With around 2.5 billion fans spread across 180 nations, Cricket is the second-most famous game on the planet after Football. The expansion of billions of fans, corporates, different associations, and competitions, big names, and huge brands have made cricket an enormous extension for business. In India, cricket isn’t only a game, it is a religion. Cricket lovers are crazy as well as exceptionally stubborn about the game.

The year 2022 provides a tremendous opportunity for dream sports business visionaries. Considering cricketing occasions arranged in the IPL months and the immense accomplishment of Fantasy Cricket Stage Dream11. Fantasy Akhada organizations have understood that this year will be the best possible opportunity to put resources into a Fantasy Cricket App.

The inspiration driving these applications’ tremendous accomplishment is that each fan isn’t just a devotee yet in addition to a specialist, and there can be no better stage to display their fitness than on a Fantasy Cricket application.

Market Statistics for Fantasy Sports in 2022

Let’s get the ground nerve breathing with some of the exciting facts in the market of Fantasy Sports in this exhibit year 2022. 

  • The market size of the Fantasy Sports sector has reached $8.48B in 2019, with a decrease of 8.4% due to Corona.
  • This industry has had a positive impact over the years after its launch, so expected to reach $48.6B by the year 2027 with a CAGR of 13.9%. 
  • IBM and ESPN use technology like AI to play a vital role in the growth of fantasy sports to make better decisions like generating fair transactions which player is going to start first and which players to trade.
  • Leading players in the fantasy sports market are Dream Sports, DraftKings Inc., Fanduel, NFL Fantasy, FantasyPros, etc. 
  • As per the KPMG report, the fantasy sports industry would have seen a vast boom in the online gaming sector with active users of 433M in FY21. Out of this 40% of the users are opting for premium online games.
  • Popular online games are Teen Patti by Octro, Ludo King by Gametion, and Taj Rummy to offer local languages support. 
  • This growth submerges due to the increasing youth population and the penetration of a large number of smartphones and the popularity of sports; reflects the growth of more fantasy sports applications.

The Ascent of Fantasy Sports in India

The development of online viewership joined with smartphone entrance and the rise of specialized advancement has added to thefantasy sports app development.

Likewise, the rise of league-based games like IPL, T20, BBL, Barclays premier league, Bundesliga, La Liga, and more. They all have contributed to the rise of fantastic sports business. As per an ongoing Ficci-EY report, the client base of fantasy gaming stages crossed 90 Million Indians in 2019.

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The number is enormous when contrasted with the US and Canada markets that have around 463 million dream sports clients, in any event, when dream sports began in these nations during the 1980s. The number of clients of Dream11, the greatest dream sports gaming stage (FSGP) in India, has expanded from around 60 lakh to in excess of six crores over the most recent two years.

Let us have a look at why 2022 is the best reason to launch a fantasy sports app.

Why 2022 Is the Best Time to Launch a Fantasy Sports App?

The success of your app depends majorly on the popularity of the subject it covers. Cricket is a game that the world loves. To make it big, you can launch an fantasy app for a new sports. This will offer you benefit of first mover in the market and tap many users. There are some significant cricketing occasions arranged in the coming months and applications appreciate the greatest number of downloads and in-application buys during public and worldwide games.

1. Indian Premier League (IPL)

Indian Premier League (IPL), the T20 cricket league of BCCI is the most seen Cricket league on earth. It isn’t just the greatest cricket competition yet additionally among the greatest associations in the world of sports.


IPL 2022 will be played from 2 April 2022 to 3rd June 2022 in India. There will be 10 teams playing against each other, including Ahmedabad Lions & Lucknow Nawabs, two new additions along with eight regular teams. 

The last period of the IPL pulled in over 380M viewership, a stunning 32% development from its past release. The fifteenth season of the IPL is around the corner. As per recent online stats. There will be more eyes watching the cricket frenzy unfurl this year than at any other time. Spending time is 242B minutes, which shows high engagement levels. 

However, the new franchises have changed the outlook of IPL. With over ₹145 crores spent to purchase 60 players, the winners will offer cash of Rs 500M. The current year’s player sale will likewise be more serious than any other time in recent memory.


So, just get involved with the best fantasy esports app development team to make sure that you have the best results on the screen. IPL has built for itself a fan base and no one would want to miss this opportunity in any case.

