With Gen Z being more adventurous and outgoing, Tinder like App Development, leaps of faith, and new experiments are quite common for them. It has been almost a decade since the world saw online dating app like Tinder for the first time. Ever since, there has been no looking back. Tinder being one of the pioneers of the field has seen great popularity and has some really impressive stats to support its intentions.


  • The app is available in around 190 countries and offers its services in over 40 languages. No wonder a lot of business owners are looking forward to create a Dating App like Tinder!
  • In the third quarter of 2018, Match Group, Tinder’s parent company, reported $444 million of revenue.
  • Generating $77.4 million in February 2020, the app is one of the top non-game apps in terms of revenue.
  • Estimates Value Tinder at $10 Billion.
develop app like tinder

It is not simply the right and left swipe, it is a billion-dollar business.

Do you want Tinder Like App Development and get into one of the fastest money-making businesses? Well, Dating app developers at Octal IT Solution, here share everything that you ought to know to build a dating app like Tinder.

Tinder: A Brief Look into the Whereabouts of the Most Loved Google Play App!

The app was first introduced in the market in 2012, and since then it has been transforming the way we find our soulmates (*wink* *wink*). A lot of hand-wringing and gnashing of teeth goes behind how Tinder could have reinvented dating and how it has damaged the sanctity of human connections. There have been speculations that the Tinder like app could do much better but we know this is quite far from what the reality is. As tech-savvies, we understand and find it quite mind-boggling how the app has brought the world so close and how easily people can find their potential partners.

A lot of business owners around the world are looking forward to building a dating app similar to tinder and monetizing people’s loneliness, boredom, and the roller coaster of hope and disappointment.

Tinder Like App

Bringing in the market a solution that can resolve these problems is what apps like Tinder are aiming at.

If you have the determination to develop an online dating app, the first thing to do is decide on the right business model. This would help you calculate the estimated revenue that you would generate when you enter this highly competitive market.

Choosing the Right Business Model for Your Dating App Like Tinder

As you decide to come up with a mobile dating app like Tinder script, your intentions are pure profit. It is imperative that you decide on a business model for yourself that can help you generate maximum ROI.

Develop App Like Tinder

When talking about business app models, some of the most popular ones are discussed here:

1. A Freemium Model

When you reach to experts for Tinder like app development, the first alternative they would advise would be a Freemium model. Freemium can be split as a “Free+Premium” model. Thus, you offer a few features for free and let some of the benefits be paid.

Let your users try your app for a few days or a few weeks and later ask if they want to move to a paid version.

For example, let people know the number of visits to their profiles but to know who visited let them move to a paid version. Make use of curiosity to earn better profits!

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2. Subscription Model

Simply let your users pay to use your services. Let them subscribe to the app and pay on a regular basis. It could be weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. This would be more dominant if you provide your user with exclusive services like high privacy, compatibility tests, etc.

This would limit your audience, and those who seriously want to be a part of the community would be a part of the app.

3. In-App Purchase Model

Let users pay only for the exclusive features they want to avail. It could be limited to using one feature or more. You can let them offer gifts online to their dates or upgrade their profiles at minimal charges. This would be a little cheaper than the previously discussed models but would be more efficient, as not everyone wants to pay for all the features that you ought to offer.

4. In-App Advertisement Model

Let others make use of your dating app clone for the sale and marketing of their businesses. Your clientele can serve the potential customers for some other business. Let them showcase their products and services on your app as you earn from them.
Sounds like a win-win situation!

These are some of the most popular mobile app business models that you can integrate with your clone app. If you have any other idea that can help you generate better revenue, your suggestion would always be appreciated. Reach to our experts today and see how we change your idea into a working reality.

Dating App Like Tinder

Tinder Like App Development: Understanding the Benefits

Before you hire a mobile app development company for your Tinder like app, let’s understand what are the advantages of going for Tinder like app development and how it can help you achieve more in less time.

1. Saves Development Time

When you want to enter the market with a new product, you cannot choose to waste any moment. An already-written clone app script can easily be customized and white-labeled thus making it easier for mobile app developers to bring on the table the expected product in record time.

2. Cost-Efficient Solution

When you choose tinder like app development for your business you are making a cost-effective choice. As you need not work on the app from scratch all you need to do is customize the script and bring to the table exactly what you want.

3. Error-Free Solutions

As the clone app script you are using is already tested and verified you can rest assured that the solutions are bug-free and things would be easy. A little test on the functionalities you have customized is all you need to do and you are set.

