Top Blockchain Development Companies – Blockchain technology is getting much attention and popularity in this tech-driven era. Most startups and companies look forward to leveraging blockchain to develop robust and responsive applications. However, creating a blockchain application is not as easy as it sounds. It requires a lot of expertise and experience.

Therefore, hiring the best blockchain development companies to build a custom application is suggested. Here’s a list of top Blockchain development companies to help all our readers hire the best service provider according to their requirements. Check out the list mentioned below for more insights. 

What is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain technology is a decentralized ledger responsible for recording and verifying transactions across several computers. The technology relies on a computer network for validating and storing transaction-related data.

The blockchain in simple terms is a chain of blocks where each block carries a list of transactions. Whenever a new transaction takes place, it is added to a block. Once the block is filled with the maximum transactions, it is permanently added to the chain.

Blockchain is highly appreciated for being decentralized and secure. The participating blockchain nodes carry a copy of the entire chain, making tamper data hard.

Blockchain – Stats and Facts

  • The money spent on building blockchain solutions in 2020 was $4.5 billion; it is further expected to touch the benchmark of $19 billion by 2024.
  • In 2018, a blockchain protocol set a record for raising a massive investment worth $4.2 billion through an ICO (Initial Coin Offering).
  • The count of blockchain wallets has crossed the count of 170 million worldwide.
  • As of June 2023, approximately 4,05,376 Bitcoin transactions occur daily.
  • Moving securities to blockchain technology can help save $17 to $24 billion yearly in processing fees.
  • Using Blockchain, the FI (Financial Institutes) can save up to $12 billion annually.

Top blockchain development companies

Octal IT Solution

Octal IT Solution

Octal IT Solution is a leading blockchain app development company with 16+ years of experience. The blockchain experts at Octal IT Solution can help transform your business by building a custom and responsive solution according to your requirements. Developers at Octal IT Solution stay updated with the latest trends and advancements to develop innovative and robust solutions. The company offers various blockchain services, from Consultancy to blockchain application development.

Established Year – 2007

Headquarters – Jaipur, Rajasthan

Number of Employees – 51 to 200

Key Services – Blockchain Development, Mobile App Development, E-commerce and CMS, On-Demand Solutions, Website Designing

Major Clients – IBM, Skype, BMW, Prshots, Oricom



Another best blockchain app development company on our list is Dotsquares. The company has been developing custom blockchain applications for businesses across several industries using innovative technologies. The team of blockchain developers at Dotsquares carries years of experience and expertise that is utilized to develop a creative and tailored solution.

Established Year – 2002

Headquarters – London, England

Number of Employees – 501 to 1,000

Key Services – App Development, CRM Implementation, Game Development, Blockchain App Development, Cloud Solutions

Major Clients – Dunkin Donuts, Travelsoon, Ericsson, Virgin Mobile, Airbnb



LeewayHertz has made its way into the list of our top blockchain development companies by carrying a deep understanding of developing decentralized platforms. The company has helped several startups and businesses integrate secure and reliable decentralized blockchain solutions to automate processes. The custom blockchain solutions developed at LeewayHertz are tailored according to ‌business necessities.

Established Year – 2007

Headquarters – San Francisco, CA

Number of Employees – 51 to 200

Key Services – Blockchain, IoT Development, Artificial Intelligence, Custom Software Development, Enterprise App Modernization

Major Clients – ESPN, 3M, McKinsey, Johnson and Johnson, NASCAR



Having a strong command over blockchain technology, Markovate is another leading blockchain app development company. The company is recognized for developing blockchain wallets, crypto exchanges, and custom applications. The developers at Markovate leverage the latest technologies to build flawless blockchain applications.

