Since the ample sports categories exist out there, it is becoming all the way more difficult for the users to identify the appropriate sports coaches, be it for basketball, table tennis, cricket, or maybe anything else. Since today’s generation is embracing the idea of being fit, they are constantly looking for sports coaches so as to undergo training and sports sessions. Thus, we can say that the sports coach finder mobile app has become a need, and the businesses investing in sports coach finder app development are likely to earn chunks of revenue.

Moreover, the sports coaches can also showcase themselves on the app plus can attract visibility on a good note. So, keep reading the post to identify the standards of the personal sports coach finder app development along with the best features and the cost structure.

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What is a Sports Coaching Finder Mobile App?

A sports coach finder mobile app designed to connect individuals seeking sports coaching with qualified sports coaches or trainers in their area. Sports coaching mobile apps typically include features such as coach profiles, reviews, availability, and booking options. Users can search for coaches based on their specific sport, location, and other criteria, making it easier to find the right coach for their needs. Users can also make payments using secure payment gateways and book sports coaching from selected sports coaches. At the same time, sports coaches can see the coaching requests and payments.

How Sports Coaching Apps Make Money?

Subscription Fees: Many sports coaching apps offer premium subscription tiers for users. Subscribers may get access to additional features, exclusive content, or enhanced support.

Commission on Bookings: The sports coach bookig app can charge a commission on coaching sessions booked through the platform. Coaches may pay a percentage of their earnings for each session.

In-App Advertising: Displaying ads within the app is a common way to generate revenue. Advertisers pay for space within the Sports Coach finder app to reach the app’s user base.

Sponsorships and Partnerships: Sports coach booking Apps may form partnerships with sports equipment companies, fitness brands, or other related businesses for promotional opportunities and financial support.

Merchandise Sales: Some sports coaching apps sell merchandise, such as branded clothing or training equipment, to generate additional income.

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Top Sports Coaching Apps in the Market

iPractice Builder

iPractice Builder is a sports coaching app designed to help coaches and trainers organize and manage their coaching sessions and classes. It offers features for scheduling and tracking practice sessions, drills, and training plans.
Coaches can use iPractice Builder to create and share practice plans with their athletes and clients. This app can help streamline communication and make it easier to manage the coaching process. The sports coaching app may also offer features for tracking athlete performance and progress over time.



Hudl is known for its video analysis and performance analysis tools, particularly for team sports. Coaches and teams widely use it to analyze game footage, review plays, and provide feedback to players.
Coaches can upload videos of games and practices to the platform and use Hudl’s tools to break down the footage, create highlight reels, and share feedback with athletes. Hudl app is an essential tool for improving team performance and player development.
While it’s not a sports coach booking app per se, it’s a valuable resource for coaches and teams to enhance their training and game strategies.

Teamer Sports Team App

Teamer App

Teamer is an app designed to help sports teams and organizations manage their activities and communications. It’s not primarily a coach booking app but rather a team management tool.
Coaches, team managers, and captains can use Teamer to schedule practices, games, and events, and communicate with team members. Sports app Teamer simplifies tasks like sending notifications, tracking availability, and sharing important information with the team.
While it doesn’t focus on finding or booking coaches, Teamer plays a vital role in team organization and coordination.



TrainingPeaks is a comprehensive platform for athletes and coaches, primarily used in endurance sports such as running, cycling, and triathlons. TrainingPeaks is designed to help coaches create training plans and monitor athlete performance.
Coaches can design individualized training programs and share them with their athletes through the platform. Athletes can log their training data, including workouts and nutrition, and coaches can analyze this data to make adjustments to training plans.

User Panel – For Sports Coach Finder App Development

Register: This is the main section of the app where the user will land on. They can sign in with the help of email or social network account credentials.

Search personal sports coach: The users can search for a personal coach as per their concerning sports and activities.

Choose service: The users can choose the services, whether they are looking for normal sports training or want to get high-end and professional training for the competitions.