2. T20 World Cup

The eighth ICC Men’s T20 World Cup will be played this year from 16th October to 13th November 2022 in Australia. 45 matches will be held. 7 cities will host the grand awaited play of the country. There will be 16 countries competing with each other in 2022 on the grounds of Australia, the last year’s winner of the T20 Men’s World Cup.


In succession to this, ICC announced the Women’s World Cup in 2022, picking up the unicorn of the squad. Starting with the first match against Pakistan on March 6th, 2022, at Bay Oval, Tauranga. 

Numerous groups are beginning to recognize playing for the main 15 and giving those different opportunities to guarantee their stake on digital platforms in 200 countries. Cricket fans are very much excited for the T20 world cup. The last period of T20 saw total in-home TV viewership arrive at 2.55B minutes in India, an expansion of 175% over the past release.

The fans are awaiting the 2023 season. This implies a dream cricket application is additionally going to observe huge downloads during this time. The current year’s T20 world cup is an ideal opportunity for dream application designers and business visionaries to pull out all the stops and rake in some serious cash in a brief span.

The T20 world cup is one of the most popular cricket tournaments these days. With your favorite teams competing, building a team of your own is fun. And if your favorite player does well then you are in the state of win-win

3. Big Bash League (BBL)

BBL communicates in more than ten nations, and as indicated by the specialists, it has seen significant development in TV broadcasting from earlier years. Finally this change can bring about one of the noteworthy points of interest for dream stages to expand its client base and universality worldwide.


This year 2022, Big Bash League is scheduled for their 11th season. It will be played from December 5th, 2021 to January 28th, 2022. Total of 8 teams and 61 matches to be played for one and half months.  

Another league that has taken the popularity of cricket to additional levels. With various leagues in the picture, this is the right time to hit the market with a fantasy cricket app. Since cricket is never out of fashion, your app would always be returning you a great amount. 

4. Caribbean Premier League

2022, Caribbean Premier League (CPLT20) is the tenth edition of the Caribbean Premier League, kicking off from 26th August 2022 to 16th September 2022. 33 matches will be played in total. And played in St Kitts & Nevis.


BT Sport has acquired the broadcasting of CLP2022, in the UK and Ireland for season 2022. Under this, it will show a total of 33 matches for the premium subscribers. The winning team wins the prize of $1M, with the total winning amount distributed to top players of $2.16M. 

This is another league that works on the IPL model. With a fantasy cricket app, you can get the benefits of the popularity of the game and earn great profits in no time.

5. Barclays Premier League

The 2021–22 Barclays Premier League is the 30th edition of the Premier League, the top English professional league for affiliation football clubs since its foundation in 1992.


A total of 16 matches starting from 6th August 2022. The premier league and Barclays have announced a new 3-year sponsorship deal through the 24/25 season. 

These are the most popular leagues for this year. If you enter the market with an app that lets your user enjoy and bet on their players in the season, then there is no defiance to your popularity in the game. 

Top Reasons to Invest in Fantasy Platform in 2023?

Now that you are sure that the app is never out of business, let’s further check why you need to invest in a fantasy platform and how much profit you can make. Fantasy apps let your users enjoy their game better and earn benefits from their favorite players performing. 

If you aren’t sure how to invest in fantasy sports applications and why to invest in the field, here are a few more reasons. It is not only money but also your business identity that would get a boost as you decide to enter the Play Store with your fantasy app. 

Less Competition

As we have talked about, the idea of the Fantasy sports stage is completely new in the Indian market. There are just two driving organizations that are doing great in this industry. On the off chance that you have chosen to put resources into this business, at that point this year is best for it, as you won’t discover a lot of rivalries. In addition, it will build the odds of getting more clients and make sure about your essence in the market.

Yes, this is valid. After a long flight, at last, fantasy sports gets legitimate in India. The Supreme Court of India has proclaimed this idea as a round of aptitude, not betting. Thus, it isn’t hard for you to begin your own dream stage.

Expanding User Commitment

Fantasy sports platforms offer a real-time experience to their users. Accessibility of cell phones to everybody has set off more requests. As indicated by sports reports, India has gotten the following greatest center point for fantasy sports after the United States. The clients expanded from 2 million in 2016 to 9 million in 2019. The business has likewise seen a quick development in its administrators. In 2016, there were just 10 administrators, and in 2019, it has 140 administrators. These details are sufficient to legitimize its rising interest in the Indian market, consequently, begin today and get noticeable quality in the games business.