Established Year – 2015

Headquarters – San Francisco, California

Number of Employees – 11 to 50

Key Services – Artificial Intelligence, Web Design, Blockchain, UX/UI Design, Mobile App Development

Major Clients – FedEx, Kraft Foods, MedME, Writeback, SmartEats



Another name on our list of best blockchain app development companies is CoinFabrik. Since 2014, the company has successfully worked on 200+ Web3 projects. CoinFabrik has been providing its services to start-ups and tech giants. The service list of CoinFabrik includes consultancy, development, and quality analysis.

Established Year – 2014

Headquarters – Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires, Capital Federal

Number of Employees – 51 to 200

Key Services – Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Crypto Economy, Security Auditing, DeFi

Major Clients – Telegram, RNDR, Xapo, Hubii, MuleSoft

Chain Labs

Chain Labs

Another best company for availing blockchain app development services is Chain Labs. It has single-handedly helped several businesses to integrate blockchain technology for favorable results. Having expertise and a deep understanding of blockchain technology, it can easily design, develop and deploy a custom blockchain solution according to the defined business requirements.

Established Year – 2021

Headquarters – Pune, India

Number of Employees – 2 to 10

Key Services – Web3 Research, Technical Advisory, Smart Contract Development, Blockchain, Web3 Integration

Major Clients – Primobots, Simplr, Daughter of Blockchain, Block Ape Lads



Labrys is recognized as a leading blockchain solution development company. The company is responsible for planning, designing, developing, and deploying the application. The business requirements are also taken care of by the team of developers while building a custom and responsive solution.

Established Year – 2017

Headquarters – Fortitude Valley, Queensland

Number of Employees – 11 to 50

Key Services – Enterprise Blockchain, Smart Contracts, NFT Project Launch, Blockchain Consulting, Cross-Chain Deployments

Major Clients – TracerDAO, NEM, Cloud Nalu, Downer Group, EarthFund DAO



The company is entrusted by hundreds of blockchain startups and businesses for scaling and deploying Blockchain networks and nodes. The team of developers at Zeeve promises to build a secure and reliable blockchain infrastructure. Zeeve also has access to all the tools required for building robust blockchain solutions.

Established Year – 2021

Headquarters – Irvine, California

Number of Employees – 51 to 200

Key Services – Blockchain, Web3 Development, Decentralized App Development, Blockchain Nodes Management, Blockchain Consulting

Major Clients – Polygon, bdc, Fluree, Shardeum, Coreum



Invoblox has managed to make its place on the list of top blockchain service providers by developing and launching multiple blockchain solutions. It has enabled end-to-end traceability of transactions and data with its exclusive and responsive blockchain solutions. Their services can also be availed for developing smart contracts to automate transactions.

Established Year – 2014

Headquarters – Pembroke Pines, Florida

Number of Employees – 201 to 500

Key Services – Blockchain Consultancy, Wallet Development, DAO Blockchain, Smart Contract Development, NFT Marketplace Development

Major Clients – Wolverinu, Airswap, Analog, MintsClub,



Infograins utilizes its years of experience and technological competence to explore your business and identify blockchain integration possibilities. The experts at Infograins promise to develop top-tier blockchain solutions to boost the growth of your businesses. The company actively analyzes a business’s demands and develops a tailored blockchain solution accordingly.

Established Year – 2011

Headquarters – Indore, Madhya Pradesh

Number of Employees – 51 to 200

Key Services – Blockchain Development, Cloud Solutions, Web Development, Mobile App Development, SRE (Site Reliability Engineering)

Major Clients Sliceledger, Bharattoken, Bharatnft



Established Year – 2021

Headquarters – New York, NY

Number of Employees – 51 to 200

Key Services – Blockchain App Development, DeFi Development, Metaverse Development, DAO Development, Wallet Development

Major Clients – Passivo, Monir, BharatPe, Crypto eTrade, Fintex, Met Heavens

Oodles Blockchain

Oodles Blockchain

Having spent years building high-end blockchain solutions for businesses, it is one of the top blockchain development companies. It has helped multiple businesses across various verticals to decentralize, enhance security and bring transparency to operations. Best minds at Blockchain.oodles harness blockchain technology for building a scalable and decentralized application.

