In this modern era, apps like TaskRabbit have become a necessity in carrying out day-to-day tasks. We all are completely dependent on mobile phones as they help in providing us with the liberty to be aware of all the things around the world and live a happy life. If the technology exists then, it does not matter that where you have to go as it will take you back again.

With the mobile apps like TaskRabbit, you can search for the A-one services of healthcare, education, beauty, and many more by just a few tapping on the options. Though we are talking about mobile applications, it would be right to descript services such as cab or taxi booking applications and food delivery apps that provide their services within a few minutes.

Apart from these regular applications, the entrepreneurs have started to enter into the new segment of demanding services due to the increasing requisition of the consumers for simplifying the work of searching and hiring the professionals with apps like TaskRabbit, Thumbtack, Porch, Handy, etc. Many services such as AC service and repair, refrigerator mending, washing machine repairing, plumbing, electrician, home cleaning, and so on are just a few clicks away these days. The best example for this is TaskRabbit, and Handy.

Do you know what is common in these on-demand service-providing apps like TaskRabbit? These applications offer you day-to-day services at your convenience. To understand the functioning better let us consider one on-demand app.

TaskRabbit is a top-notch demanding app. A lot of customers often reach us for the Urban Company app. If you are looking forward to entering the market with something similar you are at the right place as we provide the service of the app development is a great way. We are a top On-demand application development company and we would be glad to assist you.

taskrabbit like app development

Before moving further, let me know about this how to create an app like Porch, Handy, or Urban Company and the services provided to the users by this app in a detailed way.

What Is TaskRabbit About?

TaskRabbit refers to a one-stop destination for the city lifestyle and living-related assistance. Along with this, you can hire professionals to get all the things done that are relevant to you or matters for you in the daily lifestyle. These days, everyone wants everything to be done easily without going anywhere else. And such lifestyle service providing applications offer free services at your doorsteps.

How Apps like TaskRabbit Work?

When you check the TaskRabbit app, you can see the varied range of services that you can avail yourself of it. It comprises of all the services and it collaborates with varied people and the company that are always ready to provide different services to the customers daily. For taking the service from the TaskRabbit app all you need to do is search for the services that you need and then, simply hire the experts and tell them the suitable time to visit you. The customer can communicate with the service providers about the budget that you have, and on what cost they agree to offer you.

These days, everyone is busy and on a busy schedule, it is a good idea to get all the work done efficiently without looking for any service providers. Several services are listed in a way so that the customers can view all the history details after signing in the account and with the service provider they have to touch with them so that if the user needed them, they can come back for assistance.

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The UI/UX design of the app is hassle-free and it offers easy-to-use features to the users and makes the app more compatible also. No matter what services you need, you have just get it with a single click. Also, the in-app calls and messages are stored in the application history.

Investments in On-Demand Apps like TaskRabbit

By having lots of services for the customers to use, On-Demand applications are gaining the interests of the people. With increasing demand, the users start to invest more in the benefit of those services.

on demand app stats

In On-Demand application development, the investment occurs on transportation, food delivery, grocery delivery, travel accommodations, home services, pet care, family care, laundry, and dining reservations.

In this, it can be seen that from last 5 years the investment in transportation facility service is more as compared to the previous 12 years. On the other hand, pet care and laundry service are less as compared to transportation, food delivery, etc. Its usage has not increased and it is the same in the previous 12 years and 5 years.

Tour for the Usage of Apps like TaskRabbit or Urban Company

The user can use the application and choose more than fifty services to see the cost that is approved by the app admin and the booking of any type of service can make easily. Further, the question comes in the mind on the work of the application that how to make a website like urban company and how the service providers get the notifications of all the orders and how they ship the products for the delivery to the consumer’s homes at the same time and at the given location that is offered in the app.

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You are simply required to send the request to avail professional services through an app answering simple questions. Then, from the pre-screened expert’s list, choose options according to your demands and the requirements. A professional user can look for the reviews also and you can hire the top one that you like the most.

Most Prominent Services That Our Porch like App Developer Include in Your Solution

When you are looking forward to taking the idea further, just make sure that you connect with the right people who can add the right set of services and features to your application that can help you earn better. Working on the Thumbtack app becomes quite complicated if we do not have the picture of our application clear in our minds.

1. Cleaning & Home Repair Services

2. Home Shifting

3. Tutoring and Lessons

  • Home Tutor
  • English, Mathematics & Commerce Tutor

4. Home Construction & Décor

  • Interior
  • Architect
  • Modular Kitchen
  • Painters
  • CCTV Cameras

 5. Weddings Services

6. Health and Wellness

  • Physiotherapist
  • Dietician
  • Yoga Trainer
  • Fitness training at Home

7. Parties & Events Services

  • Birthday party
  • Event photography
  • Party makeup artist

8. Business Services

  • Website designer
  • CA for small business
  • Lawyer
  • CA for Tax registration

9. Kids

  • Baby portfolio photographer
  • Home Tutor
  • Drum class
  • Guitar lessons at home

So, when you are researching how to create an app like Urban Company all you need to do is find the right development team that would help you build an app that is feature ladened and has a strong presence in the market.

