In the 70s, spa and salon services were kind of luxuries that were supposed to be reserved for only the well-off. There were not too many salons around in the cities. However, cut to 2019, the scenario has drastically transformed for the beauty industry. Today people put in a lot of time and efforts in their appearances and this has brought a major shift in the numbers of salons and spas all around us.

Like, look at these figures collected by Groupon. It says that the women spend around $3,756 in a year on beautifying their appearances using products and by visiting the salons. Now, these figures make it very clear that this is a huge industry to target and if you are contemplating to jump into one, or already own a salon business, then your next move should be to get a salon mobile app for your business.

It is said that apps are currently contributing more than $40 billion to this industry, which is huge, isn’t it? Hence proved that app-based businesses are growing and that too at a remarkable pace. And in order to make it big in the salon industry as well, you need a mobile app for your business in order to ensure maximum growth. There are a number of benefits that come from owning a salon mobile apps and in this blog, we will discuss them in-depth, so you get a clear idea of how a salon mobile app can be a game-changer for your business.

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Why you need a robust mobile app for beauty salon?

Lack of good management is a big turn-off for any service industry, mainly the salon industry. You would end up losing customers and I am sure you don’t want that. Hence, a robust mobile apps solution can be really helpful to get better traffic in your salon. Like no matter what kind and how many services you offer, ranging from hair coloring, hair spa, haircut, massage, manicure, pedicure, when your services are streamlined on the app platform, it enables to make the whole management efficient and smooth. After all, people hit to the spa centers and salons in order to relax and alleviate the stress they deal with in daily life, and when you are able to deliver them the same, they are certain to be pleased and return.

Now let’s find out some of the best reasons for why and how a mobile app can change the things for better for your salon:

Book appointments in just a few clicks

Salon visitors often find it really irritating to have to wait for a long time in order to avail the beauty services. However, a salon app is a solution to this common issue, and at the same time, it also can allow the customers to pick their own stylists. These salon apps enable customers to book their salon appointment on the go, instead of having to make a call in the salon. As several people are not too comfortable doing the app.

A library style display to help the customers

Often the salon has visitors who are too picky about their style, and often put the stylist in dilemma. So how to handle these sensitive customers. Well, when you have a mobile app, then things can be handled easily. Like, in your salon app you can integrate a photo gallery, which holds a collection of various styles, and customers can simply browse through them and pick a specific style for themselves. They can pick from the current trends in the hairstyles, alluring manicures, and trending massage options. This allows to enhance the communication about styles and stylists also get clear guidance of what customers exactly want. The app will also keep the stylish updated of the upcoming appointments and allow them to communicate with the respective customers. Alerts can also be sent to remind and notify the customers about future appointments, so they make it on time.

Better Management

For a salon business, it is crucial to efficiently manage the salon processing. A salon mobile app will allow you to display all your beauty products in a certain section so that customers can freely explore them and make instant purchases. This also increases your customers’ trust in your service. Not just this, but a spa mobile app also allows the spa owners to well manage the inventory, track the stock, with the auto-generated invoice.

Instant Payments

The Salon app allows customers to make instant payments via multiple payment modes after they have received the services. This way, once they are finished, they don’t need to head to the payment counter and wait for your turn. Instead, the app generates the total bill and then the customers are able to make in-app payments. This hassle-free nature of the cashless payments is quite relieving.

Loyalty Points & Rewards

Everyone loves rewarded from time and time and the same holds true to the salon customers. Not just it will win their hearts but also help in building a strong bond. They can be segregated on the type of user they are: whether Bronze, Silver or Gold. And accordingly, reward points can be set for them. They can be sent coupons or offers on special occasions, like weekends, holidays, birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and more.

Customer Photos

This can be really great addition in your salon app feature-list. This functionality should enable the customers to take in-app pictures. Then, the customers can either choose to share them on their social media accounts or mail it to the salon in case the latter wants to post them on the online platform. Hence, these customer photos work great for testimonials, advertising, or simply for references.

All-in-one System

The mobile app allows the salons to have everything under one roof like it is an entire system. This way there is no need to list down every entry, calculate the payment, or follow-up the customers making pesky calls. All-in-all, a salon app reduces the manual handling of tasks so that your business is managed even in your absence. You can track the billing details of customers, manages cashless payments in the database, send alerts to customers to remind of upcoming appointments. You will be updated on all the proceedings at all times.

The app can also have a segmented dedicated to generate reports, like get the daily status report of each employee and calculate the wage, decide on the performer of the month easily via these reports, daily/monthly/yearly income of the salon center, track loyal customers who constantly visit the salon and reward them. These apps can also generate expense and income reports.

Amazing, isn’t it?

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Offer Business opportunities to nearby salons and spa centers

In case you are planning something off-the-mark, then this can be the option for you. For instance, you don’t own a salon business, nor you plan on opening one, but still eager to cash in the cash-making opportunity in this segment. Well, in that case, you can create a salon app to connect a plethora of salons from where the users can book services as per their choice. They are already a few such apps in the market and they have a huge database of salons & deals nearby, to keep their customers updated. Usually, the users love to compare the prices and then they buy a deal.

So, even if you don’t own a salon business, then creating this kind of app can help you enter in the beauty salon industry and make a mark. These apps can offer to trend makeup, haircuts, nail-arts to the customers, and before buying deals, customers can compare the prices in salons nearby. The app should showcase a comprehensive list of services with the price mentioned along. Customers are provided with the option to shop for the salon service and products provided over there. The app also features the entire booking history of the customers.

Next, let’s explore the key features that a Salon mobile app must offer.

Key Features for a Salon Mobile App: 

  1. All the necessary details your salon like contact number, address, opening hours, unisex, amenities should be out in the open so that people can have a look.
  2. People should have exposure to the available services combining with their photos, pricing & time slots.
  3. Free license should be given to the customers in terms of giving ratings & reviews on the basis of their experience.
  4. A sense of freedom should be provided to them on the choice of stylist & beautician on the basis of their respective reviews & ratings.
  5. Let them go through the available discounts, packages, deals & promotional offers.
  6. Option of getting reminders of their upcoming appointments.
  7. Option of redeeming their coupons & vouchers should be provided.
  8. Online payments should be integrated.

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Admin Dashboard features:

  1. The main dashboard should be created which would provide access to most of the significant information.
  2. A portal should be created in order to create post listings like that of pictures, pricing, time slots & this would allow the customers to book & browse.
  3. Post available packages, deals, discounts & promotional offers should be analyzed through a portal.
  4. A list of all the upcoming appointments that the customers have booked should be analyzed.
  5. Supervision of all the staff activities can be done by staff management features.
  6. Financial records can be checked by invoice management features.
  7. Management of ratings & reviews should be allowed to be done smoothly.
  8. Customer information management should be allowed to be visualized along with their history.

Conclusion: Salon appointment booking apps and salon mobile apps are quite popular nowadays and in case you are looking for one, then get in touch with a salon app development firm for the right guidance and spectacular app development solutions.

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