So, the question is why and how to develop a healthcare mobile app? Now, for the uninitiated, mobile healthcare apps, medical apps & health-related patient apps are rapidly conquering the market. The smartphones usage is growing globally and along with that mobile health or say mHealth solutions are also growing. In addition to that, the focus of healthcare system is shifting towards patient-centric more with each passing day.

Hence, the penetration of smartphones phones in medical setups is constantly increasing owing to the necessity to access information rapidly as time is immensely valuable here with it being associated with patients’ lives and not money. It has revolutionized the way hospitals function and hugely impacts healthcare industry.

In fact, some of the healthcare biggies like Cigna, Permanente and Kaiser have already made an entry in the industry adopting latest mobility solutions to help hospitals, clinics, physicians and life science organizations be a lot more effective.

Medical Mobile Apps are Bringing Revolution in Healthcare Industry

There is a huge variety of medical apps for the doctors (healthcare professionals) as well as patients. After all, it is a lot more convenient to keep track of personal health, monitoring, medication, dosing, recovery and also doctor consultation with medical mobile apps. In fact, it is forecast that the healthcare app market will value $60 Billion by 2020. Till now, the medical app market has reached $20 billion already. And the demand keeps on growing with each patient preferring personal treatment over the usual “one-size-fits-all”.

Additionally, mobility in medical field facilitates both medical professionals as well as patients by offering an efficient and secure exchange of relevant data in healthcare centers, while adhering to industry regulations, like HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).

Number of mHealth app downloads worldwide from 2013 to 2017 (in billions)

Global digital health market from 2015 to 2020, by major segment (In billion dollars)

Medical Mobile Apps & Market


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Types of Medical Mobile Apps

So, the medical apps are divided into two categories – Doctor Apps & Patient Apps. The first ones are strictly for doctors, nurses, medical institutions & other healthcare professionals. These kinds of apps offer access to health records, help in diagnoses, prescribing pills, etc. then the second ones are for patients and it assists people in monitoring and managing their health, doctor appoints and so on.

Most commonly, these are the healthcare apps which come useful:

  • Electronic Medical Record apps (EMR)
  • General health test, fitness, wellness apps, cardio apps (healthy lifestyle app)
  • Diagnosis apps for preventive purposes
  • Apps to monitor chronic conditions (diabetes, blood pressure, cancer…)
  • Patient medical education apps
  • Doctor-on-demand apps (doctor booking, online consulting, doctor appointment)
  • Medication Tracking Mobile App (track Patient medication)
  • Clinical Assistance Mobile Apps (EHR, PHR, LIMS, HIMS)
  • e-Rx, e-Prescription Mobile Applications
  • Nursing apps (scheduling, tracking, medical records)
  • Sleep & Medication apps (relaxing music and sounds)
  • Mental health apps (for disorders, stress relief)
  • Weight loss apps, diet apps (trackers, exercises, etc.)
  • Women’s health apps (for pregnancy, calendar, feeding…)

Here, let’s have a look at some of the use cases of mobile managed medical apps:

Now as we discussed above, the medical industry is constantly making brilliant strides in enhancing patients’ health with better and effective mobile solutions. They include online medical clinics,  healthcare mobile apps, video chats b/w doctors and patients, and more. Hence, it is possible to simply patient care & everyday activities of medical professionals to a huge extent with mobile healthcare management solutions.

Pregnancy/childbirth app for mothers:

childbirth app for mothers

  • It is easier tracking baby’s development during each stage of pregnancy.
  • Get detailed & timely information about nurturing newborns.
  • Get access to health & wellness guides for new mommies.
  • View a detailed guide to labor& birth; use a contraction timer.
  • Receive weekly useful tips & animated videos.

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Chronic care management app for doctors and clinical staff:
  • Get easy access to diagnostic & therapeutic tools whenever required.
  • Remote monitoring of vitals with an integration of mobile & trackers.
  • Access real-time data & monitor your enrolled patients.
  • Simplify HIPAA-compliance, enrolment process for patients.
  • Get 24/7 online & phone patient access to clinical health assistants.
  • Share complete care plan with the patients.

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Hospitals Indoor Wayfinding app:


  • Provides maps & images to visitors, thus reducing their anxiety of getting lost.
  • Sends relevant location-based text messages pointing to specific ward/doctor.
  • Optimizes route planning & navigation for hospital staff members.
  • Facilitates auto check-in, queue placement, check-out, & a lot more.
  • Useful to guide visitors with indoor & outdoor navigation and parking.
Medication Adherence App for Patients & Senior Citizens:
  • Manage medications & assist hospital pharmacy refills with proactive reminders
  • Record pharmacy information, prescriptions, and medication consumption actions.
  • Set reminders for medication from various time intervals, like hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly.


Hospitals & Pharmacy Management App for Hospitals:
  • Make workflow processes more effective & efficient.
  • Enhances inventory control & reduces costs.
  • Avoids drug diversion & manipulation.
  • Tracks medications of the entire hospital in real-time.
  • Eliminates errors caused by manual intervention & workarounds.
  • Executes compliance protocols & monitors compliance violations.


How to create a Medical Mobile App?

So, as obviously, ultimately it comes to how to create a medical app? How much will be cost to develop a medical app? What properties should these mobile apps have?

