Looking to develop a video OTT platform or video streaming app for your business? This write-up will help you with a list of top OTT app development companies and the best VOD app developers who will help you find what’s best for your project, features, functionality, and much more. 

Aiming at some facts and figures, the OTT market that caught $121.61 billion in 2019 is likely to reach $1.039 trillion in 2027. Considering an average video consumption per month, we will know it’s around 38 hours a month, almost a whole work week; this is what we spend watching streaming content. 

These statistics highlight the need for OTT services, including content you should add to your offerings if you run a business. 

Let’s choose the best OTT app development company for your entertainment business. 

Video Streaming Global Industry and Stats

  • In 2021, video streaming software’s market size was $7.5 billion. 
  • The worldwide video streaming software market is likely to reach $17.5 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 18.5% during the forecast period of 2021-2026.
  • In 2022, the Video Streaming segment is projected to catch $80.83 billion.
  • By 2027, revenue is anticipated to reveal an annual growth rate of 11.48%, leading to a $139.20 billion; market volume. 
  • Comparing the other parts of the world, in 2022, most revenue will come from the US, roughly $34,100.00 million. 
  • In the Video Streaming segment, the average revenue per user in 2022 is predicted to be $69.66. 
  • By 2027, the number of users in the Video Streaming (SVoD) segment will reach 1,636.0 million. 
  • User penetration in 2022 in this segment was recorded to be 15.2% and is likely to strike 20.6% by 2027.

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Best OTT App Development Companies That Can Build You One 

Octal IT Solution – Top ott platform development company

octal-it-solution OTT development companies

Experience: 14 years

Team Size: 180+ Professionals

Office: US, UK, India, Singapore

Leading OTT App Development Company Octal IT Solution has a proficient video streaming app developer team that is experts at providing high-end video streaming solutions. The experts understand clients’ business needs and emerge with top-class OTT App solutions to help them craft their unique identity in the market. 

A live-streaming app is a powerful entertainment and media industry app that arrives with fantastic features and functionalities, like virtual sets, multi-camera options, web streams, etc., that assist users in interacting with their targeted audiences. With a custom live-streaming app, you can improve your digital media operations and aim for more users. 

At Octal IT Solution, a top OTT app development company, you will get varied VOD streaming and OTT solutions that will facilitate you to exhibit sports videos, such as cricket and football matches, news updates, and more entertainment videos. The developed video streaming apps hold the power to stream web series, live TV, sports, and other streaming content.

Highlights of Vod Platform Development Offerings 

  • OTT App Development Services
  • OTT Smart TV Application
  • Transactional Video On-demand
  • Subscription Video-On-Demand
  • Advertise-Based VOD Apps
  • Live Streaming Applications
  • Audio- Music Streaming Apps
  • Catch-up TV

Major Clients – Zee5, Humgama, Hipi


Experience: 15+ years

Team Size: 300+ Professionals

Offices: India, USA

Now you can stream and grow your revenue by developing a video streaming app or an OTT platform for your business. 

Leading OTT Platform developer Contus VPlayed, empowers a global OTT network holding 100+ digital streaming businesses. Using the benefits of the latest technology, the company enhances the quality of video streaming app solutions and converts potential customers into loyal clients. 

The company has vast experience and exceptional perfection in developing custom OTT apps, all-scale VOD solutions, media processing, and delivery systems. The team of professionals at Contus offers hybrid, native app solutions to ensure their clients’ ideas are turned into reality per their expectations. The company aims to catch up with many users while assisting them with a fantastic user experience. 

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Highlights of Vod and OTT Platform Development Offerings

  • OTT Platform Development
  • Video on Demand App
  • Audio Streaming
  • Short Video Platform
  • Live Streaming

Stormotion – Leading OTT app developer


Experience: 14 years

Team Size: 180+ Professionals

Offices: Estonia, Ukraine

Whether you want to develop a live TV streaming app from scratch, improve the functionality of your current app, or integrate this app with your existing content streaming platform, OTT Platform Development company Stormotion ensures that you get the right solution to meet your business requirements. 

You can even get a custom live streaming app per your requirements, and business needs with Stormotion. The brand holds a team of professional OTT app developers and UX UI Designers who are experts in Video streaming, OTT App Development for Android and iOS platforms.

Stormotion provides multichannel customer experience development services for multichannel customer experiences. The developers offer future-ready OTT software development solutions using their proficiency and knowledge in live streaming solutions. They also provide customizable features at reasonable prices. They offer end-to-end development support and monetization alternatives to assist you in attaining your financial targets.

Highlights of Vod Platform Development Offerings

  • Video-on-Demand
  • Developing OTT Apps
  • Audio-on-Demand
  • Live Streaming
  • Video Conferencing
  • Over-the-Top
  • Smart TV Application
  • OTT Platform Solutions
NineHertz OTT development companies

Experience: 14 years

Team Size: 350+ Professionals

Offices: US, UK, Australia, India, Canada, Israel, UAE

Ninehertz, holding a team of the best OTT app developers, offers a complete range of live sports stream application development solutions delivering full capabilities to stream interactive on-demand streaming content covering web series, movies, TV, etc. 

The team also develops the top music streaming apps that allow users to enjoy their favorite tracks without interruption. They also create a custom video streaming app that delivers information and messages in the videos in an engaging and modern way that supports your brand. 

The top OTT App developers at Ninehertz create intuitive designs for video streaming apps that users love and provide the expected user experience to drive revenue. 