Association with Famous Leagues

Fantasy app users are known for their phenomenal game understanding. They are effective in catching the eye of new clients. Hence, the game’s classes additionally consider this to be one of their driving sources in expanding prevalence. By putting resources into these fantasy platforms, you will likewise get an opportunity to construct organizations with these leading leagues. It won’t just increment your brand value yet additionally help you in getting a huge client base.

Extended User Base 

Fantasy apps aren’t limited to any league. They have an large audience. With a huge target audience, you surely can get better downloads and higher profits. The right approach and the right marketing strategy would take you to the zenith of your business without any interruptions. 

These are a few reasons why you need to move forward with investing in a fantasy sport. If you are ready for the investment and sure how to invest in fantasy sports, reach the right to hire mobile app developers today and get your product in the market at the earliest possible. 

How do top investors gain profits in Fantasy Sports?

It could be a big question how many top investors have gained to get their hands down in this industry of online sports playing and betting. This welcomes more companies and gaming associations to embark on their place in these premium sports. 

  • FanDuel and DraftKings

FanDuel and DraftKings both are the legal sports fantasy partners of the NBA and NFL. they have the right to easily integrate their content with the NFL.com platform and App. 

Fanduel and Draftkings fantasy sports markets allow the users to play sports or bet for online gaming by the day or the night, whenever they want. With the rise in popularity, the sports league evolves more users into this platform. DraftKings has gained a revenue of $14M, FanDuel with $10M successfully makes money. 

  • Espn.com

ESPN, another giant in offering fantasy sports, has seen a recorded rise of 21% in 2021 compared to its previous year. 

In the NFL season, ESPN with a 4% increase has faced a huge figure of 10M fans who have spent 1.8B minutes on this platform.  


  • Fantasy Akhada

Fantasy Akhada gives a platform to the user for playing fantasy cricket, football, basketball, and winning contests. With a user base of over 3 lakh, this platform shows faithful growth in the coming years with retention rates of 30%. 

The question arises here, how does it get the benefit? The reasons are as below:

  • The Fantasy Akhada has raised funding of more than 5 crores with Prime Securities before the IPL tournament. Total funds raised on their platform is $1M. It is expected to raise $5M in Series-A funding. 
  • Above all these funds platter the development of user retention and acquisition. 
  • Albeit this helps them to organize big events like the T20 tournament with the world cup, helps the association for their widespread growth in this industry. 
  • In late 2021, the gaming industry was found to be the great bet for the Fantasy Akhada. With monthly active users of 5 lakh, out of the 30% are premium. 

Undoubtedly Fantasy sports have opened new avenues for the new tycoons to get started. Their venture started offering luxury and premium quality benefits to the users. Like Cricket, many other uprising games in fantasy sports are seen in recent years like Golf, Kabaddi, and Hockey. Given these points fantasy sports platform is now a more stable busienss.

  • Golf

In recent years fantasy sports are exaggerated. Delves many more sports to begin. In the fantasy golf game, the real-time golfer can create their team, and participate in the live games online. Based on each performance in their corresponding tours, they have gained a score. Teams can create their larger squads. This game began in early 1991. 

Fantrax, a sports fantasy app for Golf, allows you to create a fantasy golf league, invite your mates, customize the team, override any player’s stats for the game, manually adjust the scores, track league fees, etc. Surprisingly its popular now even outside India.

  • Kabaddi

Pro Kabaddi League is the official league for Kabaddi in India. This platform facilitates the players to play at their convenience, create teams, split them into zones. Combine with the other teams and earn rewards and offers with easy cash withdrawals. In reality it has provided local players to gain star status over a night with their game. In spite of cricket been the favorite, kabaddi is gaining popularity. Equally Indians are now moving from just been cricket fans.

  • Hockey

Fantasy hockey is the premier league where players can create their team or pool, with the numbers of 8-12 players, schedule their contests and win the game or rewards. Users can create leagues, draft players, make trades, and manage their teams. The fantasy hockey league got started in 1981. In the chronology, hockey has become one of the most loved sports for the audiences. In fact its quite popular and have many variation as well. In brief fantasy sports app for ice hockey and hockey stand a good chance for success.

Ending Note

In conclusion the craze for sports is very well-known across the globe. Still people are getting something to enjoy and if you throw fantasy sports in the mix then it will prove to be a deadly combination. So, in case you wanted to develop a fantasy sports app at some point in time this year, we are there to assist you. In the final analysis it worth investing in developing the fantasy sports app, as it offers best return on investment.

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