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On Demand Diet Planner Application
Healthy eating plan app that keeps your users healthy and your business growing...
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Meal Organizer

The diet calendar app allows your users to organize the meals as per suggested daily calorie requirements.

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Calorie Counter

With everything your users eat, the diet chart app keeps track of calories and notifies the users about it.

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Weight Tracker

The weight tracker app keeps a close eye on user’s weight and keeps him/her reminded about targets.

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Goal System

Users may set their diet goes, calorie consumption and weight loss goals & get timely alerts from diet plan app.

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Exclusive Diets

The healthy diet app suggests exclusive diets that are beneficial for the users’ to achieve their targets.

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Diet Recipes

The healthy meal plan app also shows diet recipes in blogs and videos which users may use to prepare food.

Discernible Features
Salient Features of the Nutrition Plan App...
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Payment gateway integration

Multiple payment gateways allow your meal planning app users to pay using net banking, eWallet, or credit/debit cards.

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Offers & Discounts

Attractive discounts to new users or on special events keep your healthy eating plan app customers loyal with your services.

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Push Notifications

Send push notifications to your diet meal plan app users about special offers/ events/ news / fitness goals or other activities.

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Integrating Geolocation

The geolocation helps your diet menu planner app users share their location or track their daily running distance.

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Integration of Wearable device

Connect your diet planner application with the wearable devices and get access to your activities on-the-go, on your wrist.

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Apple Health Kit & Google Fit

The diet planner app for Android & iPhone easily connects with Apple Health Kit and Google Fit, providing you with the extra access to your health tracking.

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A Blog

The meal planning app for weight loss comes with a health & nutrition blog where you may share the best fitness ideas, recipes, and other news.

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Free/Paid Services

Make money by offering extra features and benefits through premium membership to your nutrition calculator app users.

Our diet menu planner app comes with advanced features, dashboards and management tools for you and your app users.
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diet tracker app
User Panel
  • Creating Account with Personal Data
  • Socialization
  • Setting targets
  • Food Logging
  • External Trackers Support
  • Notifications
  • Help/Support
  • Community
  • Linking to Live Experts
admin dashboard panel
Admin Panel
  • Dashboard Management
  • User Management
  • Check Bookings
  • Statistics related to different activities
  • Provide Chat/Email Support to users
  • Manage Subscription packages
  • Manage Loyalty Programs
  • Efficient Content Management System
  • Real time Analytics for real time Decision Making
More Features
A Few More Features of Diet Calendar App...
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Fitness Tracker

The fitness tracker keeps an eye on the fitness goals, physical conditions, exercise routing and calorie consumptions of the user.

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Analyze My Health

Heart and pulse rate, Body temperature, Blood pressure & activities are noted down & tracked in diet planner app for iPhone & Android.

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Exercise Calendar

The exercise calendar stores the exercise schedule of the nutrition plan app user, along with providing him/her timely alerts.

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Meal & Activity Reminders

The real-time meal & activity reminders keep your users aware about their fitness goals. Users may create their own reminders.

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Motivational Techniques

The meal planning app Android provides motivational techniques that keep your users motivated about his fitness goals.

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Add a Meal to Diet Plan

You can easily add a meal to the diet plan of a user. Also, the users may add their own meals in the meal planning app weight loss.

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Waist Measurement Tracker

The waist measurement tracker tracks the shape of your users and keeps them aware about their waist size.

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Sleep Tracker

Sleep tracker starts as soon as the user goes to sleep, and stops when the user wakes up. It makes sure your users are getting ample sleep.

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Activity Tracker

The diet plan app calculate your miles covered during the days. It sets the goals for your daily walking and running and increases the counts on the daily basis for achieving the targeted fitness goals.

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Heartbeat Rate

The diet tracker app keeps track of the heartbeat rate of the user and sends him real-time notification about it.

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Book appointment with Nutritionist

With real-time availability and easy-to-use, your users may easily book an appointment you’re your nutritionists.

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Custom Meal Reminder System

The custom meal reminder system keeps your users aware about their diet chart and sends important notifications.

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Personalized Tips & Tricks

The healthy diet app sends personalized tips and tricks for dieting, as per the current physical condition & dieting goals of your users.

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Chat with Dietitian

The meal planning app comes with inbuilt Chat, Email and SMS integration allowing your users to communicate with you when they need.

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Feedback Section

Users may rate your diet planner application and your service and give feedback. This helps you improve your service.

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Social Share

Share your fitness goals and compare the data with your friends and stay in tune with their fitness plans as well.

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