Highlights of Vod Platform Development Offerings

  • Audio/Music Streaming Software Development
  • Live Video Streaming Software Development
  • Online Video Streaming Apps Development
  • Live TV Streaming Apps Development
  • OTT Platform Development Solutions

Net Solutions – Best OTT App Development Company

Net-Solutions OTT development companies

Experience: 22+  years

Team Size: 275+ Professionals

Offices: Los Angeles, New York, Pune, Chandigarh, London, Toronto

Video offers outstanding digital engagement, easing users to deliver their information to the people they want. top ott app developer Net Solutions build custom apps with live streaming, OTT video solutions, video-on-demand, eCommerce-relevant videos, and streaming content with interactive elements. 

The app developed by the experts of Net Solutions holds the strength to stream top-quality videos to laptops, computers, and mobile devices. From the release, the company’s video streamed through a new app delivers an immersive UX experience and develops the brand’s reputation, making the clients stay ahead of the curve. 

Best OTT development companies

The OTT video app developers at Net Solution hold the caliber to evaluate video apps and components to find the best path. Working with this company will ensure you modernize app process implementation successfully and seamlessly. 

Highlights of Solutions and Offerings

  • Education & Training (VOD)
  • Developing OTT Apps
  • eCommerce Video Apps
  • Live Streaming Video App Development
  • Video Conferencing
  • OTT Platform Solutions



Experience: 11+ years

Team Size: 100+ Professionals

Offices: USA, UK, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates

Now you can take your video and entertainment business to this world with the assistance of certified developers at Dev Technosys, finding a complete range of solutions for your upcoming video-on-demand app. 

You can use the customized video streaming app solutions by the experts of this brand to stream content, such as TV, streaming live sports, web services, and more interactive content, including robust media tools. 

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Besides the key components, you will also get a complete set of unique features. The experts of this company also include customized app features that you can use for your business and engage OTT App development companies with more users on your on-demand video streaming platform.

Highlights of Solution Offerings

  • Movie Streaming App Development
  • Education & Training(VOD) Development
  • Live Streaming App Development
  • OTT Platform App Development
  • E-commerce Live Streaming App Development
  • Video Conferencing App Development
  • Streaming Software Development
  • Media Player App Development
  • Short Video Streaming App
  • TV Streaming App Development

Concetto Labs 


Experience: 7+ years

Team Size: 

Offices: USA, UK, India, Canada, Norway

One of the leading OTT app development companies, Concetto Labs delivers all sorts of mobile app development projects within a timeframe. The professionals of this firm craft engaging app designs and interfaces and offer the expected user experience keeping customers’ needs in mind. 

One of the top IP camera streaming and video streaming app development brands, Concetto Labs, will surely help you attain your business ideas. The team of skilled developers ensures the usage of the latest techniques and tools to deliver the top results to the clients. The company is well aware of the modern video streaming app industry trends and integrates them while developing the apps. 

You need to connect with the experts of Concetto Labs and sit back and relax until your custom OTT platform is developed as per your expectations. 

Highlights of Solution Offerings 

  • Live Streaming App
  • OTT App Solutions
  • Short Video Streaming App
  • Streaming and Shopping App 
  • E-commerce Live Streaming Development
  • Video Streaming apps
  • Live Video Streaming apps
  • TV Streaming apps




Team Size: 

Offices: USA, Ukraine

The best OTT Platform development company, Uptech, is a trusted partner in developing a custom streaming solution to boost your online reach. The video streaming apps permit users to watch their favorite videos, music, TV serials, and more. They can also craft videos using live-streaming applications to showcase their talent. 

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One of the best OTT software development companies, Uptech, is a trusted partner in developing a custom streaming solution to boost your online reach. The video streaming apps permit users to watch their favorite videos, music, TV serials, and more. They can also craft videos using live-streaming applications to showcase their talent. 

Uptech is also a leading eCommerce live-streaming development company for iOS and Android platforms. You can check the portfolio of the company also. 

Uptech provides OTT platform development solutions for your businesses specializing in fitness, education, media, and entertainment. You can also use its flexible, open, and reliable video streaming services that arrive with targeted solutions for varied industries. 

Highlights of OTT Development Offerings

  • Video Conferencing App Development
  • Developing OTT Apps
  • OTT Web Development
  • Live Streaming App Development
  • TV Streaming App Development


Matellio OTT development companies

Experience: 20+ years

Team Size: 200+ Professionals

Offices: USA, India

Matellio holds years of experience in offering streaming and OTT software to clients for media and entertainment needs to engage more users and valuable customers seamlessly. 

Including live streaming app development, Matellio, one of the leading OTT platform development companies, holds the expertise to develop or customize TV apps. It helps create the expected and improved user experience. The company produces the best OTT apps for TV brands like Samsung, LG, Roku, Bravia, Sony, Android, and Apple. 

Video streaming mobile app development needs professionalism and a team of skilled developers with deep knowledge of building live-streaming, OTT, music-streaming apps, etc. If you want to add extra features to your app, this company helps with that, too. It also allows clients to monetize their live-streaming apps with 3rd-party advertisements and paid commercials. 

Highlights of Vod Platform Development Offerings

  • Streaming Platform Development
  • Video Streaming Applications
  • Content Platform Development
  • Media Player App Development

Final Opinion

OTT technology has emerged as a significant difference considering content delivery and standardization. 

Today small and large video content owners and media brands hold various alternatives to pick from to create a base for their streaming service. 

Whether you are devising to emerge as the next Netflix or aiming to target a group of members with your streaming content, you can develop your OTT platform. Before that, list your business needs and the budget you would like to invest in your business. This way, you will choose the best suit your business requirements and budget. Also, consider the factors affecting the cost and take an extra amount for that; it will ease your journey. 

You can hire OTT software development company to get the OTT solutions and kickstart your journey of engaging the audience online with your catchy content. 

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