Joomla is one of the most popular open-source frameworks among developers, and the fame continues with the mounting requirements of Joomla experts. The community of dedicated Joomla developers is growing daily owing to its rich features and capability to highly interactive Joomla CMS development. 

PHP-based open-source Joomla has been designed to develop simple websites to high-end dynamic web applications such as online community portals and e-commerce websites. The supremacy of Joomla can be calculated by the fact that it has been downloaded more than 31 million times to date, and these statistics make it the second most prominent CMS. Taking its significance to another level, the latest version of Joomla, i.e., 4.2.5, was released just a month ago to offer users better and more convenient access.

What is the CMS (Content Management System)?

A content management system (CMS) is a web-based program that enables numerous users with varying access levels to manage (all or a portion of) the content, data, or information of a website project.

To manage content, one must create, modify, archive, publish, collaborate on, report, and distribute website material, data, and information.

Why Joomla CMS Development?

Developers often choose Joomla over other CMS for the ease and comfort of usability it offers. Most developers see it as a time and effort-saving solution to manage the content that goes over the internet. 

(1) Cost-Effective

For a business of any magnitude, cost efficiency is the topmost priority. As Joomla is open-source, there is no call for extra expenditure to purchase the license worth thousands of dollars – to convert the coding according to your requirements. It is open source and, therefore, is available for free. You can cut the cost even more if you outsource development work or hire mobile app developers to work on the Joomla framework.

  • A distinctive volunteer community that supports and maintains Joomla and believes that it should always be freely accessible to everyone responsible for its development.
  • In addition, Joomla is surrounded by a large ecosystem of extension developers, designers, integrators, copywriters, support staff, system/server administrators, and individuals from all facets of the IT industry who fervently promote Free Forever Open Source Solutions.
  • For free, you can use the knowledge and experience that programmers worldwide have developed over thousands of hours. Being free and open source also means switching webmasters without rebuilding your website!

(2) Save Time

Joomla codes are optimally organized and can be modified with the assistance of any proficient Joomla developer. The platform also offers clean and clear codes that make the WebPages, Search Engine friendly.

(3) Safe and Secure

Security gets high stakes with cyber penetration and hacking. Joomla’s versions have various advanced security features crucial to protecting important business details from threats.

(4) Flexible platform

There are excellent templates accessible, most of which are free. With this there are paid templates with top-notch customer service. Without writing a single line of code, you may alter colors, fonts, layouts, and features using the graphical user interface (GUI) that many templates offer.

It is simple to design customized solutions, such as Custom Layouts, thanks to the layout and overrides of the system and built-in extendable functions.

  • Language is dominant
  • overriding a template
  • Additionally, custom CSS.

Learning Joomla is a snap because of the abundance of free material and video tutorials available on various sites. 

Joomla has an official wiki at

Joomla cms development

(5) Strong PHP-based Applications

In addition to being a CMS, Joomla is a reliable and compact PHP framework that enables you to create web and command-line applications. Joomla CMS Development Framework is simple to use and expand to meet your needs. There is no requirement to install the CMS to use the framework because they are independent. Our problem tracker is a fantastic illustration of what the Joomla Framework can accomplish.

(6) Develop in Your Language

Developing multilingual websites with Joomla is a quick and uncomplicated procedure thanks to the over 70 translation packs available for the core and the out-of-the-box support for multilingual content management and language relationships.

(7) SEO-Friendly Solution

Powerful SEO tools are already built and available in Joomla to help you build solutions that can be easily found.

  • With sitemaps, develop a menu that is clear, and consistent.
  • It automatically produces an alias for its default PHP string each time you create an article or menu item so that links to specific pages are both user- and search-engine-friendly.
  • Adjust the SEO settings for your content to offer it the best possible availability and searchability by allowing each menu item to have its meta description, keywords, and robot settings. 

(8) Grow the Right Way

Joomla’s flexibility and scalability enable your website or application to stay up as your company grows from a new business zone to a fully functional Fortune 500 company. Joomla lets you scale without difficulty and add new features as you grow.

If you need a platform that doesn’t succumb to complex requirements, Joomla CMS development is your best choice. An Integrated Access Control List feature allows you to set access rights for various user types. Thanks to translation packs, your website may be multilingual right out of the box. Create high-quality, long-lasting, and extensible solutions using the well-documented API and robust code base. You can expect a modern experience using contemporary methods and minimal prerequisites like PHP 7. x (needed as of Joomla 4)

These are some of the top benefits of using Joomla for your web app development. The open-source framework is growing in popularity for the great benefits it offers.

