We have really advanced in terms of technology, in fact, there are new products emerging every day to make our lives and jobs simple. Needless to say, websites have been a great invention, as this along with your mobile device is capable of doing a lot, even things that you had never thought could be possible.

Law firm web development is a process in which websites are developed to increase the business of law firms. Now even though the legal industry is often targeted for being slow in adopting new technologies, it did choose to make a difference as it came to cash into the frenzy caused by the websites. Law firm website development is still a limited service, but yes the industry is trying to walk the trends. In this blog, we will discuss law firm business development with cost and required team structure.

There are a lot of advantages of working with a law firm that can help you in the comforts of your home.

 How Your Law Firm Can Benefit from a Website?

law firm website development

According to the statistics, around 76% of adult Internet users within the US, search for lawyers via online resources, while 36% of search via smartphones/tablets. As per the studies, nowadays users prefer website websites instead of websites. The reason is, that they tend to spend 86% of their time on websites and just 14% searching the web. At the same time, the average time that users spend on websites is constantly increasing from year to year, whereas browsing is certainly decreasing. Hence, there are many reasons why getting Android development for a law firm should be preferred. Here we have listed the significance of websites for law firms. They are like:

  • The websites are useful to enhance efficiency within a law firm.
  • The websites allow client management in an organized way.
  • The websites are useful for better productivity of a law firm.
  • The websites are useful to enhance client satisfaction.
  • The websites help in easily sharing information with the employees.
  • The websites are useful in collecting information and staying in touch with clients.
  • The websites are useful for law firms advertising to potential clients.
  • The websites are useful to be ahead of the competitors.
  • The websites are useful to maintain the content in one place and enable one to easily access it.
  • The websites are useful in a way that they make it easier for the clients to access the new updates cases.

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These were the few advantages of developing a law firm website. Next, let’s explore the types of Law firm websites.

Types of Law Firm Websites

web development for law firms is worth investing in these days if you have any kind of law firm. Prior to beginning with the mobile app development for attorneys, it is advised that you define the purpose and objective of the website. Few statistics on the topic reflect vast-ranging purposes to which you can dedicate your law firm website.

Well, in the year 2014, when law firm websites gained prominence, around 68 websites were developed. Now out of this total, around 4% were dedicated to recruitment, 12% were for the events (both internal & external), 22% offered usual firm info & client communication, while 62% were for legal resources & tips of many types. Now 71% of these websites are offered on iPhone while 29% are on Android.

Now, you may think that website development for law firms is just about customer care, but that’s not true. In fact, potential users of law firm websites are not just limited to the clients, but may also include media & publishers, as well as various members of the legal community. Besides, the app can serve internal goals & objectives also, by offering convenient tools to the attorneys, supporting their law practice. This way, law firm apps can be categorized into two:

  • websites providing services to clients
  • websites providing services to attorneys

Let’s get an understanding of the two:

Attorney-oriented law firm websites :

Nowadays, 91% of attorneys are using websites for professional purposes. There are a variety of websites with core functionalities facilitating the daily routine of lawyers. These functions may help in professional networking with colleagues, also comprising of chats & recruiting, taking notes & recording of meetings, Organizer, which can be used for meetings set-up, calendar, hotel & flight booking, transform voice to text, store & share documents, manage documents, calendars & lists.

Once these features are put into a website properly, you will get a great idea for a solution that can impressively enhance the productivity of your law firm. In this scenario, the websites can be useful in supporting partners by offering them website access to information on all of the firm’s services.

Besides, as an additional feature, websites may also allow users to electronically sign the contracts. Another way of using the websites is as a document library, where the employees can be allowed to work on the contracts and other legal documents as they are on the go, and can even electronically submit them at their own pace. In such a case, special care needs to be taken of the back-end part of websites to provide file storage. Besides, one can go another way as well as use cloud computing technologies. Besides, they are wide-ranging products that offer lawyers a list of laws, and thus they would be able to leave heavy volumes at home & everything that’s needed on their website.

Initially, legal websites were only about website versions of the law brochures and there wasn’t much it offered in terms of functionality & feedback. Then, it gained recognition with the potential to serve the clients. Hence, law firms started competing in order to succeed. And now, it is clear that offering clients the best services in this arena is integral to boosting credibility & promoting customer loyalty. As per the recent findings, it is discovered that it is easier for certain people to schedule an appointment in writing instead of picking up the phone. Hence, the capability of scheduling legal consultation in a single click is quite necessary, when one aims for a powerful & impressive solution for client engagement.

Besides, this website also enables lawyers to easily and effectively communicate with customers. Lawyers will be able to provide legal documents directly on the customer’s phone. Like, push notifications can be sent advising on the legislation changes, delivering the latest updates, & also to ensure that they have access to necessary legal information. In fact, in order to offer excellent service & seamless user experience, a website can be dedicated to a particular issue. Like, some choose to focus on crisis management. Herein, via websites, these firms can help the clients in responding to the arrival of the government agents or a subpoena. For instance, DLA Piper Global Law firm provides Rapid Response.