To start with, it is crucial that any medical app focuses on the end-user. It is vital to ensure that a medical app has these following essentials:

  • Safe & secure to preserve sensitive user information
  • Data synchronization across various devices
  • Easy installation and proper functioning
  • Nice Interface
  • Easy-to-use & Navigate (UX)

A medical mobile app development consists of UI/UX design, back-end, app development, quality assurance, maintenance and all of the requirements depend on app business concept.

Next, let’s move on to the crucial features of healthcare apps.

Features of Medical Apps:


After analyzing tons of medical apps, here we have come up several essential features which medical apps must have. Be it a doctor appointment app or a wellness app, these functionalities are at the very core of each of the medical applications.

  • Tracking: This tends to be the most significant feature for any of the m-Medical app. After all, patients want to be enabled to monitor their blood pressure, calories, pulse, glucose levels, heart rate, etc. on their own. Even the doctor is then able to keep a track of their patients’ rehabilitation progress remotely.
  • Scheduling: Numerous of healthcare apps are also related to doctor appointments, thus scheduling does tend to be an important feature. Same way, apps for doctors enable them to work with calendar, schedule medicine intake, manage appointments, and do a lot more. This feature can also be applied to sleep apps as well as personal organizer kind of apps.
  • In-app Payments: It is the vital function of most of the medical apps, as patients are required paying for medical services or insurance in many instances. Even visits to doctors, emergency rooms, general hospital admissions are followed with medical bills. One can provide a nice user experience by adding the ability for online payments.

Additional healthcare app features comprise of:

  • Appointments
  • Social integration
  • Photo gallery
  • Reviews
  • Analytics
  • Prescriptions
  • Access to EHR/EMR
  • Push notifications

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What are the benefits of mobility in Medical field?

In today’s times, it is vital for medical centers to stay connected to patients’ records as well as emergency protocols 24/7. No wonder, patients are a lot more demanding, regulations &compliance challenges are also increasing. Thus, in such scenarios, mobility solutions help in keeping patients at the highest level of priority and also help in many other ways, like:

  • Increases focus on patient care and documentation.
  • Avoiding confusions & miscommunications
  • Improving patient care by delivering messages to the point of care instead of administrative location/central nursing.
  • Integrating images, text and voice messages in a single device it streamlines communication.
  • Enhances focus on patient care & documentation. It removes unproductive spent usually spent in looking for some staff or trying to reach them on various devices.
  • Simplifies collaboration among mobile staff to deliver faster & better results
  • Better responsiveness & patient satisfaction.
Medical Assistance On-Demand Apps

Nowadays in mHealth industry, mobile apps are quite substantial for online doctor appointment/advice in case of certain medical situations. There are a number of patients who need constant monitoring & alert, and this is the reason why messaging & push notifications are crucial in a healthcare app.

appointment booking

With high mobility & good internet connectivity, it became easier to search doctors and make appointments in just a few clicks. People like this trend and convenience of accomplishing daily tasks by simply tapping on their smartphone screens. In fact, the most personal & intimate tasks can be performed this way. So, doctors and hospitals who wish to beat the competition in the market and stay close to their patients, are getting these apps developed: Here we talk about few of the prominent medical apps:

Top Medical Apps for Android:


  • Medscape: It works as a resource for the medical students & workers to get access to latest news & scientific materials in the industry. It is a free app with features, such as educational courses, drug information, news feed, etc. Its unique feature is a medical calculator and this app comes packed with more than 100 medical formulas, classifications & scales.
  • ZocDoc: It is a Doctor-search app that allows users to find doctors in the vicinity, contact & book healthcare professionals. “Messaging” is its unique feature as it makes possible to contact a doctor online for the advice. Moreover, it offers User rating & review system, Booking history, Push Notifications, etc.
  • Doctor On-Demand: It is an app Mobile-Doctor appointment. It is used widely owing to its great user-interface & direct messaging to doctors who are registered to the app. This app has great & extensive features, such as QR-code scanning, YouTube player, Chats, Schedule to Payments.


Top Medical Apps for iPhone:


  • BabyCenter: It’s a pregnancy-tracking app which is useful in maintaining pregnancy progression. This nice app offers due date calculator, baby calendar, fetus images, and also contraction timer. Besides, the future moms can explore name finder, care advises and also feeding guides.
  • Lose It!: This calorie counter & exercise tracker app offers a personal program for weight loss. It features vary from a list-for-exercise-to-do, tracker to check progress, health food list & recipes, sets of motivation and Calorie tracker throughout the day. This also has been resulting sharing feature on social media apps.
  • Lifesum: It is an app for a healthy lifestyle, featuring meal-tracker, corporal monitoring, health test, personal workout plan, & several meal recipes. Moreover, it syncs with other Apple products as well as Apple Health, Apple Watch, and many other fitness apps. It offers brilliant UX with social login.


Final Word: Day-by-day there is a constant increase in healthcare apps as they prove to be greatly helpful for both healthcare professionals and users (patients). Meanwhile, there are a number of medical mobile app development agencies out there, specializing in the development of customized mobility solutions. Thus, if you have such an idea in mind, then go ahead and discuss it with the experts to come up with a right solution that changes the way physicians and patients engage with each other in the medical sector.

Simply browse and find a experienced mobile app development firm to develop such an app for iPhone as well as for Android.

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