Fitness in simple terms is being able to do daily chores without getting tired. There are proven studies that show fitness activities leading to improved physical agility as well as better mental health. Thus, the article has thrown a chunk of light on the How to develop workout streaming app like Peloton, which has further led to the digital transformation of the fitness industry.

In the current market, under the digital transformation, there are several fitness apps available that are not only user-friendly but easily accessible to all. Peloton is among these workout streaming apps that have been successful enough to transform the digital brand of the fitness industry. The market demographic of the physical fitness apps has been diverse, from a kid to a fully grown adult, it has a place for all. The apps not only focus on physical exercises but also help in inculcating the habit of healthy eating.

What Are Fitness Applications?

Before creating a fitness app, let’s dive in on the basics!

Different types of apps cater to different types of needs, hence it becomes important to choose your specialized realm. Some apps address nutritional requirements. These apps focus on dietary and nutritional needs.

Then other apps track activities and record activities and calculate the estimated calories burnt. Then there are specialized apps that solely focus on the workout. They are like your digital professional trainer, which helps in doing different exercises and is customizable. Some famous apps are

  • Myfitnesspal,
  • Waterlogged,
  • Lose It
  • Strava
  • Nike Run Club and so on.

What Are the Different Types of Fitness App Development?

1.Diet and Nutrition Apps:

These apps are especially focused on the eating habits of the user. These apps recommend healthy food as per the requirement of the user, these apps are highly personalized and also have different modes. Basic things like intake of water needed in the body as per the body mass index and also need for protein, & fibers. Users have the facility to keep track of food intake during the day and in the end, calculate the calories taken. This helps in keeping the food habits in check. Also, recommendations of different dishes are provided.

2.Calories Tracking Apps:

The application helps in keeping a record of different activities done by the user during the day. These activities are further converted into calories burnt throughout the day. It specifically caters to the needs of athletes as they keep a close watch on the calories burnt throughout the day. This app can track several physical activities like running, walking, climbing, and so on. It helps in giving a sense of motivation to do more.

3.Training Apps:

It acts as your digital trainer. It provides different workout exercises and highly personalized training as per the needs of the user. Whether you want to lose weight or gain muscles, this is your go-to app. Exercises especially related to different parts of the body are also available, for example, there is an option of a full-body workout, lower body workout, bicep workout, tricep workout, calf muscles workout, core workout, arm workout.

These options can be personalized as per the needs of the user. Sworkit, Tone it up, Freeletics are good examples of these kinds of apps. After choosing the specialty you wish to work upon, the features of that app are very important.

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What is Peloton Fitness App? How Does It Work?

The valuation of the virtual fitness industry was estimated at $6,046 million in 2019 and the projected growth is around $59,231 million by 2027 increasing at a rate of 33.1% from 2020 to 2027. All it seems is a business with the tremendous potential fitness industry is continuously growing at an increasing rate with expansions into various new features.

Therefore, it becomes the need of the hour to get an encounter on Peloton. It is a fitness app from the US which has taken the fitness market from ground to earth. Season-wise workout session, the best music to perform your fitness and what not! Everything seems flawless when it comes to having a Peloton Fitness Application in your hands.

The peloton was discovered by the very proactive John Foley in 2012. This is a US-Based Exercise Equipment & Media Company operating from New York City. The main accessories from Peloton include:

  • Stationary Bicycles: costing around US$1,895 to US$2,945
  • Treadmills: costing nearly US$2,495 to US$4,895

Not only this, the company launched its much-awaited app wherein you get video streamings with a monthly subscription of $39. For users, who only wish to access the content on the app or website, then the subscription will cost them around $12.99 monthly.

Unique Features Of the Peloton Workout App

Every app has unique capabilities and tries to offer the best and the most simple user interface design for the user.

Signing Up

New users can start their fitness journey by setting up their accounts via logging in through their existing social networking accounts like Facebook, Google, or Instagram. Also, an option of setting up an account via a personal phone number is available, to set up the account phone number has to be put in an OTP would do the rest making it user-friendly.

Personalized Training Sessions

Personal information gathered from the user regarding the age, gender, body mass index, weight, percentage of fat, and what’s the goal of the user, helps in creating highly personalized fitness routines for the user. Moreover, the app helps you target the following basics of the body:

  • Arms (Light Weight) Workout
  • Boosting Power
  • Strengthen Your Core
  • Muscle Improvement
  • Walk + Run
  • Bodyweight Strength
  • Yoga Classes
  • Workout Focused Meditation, etc.

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Fitness Routine Videos

Exclusive videos demonstrating the techniques of different exercises and also prerequisites and post requisites of exercise, the intake diet focussed on different routines, and the nutritional value of the food is also explained.

This feature also has the option of live video and so that the user has the facility to directly communicate to the trainer and the trainer can address the issues of the user. This would give it a more personalized touch. It would also help in keeping the user motivated and be in constant touch with the trainer.