Established Year – 2009

Headquarters – Gurugram, Haryana

Number of Employees – 201 to 500

Key Services – Smart Contract Development, Blockchain Development, NFT Development, Hire DevOps Engineers, Fintech Application Development

Major Clients – Sosh NFT, Uhuru, Belrium, A5 Labs, Distinct



Pixelplex has been helping startups and big businesses ‌leverage blockchain technologies and operate with full efficiency. The DLT expertise of the best minds at Pixelplex enables the development of secure and responsive digital solutions for businesses. Pixelplex also leverages other technologies like AI & ML, AR, VR, etc, to build a robust solution that meets the business requirements.

Established Year – 2007

Headquarters – New York, NY

Number of Employees – 51 to 200

Key Services – Blockchain Consulting and Development, BI Solutions, Machine Learning Services, Custom Software Development, Web3 Products

Major Clients – Microsoft, Oracle, QTUM, Kakao, Intel



Another leading blockchain development company in our list is Evacodes, it has been helping businesses to leap forward in the future through innovative and custom blockchain solutions.  Evacodes practices proven methodologies and the latest tech stack to develop a top-tier tailored solution for their clients. The squad of developers at Evacodes is professional and dedicated to helping businesses achieve their goals.

Established Year – 2019

Headquarters – Kiev, Kiev Obl

Number of Employees – 11 to 50

Key Services – Cryptocurrency Development, Smart Contract Development, DeFi, NFT Marketplaces, Crypto Trading Bots

Major Clients – Yop Finance, Synesis One, Crypto Nomadic, X528, Moral City



Last but not least; inc4 is a top blockchain development company that leverages Blockchain to transform businesses i.e., make them more secure, faster, and robust. The inc4 can develop ‌custom solutions for businesses that meet their requirements and help them automate processes and operate efficiently to stand strong in the industry.

Established Year – 2013

Headquarters – Kiev, Kiev

Number of Employees – 51 to 200

Key Services – Smart Contract Development, DevOps, Full-cycle Product Development, Blockchain App Development, NFT

Major Clients – AirDAO, JerHash, Nextadent, Minerall, Open Forest Protocol

What are the benefits of developing blockchain applications for your business?

Developing a blockchain application for a business comes with multiple benefits, and here is a quick look at the same.

Transparency and Decentralization

The applications developed leveraging blockchain technology are decentralized and transparent. It eliminates the requirement of any central authority as it distributes the data among the network nodes. Transparency helps ensure that each participant has similar information to prevent manipulation and fraud.

Highly Secure

Blockchain technology is highly popular for offering enhanced security using its cryptographic techniques. Digital signatures and consensus algorithms are utilized to ensure the security of the data. All these security factors make blockchain highly valuable for industries where data security is important.

Cost Reduction

Leveraging blockchain technology can also help save a lot of resources by automating processes and eliminating the need for intermediaries. Smart contracts are implemented to automate various processes like asset transfer, payments, etc. Automating processes also helps reduce the chances of human errors.


The applications built using blockchain technology also leverage tokens that are further used for representing assets and ownership. Tokenization also enables liquidity, fractional ownership, and fundraising mechanisms i.e. ICO (Initial Coin Offering) and STO (Security Token Offerings). Businesses also get the opportunity to pitch a broader investor base and get funded.

Peer-to-Peer Interaction 

Last but not least, Blockchain technology abolishes the requirement of intermediaries by permitting direct transactions i.e. peer-to-peer. It decreases the costs related to intermediaries and offers more power over transactions. It also unlocks possibilities for new businesses and ecosystems without relying on central authorities.

Which Are the Most Popular Blockchain Platforms?

The list of blockchain platforms is quite long. Therefore, we have filtered all the platforms, and here is the list of the most popular ones. 


