Here, we discuss influencer marketing app development – features, revenue models, and cost of influencer marketing management platform.

“You can spend your time on stage pleasing the heckler in the back, or you can devote it to the audience that came to hear you perform.”~ Seth Godin, Marketing Guru 

With the archery of social media in our lives, the more demanding need for user-based content generation grows. This surges the need to welcome influencers for businesses and brands. Over the last few years, we have seen that influencers lead more significant growth in the industry by increasing online followers. 

This blog is for solopreneurs, experts, and marketing leaders; would help you to take a step into the influencer marketing app development, including current stats, feature implementation, how to start your influencer app, cost, and technologies. 

So let’s begin!

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Influencer Market Stats in 2024

Over the past decade, many new businesses and brands have faced growth using this overpowering way to enhance their popularity. One main advantage of influencer marketing is that it directly affects brand promotion which not only saves time but also helps to reach the right target audiences. 

  • The influencer marketing management platform has been going so fast over the years and it has reached a revenue of $9.7B in 2020 it is expected the market will project huge expansion and will reach $16.4 billion by the end of 2024.
  • The main cause that impacts greater growth in influencer marketing is due to the popularity of short-term format videos. In the past 5 years, we have seen a real trend in the creation of short-format videos like TikTok Instagram wheels Facebook, and YouTube.
  • These platforms help as a catalyst in bringing the hyperlocal social media marketing data and consumption in a more focused and right way which could bring a real trait to the market.
  • As per the reports, the influential marketing industry of influence and marketing has been growing to 26% in 2021 which is a great support to the existing industry.
  • Instagram is the topmost preferred channel for brands to obtain their influencing marketing campaigns. With the presence of 1.3 billion active users, it is the best platform.
  • Instagram with a percentage of 68% in 2020 has been growing in 2021 with 79% and the matching is a real great presence of how it is effectively influencing the audiences and remote in the brands. After seeing the post from this platform the users have a sudden approach to take the action that is impacting Instagram and helpful to the brands. 
  • Using the branding over the platform the user is more prone to following a brand or making a purchase or visit to their retailing stores nearby so this is how instantly the hyperlocal social media marketing platform has shown its presence to a wider global reach.
  • Zara is the most popular brand on Instagram to reach Niche audiences. While Netflix is the most popular brand over TikTok which mentions 10K posts just for the promotion related to Netflix.
  • In 2024, more businesses and brands are starting to implement their campaigns to produce their digital identity and reputation and give the maximum effectiveness of their platform. They have directly taken the right influencers and exposed any middleman who is fake so that he would not deplete the platform’s reputation.
  • According to the survey by Oberlo, 93% of marketers have used influencing marketing in their campaigns to give effective advertising strategies and hit the right audiences in the shortest time.

What is influencer marketing?

If we define an influencer management platform in short, then it is a technique to collaborate with the influencers and the brand on a single platform. They both work in unison with the idea of bringing new trends that can help and grow the companies. This ideal strategy started a few years back and successfully claimed its possession.

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How does influencer marketing help the brands?

The hyperlocal social media marketing platform is a medium on which influencers are actively seeking great advice and ideas from people before buying anything. 

People follow the mouth hearing. If the product is convincing but it’s of course for the first try they could be a little confused. Here they can find the person whom they followed using the same and have benefited from it, then it would trigger them to buy.

Influencers have shifted huge growth in the endorsement of the business’s brand and straightly help them to generate a good number of leads and conversions.

Especially after the rise and breakthrough of the pandemic, people are more on social platforms than ever. They are prone to buy things online rather than physically visiting. So they need to buy things with a sense of satisfaction and trust.

They determine the way on social platforms where their favorite social person uses the same product and give them relevant advice; before and after buying the product. 

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So it is a vital channel for businesses to invest some amount in real publicity of the products. They have given some of their top products to influencers who have large followings of people just for free. After using the products the influencer shares their real experiences with the people. They can use hyperlocal social media marketing in the form of reels, or videos to give the real use case of the product. 

It would become an integral part of brands to promote their products and scale up the same.

In 2024, micro-influencers are becoming major players in the industry. Why? It is obvious that they have fewer audiences compared to the mega and macro-influencers but one fact is important that they have more engaging audiences who could believe to take action. And that is the need of the hour for marketing.

For the smaller industries, it would be great to collaborate with micro-influencers to grow. From the resources, the micro-influencers dispatch ideal growth from 89% to 91%. 

In addition to that, the marketing silos help to understand your night market and help you organize things in that way. Using their tools it would plan the customized and comprehensive buyer’s journey in a map to better analyze.

mobile app development

Why Invest in Influencer Marketing App Development?

Give a personal feel to the audience

Social platforms are always looking for a good option where there is no limitation in creating something greater than the live option or the platform to the users. This would impact a personal touch to the people in a shorter time if there would be a restriction in any kind of policies or regulation from the government to limit the way to deliver something great to the people so that would compromise the creativity part. 

