Food delivery applications have been in the market for a long time. But it suffers from a lot of problems. The riders and users find themselves in mundane situations because their issues are not addressed. The severe difficulty prompts food delivery companies to start working on and rescuing this situation. 

What if the food deliveries happen through the air? No matter whether the route is complex, the place is isolated, the middle way halts, etc. The solid functional system can easily ensure the last mile deliveries on time. 

Drone delivery systems are one such medium. When it is combat with new technologies, it will accelerate the delivery mechanism. Drone acts as a catalyst to solve the common issues that arise from users and delivery riders. The businesses already in the food delivery market would better sustain their business values by using autonomous systems like drones. 

Supporting the above fact, top businesses want to forge themselves in this high-eyeballing market as a possibility. But still, to deliver the idea to the ground, many difficulties come in the middle of the journey. 

We are here to motivate future entrepreneurs and business leaders so that they can pull their legs into this outstanding food delivery platform. 

This blog will mention a few of the Top Food Delivery Applications gearing up for Drone Delivery, which will inspire your instincts. 

So, let us begin!

What Are Drone Food Delivery Apps? 

Drone food delivery apps are platforms that commute with drones (flying robots) to give instant and on-demand deliveries to end customers. The process becomes possible only after the FAA’s (Federal Aviation Administration) approval. 

The drone delivery apps control the whole process till the food is delivered to the last-mile consumer. The delivery businesses pass the policies under the government authorities. 

In this context, the government has approved more than 14 businesses to start their successful trials on drone delivery. A few of the names are Swiggy, Zomato, Dominos, Dunzo, and GrubHub. 


The Future of Drone Food Delivery Apps

The drone delivery market in the past decade came with no surprise. The industry is estimated to grow with a cost of $13.54B between the years 2022-2026

The last mile delivery is still challenging in urban cities of India. Post-pandemic, the figure states the need for drones for hassle-free deliveries. Drones have a clear line of insight for companies to break any disputes.

The drone delivery system has idolized the prime technology suitable for the industry. As per the reports, the market upscales by 50% in sales with drones. 

Food deliveries via drones are now not a dream anymore. This mechanism optimized the whole delivery clock of the food business. 

Drones work on the ghost or dark kitchen store points where they can quickly run and refill the unfilled stocks of the restaurant’s warehouse. The delivery partner collects the order from the standard point and drops it to the end customer. 

Drones eliminate the waiting and idle time of the rider. That cuts down the delivery cost, while not a single package will be thrown into the garbage. Many countries, including Australia, UAE, the US, Singapore, etc., are interested in participating in merging with aerial automotive systems like Drones. 

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Top Food Delivery Apps Gearing Up for Drone Delivery 

Top food delivery app development companies established their trials for drone services in collaboration with restaurants. They are at the primary stage of testing, which would change the picture of the future of the deliveries. 

Drone work primarily for these reasons; 

  1. During peak hours, the aerial drop and pick-up management cut down the extra effort. 
  2. Drones work on electricity, so it does not break ecological harmony and run without fail. 

Let’s start with the Top drone food delivery apps in the market. First on the list is Talabat. 

1. Talabat 


Talabat, one of the biggest food delivery marketplaces in UAE, performed its pilot program with the immigration of technologies to foster customer base services. It has successfully launched its trial with Agrico facilities to support drone deliveries in AI Khor. 

2. Postmates


Inspired by the Wall-E character, Postamtes has designed its robotic machine, Serve with NDD, the Delivery of food without any human intervention. It has Lidar advanced sensor for automated deliveries with a touch screen. 

Using the high-end delivery system, it is easy to reduce the extra cost of hiring people just for the deliveries. The robotic delivery mechanism would armpit the entire process of drop-and-pick up a delivery. 

3. DoorDash


DoorDash, the top US brand for food delivery, is all set to foster autonomous services to their consumers. The idea is possible with collaboration with Coco startup in Los Angeles. 

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The whole functionality of DoorDash is based on advanced technology, which reduces the wastage of imprints. The robotic rover helps to detect the perishable goods and dispatch it to the right location first. 

4. Walmart


The global multinational company for retail is in favor of the autonomous vehicle industry. According to Walmart, such vehicles propel feasible and faster solutions to customers. That will help to enchant the overall customer experiences and brand significance. 

Walmart had performed its pilot testing of food delivery drones in Phoenix and Miami. It has a partnership with Nuro, a self-driving company to focus on restaurant efficiency, rider priorities, and last-mile deliveries. 