It is a website providing legal crisis assistance at just a tap on the screen. Usually, legal websites for customers include features like Hotlines (offering instant access to crisis management law specialists), Tips (Top tips that can help in a crisis situation as you wait for legal advice), Plans, etc.

law firm web development

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Importance of Law Firm Website Development for Lawyers?

Over the years, every sector of society has become highly dependent on technology and the legal sector is no different. It too needs to be advanced to a stage where you can easily connect with the profession and get in the picture with easy accessibility to justice and lawmakers. Below we will discuss the importance of law firm website development for lawyers.

law firm business development

The major reasons why lawyer website development is gaining popularity are:

Makes Time Management Easier

A lot of time it becomes quite easier for lawyers, lobbyists, and attorneys to track the number of hours spent with the clients. A website that has tracking features makes it easier to track the billable hours. It also becomes quite difficult to schedule meetings with the clients and Google Calendar which can be integrated with your website.

Increased Productivity

As the lawyers need to refer to their previous cases often, they need to have a website with a digital library that can easily be worked on and moved forward. One can review legislation and precedents, and keyword searches can appreciably increase productivity. This makes it quite easier to focus on the working of the tasks.

Digitalize Paperwork

How cool is it that you need not carry your papers with you and still have access to all the documents that need to be worked on? You can carry everything important on your phone and access your documents as and when you want. Sounds like a great idea? It is!

Ensure Secure Communication

A law firm’s website development would ensure that you have an encrypted messaging facility that would make sure that you can work on the aspects of building client relationships and make it easier for yourself to gain work.

It is important that website development for lawyers to gain popularity. Owing to the hectic profession it is important that the website that is developed is ladened with features and results in the best solutions to the general problems lawyers face.

What are the Features of Law Firm Websites?

law firm website development

First, we will begin with the basic features. Now, a legal website consists of four panels, varying from:

  1. Super admin web panel
  2. Law firm/ attorney/admin web panel
  3. Layer/employee website/web panel
  4. Client website/web

Here let’s start with the law firm panel.

Features of Attorney/law firm panel:

  • Login/Register
  • Verification process via email to build trust & remove bots & spammers websites usage.
  • List of services the Attorneys offer to the clients.
  • Manage Bookings/Clients
  • Manage Lawyers working for an attorney or law firm
  • Manage Tasks/Cases/Case Documents
  • Recent Activities
  • Timer to track time for each case
  • Manage reminders for meetings & events
  • Manage expenses for a task or for the entire case
  • Manage invoice
  • Date Calculator displays

actual days and business days, the attorney can calculate the date of the case ending Export & Import clients, employees, and cases in bulk though in little time. Messages, so the law firm is able to communicate with lawyers & employees Updates in the

  • form of emails, push notifications, etc.
  • Work Flow to make work easy by creating steps
  • Manage permission & access for modules for lawyers to be set by the law firm
  • Earnings displaying total firm profit, income from clients & payment made for subscription plan activation.
  • The dashboard shows recent activity, upcoming events, reminders, meetings
  • Referrals & offers/discounts
  • Sign Contract, here firm can send a contract with a signature and firm seal to the client to sign the same. It is best for privacy and secures the client’s crucial information private & secure
  • Manage subscriptions where the user upon buying a plan and making payment, gets access to the panel.
  • Reporting & analytics for real-time reporting

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Features of the Lawyer Panel: 

Login Handle Cases, where the attorney upon being assigned a case, will get notified and able to view the

  • entire case detail & client name
  • Notes/Documents: The lawyer can handle the case and will have access to create & manage notes and documents
  • Reminders for meetings & events
  • Manage Tasks
  • Client Engagement while handling the case
  • Message to chat with law firms & clients
  • Push Notifications
  • Add Expenses related to the case so they can be tracked by the law firm
  • Manage Profile, where the lawyer will be able to manage the profile access account info, and reset password

Features of Client Panel:

  • Registration/Login
  • Search law firms using GPS to view nearby firms or via prominence
  • Book Appointments
  • Sign the Contract sent by the law firm
  • Send Documents
  • Manage cases, as all cases will be listed here, where he can view past cases & open cases
  • Reminders & Calendar for meetings
  • Payment Invoice
  • My Activity
  • Refer App to friends & relatives to receive points/offers/discounts
  • Manage Profile
  • Push Notification
  • Online Support

Features of Super Admin Panel:

  • Login
  • Dashboard offering overall statistics regarding app performance, like plans, total users, total earnings, data, and date range
  • Manage firms
  • Manage User Profiles
  • Content Management System (CMS) to manage system content, both in text and image form
  • Manage Subscription Plan, like new plans, can be added and managed from here
  • Online Support offers help to the users

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Law Firm Websites Advance Features:

CRM Integration:

CRM features can be integrated in order to manage clients’ relationships & communication as they can apply for help and get instant help on call or chat.

