloud Environment- With the help of cloud computing solutions, all the important business data and the deals can be stored in a much-secured way. The entire information associated with the users, cars and the drivers is managed and authenticated under the reliable cloud-based infrastructures. This way it gets easy to handle all the data-driven operations and furthermore, all the required information can be accessed any time and from anywhere.

Behavior Tracking- The concept of using algorithms will; definitely make search criteria of the users very smart. These algorithms are capable enough to store all the recent bookings confirmed by the users. Accordingly, when the user uses the app next time for scheduling the booking, the relevant car categories along with the previous specifications selected by the users are charted down. Thus, accordingly, users can easily schedule the cars and can avail the services very effectively.

Promo Code & Offers- Delivering the promo code and offers on a frequent basis encourages the users to rent a car more often. They work great In keeping the users engaged and keeps them attuned with the app. Undeniably users just love to avail the services that are delivered to them at low cost and thus presenting some offers and discounts on a regular basis increases the user base and app visibility.

Rental cost calculator- The car rental cost calculator is very interesting feature and allows the user to calculate the rent of the car borrowed. Under this feature, user can enter the city, the time and date of receiving the car and the date of return. Accordingly, the calculator will graph a rough idea about the rental cost to be incurred thus keeping the user aware in advance about the upcoming rent expenses.

Technology Stack Our Car Rental App Developers Rely On

While developing a robust and sophisticated car rental mobile app, it is imperative to select the right technology stack for meeting the diverse requirements of the users and the business. An app delivering excelled performance and quality will easily conserve a seat ahead of the competitors in this hyper-competitive market place.

IT administrators working in server room. Service maintenance. System administration, network upkeeping, computer systems configuration concept. Vector isolated concept creative illustration

Location Tracking – According to the data provided by the user proximity sensors, the location of the user can be determined. Google Maps and Apple Maps can be used for Android and iOS respectively for monitoring the user location.

Cloud – Amazon Data Servers and the Google Cloud server can be used for securely storing and accessing the data.

SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification- For authenticity and for handling all spam-related issues, the app developer can use Facebook SDK or Google sign in for that.

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Database – Database technologies like MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra, Postgres, MySQL, etc. can be used for storing the consumer and business data effectively.

Real-time Analytics- Tools such as Flurry, Google Analytics can be used for charting out the detailed picture of the number of visitors getting on the app. This can also help to personalize applications in accordance with the user requirements.

Over the years the digital arena has seen a lot of development and your app needs to be feature ladened to make sure that you have an edge over your competition. With emerging technologies we make it a point to use advanced technology to deliver scalable and future ready solutions that are high ROI generating.

How to Develop a Car Rental Mobile App?

Once all the features have been accumulated and finalized that are to be included in a car rental Mobile app, it is imperative to begin with the car rental app development procedures. Making the app processed out of the below steps, for sure will churn out the impressive revenue streams.

Required Team Structure

Engineering an extraordinary car rental mobile app becomes very easy when you hit upon a proficient and experienced Mobile App Development Company. Certainly, for converting your app idea into reality you need a talented and astute pool of skilled managers, mobile app developers, designers, and testers. Definitely, finding them is a tedious task, but once you identify them, for sure you will be able to embark with the high-quality Car rental Mobile App that will be best in the industrial niche.

We understand the importance of technical advancements for your product and make sure that digital transformation can help you earn the best profits in no time. To make sure that the product that is delivered to you is scalable and updated to meet customer requirements.

We use agile app development methodology to make sure that your product is high earning. To ensure the same we have a structured team.

Project Manager: She/he should be equipped with managerial skills and must be intelligent enough to identify the best in the mobile app industry landscape. She/he should be capable of finding the most productive solutions to achieve your business goals and insights.
Developers: Android App Developer,Back-end App Developers, iOS App Developer,
Designers: Expert UX/UI designers, Graphic Designer
Testers: A team of proficient and skilled QA experts for delivering a smooth and rich experience to users

With a vast team available at your service, we make sure that the product that is delivered to you is top-notch and best in the market.

Cost Estimation for Car Rental App Development

Now let us decide the cost of developing an impeccable car rental mobile app development. Depending on the complexity of the app and the features to be integrated, accordingly, the cost of a mobile app is estimated. Get website development services at affordable services.

A robust and sophisticated car rental will go through the below procedures:

  • Design (50-80 hours)
  • The user panel development (350-400 hours for each platform)
  • API development (90-120 hours)
  • Admin Panel (130-190 hours)

It will cost near to $12000-$15000 for developing a salient app encompassed with the above features. However, developing a fully proficient app with all the advanced and sound technical parameters will cost a little extra, but then the chances of getting your app a complete hit increase.

The Final Words!

With travel being a lifeline for most of the people, car rental mobile app development has seen great demand. When you decide to hire a team of mobile app developers just check the portfolio and see if they have some similar projects under their hat. Over the years, we have worked on various projects and we can ensure to deliver you a car rental app that would impress your customers.

Project Manager

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