Radio FM is considered as a trusted app of radio that is used by over 30 million listeners all over the world. Radio app is a type of app to play internet radio stations that assist in listen and enjoy diversified guises such as classical, instrumental, rock, news, comedy, concerts, hip-hop, music and various other programs that are made available by various radio broadcasters. This app can run on Android, Google Chrome set, and Android watch/wearable.

Online Radio Stats in the United States

In the United States, online radio is considered a prominent contributor in the radio segment. in the year 2017, over 61% population hooked onto online radio according to statistics. In the market, Pandora Music, as well as iHeart Radio, is the famous radio apps that liked by the listeners.

Pandora is in trending, in 2018 of the third quarter TechCrunch reports procreated revenue of Pandora is USD 417.6 million. This growth is increasing over the years by 16%. Hence, it is definite that there is a great demand for online radio station apps in the market of the US.

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Reason for developing a radio station app

A Radio FM app is accessible to every person with the internet connection. This app assists in searching the listeners’ trend that means it does full control over the varied things that the people listen to like songs, news and overall host of other matters of fact. It is the app in which you get everything that the listeners want and that type of data is not available before and you have to spend a lot of money to avail the service of different stations. It is beneficial in the way when people are interested in enjoying the Radio FM then, they do not have to buy new equipment or do subscribe to any satellite services and this attracts more listeners.

List characteristics of profitable radio stations app

Audio streaming: Real-time audio files are cast by the Contus Vplay audio streaming framework via the network. The requirement of the power of ultra-modern devices is got by high-end microprocessors solutions.

Request form: Obtain an elementary set of useful information and make it stored in a secured cloud ecosystem.

Add Schedule: You can easily add the schedule of the recorded files in the CMS and set the scheduled timings to play at the time when you cannot be live with the radio. This feature plays an essential role in the radio’s performance.

Alert and Push notifications: Contus Vplay provides notifications to the users on the basis of users’ tracking behavior that they listen generally on the radio and notify them about their interesting things. This assists the user to spend the time rather than spamming personal time.

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Messaging Centre: To connect smartphones and sending of alert messages there are thousands of chat apps might pop up. If you want to connect with the audience with full-on wavelength then, SMS is the prime nerve.

RSS Feed: Through Contus Vplay’s business-friendly RSS feed algorithm, it is essential to make your content stand out from other salvage.

Advanced customization: The product should be a great element among thousands of online radios that are scattered all over the world along with the features of the good components.

Track Search: With the help of a track search feature, search for the work that works best inside the site. Through your purporting content, you can easily track the user’s behavior and feasible to allow them to navigate.

Polls: Make conduction of the polls and obtain a tune-in by adding fun to the strategies with the listeners.

The Monetization module that triggers the revenue offered by Contus Vplay

For developing an online radio station app development the monetization refers to the general factor that should be thought over. Contus Vplay considered the factor, the system can continue when it can satisfy the need for funds. With this, it is justified that which business can earn more profits by using the app that develops.

  • In-app advertising: Grab the attention of the users by making advertisements through banners within the app.
  • Subscriptions: Get your hands on subscribing the quality content would not tizzy any major users.
  • Freemium upsells: Provide the quality content to your subscribed premium listeners instead of those who are not subscribed, listeners.
  • In-app purchases (digital or physical): The beginning of online shopping through in-app purchases.
  • Sponsorships or Incentivized Advertising: Through favoring brands, get sponsored and make money through incentives.
  • Affiliate marketing and CPI Networks: For every installation of the app, you can earn more and get declared in the banners of the app.

Are you excited about creating a radio station app? If yes then, let me tell you the factors which should ponder first.

Proper licensing and permissions required: Apply for a license is required to launch a radio station app. For creating a music streaming app such as Pandora, music edging licensing is required. If you reside in the US then, apply the American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers, and Broadcast Music Incorporation license. It is essential to know about geography music and it is linked to geography. Make a mechanism to save the rates.

Choosing of a database for music streaming: An effective database is required to play music. Cloud-based storage and sourcing solution is used for a huge amount of data that assists in not need to purchase the unwanted hardware and the cost will reduce. AWS is used for doing advanced search and streaming tools functions.

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Radio app’s UI/UX design better than others: The first thing that is noticed by the users about the app is its looks. Hence, it is important to design the app as per the user’s needs. The way your app will be attractive the more users will engage. The development of a professional app is required and there is a need for new elements adding to design the app rapidly.

Another way of earn money for creating a radio station app like Pandora

Advertising remodeled: Well, you can add advertisements on the app’s screen also. All know that ads are already played while the songs are played. Ads can smartly add on a screen that can be easily visible to the users and in this way the ads can be run without any interruption of the music. If the listeners like add then, they can click on it.


Hence, making an online radio station app not only vindicates to be an app of entertainment and business but it also attracted the people with the changing times towards itself. Through online radios the communication in the future is bright. Get the benefit of making the app big in the platform and it can assist in setting the journey to becoming famous.

Radio app acts as a platform to remove the communication gap between the business owner and the users and it assists in taking your selling to the up level. With the coming time, online music streaming is the rapidness factor in the entertainment industry that is set to rise. In this field, the radio app station provides new business prospects.

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