At the starting of this year, the day-to-day life of people across the world was going as usual. Parks were full of lively people, malls were filled with joyful faces, groups of friends were celebrating a birthday at the cafeteria, gymnasiums were stacked with fitness freaks. But then a news came out that some sort of virus named as Coronavirus has started spreading in China’s Wuhan. And at the speed of knots it started spreading to other countries. Today, this situation caused by coronavirus has been a pandemic by WHO. It has spread to millions of people and has claimed lives of 1.15 million people. 

To stop exponential increase of number of people getting affected, governments across the globe has passed orders of staying in quarantine to their citizens. Staying isolated from friends and well knowns is the need of the hour but the factor of stress that isolation brings cannot be rugged under the carpet. We need to address the fact people are not used to staying at home for this much long. Social life of people has come to an absolute halt and this is providing a base for stress and anxiety to creep in.

So how can we handle this situation, like how can we reduce the biochemical that gets released by your brain in this self-isolation. Solution is simple. Get people engaged in working out at their home. But without your gym trainer it won’t work out. This is where online health coaching app comes into picture. According to a survey of The American Heart Association, around 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity aerobic activity or 75 minutes per week of vigorous aerobic activity can help a person lead a healthier life in comparison to others. 

Right now, time is not a problem for anyone to get in shape. In fact, this is the best time to work on your body and in turn release your stress caused by isolation. What you exactly need is a virtual trainer who can guide you through high quality workout routines and provide you with a well-balanced diet plan to give you a feeling of self-accomplishment during this unproductive phase. 

In order to move people into fitness regimes you need to properly connect with them. You have to present your app in such a manner that people will be ready to give it a go. The look of your venture should very attractive to stand any chance of downloads through people’s smartphones. Let us have a look at some of the necessary steps that will surely help your app create a place in user’s heart. 

Steps needed to build an Online Health Coaching app:

1. Finding the business model in accordance with the audience:

The most important aspect before designing a mobile app is identifying your target audience and then work according to their wants and needs. Working in tandem with your audience is your make or break point so pay a little extra attention to this. However, at the present moment of time putting too much of energy in identifying the audience will be a waste of time as people are stuck at home. The thing that needs your attention is a suitable business that will help you accomplish your goals. There might be a lot of programs in your head like weight loss programs, bodybuilding programs and some others but the important thing is that you can select only 2 or 3 that will shower customer lifetime service and increased revenues on your mobile app. 

2. Define goals and hand out responsibilities:

The purpose with which you are developing a mobile app is going to define your success. Your purpose should be solving the day-to-day problems of people stuck in quarantine. If your motive is clear than it doesn’t matter if you are working alone or have a team. However, we will describe you all the three ways an app can be developed.

  • First option is that you are creating an app by your own. This means that you will in charge of all the fronts taking from running the app smoothly to managing the marketing campaigns and the customers’ queries. 
  • Second option in front of you is of hiring a talented and experienced team of professionals that will take over the large chunk of your work so that you can then focus on the important tasks. 
  • Third and final option would be partnering up with a part-time coach for people who need extra assistance in their fitness programs. 
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3. Starting on the right note: 

If your app is providing your users with positive results with the help of upfront testing than you starting your journey on the right note. People need assurance on the money and time that they have invested. And when it comes to apps, users are putting in both time and money so you have to make sure that your fitness programs are providing them the assurance that they are looking for. For this to happen you have to determine the exact physical condition of your user. This can be done by performing either a full body analysis or through an advanced lab testing. Lab testing is out of hands right now so online body analysing tools are the only option that we are left with. 

4. Induction of important features:

Now we have arrived at one of the most important stage of our app development venture. If you want to hit an accord with your users than you need to involve these features. 


For Admin:

• Dashboard:
A well-functioning dashboard allows the admin to carefully manage and control the entire application with just one click. 

• User management:

The admin has an option of managing a user’s session and make necessary changes if the user is not getting involved.

• Subscription plans:

Through this feature the admin can manage the number of subscription plans or type of subscription plans. 

• Trainer management:

With the help of this feature, admin can hire a new trainer, remove an old one or can even assign a particular trainer to one of the user.

• Fitness plans:

Admin can manage all the type of fitness plans taking from beginners to intermediate to advanced ones.

• Food plans:

Apart from managing the nutrition plans, admin can also manage the food plans, whether it is adding a new one or doing some changes to the old one. 


For Users: 


• User registration:

User can easily register in the app through various mediums such as emails, facebook, twitter or Instagram.

• Workout plans:

Users can easily find out the workout plans that suits them the best according to their fitness goals and health statistics.

