The eCommerce industry plays a vital role in bringing up global ideas to the surface where retailers can upscale their business outcomes. 

In 2021, global eCommerce retail sales were estimated at $5.2Billion. While one of the leading multi-vendor marketplaces Shopify empowers more than 1 Million merchants. Their merchants contributed more than $183B in global economic activity. 

It’s no doubt, Shopify has put the global economy on a big jump when hands-on with commerce technology. It contributes to every person in the eCommerce industry. The merchants strongly create their presence, and independent businesses improvise their capital so that anyone can benefit from it. 

The Shopify apps add advanced functionalities to the existing Shopify stores just in time. Let’s know about a few of the top multi-vendor marketplace extensions for Shopify or apps. But before that quickly understand the multi-vendor marketplace apps

What is a Multi-Vendor Marketplace? 

It is defined as the eCommerce platform where the merchant connects with the multi-vendor to sell their products in the channel smoothly and get a commission from every vendor on each sale. 

Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extensions for Shopify

With the eCommerce multi-vendor channel you’re all set to go. The merchant connects with the vendor, and customer without needing to manage the warehouse manually. Vendors maintain their stores easily without large investments and risk. The user gets a strong omnichannel where they can buy things on a multi-vendor marketplace without looking beyond. 

The way these platforms work gives a great opportunity for eCommerce businesses to create a unique multi-vendor marketplace application to foreplay their services. 

What is known as the Shopify Extension? 

The Shopify extensions are nothing but software extensions that expand the functionality of the multi-vendor eCommerce application. It encourages the users to buy and easily interact with the multiple features. With Shopify applications, businesses can expand their revenue sales to provide better customer experiences.

“More than 7k extensions are available in the Shopify store, and every extension has different functionality.”  

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List of Best Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extensions for Shopify

Convert your eCommerce into a multi-vendor platform like Amazon, Etsy, or eBay for a price of a few dollars. 

The Marketplace Extensions for Shopify are capable of giving extensive services to retailers and audiences. The merchant or admin can create a free online platform for business for free using unique features that gives security to the end-user. It gives different choices to the customers and your sales conversion. 

Extensions consist of API and documentation in the structural layout to emphasize the eCommerce market to the next level. 

Some of the common features are;

  • adding new products 
  • creating different seller groups 
  • enabling large vendors to connect with each other
  • bulk ordering allows merchants to assign multi vendors to sell their products 
  • vendors adding or removing their products from the list 
  • message alerts for quick communication

So without any wait, let’s discuss some of the best multi-vendor marketplace extensions or apps for Shopify.

1. Tidio: Shopify Chat Extension 

tidio Marketplace Extensions for Shopify

The multi-vendor extension is enabled with more than live chat with AI chatbot integration composed of several security features. It is one of the prime tools for Shopify vendors. It lets vendors save abandoned carts and increase their sale rate. 

Key features

  • Intuitive UI design 
  • Prepare an automatic mailing list 
  • Retrieve a live visitors list with the feature to watch whether a visitor is typing or not. 
  • 16 AI chatbot-driven eCommerce functionalities 
  • Allows vendors to pursue multi-language communication with others.
  • Merchant manages every commission on the panel. The individual commission for vendors is based on the categories. 

Pricing plan

  • For web solution: Membership plan for sellers starts at $49 per month, less with premium features including white label web solution, designing, and self-automated system.
  • Free plans are also available. 

2. Multi-vendor Marketplace App

It is one of the prime tools that supports complete functionality in the marketplace. It enables admin with analytics and reporting features. 

Key features 

  • It allows the merchant to add the name and portfolio of the website
  • B2B and B2C commerce solutions 
  • Manage the sales and growth of enterprise business 
  • Flawless Point of sale invoicing 
  • Merchants have full control of vendor and user history. 

Pricing plan

  • It offers a free pricing plan for 15 days. After that merchants can pick from packages: standard, plus, and pro with rates of $29, $79, and $299 per month, respectively. 

3. Growave: Wishlist App for Shopify 


With a 4.9 rating on the play store, this app is best to wishlist any product for quick glance. This extension consists of numerous fast features that help to increase sales. 40% of customers love to wishlist their products before purchasing. 

Key features 

  • The extension expands the visibility of the merchant business and shares it on social media.
  • Customized features to the merchants based on their preferences like languages, currency, and time. 
  • Discount coupons to leverage the customer benefit at the top and increase the sell and demand process. 
  • With personalized emails and referral programs, the business can expand its presence in the multi-vendor marketplace. 

Pricing plan 

  • The app comes with many subscription packages to offer, including basic, starter, and enterprise, with $9, $19, and $299 per month, respectively. 

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4. Recharge: Subscription App


The recharge subscription helps the vendors to improve the subscription experience of the customer. With the customized subscription list, users can pick their favorite subscription for that only. 

