The concept of the betting app has been in tradition for a long time. Remember in your childhood days how you’d bet candies if Barcelona would win or Manchester? Betting has been in the market since sports have been. With time, it only has transformed in various ways. Needless to say, it can be used as the most prominent source of making money. Do you also want to know about Sports betting software developmentCompany with cost and key features and Online Sports Betting App Development Services then keep reading this article.

This mechanism has resulted in a secular shift in mobile apps and sports betting software development. Since they cover almost all of the industrial landscape, this is why betting apps are not to be left behind, even though it is not a new concept either.

Mobile apps such as William Hills and Bet 365 have gained an immense reputation worldwide and even escalated huge sports betting mobile app development advancements. These apps may vary based on architecture, features, and betting methods, but they should be capable enough to cater to an amazing user experience. Now we will discuss sports betting software development that allow users to bet on different sports. All the users can select the sports for which they want to bet. The live matches, scores, and predictions will be on the screen.

Therefore, if you have a betting app idea, you will find here all the basic features in similar mobile apps. The right technologies are lined up in the post along with all the cost standards.

Why Invest in Online Sports Betting App Development – Market Size

  • The worldwide market size for sports betting and lotteries reached $194.63 billion in 2021.
  • The Macao soccer sports lottery alone generated gross revenue of 415 million Macao patacas in 2021.
  • The global sports betting industry grew to a market size of $242 billion in 2022.
  • The global industry’s value was $61.5 billion in 2021 and is projected to rise to $114.4 billion by 2028.
  • The estimated number of online sports bettors in the United States is expected to increase from 19 million in 2022 to 23.1 million in 2023.
  • Source

Top Fantasy Sports Apps to Get Inspired

sports betting app development

BetMGM Sportsbook App | DraftKings Sports Betting App | FanDuel Sports Betting App

WynnBET Sports Betting App | Bet 365 Sports Betting Apps | BetWay Sports Betting Apps

Let’s Understand Sports Betting Types

Below are some of the standardized betting types.

Singles: In this type of bet, you place a wager on a single event or outcome. For example, you might bet on a specific team to win a game or a particular player to score a goal.

Parlay: Also known as an accumulator or combo bet, a parlay involves combining multiple selections into a single bet. To win, all the individual selections in the parlay must be correct. This type of bet offers higher potential payouts but carries a higher risk since a single incorrect prediction results in the entire bet being lost.

Head to Head: This type of bet involves selecting one competitor or team to outperform another in a specific event or match. It is commonly used in individual sports such as tennis or boxing, where you predict the winner of a match between two participants.

Totals (Over/Under): In this type of bet, you wager on whether the total combined score, goals, points, or any other measurable outcome in a game or match will be over or under a specific predetermined value set by the bookmaker.

Handicaps: Handicap betting is when the bookmaker gives an advantage or disadvantage to a team or player before the start of an event. This is done to level the playing field, especially when a perceived imbalance exists between the competitors. The handicap can be expressed as adding or subtracting points or goals from a team’s final score.

Patent: A patent bet consists of seven separate wagers involving three selections. It includes three singles, three doubles, and one treble. This type of bet increases the chances of winning compared to a single bet, but the stake is higher since multiple bets are placed.

Yankee: A Yankee bet is a multiple bet that combines four selections into 11 different wagers. It includes six doubles, four trebles, and one four-fold accumulator. At least two selections must win for you to see a return on your bet.

Tricast: Tricast betting involves predicting the first, second, and third-place finishers in a specific race or competition. It is a challenging bet type to win but offers potentially high returns if your predictions are correct.

Each Way: An each-way bet consists of two separate wagers – one for a win and one for a place. If your selection wins the event, both the win and place bets are successful. If your selection places but does not win, only the place bet pays out, usually at a fraction of the odds.

Multiples: Multiples, also known as combination or accumulator bets, involve combining multiple selections into a single bet. The bet wins if all the individual selections are correct. The potential payout increases with each added selection, but the risk increases since all selections must be accurate.

