Earlier, it was hard to discover an extremely famous and helpful application for wellness in the application stores. It appears that this special application will never be sought after since cell phones and a sound way of life are contrary things. However, mobile phones have gotten so immovably coordinated into our regular day-to-day existence that one day we needed to figure out how to consolidate wellness with mobile phones. Quickly, a sound way of life, diet, and activities turned out to be about a faction, and because of this, applications like workout sessions for 7 minutes began to be developed.

Nowadays, various wellness studios and personal trainers are interested in getting personal trainer app development for them. Hence, the market for these applications is developing continuously. As per the reports shared by Grand View Research, the worldwide market of fitness applications is anticipated to hit $10.9 billion by 2026. The industry growth rate is increasing at a good pace, currently, the number of personal trainers in the US itself is 3,40,000, which has increased by 21.5%.

The development of this market can be ascribed to the expanding number of individuals looking for a well-being-cognizant way of life. Creative well-being applications assist individuals with remaining fit and sound.

In truth, today, they additionally have a great deal of hackneyed and not very multi-functional applications; in any case, as training appears, complex projects don’t continually bring genuine achievement. Individuals accomplish a solid way of life effortlessly brought by activities, certainty, and effortlessness, so natural to utilize, and justifiable applications regularly win more clients. Among them, there is a stunning application 7-minute workouts. The fascinating story of making this startup shows that occasionally, you don’t have to over-burden your applications with complex capacities and unpredictable plans, yet basically give individuals an improvement and a basic partner apparatus.

Best 7-Minute Workout Application Categorization

Various types of fitness applications, both for Android and iOS, can be segmented into three sections as per their essential usefulness. Some of them are intended to monitor the user’s regular activities; others are focused on arranging exercise sessions from personal trainer applications and remembering about nourishment applications, as they are additionally fundamental to keeping your body solid.

Record daily activities

It is exceptionally hard to call uncontrolled activities doing wellness without observing the measure of work done, just as without a development sign. Be that as it may, making a delay each time during the preparation to keep a log can altogether decrease the longing to proceed with contemplates. That is the reason an application like seven minutes exercise should record everything that the client does: steps made in a day, calories spent, the course of a walk, and the separation voyaged. Models: Runtastic, Google Fit, different advanced tellers, etc.

Control the Nutritional value in the body

For individuals who are an enthusiast about being fit and healthy, it is especially essential to control what they eat, just as when, and which exercises can be done. In this classification, you can discover applications to keep up water balance weight, and check calories.

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Applications providing Personal Trainers Facility

To assure that the client doesn’t experience issues in sports, disclose what and how to do as plainly as could be expected under the circumstances. For this, video, visual pictures, or voice controls can be utilized. In the application like 7 minutes workout, everything must be for an individual who doesn’t get occupied by anything during the preparation, including incorrect body postures while exercising.

What exactly is a 7-minute workout and what is the working of the official application?

With the official Johnson & Johnson 7 minutes workout application, the user can browse 72 exercises and 22 workout sessions which differ in complication and the time required for its completion, so that the users can pick the best training program as per their needs and requirements.

personal trainer app development

Main components included in a fitness trainer application

Components that must be included in a fitness trainer application are:

Aerobics and defiance exercise: A proper mix of aerobics and defiance exercises enables users to construct a reasonable an exercise program that advantages their wellbeing and wellness in the best way.

High-intensity training: High-power training enables a user to make exercise sessions that take less time. The more extreme your activity, the less time you have to do it to accomplish the ideal outcomes.

Exercise plan: Exercise sessions are designed keeping in mind the load that is required by different muscle groups in a human body and is numbered accordingly.

Minimize rest time: With regular exercises schedule the force generated by the exercises is distributed to various muscle groups. The rigorous workout sessions hence reduce the rest time during the exercise sessions.

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Important features of the 7-minute workout application which can be implemented

Features that are important are as follows:

Personalization: There are a few different ways to carry your mobile application closer to the idea of fitness coaches. Utilizing these techniques, an application can figure out how to supplant a human a coach who modifies exercises relying upon capacities and inclinations.

Creating a personalized questionnaire: The first technique is to make an inviting survey that requests fundamental data like weight, tallness, level of physical activity, and kind of sports (run, yoga, cardio preparing, reflection). For comfort, include various units of estimation, for example, kilograms and pounds.

Quick Workout: 7 Minute Workout enables users to like or dislike exercises for fitness and asks feedback from the users regarding the workout session. This data characterizes the substance of the following exercise and the recurrence of specific activities.

Quick Workout is an element of 7 Minute Workout that structures the most fitting preparing for clients as per their degree of planning and their inclinations. Towards the finish of an exercise, the application lets users rate the exercise difficulty level and users can also highlight the exercise which they liked.

In view of this input, the calculation ascertains the ideal equalization of activities and rest interims for every user and plans progressively viable future exercises.

Personalized workouts: In order to experience a great personalized workout session, the 7-minute workout application additionally enables users to make tweaked exercises with their preferred activities, advantageous interims among works out, and a set number of cycles.

Synchronism with wearable devices: Synchronizing an application with wellness trackers and smartwatches makes it simpler to screen the proficiency of activities and gather user information including pulse, beat, calories consumed, etc.

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Browsing workout sessions: Some effective applications enable users to peruse and pick exercises by their own. For this to be helpful, the application should have better classification. For example, Nike has an incredible perusing highlight where clients can pick an exercise dependent on required hardware, muscle gathering, exercise type, and exercise length.

Timepiece: The timepiece is one of the significant functions of the 7-minute workout application where the user can calculate workout time and rest time period.

Exercise videos: In order to make the application enrich and cool good quality, videos can be incorporated. Also, the video player itself can be incorporated into the application. Various media player APIs can be integrated within the application itself.

Training card: With a proper training card, the users can check the daily workouts that they have completed.

Songs: The application permits the users to play the music tracks available on their phones while doing workouts. This feature is really helpful for users who cannot complete the exercises without listening to their preferred music.

Monetization Opportunities

The opportunities from which the application can make money easily are:


The application can have both free and subscription-based model. In the free model, the user gets a basic set of features and workouts with limited functionality. Moreover in the paid subscription, the user gets complete access of the application including features like In-App chat with the personal trainers, access to more than 200 additional exercises and weekly customized workout plans.


This is one of the old and prominently used methods for making money from the application. By including third-party advertisements related to In-app purchases, influencing users to purchase additional exercise packages, etc.


Personal fitness training applications are high in demand. In case you’re attempting to get the wave and enter this expanding industry, the fundamental things to concentrate on are picking the correct business technique and making an extraordinary item. In order to save time and better administration, you can approach to an organization which has great expertize in the mobile application development.

We at Octal IT Solution are enthusiasts to build interactive and robust mobile applications that are designed effectively for great user’s experience. Our team of skilled designers and programmers design the mobile application simple and interactive keeping in mind the client’s requirements.

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