Nowadays, AI-driven deep fake apps have become a big trend, and after many such music lip sync karaoke app for making and watching lip sync videos that animate old photos, a newly introduced app is Wombo. What sets Wombo apart from other apps is that it allows users to transform themselves or others into singing faces. An app to lip sync songs similar to this we already have is TikTok, which helps to create lip-sync videos with your favorite songs and can simulate music videos or spend time ROFLing with your friends. In This Article, we have shared the Top Apps for Lip Syncing Videos.

AI Lip-Sync App

What is a LipSync app?

What is a Lip Sync app

Lip synchronization is an act of moving lips in synchronization with an existing song or pre-recorded dialogue, and lip sync karaoke apps allow users to do just that here no one has to be a music prodigy to create an incredible music lip sync video with the app.

How does Wombo work?

Wombo is the world’s best AI-powered lipsync app, where app users can take a selfie, pick a song, and let Wombo do its magic. It offers a total of 15 songs, and after a while, the app churns out a video where the user is singing the selected song. When the users first open the app, they get a camera UI to click a selfie or, alternatively, pick an image from the phone gallery. Once the app is chosen, it is time to crop the image so the output appears better. 

On a technical note, the app uses a technique called LipGAN that allows altering a person’s lip movements in a video to match a chosen audio clip. A Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) architecture is the chosen framework for this task; it contains a generator module and a discriminator module. Here, the input video frames and target audio are encoded with separate encoders and then concatenated together. Then, the encoding is used to reconstruct the same face, however, with a different lips position in sync with the input audio features. Here, they use ‘skip connections’ during decoding to carry specific lower-level information valuable to reconstruct facial features precisely. 

Wombo - AI Lip Sync App

Digging a Little Deeper

Next, to guide the training process and generate realistic outputs, the discriminator is used as an adversary generator. The discriminator loss it uses is computed on encoding space with a Contrastive Loss, which helps monitor generated frames and check whether they are synchronized with target audio. Once this framework is trained on LRS2 audio-visual dataset, it attains astonishing results. This tech reduces the time taken to create lipsync animations that are difficult to develop for an artist. And precisely, this is how the Wombo app works. 

The app offers a premium version at $4.49/month and an annual subscription at $29.99/year without ads and faster processing capabilities. Meanwhile, often people are worried about privacy with apps for lip syncing videos like Wombo; however, in its privacy policy, Wombo clearly states that the app immediately deletes the facial feature data after creating a photo animation. The app stores anonymous, aggregated, or de-identified data as long as needed and shares it with behavioral analytics platform Amplitude to better understand user behavior and build engaging experiences. 

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Why invest in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

Why invest in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

The present AI ecosystem consists of Machine Learning, Artificial neural networks, natural language processing (NLP), and robotics. In ML, the programs learn from the existing data and apply it to new data or use it to predict it. The robotics field is dedicated to developing and training robots. A robot’s ability to interact with people and the world follows general rules and is predictable. However, the current endeavors are also made towards using deep learning to train the robots to act with a certain level of self-awareness. 

Currently, the worldwide artificial intelligence market is valued at 327.5 billion US dollars, and it is continuously growing, driven by the inflow of investment it receives. From 2015 to 2020, the total annual corporate global investment in AI increased by 55 billion US dollars, and a lot of it came from private investment from companies in the USA. The recent top-funded artificial intelligence startups in the United States are UiPath, Indigo Ag, and Nuro. UiPath is an artificial intelligence startup to look for as it is considered the second most valuable AI unicorn startup worldwide at US$35 billion. It has been designated the most prominent robotic process automation (RPA) product vendor across Global 2000 enterprises.

The global market revenue for artificial intelligence is forecast to grow from 2018 to 2027, even though different studies show variations in how much the global market size will increase. The market research firm IDC anticipates that the global artificial intelligence market will reach a size of more than half a trillion US dollars by 2024.

