Fantasy sports mobile applications have revolutionized the gaming and business industry changes. Other than cricket, Football is a game that holds a great fan base from all parts of the world. As per the last estimations, 4 billion die-hard fans are connected with football. People are very passionate and enthusiastic about watching and playing football. Hence a fantasy football application will certainly enhance the enjoying experience for all its fans. Fantasy football app development has gained immense popularity over the years. A lot of business owners are impressed with the potential the field has to offer. Over the years, the experts have experimented with various technologies and features and are now ready to bring some innovative and highly engaging applications to the table.

Moreover providing a platform where they can also make some money while enjoying the game. Businesses and entrepreneurs who have invested in fantasy football application development have certainly made good fortune.

As per the recent market statistics, the fantasy football sports market will witness a 13.24% growth in revenue with the global market size estimated to reach USD 33 billion in 2025 from USD 14 billion in 2019. 

Also as per the Fantasy Sports Trade Association reports in 2021, 60 plus million people were using Fantasy Sports only in Canada and the USA. Football is a world-famous sport and its popularity is increasing daily.

Fantasy Football App Development: Market Overview Before the Big Start

Fantasy Premier League hosted by Premier League is the world’s largest fantasy football game. Before you contact the mobile app development team to develop fantasy football apps like NFL, and ESPN, Let’s look at the market numbers. These numbers are a clear reflection of the bright future of such applications.

As per the reports of 2021 the Premier League season, there were 8 million active users from all parts of the globe and the number is increasing. The United States football league was scheduled on April 16, 2022; called a matter of glimpse between American fans and players. 

Europe is the largest football market in the world in terms of revenue and overall competition. The UEFA champions league for 2021-22, starts in February, with its 67th season on the air. The UEFA, the main administrative body for football in Europe alone, generated total revenue of over 3.86B Euros from clubs like the Champions League in the 2020-21 season.

Five of the world’s most prestigious national soccer leagues (the “Big Five”) are in Europe—the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, and Ligue 1 in France. As per the Statista report 2020/21 “Big Five” football season, European football’s total revenue is estimated with a market size of 6.1 billion euros. 

These statistics and figures clearly state that the fantasy football market is big and is a pool of great business opportunities. Fantasy football application development needs experience and effort from the individual for well-structured work. If you are looking forward to earning profits from your new venture look at the feature sets and develop something innovative that would set you apart from your competition.

Understanding the Business Model of Fantasy Football

Any business is built to earn profits. Before discussing how to make a fantasy football application, let’s have a quick look at the business model. How could you earn from starting such a business? 

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The application earns money by charging the users a certain amount as an entry fee when they are willing to join a contest.

  • From the entire fee the application charges, 20% is deducted as the commission and the remaining 80% gets distributed among the match winners.
  • For example, there are 50 users and the entry fee is 500. So the total fee sums up to 50*500= 25000.
  • 20% of 25000, which is 5000, adds to the application’s revenue, and the rest is given to the league winners.

Along with these, other monetization schemes like advertising and sponsorships would help you earn more and better. With a well-planned strategy and easy-to-use application, you can rest assured that your application can help you earn great profits.

Monetization Opportunity with Fantasy Mobile Application 

As mentioned before fantasy sports app development has a lot of interesting solutions that make it easier for people to get involved. One can easily look for monetization strategies when working on their fantasy football league app.

Developing applications on multiple platforms

If you are willing to cover a wide range of the market, then the application should be developed for both android and iOS. The fantasy sports application on multiple platforms gives a great user base and helps attain the primary objective- engaging more users and earning higher revenues.


By including third-party in-app advertisements, the application owner can earn good revenue by charging a certain amount for a click.

eStore Integration

The prominent practice used by various online platforms to engage users with the application is eStore integration. The users can browse sports-related stuff. Every transaction made from the application generates a certain commission for the application owner.

Offering free leagues

To attract more users to the application free leagues are offered. Initially, the users are new to the interface and by free leagues, they get a clear understanding of the application. Hence this method helps to get more users.

These highly rewarding and revenue-driving strategies can help you survive the market easily. If fantasy football mobile app development is done correctly, you can get the best results quickly. 

How Does Fantasy Football Sports Application Work?