It is the first and most popular blockchain platform, used for carrying out peer-to-peer electronic transactions. The platform is highly secure and maintains transparency. It controls its own cryptocurrency aka Bitcoin.


Introduced in 2013, Ethereum is another excellent blockchain platform. Similar to the Bitcoin blockchain, it is decentralized as it boasts the support of smart contracts. However, it lacks processing speed and has a higher transaction processing cost.


This blockchain platform is developed by one of the leading Cryptocurrency exchanges i.e., Binance. BSC aims to offer secure and fast transactions at low fees, making it an excellent choice for developing DeFi applications.


This blockchain platform is well-renowned for emphasizing sustainability, scalability, and security. Thus, it becomes one of the best choices for developing secure and dependable smart contracts and DApps.


It is a multi-chain platform that allows blockchain to share information and interoperate conveniently. Its main focus is to offer interoperability, scalability, and a framework to create custom blockchains, aka parachains.


It is a high-performing blockchain platform diligently designed for developing decentralized applications and cryptocurrencies. The platform offers fast transaction speed and low transaction fees, making it an ideal choice for developing high-throughput applications.


This blockchain platform offers high performance and scalability for decentralized applications. Additionally, it also offers dedicated resources and tools to developers for building and deploying DApps.

Most Popular Use Cases of Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain technology has proven its potential across multiple industries. It has several notable use cases and the list of same is as follows –

Cryptocurrencies and Digital Payments  

The most popular use case of Blockchain is to develop cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin. Blockchain technology has enabled secure and decentralized payments by eradicating the requirement for intermediaries. Cryptocurrency wallet development services are now popular in many parts of the world, thanks to the secure and safe transactions blockchain allows.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

The DeFi marketplace is also leveraging blockchain technology to eliminate the requirement for intermediaries and support peer-to-peer transactions. It involves decentralized borrowing and lending, exchanges, farming, yield, and other financial instruments.

Smart Contracts

Superior blockchain platforms like Ethereum also permit the development of smart contracts. These contracts are executed automatically upon pre-defined activities. It helps automate the process and enhance efficiency. As the processes are automated through smart contracts, it helps save a lot of resources.

Identity Management

Blockchain technology can offer a protected and decentralized framework for organizing and managing digital identities. It allows ‌users to have complete governance of their data. The user also has the option to share the selective data with trusted parties.

Voting Systems 

The voting systems developed leveraging blockchain technology are transparent, secure, and immutable. Recording votes through a blockchain-powered voting system; the results cannot be manipulated or tampered with. It also increases the trust of ‌voters in the democratic process.

Industries investing in blockchain application development

Various industries leverage Blockchain technology for designing, developing, and deploying applications as they come across its potential and benefits. Here are a few industries that are actively investing in blockchain app development.

Finance and Banking

Finance and banking solutions implement Blockchain technology and make it a part of operations in banks, insurance, and payment processors. With the help of blockchain technology, payment can be made securely, and smart contracts help streamline the process and prevent fraud.


Healthcare and medical solutions integrate blockchain technology in their applications to securely manage the data of patients and enhance interoperability between healthcare devices. It also helps improve the security of the data and streamline healthcare processes.

Real Estate

Blockchain technology successfully reshapes the real estate industry by streamlining transactions, augmenting transparency, and allowing fractional ownership with the help of tokenization. Smart contracts are utilized to automate property transfers, rental agreements, etc.

Gaming and Entertainment

Blockchain technology contributes greatly to the gaming and entertainment sector. Leveraging blockchain in developing applications helps with digital asset ownership, a decentralized marketplace, and even in-game economies. It has also enabled gamers to trade their virtual assets and foster new gaming experiences securely.


The agriculture industry is also exploring blockchain technology and finding areas for implementing it. Till now, it is being utilized for tracing foods, reducing the chance of manipulation and fraud in the supply chain, and confirming fair reimbursement for farmers.