Double: A double bet involves placing a wager on two separate selections, and both selections must win for the bet to be successful. If one of the selections loses, the entire bet is lost.

Treble: A treble bet involves selecting three separate outcomes, and all three selections must win to succeed. If any of the selections lose, the entire bet is lost.

HIre Sports Betting App Developers

Key Features of Sports Betting Mobile App

When talking about sports betting mobile app development, you must be aware of the features you want to include in your application. Let your hybrid app developers ensure that the product you carry to the market is well-defined and developed, considering your target audience in mind.

Online Sports Betting App Development – User Panel

Our sports betting software development company and betting software development experts often integrate a few things with your product. It makes it convenient for the customers to log in and use the application according to their ease.

Sign-in: This is the basic section of the app where users will land. They can register in the app by using their social networks or email account credentials.

Live Scores: The basic screen of the app where logged users will land, and they can view the live scores of the matches they are interested to bet in.

Notifications with Results: Under this section, all the notifications about the player’s performance and the conclusions are sent to the user.

Betting Tips: The information related to betting is displayed in this section. Users can get information regarding the betting prices, sports included, and the payment invested.

Select the Sport: Users can select the game on which they want to bet. All the teams are displayed according to their provided data and team. The corresponding betting prices are also showcased to allow the user to bet with the utmost ease.

Select the Betting Types: Under this section, users can select the different betting types and can play with any of the selected methodologies. They can even select betting categories according to the game on which they are betting.

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Calendars, Days, and Schedules: Under this section, users can view and store all the upcoming match schedules and the dates and times. Users get the notification when the match date is nearby so that they can plan the betting activities accordingly.

Select the betting patterns: This is the most basic section of betting software. Users can select betting patterns at their own convenience. Find some of the major betting patterns below:

  • Always check the river
  • Check-raising
  • Folding on the Flop
  • Call, Call, Raise
  • Same bet size on the turn as the flop
  • Check/call, small bet on the turn
  • Check/call, check min-raise
  • Check/insta-call, check/insta-call pause on the river bet
  • Min bet, min bet, big river bet
  • Pre-flop raise of 4x+ from someone who usually limps or raises
  • 3xPre-flop open limp from an aggressive player who always raises
  • A player who always continues to bet the flop and now checks

Digging a Little Deeper into Online Sports Betting App Development

You should include These interesting features in your betting software development for better results. Along with these features, you need to make sure you want to add something to your betting application to make it easier for you to reach your audience and earn better.

Know the Rank: This analyzes the overall position of the user. He can check the information regarding the money status, and whether the open bet is still available. The Sports betting Software developers reflect on which team lies where and bring it clearly to the notice betting is more profitable.

Communication: Users will be able to communicate with other users as well. They can communicate about the basic price standards and the foreseen match predictions. This would make it easier for you to earn better results in less time.

Final & Current Results: All the latest notifications regarding the creation of a new pool by the admin or about the user’s status (Win or lose) are delivered. Significantly, your app is up-to-date all the while, and we make sure that what you get makes it easier for you to earn high ROI.

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Online Sports Betting Mobile App – Admin Panel

Login: This is the basic section of the app. The admin can register in the app with the help of self-created credentials.

Dashboard: Under this section, the admin can manage the number of registered users and the betting prices for the different games.

User Management: The admin can add new users and view all their details, such as ongoing money standards, the amount invested, and the sports they participate in.

Marketing & Monetization Tools: Under this segment, the admin manages all the app monetization strategies. The admin tracks and verifies advertisements, promotions, and in-app purchases.

Odds from the Major Bookies: The Admin can set the prices according to the bookies’ standards and determine the probability of winning in an event. He can decide the sports and the price of betting. Furthermore, the admin creates the password and notifies the start and end time whenever the betting starts. The admin governs all the users, and he can activate or deactivate them as required. He can add new pools as well and can edit the existing ones. All the associated sports details are fetched from a third-party API and the admin can add the different sports as required with the betting prices.

Content Management System: The admin is responsible for managing the content of the static pages such as about us, how it works, Terms of use, FAQs, etc.