Key features 

  • The discounts allow the user to deduct the package price of the subscription. This increases the user presence on the platform. 
  • The recharge SMS allows the customer to place their order via text. 
  • New features include skipping and rescheduling order deliveries. 
  • The extension supports top payment platforms like Stripe, Braintree, etc. 

Pricing plan 

  • The recharge subscription comes with versatile packages for the vendors. Standard, pro, and enterprise for custom pricing. 

5. Shopify Connector: An integration with a shopping cart 

It is one of the top multi-vendor marketplace extensions for vendors that offer customized features to sellers and retailers. It allows users to connect and integrate with Shopify data to cs-cart stores. 

Key features

  • It simply connects admin to Shopify products and orders and shipping orders to the CS cart store. Sync the orders in real-time.
  • It comes with the chat add-on option to secure and automate buyer-seller communication. It consists of several features for private and encrypted chatting groups. 
  • The extension supports multiple languages 
  • Automate the vendor registration process 
  • Merchants can easily manage the accounts of multiple vendors 

Pricing plan 

  • CS-Cart has pricing plans starting from $169/month and an annual subscription from $560. 

6. Frequently Bought Together: Shopify Upsell Extension


Shopify adopts this feature of suggesting “Frequently Bought Together” from Amazon. Have you seen the recommendation of frequently bought together or recommended products on Amazon? The feature triggers customers to add more products to the cart and gives them better shopping experiences. This is all possible with a data mining algorithm. 

Key features

  • The Shopify frequently bought together extension helps to improve 35% sales of businesses.
  • Automatic bundle discounts using algorithms 
  •  Customize UI interface 

Pricing plan

  • The package starts at $99 per month 

7. UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing App


The app uplifts the affiliate multivendor business in the marketplace. UpPromote helps to collaborate with bloggers and content creators to access global exposure to affiliate networks. 

Key features

  • The affiliate extension offers discounts to visitors to promote them for purchase at discounted rates. 
  • The app easily integrates with Mailchimp and PayPal
  • Coupons and referral programs to build customer loyalty. 

Pricing plan

  • Comes free and can be updated to the pro version at $69.99 per month. 

8. Etsy Marketplace Integration

The Etsy marketplace integration allows the Etsy vendor to explore more selling options with Shopify. 

Key features 

  • The Etsy extension features new product listings for vendors with real-time monitoring
  • Advanced order management enables users to securely order their products without any delay. 
  • The extension lets sync to the Etsy shop in real-time to predict the inventory out of stock and automate the pricing as per demand. 
  • Users get quick reviews and ratings for better insight into the vendor store and products 
  • Notify through emails 

Pricing plan

  • The marketplace app starts with 7 days of free membership; afterward, additional charges will be added to the account. 

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9. Onport Marketplace & Dropship


The fully automated marketplace for businesses where vendors can easily manage their store deliveries. The Onport extension consists of features like sync inventory updates, directly paying vendors, etc, to make the vendor in-house returns simple deliveries.

Key features 

  • Automatic pricing update to inventory 
  • Allow vendors to add banners, images, and portfolios and customize the platform as per their needs.
  • The platform integrates with multiple vendors, collects automated feeds in CSV, and syncs inventories and payments. 
  • Discounted shipping rates and automated payment invoicing
  • Automatic fulfillment of warehouse directly to Shopify store
  • API custom workflow and custom management  
  • Commission management: the admin shares his part with the seller’s order. Global commission: app to every seller 

Pricing plan

  • The subscription plan for onport and dropship starts at $1000/month with a 14 days free trial. 

10. Booster: SEO extension for Multivendor 

One of the most popular Multi Vendor Marketplace Development Extensions for Shopify, this extension allows the merchant to get the best ranking of their store in the market with SEO. The app offers SEO features that let it be easily searchable with google. Improved the rankings and increased revenue.

Key Features

  • Improves the loading time of the page
  • Easily searchable by search engines
  • Automatically submit the sitemap
  • Image compression engine 
  • Quickly Fixes SEO issues

Pricing plan

  • Starts with a plan of $34 and $64 per month for pro and premium subscribers, respectively.  

Concluding Everything!

The market of e-commerce business is more rejuvenating than ever! Marketplaces like Shopify are one of the reasons, the merchants and sellers are uniformly more interactive and laden with top service in the market. This triggers them to choose Shopify for their businesses. With the extension or app, they now revamp their growth and scale successfully. The app helps to track insight into the customer’s preferences and gives better results. So just remember to add one as per your need.

But choosing one extension from the list of many options makes you confused. In the above blog, we have come forward with some of the best multi-vendor marketplace extensions for Shopify. You can pick any one of them or start from scratch. For further inquiries, connect with us below.  

best-multi-vendor Marketplace Extensions for Shopify
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