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Building an application that is centered around food app delivery may look like a complex solution that is confusing. Our Justeat clone app development company can help you impress your audience with aesthetically strong solutions. Reach to millions of consumers and partner with the local restaurants who can help you earn great profits and ace your game.

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How easy would it be if you can simply hire a credible justeat food delivery Clone app development team for your project and as they focus on product development, you focus on marketing and business expansion?

Working on solutions that are complicated and complex is our expertise and we affirm that your solutions are universal. If you hire us for hybrid mobile app development, we make sure that the solution can be accessed through all devices and help you reach a wide range of audiences.

Dedicated Panels for All App Users:

Admin Panel

  • Manage users, restaurants, delivery boys & customers
  • Access orders and order status
  • Create and manage restaurant & food categories
  • Create, manage and delete coupon codes & promo codes
  • Manage the delivery charges
  • Detailed access to earning report
  • Verify / Activate / Deactivate any restaurant from system

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Restaurant Panel

  • Create detailed profile for the restaurant
  • Create discounts, offers and promo codes for customers
  • Create, edit and delete Menus
  • Get notification for new orders
  • Access placed orders and order status
  • See and manage payments and earnings
  • Manage customers’ & delivery boys' details

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User Panel

  • Search for the restaurants & menus
  • Use offers & promo discounts
  • Place orders from different restaurants in single checkout
  • Get email confirmation about order placement & ETA
  • Rate and review the food, restaurant, delivery boy & app
  • See their past orders & repeat previous orders in one click
  • Mark restaurant/order as favorite

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Values we Deliver:

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Advanced Technology

With technology in our mind, we make sure the solutions that are dropped to you are ahead of time. We have been working on solutions that are engaging and can help you survive the test of time easily.

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24/7 Support

If you want to connect with the experts and bring to the picture the solutions that can help you be the best in the market, reach us. We listen to your queries and modifications round the clock.

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To develop app like justeat you would need to invest a little in your business. We offer the best mobile app development services with top technology at the most affordable rates.

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We offer our clients a solution designed to meet their business objectives. We have been working on solutions that reflect the face of the business along with technologically advanced solutions.

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Our experts affirm that the solutions have a strong presence in the market. We create app like justeat with a look and feel that is easy to relate to and can reflect great results.

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Smart Job Allocation

We have a team of experts who can take care of various aspects of development. From designing classic logos to verifying the operability and functioning of the applications.

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Well Defined App Development Support

Mobile App Development


Initially, you can connect with our team and talk about your business idea. Tell them what you expect from them and what you would need to include in your application. Also, share the features and functionalities that you would like to work on making things easier and better for the service providers.

Mobile App Development


The justeat app development team makes it easier for the clients to visualize the whole story before they would start working on it. With a basic plan and a well-defined concept of how things would function, it becomes easier for the client and the team to be inline with a simple action plan.

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Once the solution is done, the next step is to implement the plan as decided. Our mobile app development team follows an Agile development methodology that affirms that you are a part of the development cycle all the while. You can suggest the changes and give your insights in places that you think need a little modification.

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To build app like justeat is just half the work done. Further, your marketing team needs to get into the play to affirm that the solutions that would be dropped to you are interesting and engaging. We strive to deliver solutions that are aesthetically impressive and can affirm that your audience would love to enjoy. These are attractive and easy to navigate.

Mobile App Development

Scale Up

With changing technology, we make it a point that the solutions that are dropped to you can always be scaled without much investment and modifications. We have been bringing on the table solutions that can easily blend with the changing technology and help you stand steps ahead of the troubles.

Mobile App Development


Just think how convenient it would be for you to have all the analytics on your screen in just a few clicks. We make sure that you can take care of your business needs in a few clicks without compromising without the mathematics behind the application. Thus, you can check what food item is performing well, which restaurant is doing good, and which delivery partners are outperforming themselves.

Solutions Offered by the Justeat Food Booking App Clone Developers

When talking about justeat clone development services offered by our tech geeks, these are made to fit your business needs. Our mobile app development team affirms that the solutions that are dropped to you are aesthetically engaging and have navigation that is easy for users. The products are bound to make an impact in the market to help your business gain great profits and reach the zenith.

Detailed Admin Dashboard

The dashboard of the admin, customers, and restaurant owners is customized and can easily be used to track the analytics easily. The justeat like app development services that are deployed to you can record the solutions and what can be delivered.

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Easily Scalable Product

When talking about the solutions that are deployed to you are easy to use and can be scaled to meet the latest advancements. If you are looking forward to building a solution that is intuitive and can help your audience be a part of the growing technology then you are at the right place. With technology being the driving force of most businesses today, we understand how important it is to make updates and walk with growing trends.

