One would have never imagined how crazy this world will become for smartphones. Desktops are now least used by individuals for

internet surfing as smartphone makes browsing smarter and easier than desktops. Smartphone have now really threatened the existence of desktops. Smartphones have got more potential to entertain users with various applications and some of the application like whats app has now made communication easier than one could have ever imagined. Social media has been the biggest encouragement for smartphone’s success. Easy and fast access of social media has attracted more users for smartphones and the cheaper cost of some of phones has got even the lower class to taste the flavor of smartphones.
Mobile tech industries are now booming and they are banking on smart phones for leveraging their businesses. Newer domain is now coming into act which was almost hidden in darkness of desktop’s popularity. These domains are iOS application development, Android application development, windows applications development and blackberry application development. These OS has triggered a revolutionary trend in mobile industry and leady the trend is iOS with its fastest and unique mobile operating system blended in biggest technological achievement by apple i.e iPhone.
Mobile app development has been the new fascination for developers as many developers are now turning to mobile app development environment. These leading mobile OS comes with fully loaded SDK and third party tools and needs minimum programming efforts.Mobile applications has taken the internet world to a new height with different applications which makes your life easier. iOS and Android are the leading competitors in the smartphone market and they have comforted human life by producing applications that gets your things done in a single click right from transferring funds from your bank account to preventing you from mosquitoes. Recently I tried my hands on iPhone application development and Android application development after looking at the speedy progress of mobile tech industry and thought of writing this article. More thoughts will be coming ahead when I progress with the programming and thanks to my Android device, now I can reach several tech savvy’s eyes with social sharing applications.