Email Templates Manager: The admin controls the content of the email templates and notifies the users in case of some specific events such as forgetting passwords, sending activation emails, etc.

Game Management: In case the app offers a unique game with a new concept of betting then the new criteria can be prescribed by the admin. All the information about the event and the probability of winning can be imported from external sources such as Betradar, Betgenius, etc.

Advanced Features to Consider for Sports Betting App Development

Watch Real-Time Matches: Now, here we are taking the concept of betting software development to a new level. The aforementioned attributes can be said to be countable, but when you are looking to deliver more advanced betting sports betting software solutions, you definitely cannot miss showcasing real-time matches. This greatly helps to witness the actual progress of the matches and delivers the scores on a real-time basis.

Pay and Bet Instantly: This is a great way of augmenting user participation while betting. According to the performance delivered by the players, users can instantly bet in a very convenient way. For instance, instant betting can be done on football games and tennis as every playing ball.

Promotions: Your apps need promotions in case you want to publicize them. Keep the users informed about recent activities through intuitive ads and properly designed notifications. You can deliver the latest sports trends and scores to provide a dynamic experience to the users.

View Match Details: Now, this is certainly a very important feature. It will eradicate the chances of missing a particular match, on which your users are waiting to bet. All the reminders related to the date and times of the matches are delivered to the users so that they can schedule their betting activities.

Multi-lingual Solutions: This feature befits your betting software when you are planning to make it more scalable. You earn an impressive app reputation and the users feel pretty comfortable operating the app in their native languages, therefore, opening your app with languages like English, French, German, etc. can make your app quite dominating in the niche.

Offline Connection for Better Results: Well, smooth connectivity is a very important attribute of a betting app. In such apps, users are required to be in touch with all the sports events so as to bet instantly. In case, the app goes offline, users may lose the bet. Therefore, in such situations where every minute of the game is important, the app should be able to work offline for a few hours until the users find some other source of internet connection.

Radio: Integrating the radio can be said as an astute decision during sports betting software development. It helps to keep users attuned with all the latest information regarding match activities and events. Users can stream the radio in order to capture ideation related to offers, promotions, attractive deals, and price standards.

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Back End Connection: A betting mobile app needs to show the updated data every minute when the users refresh the app. It must be capable enough to display the data at a very high speed. Therefore, in such a scenario, implementing the latest technologies such as Cassandra, and PostgreSQL is a must for developing a robust and sound back-end infrastructure. However, sticking to frameworks such as Python and JavaScript is better.

These features make it easier for you to stand out from the competition and enter the market with unique and interesting sports betting software solutions that would drive traffic and help you generate great ROI.

What Technologies Are Required for Sports Betting Software Development?

The advanced technology stack that is used for sports betting software development helps us build a strong and loyal clientele that trusts our expertise in the field. We have been in the market for over a decade and have established ourselves as one of the best mobile app development service providers in the market.

  • Dumbest-for retrieving real-time sports information
  • ESPN-for live matches
  • Tippin- for soccer betting and predictions
  • APNS- For delivering push notifications
  • Kotlin and Swift -for programming the Android and iOS apps, respectively
  • MongoDB-For managing the user queries, betting, and other related information. All the betting information is updated and controlled by the admin and the same is shared over the live hosting servers.
  • Sports Betting Software Developers/ Sports Betting App Developers
  • APNS-( Apple push notifications/FCM( Firebase cloud messaging) For Push Notifications
  • Twilio, Sinch, Nexmo -For SMS, Voice and Phone Verification
  • GWT -For Powerful Programming
  • DataStax-For Data Management
  • Mail Chimp Integration, Mandrill -For everything related to emails
  • Debian, Macintosh, Ubuntu, CentOS -The Universal Operating System
  • Database -MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra, Postgres
  • Cloud Environment -AWS and Google
  • Realtime Analytics-Hadoop, Spark, BigData, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM
  • ALGORITHM: Sports Prediction Algorithm:
  • Tools to calculate true odds of a sports event:
  • Football Prediction Algorithm: Betegy

Other than technology, there are many more things we need to take care of when working on and with sports betting software development company.