5. GrubHub 


Grubhub is a giant food and grocery delivery platform planning to offer autonomous deliveries to university students. The idea could be possible by rolling up with Yandex, the robotic food delivery partner. Yandex is one of Russia’s biggest ride-hailing service companies to run the major taxis in cities. 

Robots follow similar automated mechanisms to drones, except that they roam on land. With innovative technology, Grubhub helps to reduce the number of riders and uneaten food wastage. 

In the first attempt, the company performed trials on robots. As they are abode and are unaffected by surrounding challenges. Smart robots are capable of delivering food on time at a lower price. 

6. Dunzo


Dunzo partnered with Sky Air Mobility, a drone delivery company, to start a trial for food delivery. 

The drone-equipped company works with Dunzo to carry out their trials in Karnataka. Under the government of India, the airspace is divided into three zones; green, yellow, and red. For the green zones, Dunzo is allowed to use drones for food deliveries

Google and Dunzo are combinedly planning to provide medicines through aerial mechanisms under the project name “Medicine from the Sky Project.” 

7. UberEats 


UberEats is excited to conduct a program for food deliveries via sky route, to provide meals and food in dense urban areas. The entire process gets monitored by cloud systems. 

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Once the order is requested on the platform, it is packed and loaded into the drones, and the carrier picks it up and delivers it to the desired location. The entire mechanism is monitored through the application and pop-up alerts if anything wrong would’ve happened. 

8. Domino’s 


Domino’s, the mouth lingering pizza delivery hub, signed 5 years back a deal with Skydrop by holding Flirtey, a drone aviation system. The deal happened in New Zealand with the idea of commencing at the end of 2022. The giant has successfully covered the 60m range to foster the deliveries in time, carrying up to 3.5kg weight. 

As the fast food delivery giant shows its interest in the faster drone mechanism, it is for sure that the customers will be more satisfied and thrilled with the conveniences. When Fresh pizzas are delivered to the doorstep, it will ensure to retain and trust in the food quality. 

9. Starbucks 


Drones are extremely faster than any other mode of delivery. Considering the top coffee and fast food company, Starbucks collaborates with the Flytrex drone delivery company. 

With this method, the rider does not need to travel from the restaurant to the end consumer, which depletes most of the price. As drones run on direct flight paths, the orders are delivered much faster without the risk of loss. 

10. Swiggy


Swiggy would commence its food delivery drones under the partnership with new aviation expert Garuda Aerospace (Dhoni is the brand ambassador). 

Swiggy is already in the food and meal delivery market and has witnessed success. Once it performs a successful trial of drone food delivery with Garuda Aerospace, it expects fortune from its rider’s and consumers’ problems. 

In the process, the first session trials are running in Delhi and Bengaluru. If the trials are successful, then in the coming years, the customers can schedule their orders directly from the application and get deliveries in their backyards. 

11. Zomato 


With the aim to deliver basic food amenities in stringent and inaccessible areas, Zomato is all set to open its armpit. It has successfully conducted trials within a 5km radius weighing 5kgs in 10 minutes. 

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To the Indian consumer dealing with daily difficulties in eating fresh and hygienic food, getting it in hands within 15 minutes…will break the nerve. Zomato decided to pursue its dream of delivering quick food to its potential customers. All of this only be possible via aerial routes. 


For those who have difficulty living outside without tasteful and fresh food. They are usually more prompt in ordering the food. If you’re a business owner, you do not want to lose your audience because of their weird locations. Drones are the carriers that allow the food delivery business to cater to what its audience asks for. With the association with drone delivery systems, you can serve the best foods in distant areas to grab a large customer base. 

Drones are foreseen as the only faster medium in the decade without any wastage of natural resources. It depletes our dependence on fuel as it works on electricity. That means it is affordable both for the restaurant and the user. 

Drone delivery is successful in sub-urban areas, whereas in urban areas, the process will take a long time to respond. In urban areas, there is a need for adequate and proper planning for routes, paths, pre-flight check-in, scouts, etc. Everything comes in a single place to reciprocate the idea. 

In the above blog, we have figured out some of the top indulging food delivery offering applications that are likely to hit the market with drones. If they encourage you, then why not begin your journey in the segment? Connect with Octal IT Solution which is a top food delivery app development company for quality food app solutions.

Who knows, maybe your solutions will unearth the possibilities in the eCommerce space!  

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