• Instructors:

Users can go through a long list of instructors and then decide which instructor has a vast experience in this field and help you achieve the physique that you want.

• Visual Workout:

Videos and audios references are made available to the customers so that they can visualise the workout better and perform it better.

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• Live chat:

This is an essential feature that allows the instructors and trainees to chat with fitness experts to seek advice.

• Track your progress:

Trainees can effortlessly track their progress on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis.


For Trainers:

• Fitness charts:

Trainers and fitness coaches can develop a generalised fitness plans for their users and trainees according to their individual stats.

• Customised nutrition plan:

The module present in the app allows the trainers to prepare and share the nutrition plan according to the BMI, lifestyle of a particular trainee and other major aspects. 

• BMI Calculator:

Trainers can calculate the BMI (Body Mass Index) of the trainees and tell them what to do next.

• Calorie counter:

This feature allows trainers to calculate the amount of calories and then decide whether to increase them or decrease them. 

• Diet chart:

Coaches can create a diet plan for their trainees according to their weight, height and target they want to achieve.

• Water Intake:

This feature allows the trainers to track the water intake of their trainees and also send them timely reminders. 


5. Selection of apt technology to analyse data:

Now after you have added all the essential functionalities to the app, it is now time for selecting an appropriate technology in order to analyse your business data. Health tracking devices are a need for your users apart from your need of marketing campaigns, web conferences and these needs should be kept in mind before choosing a technology. Although there are numerous systems available in the market that can easily analyse the data but the problem lies in the varying functionalities and cost. Need of the hour for you is to select a technological platform that meets the needs of your users and also helps you achieve your business goals. 


6. Monetize your fitness app:

It may be the last point but is not the least. We know that your purpose is to help people battle their quarantine blues but in order to do so you need to generate a decent amount of revenue. Good thing is that you have various options when you decide to monetize your app. 

  • Special screening
  • Feature coverage on the homepage
  • Showing advertisements of third party on your app


Top online health coaching apps:


1. FitMo:

FitMo is one of the leading names in the field of online health coaching. Their online health coaching app has been benefitting a lot of users over the years. They provide lifestyle coaching that aims at improving the overall health of the user whatever may his location and age is. FitMo has been providing virtual assistance to various companies and employers who want to keep their staff of employees perfectly in shape. Their app do so by asking the employees to reduce the level of stress they are taking in and in the process ensure that they fit and become less prone to any elevated health risk. This results in an increased number of enthusiastic and cheerful employees in the organisation. This app is available for both ios and android. 


2. Nike Training Club:

Nike training club is built on a very unique concept. It consists of a large library of curated workouts from celebrity trainers are world class athletes. You are getting training from Serena Williams, Cristiano Ronaldo, Roger Federer and many other top quality sports professionals. You can design the program according to your workout level. Moreover, if you are looking to get a quick workout according to your need than you easily find it here. On top of all this, this app has a lot of user-friendly features that allows you play your own interest of music. This app is available for both ios and android. 

3. Sworkit:

If you mostly look for short workout videos than Sworkit is the app that will suit you the best. With Sworkit, you will easily find a lot of workouts that will effortlessly fit in your daily schedule. This app contains loads of workout videos ranging from 2 minutes to 30 minutes. Apart from these short workouts, sworkit offers you effective tools with the help of which you can customize your own workout. You can set some specific time for your workout and then all you have to do is focus on your health. You are also provided with an option of talking to a particular trainer to gain perspective on your workouts. This app is available for both Ios and android.


4. Noom:

Noom works on different approach in comparison to other apps to work on the health and fitness of their users. Reshaping the unhealthy habits of their users is one of the main features of Noom along with providing effective workout videos. They spice up things a little by offering quizzes on fitness and health related topics which helps you gain a lot of knowledge about your health and fitness. To put icing on the cake, option to connect with doctors, nutritionists and even fitness coaches is also made available in the app. Noom app can be downloaded on both ios and android platforms.


5. Jefit: 

Jefit is the perfect place to be for users who are in search of advanced training programs and data backed training videos. You can easily keep track of your training sessions and health related aspects. Apart from this, app also allows you to create your own fitness programs without putting in too much of an effort. To conclude it all, it is a perfect app for all the gym lovers who want to keep a track of their fitness. This app available on both ios and android stores.



These are equally hard times for people all across the globe and everyone should look to lend a hand of support to another human in this time crisis by helping him manage his stress and other concerning issues. Creating a fitness app will at least contribute a small amount in this fight against COVID-19 by helping out fitness freaks who are stuck at their homes. A fitness app will help people start their journey of fitness or carry on with already started journey even from their home.

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