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Highly Cost-Effective

Our justeat food delivery clone app development company delivers solutions that are cost-effective and can help you build a strong presence in the market. You can connect with our team for a quote and as per your business requirements, they would help you work on a budget that reflects mutual gain. We have been delivering solutions that are designed to fit your budget and make great profits thus resulting in great ROI.

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Native Mobile Applications

When talking about native mobile app development, things become a little easier. We have been delivering solutions that target a certain audience with access to one operating system. Our experts can bring the real solutions that are the best for your targeted audience and function real smoothly on their smartphones and devices.

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Customized White Label Solutions

When you reach a justeat food delivery app development company, mostly they deliver you a solution that is built with them. With a little extra time and insight into your business, we modify the existing solutions to fit the business needs that make things easier for you and help you earn great results.

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Prime Features in Your Justeat Clone App Scrip

We make sure to create justeat app we would add features that make your application one of a kind. Here is the list of the basic features that we would integrate into your application, you can surely ask for further customization if we missed something in the list.

Mobile App Development

Social Login

One thing people love is to share with their friends what makes them happy. We integrate a social sharing feature to affirm that the users can share their favorite restaurants and food with their peer group. Also, with social integration, one can easily connect with the service provider's social account thus mutually growing the business.

Mobile App Development

Instant Search

The justeat food delivery booking clone app deployed to you has a clear search option. It can check for the search term in the phrase thus making the process easier. You can easily find the solutions that let users make the exact search but with a word or few or with spelling mistakes it becomes a little difficult. With predictive analytics in the picture, we make it quite easier and more efficient.

Mobile App Development

Real-Time Tracking

Once the food is ordered, the wait can be a real test of patience. We integrate a real-time tracking feature that would make things easier for your customers. Our time tracking feature is accurate and helps you be in the best of your game. With features that make things easier for your audience, we have been bringing on-the-screen solutions that are user-friendly and highly effective.

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Users love it when they get the ease to add favorites to their application. This saves their time and energy. The justeat clone app development team lets your users add their favorite items in a different section that saves time in the order process.

Mobile App Development

Review and Rating

The foodie community can share their experience of various restaurants with their friends. It is quite a risk to order from a restaurant that you may not know. So, the reviews and ratings can help others have a general overview of the partnering restaurants and the dining experience can be improved.

Mobile App Development

Commission Management

When the solution that you are working on needs to be worked on real hard, it becomes quite complicated. The restaurant gets their share, the delivery partners get their share, and then you get your share. We understand that’s a lot of mathematics. Thus we affirm that you need not panic about that. With our commission management feature, the commissions for each of the orders are easily divided and thus you can save time in mathematics and focus on your core business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We offer customized on-demand mobile app development services that make it easier for you to market your product with reference to the running marketing strategy. Our product is a clear reflection of your business over the internet.

Well, as mentioned, we affirm to offer you the most reliable and credible services at the most affordable rates. The final pricing of such an application depends on the extent of customization, technology stack, feature-set, and other details that we would work on.

No. We have a team of executives always available to connect with you. We understand the time difference and the need to communicate with the experts at any moment of the day. Our experts are available to connect with you even in the wee hours.

What Makes Us the Buzz of Tech Town

Here’s what our business partners say about us.

Ms. Joyce Mesick

Founder, Finding Trusted Care

Project summary: Finding Trusted Care

Octal IT Solution has created a caregiver company’s flagship platform and app. Their resources have also worked on the firm’s website design. Around eight teammates work directly with the client on the project.

  • Budget $50,000 to $199,999
  • Duration May 2022 – Ongoing
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Mr. Michael Tan

Project Manager, Clarins Pte Ltd

Project summary: Clarins

Octal IT Solution was hired by a skin care brand to build their inhouse claiming system. They used PHP for the development of their project.

  • Budget $10,000 to $49,999
  • Duration Jan. 2019 – Aug. 2020
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Mr. Ashutosh Walia

VP Gaming, Hungama

Project summary: Hungama

An entertainment company hired Octal IT Solution to develop their mobile app, which was meant to be viewed as a gaming platform for the entertainment industry.

  • Budget $10,000 to $49,999
  • Duration Sep. 2022 – Jan. 2023
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Ms. Kanchana Gupta

Founder, vLookUp.ai

Project summary: vLookUp.ai

Octal IT Solution has designed and developed a web platform and a mobile app for a mentoring platform. They’ve used React.js to build the web platform and have created the mobile app for Android and iOS.

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