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App like Uber for Packers and Movers
Uber for Moving House that churns out revenues for your Packing-and-Moving Business, in just the right way.
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Book Now or Schedule

Users may book the services for immediate requirements or may schedule their booking for future.

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Real Time Location

Customers and admin gets real-time location of the vehicles, enabled with advanced GPS technology.

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On Time Service Provider

Moving service app sends request to only available packers and movers, availing on-time service for the customers.

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Time Tracker

The pickup and delivery app tracks the time taken for order processing. Helps in improving service quality.

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Payroll Manager

Payroll manager looks after the payments of packers and movers. You get detailed payment reports.

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Fare Calculator

The moving company app calculates the fare based upon vehicle, distance and weight of the goods to be moved.

Discernible Features
Salient Features of the Packers and Movers App...
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Hassle Free Services

On demand movers app provides your users with hassle-free services. Provide services of only qualified and well-equipped packers and movers.

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Media Support

The on demand moving app supports media that allows the users to upload necessary documents, images and videos for better understanding of their requirements.

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Social Media Integration

Users may login with their social media account and may also share the moving help app and reviews with their social media friends.

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Subscription Packages

Let your users use your furniture delivery app repeatedly by offering premium subscriptions. It improves customer retention.

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Cash Payment

Users may pay with cash. You get separate analytics and reporting for different payment receipts within truck delivery app.

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Help & Support

Allow your users and drivers to reach you in case of any emergency. The in-app communication makes help & support hassle-free.

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Multicurrency / Multilanguage

The Uber to move house supports multiple currencies and different languages to reach a wider customer base.

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In App Communication

Users and drivers may communicate with each other using in-app communication, voice / video calling or messaging.

Our packers and movers app development solutions comes with advanced features, dashboards and management tools for you and your app users.
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User Panel
  • Sign Up / Login
  • View/Edit Profile
  • Request For Survey
  • Set Pickup & Drop Off Location
  • Get Notification
  • Sent Request
  • Payment through the system
  • Track Drivers
  • View Order History
  • Reviews & Ratings to Drivers
aggregator dashboard panel
Agency Panel
  • Sign up/ Login
  • View & Edit Profile
  • Accept and Cancel Order
  • View Order History
  • Rate and Review Customer
  • Change Availability
  • Receive Payments
  • Check Daily & weekly Earning
  • Accept/reject Task Assigned By Admin
admin dashboard panel
Admin Panel
  • Dashboard Management
  • Manage Customers
  • Manage Drivers
  • Accept/Reject Survey Requests
  • Add/Edit/Remove/Block Drivers
  • Report generation & Weekly Statement
  • Manage Earnings & Commissions
  • Assign Task to concerned staff
  • Vehicle Management
More Features
A Few More Features of Pick Up Delivery App...
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Easy Tracking

You may easily track the location of the driver / customer and track the status of delivery inside move it app.

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Log Book

Log book records the historical orders, completion and other important data about the customers and drivers.

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Promotions & Offers

You may create different promotions and offers to increase customer retention and customer loyalty and promote truck app like uber.

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Online Invoicing & Billing Facility

The pickup truck app creates digital invoicing and bills, keeping the necessary monetary records right in your pocket.

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Survey & Planning

You may create surveys and may plan your business accordingly. It helps you improve the quality of your app for moving stuff.

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Cloud Based

The moving app like Uber is cloud based, making it highly protected, fast and easy to use. All valuable data is stored on the clouds.

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Voice Calls through System

Users and drivers can make voice calls using their phone calls or VOIP, to communicate with each other through app for moving furniture.

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Detailed Reporting

You get detailed reports for all the activities in your help moving app, orders, deliveries, payments and much more.

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