Online Employee training software helps organizations run internal training and skill development programs. It’s designed to help teams deliver, manage, and track employee progress as they move through training programs. We have shared in this article some most popular employee training platforms and their key features with the required tech stack and team.

According to a recent survey,

“Most employees ‌benefitted from such training programs and were able to perform and deliver better.” 

What Is an Employee Training App and How Does It Work?

employee training platform

Employee Training Platforms are diligently designed to let Managers and Team Leaders create engaging and scholastic courses to train and educate employees. The admin also has the option to track the progress and performance of the employees. The primary aim of training apps is to upskill employees to increase productivity.

The conventional way of learning is boring, and an employee doesn’t learn much from it. However, employee training apps are different as these applications have intuitive UI/UX, gamification features, quiz competitions, etc., to make training fun and immersive. Training software for employees focuses on developing interactive ideas to make training easy and delightful.

Corporate Employee Training Platform – Market Size and Stats

Corporate Employee Training Platform - Market Size and Stats

The company’s performance and strength partially depend upon its employees’ skills and knowledge. Thus, it becomes crucial for companies to train and educate their employees according to the changing business requirements to keep up with industry norms.

The market cap for corporate employee training platforms was $345.56 billion in 2021. It is anticipated to touch the benchmark of $493.32 billion by 2028 with a projected CAGR of 8.90%

·  Around 47% of the companies have noticed positive results by introducing corporate employee training platforms, i.e., enhanced performance, bridging communication gaps and better bonds between employees, etc.

· 59% of American workers were able to work beyond 9 to 5 with the help of enterprise mobile applications.

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Why Must Businesses Invest in Employee Training Mobile Apps?

The list of reasons a business should invest in training platforms for employees is quite long. However, here is a quick list of the reasons –

24×7 Access 

Having a dedicated application for training, employees have access to the training program 24×7. Employees can access the educational material whenever and wherever, according to their compatibility. 

Push Notifications  

In this tech-driven era, ‌software releases updates frequently, and new technologies are being introduced consistently. The information about the same can be conveniently conveyed to the employees through the push notification feature.

Course Upgradation 

The courses available on such applications are stored in the cloud for easy accessibility. The courses can be easily modified and updated whenever required by any authorized personnel.


The training program application can also bring the firm’s employees together on a single platform. Employees can use the messaging feature to communicate with one another for training-related discussions.


Most enterprises prefer LMS (Learning Management System) to train their employees. However, employee training applications are proven to be more flexible. Employees’ first preference is learning through applications as they tend to acquire knowledge during breaks.

Additional Courses 

Rather than limiting courses and training programs for employees according to their job role, organizations also have the option to add basic courses to improve time management, presentation skills, communication skills, etc.

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Types of Training You Can Deliver Through the Employee Training App

online employee training software

Orientation Training

This training program is meant to train new employees in the organization, according to their job roles.

Onboarding Training  

The training reflects ‌new joiners on their new responsibilities in the company ‌and gets familiar with the company culture.

Compliance Training 

Under this program, the new joiner learns about the rules and regulations of the company. It helps maintain the security and decorum of the workplace.

Product Training 

It is equally important to train and update the employees about the company’s products and services to perform their jobs efficiently.  

Team Training 

This training program is dedicated to boosting the employees’ morale by ensuring that each team member gets equal growth opportunities.

Leadership Training 

Under this program, the mindset of leaders and managers in the company is refreshed and restored. It also trains other employees to become excellent leaders in the future.

Diversity Training  

It educates the employees to embrace the culture and background of other employees to eliminate harassment and discrimination claims.  

Soft Skills Development  

It focuses on improving the employees’ soft skills, i.e., personal attributes, problem-solving, communication, etc.

Technical Skills Training 

It contributes to keeping the employees updated with the latest releases of the software and technologies being utilized by the company.

Sales Training  

It is ‌designed to help the sales team ‌upskill by learning new techniques, pitches, approaches, and software tools to boost sales figures.