Appointment (date, time, location, services): The users can request an appointment with the sports coach and can schedule the time, date, location, and service details.

View sports category: The users can view the sports category as well. They can select the coach on the basis of their sports, maybe for cricket, basketball, tennis, handball, etc.

Confirm appointments: The users can confirm the appointments as per their requirements and can schedule the date and time on which they seek to avail of training.

Track the coach location: Under this section, the users can track the location of their coach and the place of training.

Find session: Through this portal, the users can check and find the appropriate training sessions within the personal coach finder mobile app.

Service Review: The users can provide the ratings and reviews as per the services provided and accomplished during training sessions.

Make the payment: The users can transfer payment to the coach within the personal finder coach mobile app through integrated models such as Credit/Debit Card, Netbanking, etc.

Sports coach app admin panel

Coach Panel For Online Sports Coaching App Development

Register: This is similar to the user panel. Here the coach can sign in with the aid of social or email account credentials.

Manage profile: All the coaches that are attuned to the app can manage their profile and can add their experience, sports expertise, and much more so as to attract maximum users.

Accept/reject appointment: Depending on the user’s request and the sports training users seek to avail, the coach can accept or delete the request.

View user’s ratings and reviews: The coach can view the ratings and reviews assigned by users as per their training sessions and activities.

Booking calendar: The sports coach can schedule the booking calendar plus can also update the date and time slots in which they are occupied. This way it gets easy for users to send requests.

Set the training schedules: The coaches can set the training schedules for the different users as per the number of training scheduled on a particular day.

Manage prices: Under this section, the coaches can manage the prices associated with the different training sessions and the sports selected.

Receive payment: The coaches can receive payments from the users via the integrated payment models such as Credit/Debit card, net banking, etc, within the personal coach finder mobile app.

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Admin Panel – Online Sports Coaching App Development

Dashboards: All the pending, completed, and scheduled requests along with the number of users visiting the app are managed by the admin.

Manage users and coaches: All the users and the coaches that are attuned to the app are managed by the admin.

Analytics: All the data pertaining to users? Acquisition and retention, the number of orders captured, and sports categories for which the maximum users were fetched are managed by the admin.

Manage Notifications: All the messages related to the orders, payments confirmed, new app updates, offers, and discounts are managed by the admin.

Payments Management: Under this section, all the payments processed either via online payment models or through COD are managed by the admin.

Track Earnings: All the earnings generated via in-app purchases and subscription packages are verified and tracked by the admin.

Manage ratings and reviews: All the assigned ratings and reviews are managed by the admin. Further, all the steps related to the app improvisations are outlined by the admin.

App marketing: All the promotional banners, content, advertisements, and campaigns are managed and monitored by the admin.

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Advanced Features – Online Sports Coaching App Development

Scheduling: The pre-booking feature is yet another one that can be added to your personal sports coach finder mobile app. Here, the users can pre-book the appointment with the personal coach or may opt for the subscription packages, inculcated with the premium sports training or the memberships.

Gamification: This feature boosts the functional criteria of a personal coach finder mobile app. An interactive image, graphical elements, statistics, etc can be used to attract users, Gamification helps people complete their goals and allows the user to choose the desired sports coach with a convenient approach.

Wearable integration: Well, in the era of digitization and automation, this feature can be said as really countable. Users can integrate the app with smartwatches and track their fitness activities and daily accomplished goals.

GPS: This is a very important feature of a personal coach finder mobile app. With the help of GPS; users can check the location of the coach and can get an idea about the fitness places and the grounds plus can also track the location of the training milestones.

E-commerce: The E-commerce option allows the users to buy sports-related products and types of equipment recommended by the personal trainer. Moreover, they can verify the product details by just scanning the barcode/QR scan. This is an excellent feature for keeping the users glued to the app.

Cost Calculator: The cost calculator helps the users to calculate the cost of different sports sessions and activities. The prices may differ for the different sports, thus with this feature users can grab an idea about the different price structures.

