As the world gets lured more and more into the art of earning money, they compromise on their mental health along with physical health. People tend to argue that there is not much time to give attention to this aspect but yoga can be the perfect answer to this never-ending argument. Yoga can be called an escape route from the monotonous daily life that helps you achieve the much required calm and peace in your mind that goes missing because of your day to day grind. Not only it upgrades your mental health but also your physical health because it helps in increasing flexibility, body posture, muscle strength, and body tone.

The dominance of Yoga Mobile apps Recent reports indicates that the mHealth market will reach $28 billion by the end of this year. Yoga, at the moment, is the go-to exercise & for many, it is a lifestyle. As per the figures, 28.9 billion people practiced yoga in the United States, last year.

Technology has a big say in every aspect of life because of the ease it brings along with it.

Mobile App developers realize this and they try to reach the public through the mobile way.

Yoga mobile applications are also developed keeping in mind how the internet plays a crucial role in every person's life, be it a student, businessman or a housewife. Yoga apps can be utilized for learning yoga without the extra stress of going somewhere to learn and perfect the different yoga asanas that help you release the anxiety right off your mind.

Yoga mobile application is a tool that has a collection of various yoga poses squeezed under one roof for the people who curiously want to have a change in their life. Yoga practice mobile apps provide a certain amount of days course that one has to follow to see a change in their otherwise regular life. If you skip a day or two then your progress gets hindered and you may have to go back to square one but this problem can be solved with the extra feature of alarms and reminders that can help you keep up with the pace. These alarms can be totally different from the regular phone alarms that wake you up all dizzy in the morning as these alarms can remind you of doing yoga as soon as you wake up and make your morning refreshing as we all know that your morning determines your whole day.

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Yoga App Opportunities

Yoga Mobile apps are an easier route as compared to visiting a website when it comes to learning and experiencing yoga. Yog gurus nowadays are giving more attention to getting in touch with the audience through mobile apps as it gives easy access to the learning class.

  • People in today's world are glued to their phones and if they find a good yoga that can help them master the art of yoga they will certainly give it a go and will also refer it to their friends.
  • Yoga apps can also be synchronized with various social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, and Instagram. So a person who is using a yoga app will certainly publicize that app in his network.
  • Payments can be easily done on a mobile app through digital payments like Paytm, PhonePe which reduces the burden of going that extra mile for making payments.
  • Yoga apps provide you with the latest videos of your favorite yoga guru and you can learn with the best.
  • Yoga apps can provide their existing customers with exciting offers and coupons that will surely help in customer retention.

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What are the types of audience for Yoga Mobile Apps

Usually, a Yoga Mobile app consists of four types of audience, which will have discussed below:

Administrator: This person is the App owner and is responsible to manage users and system data with the help of a web-based Content Management System.

Teachers: They are the front-end app users who can manage their students, sessions, transactions as well as generate reports using the app features.

Students: They are the front-end app users who can view the sessions (Classes/Events), book sessions & manage their profile.

Event Organizers: They can create events, book events and make payments for event tickets. The teachers and Admin can also be an event organizer.

Important Features of Yoga Mobile Apps:

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Features of Student Panel:

Registration: From here the users can register into the app by entering basic details, like name, phone number, etc. Next, he can log in to the app easily by just using the login credentials or via social media account.

Yoga sessions: This section presents the list of available Yoga classes & sessions. The search can be initiated as per date & time, Teacher Name, Teacher's Ratings & Reviews, Certification, Experience, Class Duration, etc. Once a user has decided about the session and teacher, he can go ahead with the payment.

Events: In this section, users can view the list of all upcoming events. Each event details, such as event name, category, image, date & time, Duration & Booking options are displayed here.

Ticket Type: This section consists of ticket types students can choose and buy, like VIP, Concession, or Regular. Once the make ticket payment, the screen will display the summary of booked class/events.

Ticket Payments: Users can make online payments choosing from multiple modes of payments, like Debit/Credit Card, Stripe, Braintree, etc.

e-Store: As mentioned above, most yoga apps also offer e-store facility from where the users can buy yoga mats, yoga clothing & other related accessories. So, as a student clicks on the e-store icon, he will be directed to the e-store which displays all the products, via categories & sub-categories. Users may choose to make an instant purchase or can even save products to the wishlist. Besides, he can perform other actions like add products to cart, confirm the order, make online payments for money, etc.

Blog: here the students can view and read the latest blogs, filtering via blog title, date & description.

Notifications: Students receive notifications regarding booking confirmations, new updates, upcoming classes, events, etc.

