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Octal Info Solution is a known name in the IT industry to offer best-in-class solutions for music streaming app development. If you have an on-demand music streaming app idea in mind or want to build a live music streaming mobile application? Come to us to get served with the best in your plate. We build music streaming app for iPhone and Android that rock. Be it on-demand streaming, to apps for bands, music editing, and learning, we are the one-stop solution for music streaming app development service.

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Push Notification

Boost higher engagement across all categories. Most of all, push notifications have a tremendous impact on music apps' engagement.

User Onboarding

A personalized experience is offered by using Facebook's API to access data regarding a user's "likes" and other music-related information in their profile.

Live Streaming

It enables your users with iOS and Android devices to capture and send a live video stream from anywhere with a mobile connection.

Radio Stations

The app searches and accesses the available radio stations in your location, allowing you to listen to the favorite live streaming songs.

Premium/Basic Membership

With Basic one, you get limited functions and embedded ads, while Premium membership offers add-free, unlimited, offline subscription.

User Behaviour Tracking

Tracking user's behaviour helps your app to sort and suggest songs as per their taste and improve the listening experience.

The Solutions
We build rich solutions for music lovers...
  • Music Streaming App
    Music Streaming App

    Music Streaming has become mobile-first. We boast a profound experience in creating gapless streaming functionality and impressive mobile UI for music services.

  • Apps for Bands
    Apps for Bands

    Smart bands need smart tools. With in-app purchases and subscriptions, an app is an income source, and a great way of connecting with fans, too.

  • Music Editing Apps
    Music Editing Apps

    We combine massive experience in working with sound capabilities of mobile platforms and UI/UX design expertise to build well-thought functional music editing.

  • Music Learning Apps
    Music Learning Apps

    We make sure every intricate detail of human-interface interaction in your app contributes to the goal of education and enjoyment for your users.

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App Featrues
Our solutions come with advanced features, dashboards and management tools for you and your app users.
music streaming app for iOS
User Panel
  • Listen radio streaming
  • Create Private and public playlists
  • Add track on playlist
  • Search style, album, artist, track name
  • Counter plays tracks
  • Background play
  • Background remote control
  • Lockscreen info (artist, track, cover)
  • Download track and listen offline
  • Search covers artist, albums & songs
  • Like & Share track and track on social networks
  • User profile
  • in-app purchase( remove ad), add playlist, access to offline
on demand music streaming
Admin Panel
  • Upload track (mass upload)
  • Publication of the track in one click
  • Prelisten track
  • Edit track, album, style, artist
  • Delete track, album, style, artist
  • Add track, album, style, artist
  • Manage Users
  • Manage subscriptions & memberships
  • Manage advertising and promotions
More Features
Powerful Feature for Powerful Music Streaming...
User Profiles

User Profiles & Authorization to access by registering and signing in with basic profile information.

Browse & Organize

Browse & Organize options to find songs by titles or artists. Save your favorite tracks as well.

Public & Private Playlists

Public & Private Playlists that allow to see the list of all songs and other details.

integrated algorithm

The integrated algorithm suggests songs bases on user's mood, time, weather, place, etc.


Online/Offline Availability enables user to listen song even when offline through Recording feature.

Social sharing

Social sharing allows you to share songs with your friends and know what they are listening.

music Organizer

Users can Organize music by their moods, choice, genres and reach libraries on demand.

user activities

Allow user to view past listening, activities and songs that were suggested to them.


Communicating with your app users now and then is necessary to ensure they don't forget about your app after using it just once or twice. Push notification, SMS, emails are sent to the customers frequently to remind them of your app and offer a quality experience.

  • A great way to communicate with your music app users
  • Improves chances of your app staying installed on their devices
  • They are used sparingly only if you have something useful to say
Payment Integration

Allow your users to unviel extra features with premium subscriptions. Trusted payment modes like PayPal, Braintree, Visa, Bank, Credit Card are offered to the users along with multi-currency support to pay for the subscription. Enjoy the maximum benefits using:

  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Multi-currency support
  • In-app purchase model

Once you have acquired a sufficient music database and user base, then you can plan to develop a more advanced system for recommendation and discovery. Algorithms power what's played next on personal radio services based on your musical history, Facebook Likes and Twitter follows.

  • Songs and artists are suggested based on previous listening and friends' activities.
  • It helps users find more music that they might like.
Advertising Management

Keep your users engaged by displaying promotional schemes, voice advertisements, video advertisements on your music app as and when desired. All of the advertisements and promotional campaigns are managed by the admin panel, who is responsible for ad streaming, pop-up ads. It is done by API integration through the app.

  • Factors such as demography, ad frequency can be easily managed
  • Users can be informed of the special offers, coupon codes.
  • Special schemes during festive seasons can be promoted to keep the users engaged
  • Promotional schemes, voice ads, video ads get displayed on the app as and when desired by the admin.
Integration with Radio

The radio stations are integrated into the music apps through API, and they play songs you might like based on your personal preferences. You can choose to create your own radio stations based on genres, songs, albums, artists, or bands. Tracking the GPS details of the user, the app will suggest music as per the demography via radio channel streaming.

  • With API integration you can listen to channels and choose your preferred FM each time
  • As the owner of the app, your own ads can be played in between
  • The admin has control over ad frequency, time, demography, and other factors.
GPS Technology

Integration of GPS technology is integral in the music apps. After all, this feature can add a lot to your app and make it all the more appealing to the users.

We make the most of this technology to enhance the overall experience of the users. Tracking the user's location, the app suggests music as per the demography so the users can listen to the local music of that particular location – and all this happens in real time.

Cloud Operations

Get unlimited free storage, play your music offline, smart recommendations, follow artists and build playlists by utilizing the power of clouds.

This easy-to-use option not just allows you to store your music in the cloud but also helps in discovering, streaming, and sharing a constantly expanding mix of music from emerging and major artists around the world.

With cloud operations being highly economical, it reduces your operational costs and also increases your productivity and profits. It allows you to work without your own infrastructure as well as you can manage your business from any place in the world.

Real-Time Analytics

We offer a fully-customized Analytics Panel powered by DB infrastructure, data structures, and algorithms. Real-time Analytics helps you monitor your business on the go, and it keeps you in control with your operational data.

With the Analytics Panel, you get real-time revenue reports, revenue projections, drive your business by the numbers and much more.

Back-end App

The architecture (backend) is mostly written in Java and Python, while others with HTML 5 language. Less of PHP is used primarily for server-side logic.

We utilize C++ for Mac/Windows client, Java for Android and Objective-C for iOS applications. The main principle behind the backend is partitioning by features. We assign a team of developers for each app feature.

Other Technologies

We use the best of the technology stack to insert powerful features in your apps:

  • Twilio – for Push Notifications
  • Nexmo – for SMS and Voice Varification
  • Braintree & PayPal – for payments
  • GWT – for Powerful Programming
  • Datastax – for Data Management
  • Mandrill – for emailing
  • Debian – Universal Operating System
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