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What Are the Major Features of the Apps like TaskRabbit?

When talking about the basic features that we would integrate with your application, our experts have excelled in the same. Over the years we have worked on several TaskRabbit like app development that makes it easier for us to provide similar situations.

on demand app features

Features of Customer App

  • Do hasty and simple registrations
  • A simple sign-in & login with Social media
  • More attractive User-friendly interface
  • Advanced searching filters
  • Chats and Quote history
  • Payment history
  • Diverse payment options
  • Data security & safety options

Features of Local Vendors

  • Quick Registration & sign-in
  • Analysis of profile
  • Varied rate plans
  • Real-Time data
  • Full Charity maintenance
  • In-App chat with customers
  • Reply to customers’ feedbacks
  • Updating of working State
  • GPS location tracking system
  • Real-time data
  • Rating of services & charges listings- hourly, fixed, and so on

Admin Panel

  • Full feature of Admin Control Panel
  • In advance CRM & CMS
  • Feature of backup and restore
  • Works, Bill records & payment history
  • Cloud hosting
  • Accounts and taxation setting Ads & promotions
  • Back-end’s notification Control system
  • Global accessibility
  • For clients and associates map viewer feature
  • Price and subscription plan management

Some Promoted Features

Here are a few points that our Urban Company like app developers integrate with your application for better user engagement and higher revenues.

  • Cloud Environment
  • Predictive Searches
  • Promo/Offer
  • Purchase packages
  • Membership
  • Push-notification
  • In-app Wallet

These are some of the most significant features that our experts add to your mobile application that makes it possible for us to deliver solutions that can earn you great profits.

Sounds like a solution? Well, sure!

Technologies Comprising Language & Framework

The development of such types of applications like Swift for iOS and Java for Android provides a native experience.

  • For Android Development: Android Studio
  • For IOS Development: Swift
  • PHP Framework requires: PHP, CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, JQuery
  • Database: MySQL
  • Hosting: Amazon Cloud

Some additional technologies consist:

  • Twilio or Similar- For text messaging
  • Mapkit- For the convenient maps integration
  • Core location- For tracking of the user’s real-time Geolocation
  • Face book SDK & Google Login- For quick and convenient sign-in through Social media channels
  • PayPal payments pro/Stripe Payments Tool- For online transactions or payments.
  • Real-time Analytics– like Google Analytics, Flurry, and many more.
  • Cloud Technology– Amazon Data Servers, Google Cloud Servers

When talking about the cutting-edge technologies that we use in your lifestyle application all you need to do is mark revenue in a way that it helps you earn well. We share here some steps that define the development process of an on-demand service app similar to TaskRabbit.

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How to Develop an On-Demand Service Apps like TaskRabbit?

Now, the question is how to develop similar apps like Urban Company? To find the answer to this question, let’s have a look at the components which assist you in demonstrating the price of app development like TaskRabbit?

Mobile Platform: It is not sufficient in making a mobile application for a single platform. To approach maximum users, it is required to target innumerable platforms. If you have access to limited resources then, it may be difficult and challenging.

Professional Development Team: Hire an expert development team and quality analysts who are greatly experienced in making an app development like Urban Company. In this way, the cost may alter depending upon the expert developers or the resources you will hire.

UX/UI App Design: Think of an impressive and appealing User Interface that is in trend these days. You should choose the professional colour combination which should be clean and should look good as well; the users are mostly seduced by this type of efficacious designed app.

Third-Party API: The third-party API increases the price of app development, however; these APIs will provide many advantages to the users.

Technology Used: To run the mobile application impeccably, you should ponder over advanced technology such as Chatbot, Cloud solution, Automation, and many more will provide you with some exceptional attention to the customers.

Testing of the Application: The implementation of varied testing factors during the development of an app assists in making your application errors or bugs-free. One more thing in testing is that you have to ensure that the quality analyst team which you hire should have much expertise in all types of testing methods.

With these simple steps of development, it becomes quite easier for us to bring on the stage an interesting solution.

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Country-wise App Development Cost

When it comes to talking about the cost of the development of an app like TaskRabbit, it is dependent on various factors that we have discussed before. To determine the cost of an app development a country’s economic stability plays a key role in it. Further, just know and have a look at the average cost of mobile application development in varied countries.

  • India: $12 per hour
  • USA: $18 per hour
  • Europe: $18 per hour
  • New Zealand: $15 per hour
  • Australia: $18 per hour

Time Invested App Developers

  • Simple Apps: Takes around 300 hours
  • Moderate Apps: Requires 400-600 hours
  • Multifaceted Apps: Requires between 60-900 hours
  • Highly Multifaceted Apps: More than 900 hours required in total

This is the basic cost of development that you would have to consider for your app like Urban Company. Along with this if you choose to make some modifications the prices may vary. If you are looking for an economical solution, our IT consultation services would be of great assistance to you.