My Profile: From here the user can manage his profile (view & edit), view list of booked classes (past & upcoming), cancel bookings, manage tickets (scan, print, download from the app).

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Features of Event Organizer Panel:

Registration & Login: Users can register (enter basic details like name, email ID & phone number) and login to the app using log-in credentials, social media integration, or via OTP received on the phone number.

Organize an event: From here, these users can organize events, like create events, edit events, Date & Time and Duration. It consists of two types of notifications, one from user-end and one for the back-end (admin)

RSVP Notification - Event organizers receive a notification from app users once they book a ticket, so they would know the exact count of event attendees.

Admin Approval - Once an event is created, a notification is sent to admin. Then admin will approve the event and will then display it on the app.

Book Events: Here users can view the list of upcoming events, filtering via date, event category, duration, and can then book (using multi-payment modes).

Ticket Type: This section consists of the types of the ticket which the users can choose from and buy. They vary from Regular, VIO & Concession tickets.

Payment Section: From here, the payment for the events can be made via Credit/Debit Card, Braintree, Stripe, PayPal, and more.

My Profile: From here, the users can manage (view & edit) their profiles, view events (past, current & upcoming) & may also cancel the booking. This section also consists of the "My Ticket" sub-section, from where users can download, scan (using QR code with QR scanner app or scanner machine) & print the tickets.

Blog: Here the users can view the latest blogs. These can be selected as per Date, Title, Description, and more.

Notification: Event organizers will receive all the notifications in this section, like Booking confirmation from users, Admin notification, Profile Update and more.

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Features of Teacher Panel:

Registration & Login: Teachers can register (entering basic details like name, email ID & phone number) and login to the app using log-in credentials, social media integration, or via OTP received on the phone number.

Reports: In this section, users can generate reports with date-wise filter options, like Event reports, Earning Reports & Classes reports. Usually, these reports can be downloaded in Excel format.

My Sessions: Here the students can view the entire list of their created sessions, filtered by Date, Class, Duration, etc.

Create Offer: Under this section, teachers can create offers for the students, providing offer name, offer description & detail.

Publish Class: In this section, teachers can publish class by entering the following information, like class name, type, duration, brief description, date and time.

Substitution: This feature allows teachers to substitute class/session, in the case when a teacher is not able to attend the session for which the users have signed up. Here, the teacher sends a notification to the other teachers requesting for someone to cover his class.

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Substitute Manager: A teacher can manage the substitute in this panel, by creating substitute (search for teachers in the app via Teacher Name & Yoga Style) or editing substitute.

Brand Ambassador: Here the teacher can view the brand ambassador for their class or event. It consists of the name of Brand Ambassador, Image, & Brief description,

Calendar Availability: Here in this section, teachers can manage their availability via the calendar. They are enabled to mark on their dates with time slots of the day as Available, Busy, or Holiday.

Events: Here the user can view the list of upcoming events as per Date, Event Category, Event Name, Duration, and more.

Payment: This section gives the details regarding the order summary of the booked class. Payments can be accepted via Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal, Stripe, Braintree and more. Upon successful payment, the user receives a notification for the booked class.

Payment History: Teachers can view the list of entire payment history here.

My Profile: Users can view/edit their profiles, add card details & logout.

Notifications: Teachers receive notifications related to booking of a class, admin notification & profile update.

Blog: Here in this section, users can view the latest blogs as per title, date, time & description.  

Features of Admin Panel:

Login: Admin can securely log in to the app using his login credentials.

Dashboard: It gives detailed insights into the current scenario.

Manage Students: Admin can manage all the students registered in the app. He can view the student list, add a user, edit a user, delete a user, activate or deactivate the user.

Manage Teacher: Admin can manage all the Teachers registered in the app. He can view teacher list, add teacher, edit/delete/activate/deactivate teachers.

Manage Event Organizer: Admin can manage all event organizers, like view list of event organizers, Activate or Deactivate them.

Manage Sessions: From here, Admin can manage the entire classes and events, as per Date, Classes, Events, and Type.

Manage Brand Ambassador: Admin can manage the brand ambassador of the app, by viewing a list of brand ambassadors, activate/deactivate brand ambassadors, or add & update the list.

Manage Category: Admin can manage the category of a class/event of the mobile app as per date, class, and event. He may choose to add/edit/update, activate or deactivate a category.

Manage Offers: Admin can manage the offers related to the class/event of the app, like active/expired offers, or may add/update/delete offer.

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Manage Booking Calendar: From here, the Admin will be able to manage a calendar for student bookings with the teacher. The Calendar may display the view/update/create booking slots as per date & time.

