Users are not satisfied with an application or a website alone. They want both of these to be consistent in performance while delivering a great user experience. Hence, developers stay under pressure as they have to fulfil the constantly shifting expectations of ever-evolving technological choices and look for quick and flexible coding solutions that can help them achieve faster results.

To add to the agony, the users want something new and enhanced now and then. Every upgraded feature or UI enhancement is seen as a sign of credibility these days. Thus, the requirement for agile development and deployment has increased manifold.

Fortunately, developers have the support of JAVA Script solutions and its predecessors that help them develop the stacks that reduce most of the development task to a drag-and-drop affair. JAVA enabled web app stacks that have become quite popular, of late, are – MERN (MongoDB, Express, React and Node.js) and MEAN Stack (MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node.js). 

Let’s understand more deeply about these components of MERN and MEAN.

A quick explanation of MEAN stack components gets you to understand MERN better.

  1. MongoDB: It is the document database. The back-end of the application uses this database to store data as documents.
  2. Express: It is a back-end application framework that runs on top of node.js
  3. Angular: It is the framework for the front-end development of any application. Responsible for making UI dynamic, it enables running of JavaScript Code in the user browser.
  4. Node.js: It enables you to implement an application’s back-end in JavaScript. This component provides ease of operating multiple task types without slowing down the application.

In MERN, only Angular is replaced by ReactJS. React is the reason that led to the development of the MERN stack. As mentioned, it is an alternative to Angular. It is employed in making interactive user interfaces. React breaks the front-end application into unique components with their states. The states can be transferred to and from the components that are assigned different parent and child roles. The roles are reversed using callback functions. Due to the flexibility and ease of development it offers, ReactJS development is being increasingly adopted by many developers as a replacement of AngularJS development

Let’s enumerate the major advantages of MERN Stack Development

The key advantages of MERN Stack Development can be best understood by the functionality and ease provided by its components:


It enables the storing of data in schemata more dynamic than rows and columns. The design promotes better scalability, quicker access or retrieval of data, and fast response to user queries. Every type of data structure becomes easy to attain with MongoDB. This component’s fundamental values are – sophisticated validation, rich index functionality, and truly flexible data access. 

It is a more time-relevant structural arrangement of databases offering added scalability and flexibility, which is required to meet customers’ demands through geographically dispersed data centers. This component is effective in faster deployments and handles the corresponding scaling up and down of data with a change in customer base size.

To add to all, this DB module offers other advantages like better security, easy and faster data access, and customized billing support, along with the assurance of minimal or nil downtime. All these features contribute to the better performance of the application.

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Express is a module running within the Node.js environment. Its task is to route the requests to the relevant parts of the application. When applications of different types are running in the same platform or environment, the request routing is managed using it.

Express is the place where an application’s full logic can be run. It also generates the final HTML made available to access by the user browser. 

Primarily, Express serves the task of sending front-end application code to a remote browser employed by the user to help access the app. Also, it provides a REST API to enable the front-end to access it using HTTP network calls.


Node.js works on Google’s V8 JavaScript Engine employed in the Chrome browsers. NodeJS development provides several features essential for web applications’ implementation, comprising HTTP kind of protocols and other third-party modules.

This component is asynchronous. Since it is an event-driven engine, it consumes resources only in response to the requests and takes necessary actions. It enables the completion of multiple tasks simultaneously and in a logical sequence to deliver the ultimate experience to the application user. 


ReactJS, due to its event-driven nature, is catching up with the customers in terms of popularity. There are several events that need multiple resources to contribute to making an action quick and correct. ReactJS development synchronizes all the resources’ functioning and delivers more convenience per action to the application user.


Why MERN-Stack-enabled modern websites are proving to be game-changers ?

Users want quick results. No one wants to fill forms to access any service or app, nor they want the registration process. Let’s take a few examples that show how MERN stack development has changed the user experience for the better:

  • You can use your Google or any other social media account to register and login to any application. It is the result of MERN stack development.
  • Smart devices offering different functionalities are operated using single voice command, such as Ok Google turning on the lights and Nest turning the heater down to create a perfect ambiance
  • Select the destination and order Uber to take it there
  • Select the restaurant using Google Map and book the table at the same time
  • Allows taking multiple actions like going through any product, sharing it with others, and buying it; the shoppers can pick anything from the last purchased products’ list too. 

In essence, both web and mobile app development becomes more sophisticated in structure, quality, and response. Since the users want both platforms to be equally responsive, uniform, and functionality-rich, the MERN stack development help meet the consumer expectations to the best of the abilities. 

Why hiring MERN stack development service can be a wise decision ?

MERN stack development services come with the expertise needed to develop entirely user-centric applications and websites. These services are employing the MERN stack to deliver projects in the fastest way possible without missing any user expectations.

Some of the most desirable advantages you get to enjoy by hiring a MERN stack developer are:

  • They bring added seamlessness to the applications’ functioning. The users can quickly and logically do multiple jobs of different nature, giving the application lots of words of praise in return.
  • Allows bringing in various tools and applications of different types to create a genuinely custom and immediacy-laden experience for the user. Added flexibility is the distinct feature that adds to the quality and relevance of the application.
  • The clients can get multiple platforms developed using the services provided by MERN developers, such as – Enterprise full stack development, Enterprise App stack development, CMS development, Ecommerce App development, API development with integration, Full Stack JavaScript development with MERN or MEAN as per business needs.
  • Achieving truly custom application becomes possible to achieve when businesses hire MERN stack developer. They provide dashboards that can be modified according to user preferences. The MERN stack development makes it possible to offer multiple UI skins to the users as well.
  • Seamlessness and more coordination among all departments is another advantage that MERN developers can provide with the Enterprise Stack development expertise. The organizations become more intuitive in their functioning and more responsive to the needs of the consumers.
  • MERN stack framework developed by experienced coders serves rightly to help businesses maximize their resource use. Since most of the components are scalable and flexible, the businesses are saved from unnecessary billing and wastage of resources. Making any resource available right when needed, in the quantity as desired and precisely in the way as expected, helps create more value from the application or framework. Thus, the businesses find it easy to sustain and expand in a customer-oriented manner and make more profits off the investment made in resources like applications and websites.

How MERN stack development companies can help win markets?

All businesses strive to go global. They work hard on SEO, digital marketing, and other techniques to be known far and wide. With the increase in popularity comes the need to be capable of serving varied audiences having different sensibilities. 

MERN stack can help make any business function globally by helping it stay active and available all 24 hours. A business’s customers may be stationed in any part of the world looking for it any part of the day. So, to be ‘available’ in a real sense becomes possible for dedicated developers with modern webs empowered by the MERN stack.

Further, businesses need to cater to various customer preferences. MERN stack allows businesses to be more responsive as well as intuitive in their way of offering services. The custom look and functionality made it possible for any website or application to accommodate customer requirements using MERN.

To conclude, timely delivery of projects featuring the best quality functionalities pleases businesses and helps them meet their development objectives. So, it is not an understatement if we say that the MERN stack is the new must-have for any business aiming to grow globally in terms of reach and deliverability.

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