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Things to Be Taken Care Of When Developing Sports Betting Software

Analyze the Requirements

Well, experienced gamblers and professionals know how to bet. They are already aware of the risk that might occur during betting. But what if, in case, the fresher comes in there for the betting? He will play without any details and will lose the game followed by the app uninstall. Now you can save users from such a situation. An app like William Hills will provide the users with all the match updates, teams, and the players involved and keeps them updated about the entire previous betting scenario. This way they might not win the bet, but they will certainly be equipped with the professional knowledge required for winning further bettings.

Focus on Quality

Now, this is something that really plays a major role in developing a sports betting app similar to William Hill. Your app must adhere to all the relevant UI/UX standards and should be capable enough to load and refresh faster. It must also offer an amazing user experience to keep the users attuned. An app delivering simplicity with high-quality standards for sure embraces high user attention.

Ensure Security

Certainly, when you are investing money, the app needs to have secured and inbuilt payment transaction models. All the depositing-related concerns must be taken well care of along with all the money withdrawal options. William Hill App comes with kiosks for making the transaction. Thus integrate your app with the secure payment gateways to maintain the overall app integrity.

Hire Experience Sports Betting Software Developer

Developing a sports betting software or sports betting website development and sports betting mobile apps development requires the best Sports betting app development company with technical expertise and in-depth sports betting know-how. Hiring an experienced sports betting app development company that can develop feature-rich mobile apps and consult you in the right direction is always advised.

Cost of Sports Betting Mobile App Development:

The cost to develop an app for sports betting and sports betting website development can be evaluated with the aid of three factors: App complexity, the number of dedicated platforms required by the app, and the country of the mobile app development team. The reason is that different countries come with their own budget ratios. For instance:

  • U.S.-based sports betting app developers: $50 to $250 per hour
  • Eastern Europe-based sports developers: $30 to $150 per hour
  • India-based sports betting app developers: $10 to $80 per hour

Find the below-defined estimate for your app as well (for developing a reasonable app, with limited features and Android coding, the cost in India can be calculated based on the below bifurcation of involved activities).

  • Technical documentation: (40 hours – $1000 to $2000)
  • UI/UX design: (60 Hours – $1500 to $3000)
  • Front-end and Back-end development: (400 Hours – $30,000 to $ 40,000)
  • MVP testing: (80 Hours – $2000 to $4000)
  • Polishing and bug fixing: (40 hours – $1000 to $2000)

Sports betting app development Services and sports betting mobile apps development like William Hill can cost around $30,000 to $50,000. However, in case you are looking for a more sophisticated betting mobile app, it may cost around $70,000, but then for sure chances of your app becoming a hit increase.

Wrapping It All Up!

Sports betting software development and sports betting website development is a great idea to monetize the love of games in people. It is important that when you decide to enter the market with interesting Sports Betting App Development Company and sports betting software development, it is technologically advanced and helps you build a strong user base. Over the years we have helped businesses with similar apps and would be happy to help you too with a happy result.


How to Select the Right Sports Betting App Development Company?

To select the right sports betting app development company, check these points: 
1. Portfolio
2. Testimonials and Reviews 
3. Techstack 
4. Experience and Expertise 
5. Similar Solutions

How to Build a Sports Betting App?

To create a sports betting app, we follow an agile methodology with these steps involved:
1. Market Research 
2. Audience Segmentation
3. Requirement Finalizing
4. UI/UX Design
5. Development 
6. Testing 
7. Iteration 
8. Deployment

Which technology is used to develop sports betting apps and websites?

As we talk about the technology user for developing a sports betting app it may vary as per the client requirements.  Some of the advanced technologies we use for the development of sports betting apps are cryptocurrency integration, VR technology, Big Data analytics, automation systems, and others.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Sports Betting Developer?

A Sports Betting App may cost somewhere around $30k to $85k.

Is Sports Betting Legal in My State?

Every state has different laws for sports betting.

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