Through the influencer, they have full control to deliver whatever kind of branding they want to give to their users. Also, the businesses have over the spaces by designing something creative and intuitive platform and application that have a fine functionality and approach to hit the niche audiences.

No limitations on spaces

With the Influencer Marketing App Development, there are no concerns and limitations in the spaces to reach your audience 24/7. Using the analytical tool there is a high scope for the businesses to target the right audiences and limit the people and unnecessary ads or content that can make your business identity a little bit low. So having the platform as the application is a fine idea for your sure success in the Marketplace.

Complete data to access

While creating the influencing marketing app you have the complete freedom to access the data of your users in the right way to improve your hyperlocal social media marketing campaigning and that would be a great idea.

Gauge direct interaction

You have your marketing platform where you can directly interact with your customers and communicate to reach them the right way so there will be no kind of limitations in your interactions on no barrier in the rules you can hit as many people in real-time as you can there is no restriction for you.

The Instagram influencer marketing software in real-time is a dominant trade that would help the brands endorse their product on the common platform using the application. It gives a more structured way to invite those Niche bloggers and the micro influences over the platform to give your product a prominent kind of branding that is the strong future of the influencer marketing platform. 

This is how it would help your business and the brands and inspiration with to the users to give them more detailed information before buying anything.

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Features to Include in Influencer Marketing App Development

Easy signup

Using the section separate for sign-up and logging makes everything short for the user. This is the first stage for users that decide how well a user has interacted with their profile.

With the easy signup process, the user can now explore things with the help of just a single tab.

Users can now integrate their sign-up process with hyperlocal social media marketing and make the login process as smooth as ever before. This will help the accuracy and reduce any of the security ethics. 

Brand management

This section is important for the influencer marketing software that would help the influencer to easily connect with their choice of brands in a short time. They can use the GPS to find out the best brands nearby and can start to give their services to those brands. Everything cumbersome is available in this section so the influencer can easily track their brands.

Search influencers nearby

The same thing a user can do for himself as the influencer did in the previous section where the user can use this search influencer nearby section to find out the topmost rated influencer with the same niche they are selling. The user gets the inside of the topmost influences in this section so they can easily find out the best influencer and get their reviews on the product that they want to purchase beforehand.

Advanced filters 

This section is used by the brands to find out the best influencer and their range and based on their social media profile they get the idea that that particular influencer is best for their marketing strategy or not. 

Advanced filters help businesses and brands accomplish the task of searching for the right influencer in a short time which would be a grateful tool for the brands.

Analytics tools 

To give the best facility to the user is the main aim of the businesses and to give them the same the business uses this analytical tool like Google Analytics or some other analytical tool. To find out the user navigation on the Niche data to give them the best user experience as much as possible.

Profile creation

This is an interactive section where users can interact with their influencers. They can follow them and can like their post and their comments to find out any of their confusion or answer their confusion. Here in this section, the user has the full advantage to create their content like adding some text, photos, or videos and making it public by publishing those posts to social media. So this is a great interactive tool for the user and it is also vital for the influencer marketing app.


This is another useful tool for users to chat with other users in their private section or public areas by sending them photos, videos, or any relevant file. The chat tool can help the user better communicate with other users in the same community as well as with the influencer.

User-based content

The user rich content has been the most found and searchable thing on hyperlocal social media marketing on the internet in the last few years so this user-generated content can lead to greater advantage to engage more people and make them turn into more conversions in a shorter period

Users get to be aware of the all-important updates of the information regarding the brands or their communities in the space known as the feed. So the feed is the area where users can get the most of the content that is useful for them.

AR technology

We are living in the world of 2024 and it is a world of Augmented Reality to give the best user experience in a unique space. Augmented reality converts a few segments of the virtual world into a real-life experience and this would be the greater marketing strategy for the brands.

For example, if you look at the LensKart app there is a section that gives the ability to the user to try their Lenses or the goggles on the 3D try-on section so they can visualize how their face looks after wearing the glasses. So that is the actual strategy of that brand to give a greater user experience at the virtual location so the user can’t get any kind of hustle in between.

AI chatbot

This is another important tool it comes under the advanced feature of the Influencer Marketing App Development which gives users or a customer a great experience over the platform. However, using the AI chatbots to query whatever a user can ask on the platform data will get a reliable answer and response in the short. This could save the time of the user and also the cost of the businesses to hire someone special just for assistance.

Technologies Required for Influencer Marketing App Development

With the adoption of technologies especially AI the influencers affect marketing. Top business brands have adopted the combination of AI and ML to leverage their businesses and strengthen their brands with collaboration with influencers. 

Client level

The client level is briefly categorized into 3 key features

  • Profile
  • Connections
  • Feed

Each one of the features is essential to interact with the platform and give the user kind of inspiration and engagement over the hyperlocal social media marketing and it builds more trust towards the brand.