Quality Assurance Training 

This training program educates the employees to ensure the quality of the product or service to meet the quality standards.

Safety Training

This training program is essential for companies that include physical labor. It includes mimicking safety drills to ensure the safety of ‌employees.


It is specifically designed to educate the company’s employees and helps them acquire new skills and relevant competencies to excel at their job.


This training program is meant to train and educate employees according to the new job role within the company or to meet the unique requirements of the current position.

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Top Employee Training Mobile Apps Available in the Market

training platforms for employees


The application is highly recognized for offering customizable flashcards and gamification features. It educates the learner through images for enhanced comprehension. It also encourages fostering healthy competition by organizing gamified contests among employees.

Headquarters – San Francisco, California

Established Year – 2005

Cost – Starting from €11.99/year

Free Version – Available

Features – Gamification, Data Import/Export, Interactive Content, Microlearning, Progress Tracking



It is another leading employee training mobile application that can help upskill employees and also track their learning process in real time. The trainers also have the option to pick templates from the library to create engaging and insightful content that serves the purpose of educating employees.

Headquarters – Burlington, MA

Established Year – 2008

Cost – Customized Plans

Free Version – Not Available

Features – Collaboration Tools, Engagement Tracking, Real-Time Data, Training Management, Performance Management



This e-learning application helps organizations train their employees in a fun manner by introducing flashcards, interactive games, and quizzes. With the help of its analytics and reporting feature, knowledge gaps can be spotted and bridged to offer an excellent training experience to employees.

Headquarters – Oslo

Established Year – 2012

Cost – Starting from $10/month

Free Version –Available

Features – Customizable Templates, Progress Tracking, Remote Access, Reporting & Statistics, Third Party Integrations

Website –


It lets the organization boost and track the performance of its employees through organizing contests, maintaining leaderboards, and real-time recognition. As soon as the employee completes the training program, a notification is sent to fellow team members to appreciate the employee’s efforts.

Headquarters – Carlsbad, California

Established Year – 2015

Cost – Customized Plans

Free Version –Available

Features – Activity Tracking, Benchmarking, Gamification, Peer-to-Peer Recognition, Performance Metrics



Last but not least, Yarno is one of the best employee training mobile apps as it lets learners attend online classes, ‌and group discussions, and collaborate with colleagues in real time. The trainers also can approach the Yarno team to help create custom knowledgeable videos for training purposes.

Headquarters – North Sydney, New South Wales

Established Year – 2015

Cost – Customized Plans

Free Version – Available

Features – Smooth On-Boarding, Performance Metrics, Contest Management, Reward Management, Leaderboard


Key Features to Consider While Developing Corporate Employee Training System

An organization needs to keep specific points in consideration while designing a corporate employee training system for the best possible results. Here is a quick look at the same –

Robust User Authentication  

The application should be optimally secure to prevent unauthorized access. Approaches like two-factor authorization and biometric authentication can be implemented to protect a user’s account.

Personalized Learning Path  

With this feature’s help, the user can alter their training procedure according to their goals and comfort. It allows them to prioritize lessons and courses according to their job requirement, skill gaps, or interests.

Course Progress Tracking  

It allows the trainer to track the progress of each learner by providing the following insights i.e., Percentage of course completion, time spent on each module, etc. It enables the trainer to calculate the training program’s and learner’s efficiency.

Discussion Forums  

This feature enables ‌employees to interact with other peers to have group discussions on numerous topics related to any course. Such practices enhance ‌user engagement and improve the knowledge of ‌learners. The learners can also use it to raise their doubts and seek clarification.

Notifications and Reminders  

Automated push notifications can be sent to company employees to remind or update them about new courses, project deadlines, new releases, etc. It also contributes to keeping ‌employees notified about important events.

Performance Analytics  

A detailed report about the performance and progress of a user can be generated using this feature. It automatically creates charts and reports based on course completion rate, assessment score, and overall performance.   