One major challenge in fantasy football software development is workflow. The application that reaches the end-user must be easy to use and fun to stay connected with. If we fail in either aspect the user would abandon the application soon. Our experts with their experience and expertise have developed a workflow process that would add to the popularity of your application in the market.

The workflow of the fantasy football sports application is as follows:

  • The users initially need to complete the registration by filling out the signup form or may link their social accounts like Gmail, or Facebook to complete the registration process.
  • While registering for the application the user has two options either to make a fresh start or may enter a referral code shared by friends or family members to earn some reward points.
  • To start playing, a user must enter a league that requires entry fees for participation, and cash prizes are distributed to the winners.
  • Once a user has joined a league the next step is to draft a football team. There are many ways in which a team can be drafted. The most prominently used ways are Serpentine, Auction-based, and offline drafting.
  • For building a team, the user has a particular budget. Each player has a specific price tag. The user has to select the players within the specified budget only.
  • Once the team is locked, then no further modifications can be made.
  • The user can easily analyze the team’s performance from their dashboard.
  • On the completion of the match, reward points are distributed to the players as per their performance. The user, whose team earned the highest points, wins the league.

Creating a fantasy football application may seem easy, but working on its feature set and workflow needs experience and expertise. If you want any modifications to the above-discussed pattern our experts would be more than happy to integrate it. 

Our team gets involved with the clients, understands their needs, and then comes up with a reliable and trustworthy response to the complete work. 

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Why Should One Invest in Fantasy Sports Business?

The statistics themselves explain that fantasy sports and football being loved by everyone around the globe are great platforms for business opportunists. In 2022 FIFA football world cup is also about to start. Therefore this is a great time to make money. You can grab a good market share by introducing a feature-rich fantasy football sports mobile application for Android and iOS platforms.

The fantasy sports industry contributes Rs. 3000 crores amongst players, leagues, sponsoring teams, and media rights; in every single section of every sport. Hence, with the commencement of the FIFA world cup estimates, the market may rise to expect an earning beyond a thousand million. A feature-rich application with an easy-to-use interface and stability plays an important role in the application’s success

Essential Features of a Fantasy Football App

Regarding how much fantasy football costs, the features we integrate play a major role. The feature set must be developed considering the role of users and admin. 

Features for users:

SignUp: The users must complete the registration process by filling out the signup form. Also, they can link their social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, and Google to complete the registration process.

On-Boarding: Once the user completes the signup process an application guide is available with certain tooltips so that the users can understand the complete navigation of the application.

User Profile: It is the screen where the registered user can view entire details like total matches played, joined or created leagues, rewards, etc. This is a dashboard of the user.

Player Info: To make a winning team, it is really necessary to get the complete details of the players. Hence with the player information feature, the users get complete details related to the players which helps them analyze and select the best.

Join Leagues: Users can join various available leagues like public, private, or pro leagues to participate in the ongoing competition. Also, information related to already joined leagues can be obtained from this feature.

Create leagues: Now users are more passionate about gaming and are interested in creating their leagues. Therefore by creating league features the users can create their specific leagues and invite their friends to play with them.

Selecting Team: By this feature, the users can select their desired team which later participates in leagues.

News & Updates: To make an impressive game strategy, it is important to be updated with all the key facts and updates related to the sport. Therefore, with this feature, users can keep updated with the latest football news and live updates.

Scoreboard: This feature displays the live scoreboard of an ongoing match or league.

Team Management: Once the players are selected, the user gets a chance to make any modifications if required. With this feature, users can make any required changes before the match starts to satisfy their gaming strategy.

Reward Points: Users earn rewards if their team player scores in a real football match. This feature enables the users to make any in-app purchase and also makes the application more engaging and exciting.

e-Wallet Integration: By integrating e-wallet apps like Amazon Pay, Payzip, etc. the users can transfer their earned cash prizes directly to their bank accounts. This feature enables the funds to transfer more conveniently and fast.

Push Notifications: This is the most important feature that helps keep all the application’s users informed or updated. Information related to the league activities, news, and updates related to the upcoming leagues is available which helps the users inform their gaming strategies.

These are the few features the ESPN fantasy football app offers its users. If you want us to integrate anything specific to your application, let us know.