Cloud Storage Integration:

This feature allows the user data with full security and privacy.

End-to-end Encryption:

It helps both lawyers & clients to send documents & contracts with security, and with end-to-end encryption, no third party will be able to access data or documents.

GPS integration:

Identifies users’ current location and shows nearby law firms

Social media API:

This can be integrated allowing users to connect social media accounts and this will require API integration.

Translate voice into Text:

This is an ultimate feature that converts voice notes into text. So, as lawyers & clients meet to discuss, a lawyer can save clients’ words as voice notes and convert them to text to study the case in detail later.

Role-based Dashboard:

The super admin has access to manage dashboards for users and if the user is paid, then the Super admin can set customized dashboards for those users or his employees.

Post-release service:

Here users can get services even after the project has been completed, such as for error resolution and system upgrades, etc.

Good UX/UI:

UI/UX design allows the website system to have good and attractive visuals to appeal to the user.

In-web Video Chat –

One of the important features to be included which can be helpful for all lawyers, Agencies, and clients

Document scanning:

Allows lawyers to scan documents at the time of the meeting.


GDPR refers to the General Data Protection Regulation. Now what we see in general is that data gets a list, it gets stolen, and it even reaches those people who should have never seen it. So, how to avoid all of this and more? GDPR seems to be the best solution.

The features that we have talked about here need to be well looked after and it is important that when you reach out to us for the Android law website development you get solutions that help you earn the best results.

Here we have provided a few examples of the prominent law firms that are offering their own websites:


This international firm has many internal websites and also has two other websites available to the general public on the Apple Store & Google Play. Though, it’s the most downloaded public website is Digital Marketing Law, which intends to facilitate the work of marketers with marketing laws & online advertising as per the country.

website development for law firms

Sheppard Mullin:

This happens to be among the top American Law Firms, dealing with financial & corporate law while half of the firm’s clients are Fortune 500 companies. The firm has created a website for iOS & Android, named Sheppard Mullin Interviews, helping graduates prepare for the interviews by providing tips & examples of the questions that can be asked.

law firm website developers

McCullough Robertson:

This Australian firm came up with this interactive iOS website named IP Health Check that provides its users with guidance to protect their intellectual property under Australian Law. This firm says that intellectual property is often overlooked even though it holds the same value as a company’s physical assets. Hence, this law firm website attempts to change this scenario, allowing companies to protect intellectual property in the right manner.

Allen & Overy:

 This firm has over 5000 employees who work in 44 offices in 31 different countries across the globe. The company aims to bring innovations in the law industry and thus created the law app Access Assist. This iOS app assists different businesses in handling requests related to personal data the company stores, no matter who has made the request, whether a customer an employee, or some other individual. Hence, it is clear that these legal apps are making life easier for millions of professionals who work in the law industry.

website development for law firms

These are some of the most popular law firm websites that can help you have a base for your business idea.

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How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Law Firm Website?

Well, a lot of factors need to be considered as you ponder to develop a law firm website, like the firm, you must hire a good web development firm that offers a brilliant team of web developers, designers, project managers, and QA Testers.


Ensure the team is well qualified and is able to comprehend your requirements and desires with the law firm’s website. Now your intention must be to create a great website with less money. Usually, the website may cost $20,000 to $40,000 depending on the business needs and objectives. Other factors that affect the cost are website complexity, features, advanced features, platforms for which it is developed (iOS, Android, or both), the region where the website is being developed, and the qualification of the team. I hope, now you have gained a clear understanding of a law firm website development.

The Final Key Takeaway!

When it comes to talking about a law firm website, you certainly have a choice to modify it to fit your needs. Hire top law firm website developers who can help you build an identity in the digital domain and earn great clientele. Thanks to the members of your team they can help you win so many cases. As a reward simply let’s make their work easier by letting them have everything they want in a click.


How important is a website for a law firm?

It is important for a law firm to have a website to maintain transparency and credibility with their clients. Also, it helps to:
1. Share Legal Knowledge
2. Showcase Expertise and Practice Areas
3. Leverage Client Testimonials
4. Facilitate Seamless Communication
5. Boost Online Visibility

What is the estimated cost to develop a law firm website?

The cost to develop a law firm website depends on various factors like the size of the website, the type of website, the features of the website, the developer, the time period, and the location of the developer.
For a minimal law firm website, it may cost you around $10k to $15k, and for an advanced app $15k to $30k.

What are the core features of the law firm website?

The most dominant features of a law firm website include: 
Dynamic Mastheads
Clear Menu 
Streamlined Navigation
Client-Focused Content
Content-Rich Practice Areas
Robust Attorney Bios
PDF Generators
News & Insights
Showcasing Awards
Prominent Contact Info
Optimized for Mobile Use

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