Payment: Admin can view the list of payment transactions that have processed on the basis of date, event, or class.

Event Management: Admin can view a list of all the events, as per date, and can choose to add/edit/delete events or activate/deactivate events.

Substitution Manager: From here, Admin can manage the substitutes, by viewing the substitute list.

Manage Ticket Type: From here, the Admin can manage the Ticket Type. Like he may choose to search/view/edit/create ticket type.

Manage Store: Admin is responsible to manage the e-store by managing the products, categories, subcategories, payments and more.

Manage Blogs: Admin manages all the blogs by choosing to view/add/edit/delete blogs or Activate/Deactivate blogs.

Manage Content: From here, Admin can manage the content of the entire app, like About Us, Contact Us & Help section. The content will not only comprise of text but image & video as well.

Reports: Admin can generate reports like Classes Report, Ticket Report, Event Report, Student Report, Teacher Reports and Earning Report

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Advanced Features:

Social Share Option: This feature enables the app users to share their feedback, achievements on their social media accounts.

Review & Ratings: This feature allows the users to rate events, Yoga teachers & courses.

Blog: Here the app users can read the blog publish in the app, though only event organizers, admin & teachers are authorized to publish blogs.

Robust CRM: A yoga app consists of so many user panels, which means there is certainly a lot of data that is required to be managed by the Admin. Hence, a robust CRM proves to be immensely useful here.

Video-On-Demand: This feature allows app users to watch on-demand videos. These are usually yoga tutorials which are helpful to ace that yoga poses.

Live Streaming: The subscribed app users will receive notification of the Live streaming in the app, so they can choose to view it.

Push Notification: This feature in the app allows the Admin to send push notifications to the users. However, event organizers can also use to feature to notify the admin whenever a new event is updated in the app.

E-commerce: Going by the prominence of online shopping at the moment, it can greatly benefit your app if you integrate e-commerce features in the app. It will not be just a great source of revenue but also will enhance user engagement with the app.

Shipment Tracking: This feature allows the app users to track their shipments for orders placed on the yoga app's e-store.

Real-time Analytics: This feature allow certain app users (like teachers, event organizers) as well as Admin to view updates, booking, payment all in real-time. Here the dashboard will certainly be different for each user type.

Voice Instructions: This feature is useful to the students as they try to learn yoga, they can listen to the voice instruments to master the art.

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Few of the Popular Yoga apps:

There are a lot of yoga apps in today's market that can help us achieve our goal of mastering yoga.

Some of the apps for android and iOS are:

1 Daily yoga: It has the option of connecting with the yogis all around the globe. It has a live voice and more than 300 poses so that you can perform each pose easily and correctly. But the most striking feature of this app is its high-quality videos to help you attain knowledge. It is compatible with both iOS and Android and its free of cost.

2 Pocket Yoga: As you can recognize with its name, its main job is to keep your yoga instructor in your pocket. It has an add-on feature of customized music to make you feel at your pleasant best. The best feature of this app is that of providing new environments with each passing stage. It is compatible with both iOS and Android and charges you $2.99.

3 Minute Yoga: The most excuse of people is that of not having sufficient time to exercise. So in this app sessions do not take more than 5 minutes of your time. It helps you improve your focus on the various yoga poses. It is compatible with only iOS and costs you $0.99 of your money.

4 Yoga Studio: It includes HD videos along with more than 270 different poses. It comprises of more than 60 yoga classes and exercise. You can also share your classes with your friends and relatives. The music keeps playing even if your screen gets locked. It is compatible with iOS and costs you $3.99

5 YOGIFY: It provides you with a detailed graphic explanation to properly execute the poses regardless of your skill level. This app is developed by keeping beginners and experts in mind. It available free to download and the first 5 classes are free. It is compatible with iOS. Technology Stack:

Yoga App Development

How to choose the right app development company

Selecting the right Health & Fitness App Development Firm that is able to understand the complexity of this particular kind of mobile app and can also comprehend your business objectives and requirements with the app is very important. Usually, a good Yoga Mobile app development firms have a brilliant set of professionals working for them, comprising of knowledgeable & skilled app developers and designers, QA testers, etc.

How much does it Cost to develop a Yoga Mobile App

As it comes to the development of a Yoga mobile app, the important factors to consider is the country where the app is being developed, the choice of platforms, i.e. iOS or Android, or both, and the number of games which are included in the app for betting, functionalities, features, UX & UI design, etc. Combining them all, a rough estimate would cost somewhere from $10,000 to $35000. However, upon finding the expert yoga mobile app development company you can get the exact figure.

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