For your reference; a marketing app is a sustainable, reliable, and efficient platform that can perform well in real-time that kind of suitability is being added by the vacant so your backend would be the strongest part of the Influencer Marketing App Development structure.

Your backend and server have to load with more data in real-time so there must be a use of a good backup and technology below are some of them.

 Ex: JavaScript server, io server, node.


The database is the real acid to hold multiple data of the hyperlocal social media marketing environment in the market. There are several available databases present so we would recommend you choose the right one for your social and influencer marketing application. You can either go for the cloud database server which has the online capacity to hold your Petabytes of data and can give accessibility from any location.

Ex: SQL, NoSQL, Mysql, postgresql.js 

Categories of influencers

Influencers are not where they have crossed the boundaries and are not stuck on the same path. There are many categories involved in marketing via influencers. Some of the niche categories are:

  • Financial influencers
  • Skincare influencers
  • Pet influencers
  • Beauty influencers
  • Travel influencers
  • Food influencer
  • Fitness influencers
  • And many more…

As per Statista, social commerce sales are projected to generate $958B in 2024, to hit $2.9T by 2026.

The social influencers have followed strategies that make the audience buy products without leaving the platform. In this instance, two Chinese live streamers Li Jiaqi and Viya have successfully sold $3B products in just a single day which is three times more than Amazon sales. That is the impact of their strategies which would trigger their audiences to purchase items. 

Their sayings are better to drive people and drive real engagement. 

It is no doubt that influencer marketing is an admirable tactic in 2024, to surge healthy and long-term relationships between audiences and influencers. A lot of new changes will impact and transition the health of the marketing industry. Every new year would unfold some or more ways to leverage the roleplay of influencer marketing as one of the top things.

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Popular monetization models for influencer’s marketing app

Now let’s discuss some of the popular monetization strategies that would be beneficial for businesses to create their influencer marketplace platform;

Advertisement model

It is one of the most popular models to gain a decent amount of revenue for businesses and also retain potential customers to the platform.

One thing you need to make sure of while using such a model is the relevance of the advertisement. You can’t just bombard and throw ads on your platform.

Premium subscription model

This is the advanced version of the premium model which will improve the User experience over the application as well as gain a great income source for the platform.

Using such premium subscriptions users have in hand to access high-quality content that is relevant to their interests exclusive of any kind of unnecessary things.

So this way this model enhances the User experience over the application the charges could vary in the premium models based on usability.

You could offer this subscription in three ways: quarterly, monthly, or yearly. Just start this approach with a free trial version so that new users get a brief inside of what they will get while using the premium subscription.

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In-app purchase

It is a convincing approach that gives freedom to the user so that they can purchase while navigating the application in between.

You can give many things in the in-app purchases section to your use like books postcards or anything relevant to your niche that would be a great approach to retaining a good amount of revenue for your business.

Top-rated influencer marketing apps

Influential marketing is one of the greatest sectors to win the hearts of the target audiences but it is most challenging for the brands to find the right influences for their campaigning.

This section is for the influencer if you are one of them then we will have a list of top influencing apps that could help you to connect for a better reach of the audiences as well as gain a good amount of income for you.

Plus for the businesses, the below applications would help them to create their mobile app influencer marketing application with a compiled list of features and Technology.


It is the top influencer marketplace for brands and for influencers to create their content.

It has working accessibility with the topmost hyperlocal social media marketing networks including Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok.

This would help the branch to have proper control over the marketing process in the platform and reduce any kind of extra software access or services that would increase the cost.

From any kind of aspect, this app is the most streamlined application existing for the influence and marketing campaign to save your time. That pricing would start from $994 a month so if you are looking for an easy and faster way to connect your network of influences then you can choose this option.


It is another great application to connect with the influencers and bring them more primitive to their products. It is an open platform that invites bloggers, YouTubers, and anybody who has a strong hyperlocal social media marketing presence. So if you are an influencer or you are a brand owner you are going to give an instant shot for your social media branding then a social book or Boost Insider is a great platform for you.

Cost of Influencer Marketing App Development

The cost to build an app for Influencer Marketing would vary according to the categories of things that fuse into the application. 

If we sum everything then the cost to implement the app would include features for the implementation time for the development, the location of the mobile app development company, and their rates it depends on the platform as well.

Concluding everything the development cost would become $30k to $50k.

However, the rates of the Asian countries are less compared to the American or European countries so we would recommend you too hard a developer from an Asian country.

Apart from that, the app would highly depend on the technology implementation, what kind of technology is used, and what are the steps needed to implement the app this word including the designing, testing, and deployment part and after the support maintenance as well. 

Final Thoughts!

In this blog, we have packed almost everything to gauge your marketing strategy and purposes. Try out your first industry-aligned influencer marketing app today!.

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