“I am grumpy today!”

Let’s order from your favorite food delivery app. 

Let’s celebrate! I got a new job today!

Let’s order from my favorite restaurant. 

I don’t want to cook today. I feel tired!

Chill, we can order whatever you wish to eat. 

These are surely some of the most common dinner-time conversations that we have had with our roommates once in a while. The online food business is increasing several folds every year. If you aim to make the best of the wave, simply enter the market with unique food delivery app ideas. 

Not convinced how to proceed and what to do?

Well, read further to understand what aspect you need to choose and focus on. 

Here are some numbers that may convince you to make the best decision. 

Why Invest in Food Delivery App Ideas – Market Stats

Food delivery services had marked their significance in the market since 1994 when Pizza Hut started its delivery services. In the past two decades, the online food delivery business has grown into a billion-dollar industry. 

The market is dominated by platform-to-customer services like Doordash and UberEats. The food delivery services have grown from simple takeaway to anything and everything we can think of. 

  • The food delivery market is expected to rise to 466 billion USD by the year 2027 with a CAGR of 7.6%. 
  • The industry majorly functions as a gig economy and has influenced North America, Asia, and Europe the most. The food delivery app services are growing at a rapid speed in Africa too. 
  • It is projected that by the end of the year 2022 the revenue from the food delivery market would be 320 billion USD. 
  • The revenue from the platform-to-customer delivery services would be 208 billion USD. 
  • The user penetration in the online food delivery segment is estimated to be 22.7% by the end of 2022.

The market has new riders added to the network every day, and the optimization with the latest technology makes food delivery more straightforward, faster, and cheaper. This has created a flywheel effect for the major market shareholders, and if you don’t wish to be a part of the rat race, a unique idea is all that can help you stand out. 

Hire a food delivery app development team to help you change your unique idea into a working reality. 

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Market Leaders in the Food Delivery Market

Food delivery mobile app development has significantly increased in the past few years since the pandemic outbreak. When the people were locked indoors and had no dining options, these services helped them savor their favorite dishes in the comforts of their homes. 

Some of the best Food Delivery Mobile Applications in the market are:


1. UberEats

Out of seven continents, the service is available in six continents. 

Do we need to say more?

Well, further, the application ranks first or second in almost all the countries it is available in terms of gross order.


(*The Face With Sunglasses*)  


2. JustEat

The JustEat service holds a stake in Brazilian food aggregator iFood and maintains a strong position in the market in the UK and Australia. The application, with time, has marked its strong presence and a significant revenue share.


3. Doordash

The market leader has a strong presence in the US market and globally. The application is known to be the pioneer in platform-to-consumer food delivery services. If you aim to build a service like Doordash, hire food delivery app developers from the market today.


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4. Deliveroo

Deliveroo acquires a strong presence in the UK food delivery market. The application operates in 13 countries and competes with Uber and Just Eat. Over the years, the application has marked its presence in the list of top food delivery applications.


5. Postmates

The application has been a subsidiary of UberEats since 2019 and has a strong market presence. It acquires around 10% of the market in food delivery services. No matter what percentage it acquires in the market, the application can never be missed from the list.


6. Grubhub

The Grubhub application has been a pioneer in various ways. It was the first application that offered food delivery services in the US and acquires a major market share even today.



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The food delivery applications in the market have a strong presence, and since the pandemic, we have been dependent on the solutions for ease of life. The food delivery service market has grown several leaps in the past few years, and the world welcomes the idea with open hands. 

Countries with the Best Ecosystem for Food Delivery Business

The food delivery app services have been growing over the years and are finding space in all countries worldwide. Some of the countries that offer a great ecosystem for food delivery business are:

  • China: China generated a revenue of around $27.3 billion by the end of the year 2021. 
  • United States: By the end of the year 2021, the United States generated a revenue of around 24.7 USD billion from food delivery services. 
  • Europe: The food delivery services in the continent generated around $9 billion in revenue by the end of the last year. 
  • United Kingdom: The United Kingdom is one of the countries that would walk fast with the changing trends. The revenue from food delivery services in the UK in 2021 is $6.7 billion.
  • South-East Asia: As we talk about the food delivery app services, south-east Asian countries have earned a revenue of $3.3 billion in 2021. 

These top countries have generated the most revenue with food delivery services. The growth in these countries is rapid, and the demand in other parts of the world is increasing equally well.  