Key Factors to Consider When Building an On-Demand Apps like TaskRabbit

Although, thinking about all the components, features, technologies, and functionalities that are discussed above it is estimated that the cost of developing a mobile application such as Urban Company price is between the prices of $15000 to $30000. We know that many people think that how we have calculated this amount. In the application development process, as reliable app developer experts, we have listed a few key factors.

Market Research

These times, the app is being fully administered through the famous duopoly that is Google’s play store and Apple’s store. Recently, the usage of mobile apps is passing over 5.5 million and there is a lot of competition occurring in the app and it continues to be high as there is the regular usage of some apps and there are no signs seen to slow down. In this environment, no one is surprised to see that the cost of app marketing is part of the brand’s bulk expenses, and some Indie app developers are struggling to find your app to be discovered on the app store. There are big challenges on both to get more app users on a large scale.

Project documentation

The essential document in the app development is the TOR (terms of reference), it determines the work of the entire team. Development of an Android or iOS works for a long time and the work is in bulk, it will not be done if anything was forgotten to write in the TOR. Hence, it is important to pay full attention to this documentation.


It will be good if the prototype application is made and it will help in ensuring that the stage should leave. For creating a prototype, the cost of bugs is minimum due to the presence of quality, well-designed prototype assists in preventing any type of misunderstanding and gross inaccuracy that provides a clear understanding of the end report and speedup of work at all the stages.


By the way, the cost of an application designing depends upon what we understand by the term “app design”. The designing of an app consists of several practices like user research, competitive audits, well user experience design, interactive design, mobile app interface, graphic design, app icon and logo design, and so on. Designing an app is a good way to solve the issue; no matter you are making brand-new products or provide improvement in an existing app.


Normally, in the first stage in the process of every mobile application development, programming is indispensable. A different language is used for developing varied applications for different platforms.


The app testing stages comprise ensuring proper application functioning and quality. Surely, the app functionality directly ensures the cost of an app testing that takes about 30% of the app costs send on the client-side (front-end) implementation. The cost of the front-end parts of the admin panel costs around 10 percent which is less. Many application development companies said that the app testing and the deployment costs will be less than $5000 whereas 31% of firms said that the cost will rise to $10000. For the quality of the product, testing is crucial.

Release & Support of Application

In releasing the app into different platforms, you want to take your app into the market and you will do anything to allow them to be noticed in reach of every customer and few developers will assist you in this work, these are generally the marketing department firms. An app awareness is also raised by reaching to the entire network and the targeted audience.

It is obvious to know about the app’s work and what is the feedback getting from the customers then, you will give your best to stay on top and you will continue to run it properly.

apps like TaskRabbit

Besides, the development of an app from Scratch requires around three to four months for both the Android and the iOS platforms. Next, another factor is a mobile application development company’s location, well it does not seem that it is will be essential but this is the choice that matters the most as if you will take the service from foreign companies of Europe and North America then, it will be around $200/h expenditure cost will be more, whereas in India it will cost around $25/h which is minimal.

So, if you are in a search of a technology partner for mobile app development then, Octal IT Solution will be the best option. You can hire our expert mobile app developers who have several years of experience in this field and they will make an A-one app like Urban Company.

What Makes Us the Best Mobile App Development Agency in the Market?

We are working in this app development field and getting famous for many years. Our business is popular all over the world and we are known for our best service for application building among the clients. Since we get into this business we are rising and we want to make our customers fully satisfied. We have a professional team of experts who will provide the app development work as per the need of the clients. We have become one of the most credible app development companies from there. Hence, if you have any app ideas to develop then, contact us right now!

Lists of some of the advantages of choosing us for On-Demand app development like TaskRabbit

  • We ensure you provide a “110%” money-back guarantee if we fail at any point.
  • On delay delivery, there is a 5% penalty payment.
  • 9 months of free app promotions will also be available.
  • You will get 2.5 years of complete app support.
  • Benefits of 24/7 live support and testing.

All the above facts cannot be ignored by the clients who want to get the A-One service in this field of developing an app. At last, we say that you have to just trust us and then, all the responsibility would be left on Fluper.

Wrapping It Up!

When it comes to talking about the ease that our day-to-day life gets from the use of mobile applications we can surely not deny our dependence on the same. Over the years we have come a long way where we have developed a lifestyle that runs around the mobile applications that assist us in accomplishing our daily chores. If you are looking forward to monetizing on the trend then your lifestyle service-providing app idea is going to take you to great heights.

We have been providing such applications to our clients for some time now and we understand how important it is to reflect the consumer needs in the simplest form with clear development and interesting aesthetics.

On demand app development services
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