Set tasks: With the help of the stated feature, users can set the tasks associated with their sports activities. They can set the schedule for all the allotted tasks that are assigned by the sports coach and can also list down the pending tasks so as to keep a record of the daily completed activities.

In-app communication: A sports coach finder app must enable the users and the sports coach to communicate over video or voice calls. The personal coach finder app must allow the users and the coach to discuss fitness activity-related matters and various other techniques in a convenient way.

Push notifications: With the help of push notifications, users can be kept updated with different app updates, new sports categories added, etc. All the messages related to the payment, order confirmation, new user’s request, etc, can be sent to the users and the sports coach to keep them attentive.

App analytics: Under this section, all the reports related to the number of users attached to the app, the features they most love, the number of app installs and uninstalls, etc, can be obtained for making the comparison among the app-related statistics. Customer Loyalty Program: The users can be given attractive discounts, promo codes, and offers so as to allow them to avail the required sports training at a cost-effective price. This helps promote your app and is a great way of keeping the users attuned to the app.

Payment: There are distinctive payment gateways that are available nowadays. Braintree, Stripe, PayPal’s Mobile SDK, and Apple Pay can be used in the personal coach finder mobile app to make the payment procedures transparent and sound.

Logbook: The logbook allows the users to keep track of their daily meals and calorie consumption rate within the personal coach finder mobile app. The users thus can keep an eye on their respective food journals and can stick to their diet plans in a more clear way.

Social media integration: This feature can be embedded by the App Developer into the app so as to allow people to share their sports training experience and fitness session reviews on their social media groups in a more advanced and sophisticated way

What Technology Required for Online Sports Coaching App Development



  • APNS( Apple push notifications/FCM( Firebase cloud messaging) For Push Notifications
  • Twilio, Sinch, Nexmo  For SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification
  • Braintree, Stripe & PayPal For accepting payments
  • GWT  For Powerful Programming
  • Datastax  for Data Management
  • Mail Chimp Integration, Mandrill  For everything related to emails
  • Debian, Macintosh, Ubuntu, CentOS The Universal Operating System
  • Database MongoDB, Hbase, Cassandra, Postgress
  • Cloud Environment  AWS and Google
  • Realtime Analytics  Hadoop, Spark, BigData, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM
Sports Coaching App Development

 Required Team for Sports Coach Finder App Development

So, Find the Right sports coach app developers. Starting with an innovative concept, unique ideation, passion, and the right Mobile App Development Company can drop the cost and time framework for developing a personal sports coach mobile app by up to 40%.

Therefore, before embarking on the app development strategies, the business must validate and verify the past track records and the time required and invested by the sports coach app developers for engineering the shared office mobile app. Other than finding the Mobile App Development Company, there are some key sports coach app developers as well that actually undertake the responsibility of developing the app from scratch. Find them below:

  • Project Manager- She/he must be able to identify what is best for the client’s business model and must be able to figure out the best possible solutions.
  • Developers- The technical team is comprised of Android App Developers and iOS App Developers and must be able to craft out just the perfect solution for making your app.
  • Designers- The right team of UI/UX designers can beautifully design the app that comprehends the core idea of your product
  • Testers- Good testing and a QA team are a must as they test the app by applying all sets of unique combinations and making all the possible efforts to find the bug.
Sports Coaching App Development

How Much Does It Cost To Create a Sports Coach Finder Application

So, here, find out the price for developing a personal sports coach finder mobile app. Most of the companies charge as per the man-hours they put into developing the app. In regions like North America, for instance, the price is around $150 per hour. In Europe, it is $130 per hour, and companies situated in Australia, charge around $190 per hour.

According to the statistics, India is the most affordable country for engineering a quality personal sports coach mobile app at the price of $80 per hour. The cost of developing a personal sports coach finder mobile app is around $8,000 to $14,000 for a single platform, and apps that have extensive features, as above, can cost up to $15,000 to $25,000.

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