What Are the Growth Drivers for Food Delivery App Ideas?

The growth drivers for food delivery app ideas have been evolving since the time beginning. The development teams put to use the latest technology that is the key driver in the domain. 

AR-Based Food Applications

AR-Based Food Applications

The market is expecting more technologically advanced solutions. Augmented reality and Artificial Intelligence-based solutions are some of the dominant ideas in the field. The key driver here is the personalization and intuitive nature of the application. 

Along with this, NLP, and image search also play a significant role. 

Customize Food Order & Delivery App

Customize Food Order & Delivery App

Hire mobile app developers who can help you deliver customized solutions. This too basically works on big data analytics where the feeds of the application after a while starts reflecting on suggestions based on previous orders. 

Food Wastage Reduction App 

Food Wastage Reduction App 

If we can save on food wastage, then surely we are building a better world. Simply build an application where people can connect and as a restraunteer you can use the leftover food to either feed the poor in the city or collaborate with the firms that serve the needy in your city. 

Inventory Management Restaurant App

Inventory Management Restaurant App

 A Restaurant management app takes care of the functioning and operations of the restaurant. Along with that it also focuses on updating the inventory if anything is not available or sold out. 

One can even offer deals on particular food items. 

These are some of the major things that can be considered when working on the food delivery app ideas. One needs to understand that an application earns its revenue with its standout features and technological advancements. 


Best Food delivery app Ideas to Invest In

Now that you are sure to take an interesting solution to the market, we share here some of the ideas that you can pick from. 

Fast Food Delivery App

Fast Food Delivery App

Who doesn’t know, “I’m Lovin It!”

Mc Donalds, Dominos, Pizza Hut, and KFC all of these have amazing mobile applications. What’s stopping you from having a mobile application for your fast-food joint? Well, actually just a little hesitation and finding the right mobile app development team. 

Take your fast-food chain to a wider audience with a simple mobile application and take your business to new horizons.  

Milk Delivery Mobile App

Milk Delivery Mobile App

And we all know how the Manhattan Milk mobile application has brought all the milkmen back in action and upscaled their businesses. Why not expand the dairy delivery services in your area with a well-designed and technically advanced milk delivery application? 

Hire a milk delivery app development team that would translate your vision into a working reality. 

A Frozen Food Delivery App

A Frozen Food Delivery App

Mosaic Foods have been delivering the best-frozen food in the USA. If you are looking forward to building an application that can make things easier for you then you can simply hire an on-demand mobile app development team from the best of the solution providers. 

E-Menu or Digital Menu App

Why not simply build an aggregator application where you have a list of food items available in various restaurants and let the user choose the one they want to order from. A Digital menu is an easy way to engage the audience. Here you would simply be the mode of communication between the restaurant and the user. 

Restaurant Table Booking App

Restaurant Table Booking App

Advanced technology clearly reflected in the increased demand for Restaurant table booking app development companies. A restaurant table booking application is easy to use and saves your wait time. 

Simply select the restaurant, the time slot, the table, and the tiding! 

Your booking is done. 

A ‘Where to Eat’ Application

A ‘Where to Eat’ Application

The next in line is the where to eat application. Isn’t it amazing that most food delivery applications show the dine-out option to choose the best restaurants nearby? You can check for daily deal websites and find the best place to eat at affordable prices for the night. 

Health & Nutritional Food Delivery App

Health & Nutritional Food Delivery App ideas

How about delivering a portion of healthy and nutritious food to your customers? A lot of users have a diet planner mobile application on their mobile phones and stick to the strict diet it shows. 

Such an application would be a hit with health freaks and help you reach a wider audience and upscale your business. 

Icecream Delivery Mobile Application 

Icecream Delivery Mobile Application 

Imagine branding your ice cream parlor as a popular mobile application in your locality. Build a mobile application that talks about the menu you can offer and the discounts that you can offer. A mobile application like that would need temperature-controlled freight transfer to make sure that you do not disappoint your customers with melted ice cream. (*Sad*)

Organic and Natural Food Delivery App

How about growing organic and natural food and delivering it to your audience? They would get organic food items to be healthier. Fewer chemicals in the food growing process would make your items a better choice for the users. 

A great part of our society is influenced by celebrity culture, and since they endorse organic and natural food, this is a million-dollar business idea to invest in!