Key features of Joomla CMS development?

On the Joomla extensions directory; you can find thousands of third-party extensions that have been validated to work with Joomla (i.e., There are numerous premium templates accessible, most of which are open source. The adoption of premium themes that include assistance is also an option, though. We may create several user interfaces using templates and alter their colors, font styles, layouts, functionalities, etc.

Here are some of the dominant features that Joomla offers: 


Over 70 languages are available in Joomla, one of the most frequently used and acclaimed open-source, multilingual CMS platforms worldwide. Without leaving the Joomla platform, a website can be developed and delivered in other languages. With the use of Joomla’s core functionality, it is possible within the Joomla CMS development platform. It aids website creators in opening up their work to a much wider audience and improving accessibility.


Individuals, teams of top engineers, and business experts who actively participate in the forums and offer free assistance make up the Joomla team. You may develop, maintain, and sell your Joomla projects with several qualified Joomla development services providers. A validated directory of such resources can be found inside the Joomla community.

Simple Updates

Updating the website is a constant task for the developers. A built-in updater in Joomla makes it simple for users to perform updates without needing technical expertise. It has the incredibly user-friendly “One Click Version Update” capability.

The Joomla extension and the core program use this capability. Updating your software is always the most excellent option for protecting your web assets. When a new version of Joomla becomes available, it also sends an email notification.

Joomla CMS Development

System for Integrated Help

Every level of user can benefit from Joomla’s contextual in-app help feature to learn how to utilize the platform. Most pages have a help button in the top right corner that allows readers to learn more about all the options on that page. A version checker ensures that you are using the most recent version, and a system information tool aids problem-solving. Links to many online resources, including the Joomla User Forum and Documentation, are accessible if you still need assistance.

Banner Management

With the aid of banner management, it is also possible to quickly add advertising and monetize the website. Using the banner management tool, you can make campaigns and clients. You have the opportunity to add however many banners you require. You can do many other things with it, like track clicks, set impression numbers, and add custom codes.

Media Directory

It is possible to upload, arrange, and manage media files and directories using the media manager. When using customizable MIME settings, handling a wider variety of file formats is possible. The media management is built into the article editor, making it simple for users to access the photographs and other media assets for enhancing the textual material.

Contact Management

You can add several contacts, departments, and categories using the contact management tool. It includes additional information and standard contact information, such as an image. You can create a contact form. Either make a list of the chosen contacts or restrict access to a few registered users or the general public.

Visitors may easily find what they want on your website with a built-in search tool or smart search function. You can check user needs to further streamline your material to better meet their needs. Additionally, you can use the built-in intelligent indexing, advanced search features, auto-suggest searches, etc. These characteristics define the Joomla search tool as a qualified search engine tool.

Management of content

Joomla CMS development has numerous great features that make it more accessible for users to organize and manage information effectively. The WYSIWYG editor, which stands for “What You See Is What You Get,” makes creating material incredibly simple. Thanks to its simplicity, users can edit the information without knowing how to code. 

After creating the content, you can utilize many pre-installed modules to display popular articles, the most recent articles, relevant themes, etc. to handle the contents, you don’t need to learn any syntax or remember any specifics about the modules because the user interface takes care of it.

Final Editing

You can make changes to the content easily. As you browse your website, if you see any errors or other changes, modify them easily. You need not log in to the administrator part to make minor changes to the contents and modules. By selecting the “edit” option from the front end, you may easily carry it out.

Effective Extensions

Joomla comes with more than 7500 extensions to expand the functionality of your website. You can find “n” ways in which Joomla helps you grow your business using the Joomla extension finder or Joomla Extensions Directory.  

These are some of the fantastic features of Joomla that make it one of the most loved CMS software amongst businesses and developers alike. The biggies worldwide use Joomla CMS development to save time and cost and offer excellent services.

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Top Websites using Joomla CMS Development


In terms of documentation, software, technical queries, and how-tos for desktop, laptop, mobile, and netbook platforms, is the central location for this information. It is designed with a 1.5 Joomla template that has been altered. The Frontpage Slideshow and Community Answers are the only two Joomla extensions used.

While the Community Answers extension enables the Linux team to quickly find questions from visitors and users in various categories and respond to them all at once, Frontpage Slideshow allows visitors to view the most recent news and information in the page’s center.

