Fantasy sports vs sports betting: There is always a tussle between sports betting and fantasy sports. And if we look at various countries’ statistics, fantasy sports are quite ahead of their counterparts. There are two reasons behind these stats, first can be attributed to the fun and entertainment it provides to the users and second, a solid one, is the scenario of legalization of sports betting in one specific country. If we dive into the stats of the latest report by Fantasy Sports and Gaming Association (FGSA), in which the national average in the U.S.A. was compared with that of New Jersey regarding participation in fantasy sports and sports betting, a fascinating result came out. It was found that New Jersey has the highest percentage of crossover users between sports betting and fantasy sports. When the localities were interviewed, it was found out that New Jersey had hardcore fans in both departments.

Betting in New Jersey

A survey was done recently in the state of New Jersey which explained that over 52% of the New Jersey people, who have tried their hand in sports betting, also experienced the fantasy sports world in 2018. This percentage was found higher when it was compared with the national average for sports betting fanatics. It was feared that the legalization of sports betting would affect the rise of fantasy sports in this part of the U.S.A. But the survey results were promising and people accepted the new trend of fantasy sports with open arms. Success numbers of fantasy sports in New Jersey have gone up & up in recent times and it is expected to grow at an even higher rate.

Current sports betting trend in New Jersey

Though the sports betting bill was passed by the parliament of New Jersey in 2012, it came into action after the fall of the federal Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) in mid of 2018. Within a month of this incident, sports betting was made officially legal by the signature of the governor. New Jersey is the place for you if you are involved in sports betting as betting can easily be approached in these quarters through app & websites. Another source of sports betting in this state is sportsbooks in Atlantic City and various other locations in this part of the U.S.A.

Sports betting is just another consumer market in New Jersey and the competition level is very high in this region. There are 8 major sports betting apps and websites that have been licensed by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE). Major sports betting apps and websites are namely:

  • Draftkings Sportsbook App
  • Fanduel Sportsbooks App
  • BetStars by PokerStars App
  • Caesars Casino & Sports App
  • BetAmerica App
  • PointsBet

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These apps and websites have transformed the background of sports betting through the roof. People interested in sports betting have easy options around them to try their luck in the world of sports.

Another key point that pops up in the mind is that the legality in sports betting is appreciated in New Jersey. People look to get more in legal sports betting. Sports betting options that have been approved as legal by the judiciary of New Jersey attract more betters in comparison to illegal betting outlets. Billions of dollars of illegal sports betting are circulated through New Jersey and a large amount of that sum is attained from casino gambling outside Atlantic City.

Despite the sports betting is legal in New Jersey, illegal betting still finds a place to flourish because it offers sports betters options that are not present to them through legal means. But people of New Jersey are shifting from this trend as it was found out in the survey that people who bet with friends and family are almost equal to those who bet in the casino. The percentage comparison turned out to be 39% vs 35% respectively. This is a welcome change and local people should look to build on this and fantasy sports provide an easy outlet to those who are looking to get out of this rut.

Participation in New Jersey: fantasy sports vs sports betting

To know the exact picture of fantasy sports vs sports betting in New Jersey, we compared the gamers involved in sports betting and fantasy sports in New Jersey with the overall national average. The results found are as followed.

  • 75% of gamers are actively taking part in fantasy sports in comparison to 79% of that of the national average.
  • While on the other hand, New Jersey has 93% gamers in sports betting in comparison to 82% of the national average.

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Among the total population of the national average, fantasy sports are played exclusively by 7% of the population, sports betting is done exclusively by 25% and crossover players fill the remaining 68% of the population.