Exclusive Fitness Routine

Different users will have different goals in the perspective of fitness, some want to gain weight, some want to lose some, some want to gain some muscles, on the other hand, someone just wants to look lean. As per the requirements of the user of the app, it can give customized fitness routines, and specific focus on the particular goal set by the user. It would also help in making the app more personalized; facilities such as speaking with the export will also be given.

Advertisement By the User

A user will not only be a client of the business but also would advertise the business on social media platforms, by sharing the goals achieved under the name of the respective fitness app. The social media page of the app will also tag back the user once completed the specific goal, keeping the users motivated and loyal to the brand. Not only it’s a great facility for the user but also it would attract new people on social media and would create brand goodwill. Also, regular appearances on social media would ensure the trust of users in the brand.

Fixed Reminders

A customized reminder facility would be great for any user as one thing you would need to be fit and that is consistency. Reminders help stay the user consistent by constantly notifying the user of their workout time, diet reminder, water reminder. They can be customized as per the needs and preferences of the user. Reminders will have great utility.

A user will be engaged in several activities throughout the day, depending upon the profession and age of the user. If the job of the user will be more labor-intensive, the app would specify the calories burnt at the end of the day. If the job is a desk job then comparatively fewer calories will be burnt.

Calories Tracker

By keeping a track of the calories burnt, fitness schedules can be modified as per needs. Not only would it keep track of calories burnt but also intake of calories throughout the day by keeping a record of the specific food taken by the user and estimating the caloric value of the respective food. At the end of the day, the app would show net calories burnt, which will be highly useful for the user.

How Peloton Fitness App Development Takes Place?

The idea of flawless fitness app development is not out of reach even for a newbie, if a professional app developer is hired. The development team should be experienced enough in the field which would further help in eliminating any problem efficiently and effectively.

  1. Nature of the App: Identify the realm of the fitness app like the peloton you want to specialize in, spread the perimeter of the scope of the app. Identify the services which have to be delivered through the app and create the outline of the development process. Planning is imperative and a prerequisite before the development process starts. Defining the boundaries of the app will result in an efficient and effective process.
  2. Skilled Team: The team which is known in the market for the quality of product delivered and great after services should be preferred. A user-friendly interface and a high-performance app with no glitches should be the goal of the development team.
  3. Fitness App Development:  App developers and designers would prepare the technical blueprint of the app. This blueprint would be based on the requirements of the app. Special features in the app would be introduced in this stage. Features like customizable user interface, standard design, and other special features will be incorporated. And finally, the prototype of the app would be ready.
  4. Suitable Platform: The Operating system is the foundation of any app, it will be either android or iOS or can be both depending on the targeted audience. The user interface under both the systems should be standard and the same features should be available under the systems.
  5. Quality Assurance: Constant quality checks should never be avoided. Quality checks help to find out any bugs in the systems and also assures the security of the app. It is also important for the smooth performance of the app without any glitches, all the features should work as they are required to. Best quality improves the trust of users in the brand, hence it is imperative not to neglect quality.
  6. Constant Updates: Updates are important to keep the app relevant to the needs of the user. Constant updates of the complete user interface will keep the excitement in the user going on and also with testing the app security of the data becomes important.
  7. Analysing Customer Feedback: Reviews by the customer should be considered and worked upon. New ideas or suggestions rendered by the users should be worked upon and be incorporated into the app. This would increase user loyalty and brand goodwill.

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What Are the Earning Sources of Peloton Fitness App?

For the survival of the business, that too, in the long run, profits are considered important. These profits can be either drawn out or can be reinvested in the business. Hence identifying the sources of the revenue for a fitness app like peloton becomes imperative. There are several ways of income generation from the app.

Supplements Sold On the Platform

Involving in a fitness regime also requires the intake of the right nutrition for the proper growth of the body. Selling protein and vitamin supplements can be a stable source of recurring revenue. As supplements are required by everyone in the fitness routines, they are the prerequisites of the exercise and it would be a great business model to incorporate fitness supplements.

Advertising of Partner Brands

As the user engagement of the app increases, it will make a great marketplace for other companies in the fitness industry to advertise their brand in the fitness app as they will be getting their target audience. It would be also useful to the users as the fitness app will be a one-stop where they would be able to get everything about the fitness industry. Apps would benefit from the guest company advertising their products on the app.

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Paid Version Of the App

By offering a free app initially to all the users, it would be a great technique of market penetration. Once the users are used to the utility of the app and they notice the benefits of the app. They will be compelled to take up the premium paid app which is more exclusive and highly personalized. Personalized training sessions by trainers and guidance by nutritionists can be the unique selling points of the paid app.

In-App Purchasing Platform

Collaboration with other brands would generate in the form of the commission received from them. But the app can also introduce its merchandise in the market and sell it on the app itself. It will be a direct source of income from the app.

Paid Features

In the free app, everything will be accessible to the users but there will be certain premium things reserved under the category of the premium services which will be paid. This simple model would help generate revenue even from the free app. This feature is also called in-app purchases and is a great option for revenue generation.

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