(2) Ikea

The most renowned furniture retailer has assembled and used Joomla websites. With offices worldwide and a headquarters in Sweden, this company is known for its high-quality furnishings. It needs the strength of the top CMS platform because it makes some of the best furnishings. It’s also no surprise that it selected Joomla, the best CMS available, for the job.

(3) Holiday Inn 

Holiday Inn is a British-owned American hotel chain that operates approximately 1,145 properties worldwide. It is a division of the InterContinental Hotels Group. Its website is easy to use and has a beautiful, straightforward design. Moreover, who supplies the power? Joomla. Yes, the Joomla CMS platform powers the hotel website.

(4) The Hill

An online newspaper for Congress, The Hill publishes news and reports about legislative proceedings. It has a specialized template and was constructed with Joomla version 1.5. In an organized fashion, it includes blogs, news, and videos. It currently only uses the Disqus Comment Joomla extension, which makes it simple for its readers to leave comments on a webpage.

(5) Harvard School

The educational institution Harvard University is well-known throughout the world. The Joomla 2.5 platform was used to create this website, which also features a unique template. It comes with a K2 extension that makes it simple to create website content for posting the latest news and announcements and showing pictures to visitors and students.

Other than these, most government websites are built on Joomla generally. 

Why Hire Dedicated Joomla Developer for Joomla CMS Development?

Joomla is one of the most popular content management systems to develop a user-friendly website. The PHP scripting-based open source Joomla is cost-effective and feature-loaded, thus it has become popular among PHP developers and ruling the market these days. Web development companies and business owners are choosing Joomla CMS to avail of the manifold benefits offered by it. Apart from all the cost-effective factors, a big investment is not required for a Joomla-based website.

Hiring a dedicated Joomla developer for Joomla CMS development is the best option available, with the escalating growth of E-commerce and online business there are a number of companies offering dedicated hiring services including Octal IT Solution.

The Advantage of hiring a dedicated Joomla developer is given below

Cost-Effective Development

By hiring a dedicated Joomla developer from a development company you can save up to 60% amount by reducing additional managerial costs such as infrastructure setup and training expenses. You can expect affordable services while hiring a developer. This is major because there are no software costs involved in the development process. Besides, the entire content management system works for free, so there are no overcharges as well.

High-End Quality

By hiring a dedicated Joomla developer from a development company can be assured of quality as these Joomla programmers are already experienced enough to deliver quality standards. Clients can look forward to a website that includes the latest functionalities, and attributes while staying in pace with the ever-increasing competition.

Saves Time

By outsourcing your project to a Joomla development company, you need not look forward to the skilled workforce, which saves you a lot of time and money. Besides that, a good web development company employs a strategically planned approach towards your projects to utilize time as effectively as possible.


Being one of the leading CMS platforms out there, Joomla offers a variety of features to the developers as well as business owners. This platform is highly secured and offers a wide range of extensions and themes to use. Therefore, Joomla CMS development is a profitable idea.

If you want to build a feature-rich Joomla website, contact our skilled developers for high-end Joomla CMS development services.

Joomla CMS Development

Frequently Asked Questions 

What various Joomla components are there?

With the help of the content management system (CMS) Joomla, you may build a new website or blog from the start or enhance an already-existing one. A robust search engine, a customizable user interface, and the flexibility to upload your own content are just a few of the many features Joomla offers to simplify building and managing websites. Below is a list of the various components that make up Joomla.

Which framework does Joomla employ?

Millions of people use the content management system (CMS) known as Joomla worldwide. It has various features and possibilities and is a well-liked alternative for small and large enterprises. Based on the well-liked PHP programming language.

What are the benefits of Joomla CMS Development?

Joomla CMS development offers a wide range of options, such as (1) It is Cost-Effective, (2) It Saves Time, (3) It is Safe and Secure, (4) It is a Flexible platform, (5) It provides Strong PHP-based Applications, (6) It lets you Develop in Your Language, (7) It provides SEO-Friendly Solution, and (8) It lets you Grow the Right Way.

What are the key features of Joomla CMS Development?

Some of the notable features of Joomla are: 1. Multilingual, 2. Well-Supported, 3. Simple Updates, 4. System for Integrated Help, 5. Banner Management, 6. Media Directory, 7. Contact Management, 8. Search, 9. Management of content, 10. Final Editing, 11. Effective Extensions, etc.

What Top Websites are using Joomla CMS Development?

Some of the top websites using Joomla CMS Development are (1) LINUX, (2) Ikea, (3) Holiday Inn, (4) The Hill, and (5) Harvard School.

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