Home Cooked Food App

Home Cooked Food App

With increasing migration, the need for home-like food is increasing everywhere. There are various Cooking food at the home mobile app that share recipes for home-cooked food. Why upscale your home-cooked food services with a dedicated mobile application that would reach a wider audience? 

You could also be an aggregator who can share the details and menu of various home-cooked service providers on your application. 

Baby Food Suggestions App

Baby Food Suggestions App

We all understand the struggle of taking care of a baby’s food timings. Sometimes they are too hungry and sometimes they are full even before you offer them something. For new mothers, it is important that they get advice and information on every doubt they have regarding feeding their little ones. 

With the cultural shift, the market is now more open to new mothers. The babysitting applications come with instructions where mothers can add about the fooding habits of their child. 

On-demand Grocery Delivery App

food delivery app ideas

Another great food delivery idea is to work on Grocery food delivery applications. With changing times and busy schedules, having your grocery items dropped at the doorstep feels so relaxing. 

So simply turn your grocery store into a delivery app and make it easier for your customers to buy what they want in the comforts of their bedroom.

These are some of the easy ideas you can pick to build your food app. All you need to do is choose the right development team that can help you turn your app idea into a working reality. 

When you plan to develop a food delivery app there are a few things that you need to consider. 

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Things to Consider While Working on Food Delivery App Ideas

As you choose to enter the market with an exciting food delivery app, there are a lot of things that you need to consider. These are small points that would influence the market presence of your application and how it responds in the market. 

Work on Your Food Delivery App Ideas (Know Your USP)

As you decide to enter the market with a food delivery application you have to be prepared with the details. Any application is a solution to the problem that your audience face. Be sure that your application addresses the problems that your audience faces with existing applications. 

The major points to discuss with your team here: 

Type of Food Delivery Application You Want 

  • Aggregator Model
  • Dedicated Restaurant App 
  • Simple Delivery App 

The Business Monetization Scheme 

  • Commission from Restaurants 
  • Charge for Advertisements 
  • Freemium Model 
  • Hybrid 

Along with this discuss the roadmap of the development and marketing team and how you would reach the maximum audience in less time. 

Conduct Deep Market Research and Competitor Analysis

Once you are sure what type of application you want understanding the market is important. Research and analyze the market for the leading application in your domain and what are the pitfalls of the available solution. 

Connect with the development team and work on a solution that offers a solution to the pitfalls of the existing solution giving you a competitive edge. 

Work Hard on User Experience

The interface of your application plays a major role in the popularity of your application. Hire a UI/UX development team that has worked on similar products before. They would understand how the user would interact with the application and what buttons must be placed where. 

The interaction with your application must be easy. If the user has to scroll and navigate a lot, they may abandon the application even before they place their order. 

Fortify IT Infrastructure with Cybersecurity

Your application would need some of the details from your customers. With the surge in data theft, it is important that you have a strong cybersecurity setup that saves your data and adds to your credibility in the market. 

Hire a team of IT consultants who can affirm their solutions use the latest technology to ensure there is a negligible chance of data theft. 

What 3rd Party Alliances Are Needed

As your team works on the food delivery mobile application there are a lot of things that are to be considered. It would need a database management system, and location tracking system, and would also need an eWallet mobile app development team for payment gateway integration.

An application has various features that are integrated that make a big difference. Make sure your application stands out from the competition. 

Start with MVP Instead of Full Fledge Product

Hold your horses no matter how prepared you are!

Enter the market with a minimum viable product and check its response. Also with all the modifications and understanding of the application, you can move forward with an application that is interesting, unique, and engaging. 

Choose an Experienced App Development Partner

Once you are sure about the details and the model of the application then you can move to choose the right IT consultation services. The firm you choose plays an important role in deciding the look and feel of your application and its functioning. 

Basically designing the application and developing it to meet your expectations and take your audience by surprise is your developers’ responsibility. 

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Once you are done with the mobile app development part, get ready, roll up your sleeves, and market!

Final Opinion

If you are looking forward to entering the market with a top food app idea, you must bring a unique vision to the picture. Hire a team of experts to discuss the solutions you want to offer, let them upscale your idea in terms of technology, and then Whoosh! An excellent food delivery application that gets a competitive edge enters the market. 

Food Delivery App Development

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