How to Choose the Right Blockchain Development Company

The count of blockchain Development Companies is increasing hand-in-hand with the popularity of blockchain technology, making it hard for businesses to filter and pick the best service provider. Thus, here are a few points that can be considered to choose the best Blockchain Development Company.

Fits in your Budget

Every blockchain development service provider has fixed pricing for their services. Similarly, service seekers also have a fixed budget to avail of the services. Thus, it becomes important to ensure being on the same page with the service provider regarding the project’s pricing and budget.

Examine Experience and Expertise

Blockchain is a complex technology to understand and master. Thus, developing an application leveraging blockchain requires expertise and years of experience. Therefore, ensure examining the expertise and experience of the blockchain app development company by interviewing, asking relevant questions, etc.

Have a Look at Their Portfolio

The top blockchain app development companies are in the habit of maintaining portfolios. It is the collection of the projects and achievements they accomplished throughout their service years. Thus, checking the portfolio becomes the best option for evaluating the expertise of the company.

Ensure Excellent Reviews and Ratings

Last but not least, also check out the reviews and ratings of the blockchain app development company as it directly represents the quality of the services and reliability. Always prefer a company that has good ratings and reviews. The reviews can be valued to gauge the worthiness of the company.

How much does it cost to hire a blockchain Development Company?

The cost of hiring a Blockchain Development Company is not fixed. The hiring cost is hinged on various dynamics like the developer’s origin, app features, app complexity, requirement, etc. The formula to calculate the hiring cost of a blockchain development company is to multiply the developer’s per-hour charges by the project’s longevity.

Moving forward, the per-hour charges of a developer fluctuate a lot depending upon their location. The developers belonging to North America usually charge from $45 to $65, whereas ‌developers from Latin America charge less i.e. $35 to $55. Developers belonging from South Asia charge even less i.e. $28 to $40.

Regarding project longevity, the time utilized in developing a blockchain application also plays a major role in deciding the hiring cost. The time consumed in app development depends on the app’s features, complexity, and business requirements. Thus, quoting the exact cost to develop an application or hire a development company is impossible.

Anyhow, you can prefer to get in touch with us and we will use our expertise to analyze your project and the estimated cost required for the same.

What is the process for hiring a top blockchain development company?

The process of hiring a blockchain development company needs to be executed prudently. Thus, here is a quick guide to help with the hiring process.

Plan your project requirements.

The initial step of hiring a blockchain app development company includes outlining the requirements of the project. Take your time defining the functionalities, features, and goals of the blockchain application you look forward to developing and deploying. Pre-defining the project requirement helps the app development company better understand the project and its goal.

Investigate and shortlist companies

Secondly, you need to start looking out for blockchain app development in the market and start filtering them based on their capability and expertise. Cream off the companies that have a verified record of developing blockchain applications. Run your eyes through the company’s portfolio, reviews, and ratings to gauge its expertise and dependability.

Weigh and Connect with Companies

Once you have narrowed down the list of the best blockchain app development companies, it’s time to connect with the companies and discuss your idea, requirement, and budget. Prefer engaging and questioning them related to your project and their portfolio. The expert and experienced app development companies will answer all your questions excellently.

Proposal and Cost Estimate

Once all the shortlisted companies are evaluated, take a step forward and request proposals from the blockchain development companies.  The proposals will include all the project-related information like – projected cost, deadline, deliverables, and plan towards managing the project. Further, the proposals can be examined, and based on the proposals you can hire the company offering the best blockchain app development services.

Negotiation and signing the deal

Once you have finalized the blockchain development company to develop your application, it’s time to negotiate the deal in terms of pricing, deadline, approach, etc. Prefer sending a counteroffer to the development company to negotiate the terms and conditions of the deal. Ensure being on the same page as the app development firm while signing the deal. Legal advice for managing paperwork can also be availed in necessary.

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