Features for Admin:

Role-based dashboards: By this feature, the real-time statistics of various application users can be monitored. Depending on their roles, various reports and statistical charts can be derived easily which helps design helps keep business and marketing strategies.

Banking and transactions management: The admin can monitor the application’s complete payments and banking transactions. Also, they can cancel and approve the transactions between the application and the bank.

Real-time Analytics: With the help of this feature, the admin can check and analyze the real-time activities of various users registered on the application. This helps draft marketing and business strategies.

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Leagues Management: The admin can create public and private leagues to attract users to the application. Also, the current active leagues can be monitored easily.

User Management: With this feature, the admin can control all users registered with the application.

Rewards Management: Records related to the points earned by the users during matches and disbursal of the winning amounts are maintained under this section.

Content Management System: This is the most important tool for the admin to manage and control the entire application content.

The feature set discussed here is inspired by NFL fantasy football app development. We make it a point that the solution that is delivered to you is the best in the market and makes things easier for you and your customers.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management is a very important aspect responsible for the application’s success in the competitive business environment. It is the most valuable asset for businesses across various industries. Hence, the integration of CRM in the application helps generate responses for various users’ queries, making them feel attended. Moreover, users may also share their valuable feedback on the application which further helps enhance the customer experience.

Fantasy Football app for Web and SmartWatch

Football is such a game that has a fan following from every age group. Hence, people in society are not comfortable playing with smartphones. They prefer using a web application; some people want it to be available over wearable devices like smartwatches. So from a business point of view, this category cannot be ignored. Hence an investor would surely like to cover every niche segment. Moreover, users feel connected and synchronized if the application is available on multiple platforms. The dependency on particular hardware gets eliminated and the user’s experience of fantasy football sports application enhances.

Reach our wearable app development department and get an application that can easily be executed on a smartwatch. Over the years we have upscaled our skills and our experts stay updated with the latest technology & trends that are driving the market. 

We follow agile development methodology and with clear and transparent team management and communication system, we make sure that you are involved with the team in each stage of development. We want to ensure that the solutions we deliver to you align with your business idea and can get you the best results. 

Team structure required for a successful Fantasy Football Application Development:

A professional team is required to develop a high-end fantasy football application capable enough of transforming the thoughts to reality grounds. Many individuals are involved in developing an application. Let’s take a look at the required team members:

The team works in unison to ensure that the product delivered to you is curated to perfection and flawless. We offer future-ready solutions that can offer one to get the most out of your application and investment. 

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Technology stacks for Fantasy Football Application Development:

  • Sports API – Goalserve, EntitySports, Sportsmonks
  • Database Management – MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, HBase, MailChimp Integrations
  • Front End – JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, Bootstrap, jQuery, Angular.js
  • Cloud – Azure, Google Cloud, AWS, SalesForce, Cloud Foundry
  • Payment Integration – Paypal, Stripe, Braintree, PayUMoney, E-Wallets, Net Banking, E-Banking
  • Push Notifications – Twilio, Amazon SNS, Push.IO, Map, Urban Airship, AdPushup
  • Real-Timeout  Analytics – Big Data, IBM, Hadoop, Spark, Apache, Cisco, Flink

How much does it cost to develop a Fantasy Football Mobile App Development?

Fantasy Football Application has a global business model and cost to develop an app for fantasy football completely depends upon certain factors like:

  • The platforms on which the application is being developed. (Android, iOS, Web, Wearable Devices)
  • Application complexity and features included.
  • Front and back-end development.
  • UI/UX Development.
  • Third-party API Integration.
  • The number of hours invested.
  • Development team size and its location.

The US/UK-based developers cost around $70-$250 per hour. Eastern Europe-based developers cost $50 to $150 per hour. Hence in comparison to these countries, developers in India provide the most reasonable rate of $20-$70 per hour. Moreover, the overall development cost of the Fantasy Football Application may cost around $35,000 to $50,000. If advanced features are incorporated, then the fantasy app development cost may increase.

Wrapping the Whole Story!

This is only the core of the dream sports application improvement, in the interim, more data lies underneath the upper layer. Along these lines, if you will begin with mobile application development, interface with our application specialists to know it all exhaustively. Our experts can help you enter the market with something that would help you gain a reputation and profits.

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