Building a flutter app Tinder like app is quite easy when you have a script where most of the work is already done. Add your ideas and innovations and be ready to take over the market that Gen Z is inclined to.  You can easily market a mobile app similar to tinder app as all you need to do is highlight your USP, the rest of the work is already done over the decade.

Technology Makes Finding Love Easier: Features to Include in Your Dating App Like Tinder

We have already discussed here the advantages of dating app clone development. All you need is a Tinder like app script and you are good to go. Even if you have the script, you must be aware of the features that would make your app work and gain popularity exactly the way you want.

1. Sign In Easily

Your user doesn’t want to waste a lot of time in filling out long signup forms and verifying their details. Let them connect with their email IDs or social media profiles so that they don’t need to bother creating new passwords and remembering them.  Gen Z wants it all easy and quick.

2. Create Impressive Profile

In your dating app clone script, you would find how people can create their profiles. Let there be sections where they can expand their choices and add unique points about themselves that would increase the choices of a right swipe.

3. Enable Geolocation

It is important that the users can decide their locality and from where they want a date. It could be just a few miles or a few hundred miles. Let the app find the nearest match and make it easier for your users to enjoy their experience.

4. Match Notifications

Let your users be sure of what they want and notify them when they are swiped right or there is a match found. As many the notifications, as the engagement. Your users need to stay updated about the shifts in their profiles.

Build Dating App Like Tinder

5. Chat Feature

The matches need to interact without sharing their personal details. Let them chat with the in-app messenger where they may need not to share any details until they don’t want to. This would respect their choice and privacy and make it easier for them to have a connection with the potential match.

Tinder Clone development

6. In-App Settings

Your users need to have some control over their profiles deciding what would be visible to the users and what should not be. Let them make the changes as required and enjoy their experience in your app. Control of what is visible gives your user a sense of maturity and choice. Customization is an important tool no matter what service you provide.

7. Block and Unblock Users

In the case of wrongdoing or uncomfortable conversations, your user must be allowed to block the users they do not want to connect with. This would respect their privacy and choices.

8. Offline Access

There are a few features that must be available to the users offline. They may be available to see the pictures or share the details and notice profiles even when offline. Working of the app may need not have a 24*7 internet connection.

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9. Calendar Integration

This would be an interesting feature to introduce in your work. It would make it easier for your users to lock the calendar, book dates, and get reminders so that they do not miss any dates.

These are just the basic features that your mobile dating app clone must include. You can come up with some smart features that would make it easier for you to take over the market.

Sounds like a great alternative? It is!

So when you decide to develop igniter tinder like app, get your homework done well.

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What Makes Dating App Like Tinder High Selling?

When it comes to owning a Tinder like app, you need to think of the aspects that would make it marketable and high-earning. Some of the features that one needs to take care of are:

  • User Interface and Easy of Navigation
  • Interesting Features to Provide You an Edge
  • Considerate and Emotionally Strong
  • Safe and Secure
  • Enjoyable and Restricted

These are a few things that one needs to take care of when they decide to enter the market with an app similar to Tinder.

Choosing the Right Development Team for Your Tinder Like App

When you decide to bring in the market React native Tinder Like App, you need a team that has experience and expertise to work on various mobile applications. Trusting anyone with your business needs to be a smart and well-thought decision that would further reflect the quality of the product you introduce.

dating App Clone Like Tinder

We can help you build the best dating app clone that too as per your interest. Thinking how much would it cost to develop tinder like app? Well, it isn’t expensive.

Cost of Development

Do you want a Flutter/React-Native/Xamarin tinder like app? Well, it is easy to develop and would fit your budget easily. The cost to develop such an app depends on the features and the functionalities that you want to include in your product.

  • $55000 for a basic tinder app clone that has just the basic features
  • $70000 – 80000 – for a native app with Tinder-like features
  • $140000 or more – for a hybrid tinder dating app clone with all and premium features

So, just work on your budget and reach the developers to get your app in the market asap.

We also deliver Tiktok App Development Services to make a custom video sharing app like tiktok.

The Final Words

According to a study, the revenue from the online dating segment is projected to reach US$2,725m in 2020. That’s a number!

If you want to enjoy the number game and bring a good reputation to your business maybe a leap of faith may work for you. Before you decide to enter the market with a tinder like app, make sure you study and analyze the reports for the highest revenues.

Develop Dating App Like Tinder
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