Conventional learning is quite dull and boring, gamification is introduced to address this issue. Gamification can make e-learning fun and engaging by adding elements like – quizzes, leaderboards, contests, badges, points, etc.

Offline Access 

The learners should be able to access the training material even when not connected to an internet connection. It lets the learners keep up with learning programs in areas with poor internet connectivity.

Multi-language Support 

 The employees of a company come across different locations and practice different languages. Thus, learning material on the application should be available in different languages for easy understanding and to improve comprehension. 

Certifications and Badges  

With the help of this feature, the learners would be able to earn certificates and badges on completing a specific course or outperforming in any assessment. The badges and certifications will be visible on the user profile, portraying their skills.

Personalized Recommendations 

This will enable the trainers to recommend other courses to ‌learners based on their interests and job profiles. It helps learners to upskill and get better at their jobs.

Assessments and Quiz 

These allow trainers to organize tests and assessments to evaluate learners’ understanding of the course. The assessment can be of multiple types, i.e., MCQs, interactive exercises, or a replicated situation.

In-app support  

If any of the employees face any sort of issue or problem, then they will be able to access direct help from the application. Queries and technical issues can be quickly resolved for the application users.  

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What Tech Stack Is Required to Develop an Employee Training Mobile App?

training software for employees

The performance of an application is partially dependent upon the technology used to develop it. Here is the list of technologies that can be used to develop an outperforming employee training mobile app –


Programming LanguagesTypeScript, JavaScript, Dart
FrameworksReact Native, Flutter, Java, Kotlin, Swift, Objective-C
UI FrameworksNativeBase, Flutter Widgets, React Native Elements
IDEs/ToolsAndroid Studio, Xcode, Visual Studio Code


Programming LanguagesPython, Node.js, Ruby, Java
Web FrameworksSpring Boot, Express.js, Ruby on Rails, Flask
DatabasePostgreSQL, SQLite, MySQL, MongoDB
API DesignGraphQL, RESTful API
AuthenticationJWT (JSON Web Tokens), Firebase, OAuth 2.0
Cloud ServicesAWS (Amazon Web Services), GCP (Google Cloud Platform), Azure
Version ControlGitLab, Bitbucket, GitHub

For additional Components

Push NotificationsFCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging), APNs (Apple Notification Service)
AnalyticsFirebase Analytics, Google Analytics
Testing FrameworksEnzyme, XCTest, Appium, Detox

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an Employee Training App?

The cost to build an app for employee training hinges on multiple factors like the developer’s origin, app complexity, features, tech stack, etc. Thus, quoting exact figures for development is not possible. However, you can contact us with your ideas and requirements for an accurate development cost estimate.

The developer’s origin is the main component in deciding the development cost, so we suggest hiring developers from a country like India. The developers over there are highly skilled and are available at much lower prices when compared to others. Implementing it will cut down ‌development costs by a remarkable mark.

How Does Octal IT Solution Help You Develop an Employee Training Website?

Having spent 15+ years in the IT industry, the developers at Octal IT Solution have designed, developed, and deployed hundreds of custom solutions for ‌businesses across various industries. Working on multiple projects, our team of developers is highly skilled, talented, and experienced. Our developers also stay updated with the latest technologies to be able to leverage them to develop robust and scalable solutions for our clients. Our teams understand the needs and requirements of a business and further, bring their vision into existence. Having headquarters in India, Octal IT Solution is able to provide software development services at pocket-friendly prices. Hire Dedicated Mobile App Developers to build custom employee training apps.

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Bottom Line

All the readers would be well aware of the use case and importance of the Employee Training Mobile Application by now. Therefore, we recommend businesses start investing in corporate training app development to upskill the employees and ensure quality performance. Also, make sure to hire the best app development service provider that can understand your business requirements and develop a custom solution accordingly. Check the expertise, portfolio, pricing, and rating of the Employee Training Development Company to ensure availing quality solutions. Prefer hiring an India-oriented app development company to get the solution developed at pocket-friendly pricing that fits your budget.

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