Betting in New Jersey 

There has been an incredible rise in the sports betting industry of New Jersey and a large credit of this can be given to the betting shift to the mobiles. Batters wagered way more in New Jersey when compared to any other state in the U.S.A. and this paradigm shift helped them edge past Las Vegas and Nevada by $1.5 million. The net amount accumulated by the New Jersey sportsbook was $318.9 million in comparison to Nevada’s net worth of $317.4 million.

fantasy sports vs sports betting

Since the Supreme Court’s decision of legalizing sports betting, many states have become active in establishing their feet in this business but New Jersey has reacted most proactively with the opening of betting windows in racetracks and casinos in Atlantic City. These betting window openings were followed by the creation of several mobile sports betting apps within a short period. The results that were achieved within 12 months of legalization of sports betting were tough to believe as New Jersey took in over $2.9 billion of sports bets which in turn produced around $200 million of revenues for various sportsbooks.

The impact that sports betting has had on Atlantic City is kind of a mixed bag. Some casinos have seen the negative effect of legalization of sports betting as revenues declined but on the other hand, legalization of sports betting helped two new casinos, the Hard Rock and Ocean Resorts, in establishing their aura in betting industry. But overall, sports betting has attracted more outsiders to the shores of Atlantic City. But don’t get disguised by the success of betting in casinos and tracks as the most successful form of betting in New Jersey is betting via smartphones. When calculated, around 80% of the bets were made through smartphones.

Growth of fantasy sports and sports betting in the last year

Fantasy sports scenario has been growing and growing ever since the legalization of sports betting was done by the Supreme Court of New Jersey. With the growth of the internet and mobile technology all around the world, fantasy sports have become a huge hit and in New Jersey, it has followed the trend. Fantasy sports is a fun-filled entertainment package where you can create a virtual team of your favorite players for a particular match. This excitement is provided to you by various apps that can be easily downloaded on your mobiles.

Fantasy sports have grown leaps & bounds in New Jersey in the last one year and its success has been fuelled by the creation of exciting fantasy sports like Draftkings Mobile, FanDuel Mobile, FantasyDraft Mobile, Bet365, etc. Two major sports betting apps in New Jersey are FanDuel Sportsbook and Draftkings Sportsbook and they both have entered the world of fantasy sports too. If we look at the change in sports betting and fantasy sports respectively then we will see some staggering results.

According to a statement by Jamie Shea, the head of digital sportsbook operations at DraftKings, it found that in the last one year, New Jersey has risen to the top of the sports betting world with the help of mobile technology available to them. Bets taken via mobiles crossed $20 million while the paid out jumped over $600 million in New Jersey alone.

fantasy sports vs sports betting

Now we will look at some of the stats that will help us to compare how the sports betting and fantasy sports have fared in the latest times when drawn against last year’s picture.

  • 47% of the New Jersey people are betting on sports more in comparison to last year’s data and this result clearly shows that people are getting more and more involved in sports betting and are not afraid of taking some higher risks.
  • 33% of the Atlantic City people were betting the same amount as they did last year and this percentage is significant as localities are not looking to turn their back on sports betting.
  • 19% of the people have betted less cash on sports betting in comparison to last year and this number being the lowest is a great sign for the betting industry.

Fantasy sports scenario in the last one year:

  • 52% of people got more involved in fantasy sports when we draw this year’s comparison with last year’s.
  • 31% of people played the same amount of fantasy sports in comparison to last year’s.
  • While there were 17% of the people who detached a little bit from the fantasy sports world.

This data clearly shows that it is hard to find out who comes out on top in this fantasy sports vs sports betting battle but one conclusion that can be drawn from these stats is that New Jersey seems to shelter a high percentage of people who prefer to play both fantasy sports and sports betting. The crossover percentage of these people goes up to 68% which is astonishing in comparison to other states of America. So, if someone is looking to get into the gaming apps and websites business than one thing he must make sure is that the app or website created by him should contain both fantasy sports and sports betting as its features to set the ball rolling.

With the above-mentioned facts and details, any reader will get a clear picture of how sports betting & fantasy sports are faring in the state of New Jersey and with the help of the above information, one can easily decide if jumping into the world of fantasy sports and sports betting would prove beneficial for them or not.

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