The mobile revolution sweeping this age is creating waves in the entire service industry. With most of the service providers changing their stance in terms of customer satisfaction and convenience, taxi services are keen to join the bandwagon. In fact, the recent changes in the landscape of the car rental industry are evidently dominated by mobile bookings and transactions.

This evolution of taxi services has a widespread impact on the users who can now download a taxi booking mobile app on their device, book a taxi, and make online payments through mobile banking. The entire procedure is simplified by the mobile applications but again, there are certain glitches that must be moved from their functionality.

How Does a Taxi Booking App Work?

The scenario in taxi booking services was rather grim before the introduction of mobile apps in this domain. It was hard to book a taxi anytime and from anywhere. However, when a cab aggregator like Uber launched its full-fledged mobile app, this issue was completely mitigated. The procedure became simpler. The users can, now, send a request for a taxi through their smartphones. Immediately, they are provided a time-frame for the arrival of the taxi at the place where it was requested and then, the taxi reaches well on the stipulated time. It is not only the end-user who can book a taxi for their friends and family too.

With the success of this model, it wasn’t hard to guess that this technology was here to stay for longer. Many app developers followed the suite and created mobile taxi apps with enhanced features and better functionalities. However, with the multitude of new apps emerging on the play store on a regular basis, users don’t expect them all to be flawless.

The Key Features for Your Mobile Application

Hence, if you want better acceptance of your taxi booking mobile app, here are the key features that you mustn’t miss out on during the development phase:

Simplify the Signup: If the design architecture of your mobile app is complicated, you can’t suppose the users to retain it on their devices. It begins with the signup or registration process of the app. It should be simplified and user-friendly. It should ask only the critical information like name, address, phone number, and email id from the users. Even if you are planning to integrate online payment facilities in this system, it should be simple and facilitate customers to make payments through their credit/debit cards or PayPal.

Integrate Automated Tracking

Customers always prefer mobile apps that minimize their efforts and offer the best features. Hence, your app must have GPS enabled tracking system that pinpoints their location. It does not require the customers to mention their exact whereabouts, especially when requesting a taxi in an unknown city.

Real-Time Arrival Status

The improvised taxi apps must be integrated with the features that provide the estimated time of arrival of the taxi. Such a feature helps to track the taxi on a real-time basis and the customers know the exact time when the taxi will reach their doorsteps.

Don’t Let The Customer Waiting: Save your users from a long waiting time taken by the conventional taxi booking services. You can facilitate them by integrating a notification system in the app. This feature will notify the customer regarding the arrival of a taxi. Hence, they need not bid adieu hastily before leaving the place.

Booking Should Be User-Friendly

The main screen of your app should be easy to access for the users. There should be a search bar to select the desired location for pickup. Moreover, it should also allow a desired pickup date and time. This additional booking feature saves the users from resorting to time-bound bookings.

Transparent Payment Feature

The mode of payment should be selected by the user and it should be absolutely transparent. Whether the customer decides to pay online or in cash, your app should facilitate both of them. You should also provide systematic fare details depending on the time of travel and cost estimation. This transparency will definitely go down well with the customers.

Add Reviews: If the customers can review your services and provide ratings for the same, it will enhance the credibility of your taxi booking mobile app. It should include the ratings for the ride quality, driver’s behavior, vehicle condition, and complete experience.

Complete Overview of Past Bookings

The app should provide a feature to review the past bookings along with the current reservations. This detailed overview facilitates the travelers to retrace the past pickup locations and frequency of booking the taxi through this app. It will also help them to make changes to their existing reservations or even cancel the booking without paying any charges.

Provide Maximum Details

To establish the credibility of the app, you should provide the complete details related to the cab and its driver. It should include the name of the driver, make and model of cab, vehicle’s registration number, driver’s contact details, etc.

Managing the Favorite Locations

Some taxi booking apps help users to manage their favorite addresses in a well-organized manner. Here, they can store the addresses that they frequently visit and manage them according to their current status. They can delete the unused addresses and update the existing ones with complete ease.

Add-On Services with the App

An app is never complete without several add-on services. These should include a localized call center service number that remains available round the clock. An emergency contact number should be shared with every user to ensure complete security. Furthermore, the app should be displayed in more than one selected language.

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Customized Services

Enhance the functionality of your taxi app with customizable features like choosing the vehicle of choice, asking for child safety gear in the backseat, air-conditioning, et al. The burgeoning online taxi booking space is showing great potential and it should be tapped properly by the app developers. There are many other features that you can integrate into your taxi booking mobile app to make it user-friendly and functional. These may include a FAQ section in the app, referral codes, an emergency button, etc. Keep the options open and always be ready to innovate.

Digital Payment Integration

With the rise in ewallet payment applications it is important that your app has an in-app payment wallet to make things easier. If you are looking forward to entering the market with a taxi management app it is important that you integrate an application that lets your passengers make payments and your drivers receive payment. Most applications these days have this built-in feature to provide the ease of traveling to its users. Also, you may allow your users to compare fares of taxi services.

Communicate Without Sharing Details

With an in app calling feature you need not share your phone number with the driver. You can simply call the driver using the application and they will take your calls. Similarly they too would call you via in-app calling set-up and thus the personal numbers are kept safe.

This is one of the top uber taxi app features that makes any taxi application popular in the market. We understand the importance of your safety and try to keep it intact all the while.

Round the Clock Taxi Service

Make sure that your application is functional round the clock to let your users hire taxi services as and when required. This would add to the popularity of your app. A lot of applications offer cab services for limited time, if you can offer services 24*7 Then you are surely a way ahead of your competition.

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Feedbacks and Reviews

Let the app users and the drivers review each other that would make it easier for others to take forward the ride. If there are any complaints against a single person over and over just make sure there are some strict actions taken against them. We would ensure that you get the most reliable reviews and the big data technology can help you read and analyze these reviews in a better way.

Cutting-Edge Technology

To keep you ahead of the technology it is important that the application is ahead of the competition. We make it a point that the solutions that are offered to you are technically advanced, and future ready. Thus you would not feel left behind in the course of the competition also, you may need updates for the feature set but never for the technology. This would help you save your investment and make better profits.

Sharing Feature for Security Concerns

Your users can share the rides with their friends for security concerns. If you are new in the town, and want someone to keep a check on the path your driver chooses to take, simply share the ride with friends, let them keep an eye on the complete journey and help you in case of any troubles.

Traffic Indicators for Realistic Estimations

The application would consider the average traffic of an area before sharing the estimated time to make sure that traffic is not an issue. Sometimes, there could be lesser traffic and you may reach your destination earlier but in case of heavy traffic the delay is already indicated in the estimated time to the destination.

These are a few important features that our on-demand mobile app developers integrate with your taxi booking application that makes it easier for you to win your users’ hearts. These features are curated after intense study and market research. Our experts make it a point to add a tinch of creativity in your solution so that it stands out from the crowd.

The Final Words!

If you are looking forward to developing an interesting solution that can help you enter the market with an interesting taxi booking application then hire a team of technologically advanced mobile app developers who would make the process easier for you.

If you have a business idea and want to turn it into a functioning reality, meet our experts over coffee and let’s discuss your business application!

We ensure the product delivered would be the best in the market and would resonate with your business objective. So, what are you waiting for, reach the right experts and get ready to enter the market asap!

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