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What are the Top Apps for Lip Syncing Videos?

Some of the top Apps for Lip Syncing karaoke Videos are:

1. MadLipz


MadLipz is an Android entertainment app that allows users to make funny bite-size video parodies (Lipz) and share them on social media platforms. The users can kick back and watch the latest original memes created by a global community of creators.


  • Users can select from Trending, Hot and specific category feeds as the app’s user community share the latest creations.
  • It allows the users to record videos acting or lipsyncing as specific characters in a lip, and they can choose scenes to replace them with their original video recording or do everything in one take.
  • Users can dub their voice by choosing from thousands of ready-to-go clips and recording their original dialogue. They get the best synchronization by filling the boxes for character dialogue or freely recording. There are voice filters available for different characters in the clip.
  • The app allows to combination of subtitles and offers funny subtitles for foreign movie scenes. Here the users can also add captions to their voiceovers for a no-sound viewing experience.

iOS App
Android App

2. Reface – App for Making and Watching Lip Sync Videos


This face swap app offers various advanced and fun features, and where the users can make amazingly realistic face swap GIFs and videos with the daily updated treasure of source GIFs, videos, pictures, and photos. The app uses face morph technology, face editor, and lipsync technology to quickly morph and swap the user’s face with a celebrity, or sports person, a pop star, or become a person in popular movies and TV clips, even replace faced with memes. Users can even share their swapped face clips or funny meme as a video or GIFs on social networking platforms.

iOS App
Android App

3. Jiggy


This app allows users to create funny videos, GIFs, and stickers by animating their pictures or swapping their faces and bodies. It simply needs your photos to automatically create GIFs, videos, and stickers starring the users and allows them to share on social media platforms. The app offers paid subscription where users can have unlimited access to the app, an ad-free experience, and GIFs without watermarks.

iOS App
Android App

4. Face Magic – App for Lip Syncing Videos

Face Magic - apps for lip syncing videos

This deep fake face swapping and lipsync app is ideal for people bored of the same-ole selfies game, as it allows them to add their face on video. The face morph is fun and exciting for users as they create more face app content using a unique face editor and lipsync technology.

Android App

5. Lip Sync

Want to add some animation to your selfies? Well, the is app for lip syncing videos can add animation to your selfies by picking your facial features and helping you create a lip syncing video. The AI algorithm used here works magic as it can analyze your face and lip movement to perfection according to the lyrics of the song you choose. Because of pre-defined animations, some of the videos may not come up as interesting as they should be but yes, this is a fun app to turn yourself into the next “Taylor Swift.”

iOS App

Android App

6. Speakr App

Speakr App

This deepfake lip syncing app lets users to make videos with this app for lip syncing videos. With an extensive music lip sync karaoke app library, the app for making and watching lip sync videos allows users to upload their videos and add lip syncing to them. The application is gaining popularity because of its easy interface and impressive navigation. Also, it is raising concern as it makes it quite easier to create deepfakes, thus one can easily set their videos to someone else’s speech.

iOS App

7. Lipsync AI by Emotech

Lipsync AI by Emotech

One of the most accurate and polished machine-learning applications on the list. Lipsync has been gaining popularity lately for its accurate lip sync with apps for making and watching lip syncing videos and feature to add voices to 3D characters. The app uses real-time face movement to improve its AI accuracy. If you have a stable internet connection, this apps for lip syncing videos can help you be at the top of your game and create amazing videos.


8. Tik Tok – App for Making and Watching Lip Sync Videos

Tiktok - Best Lip Syncing App

Another interactive lip-sync application that lets you create funny videos and have fun with your friends and family You can choose an audio, add your video in the foreground, and share it over your profile. A lot of people are using this app to create lip-sync videos for fun, marketing, and branding purposes.

iOS App

Android App

9. Text to Lip-sync Animation

Text to Lip-sync Animation

Create realistic lip-sync videos with text inputs using this lip-sync application. What makes the app unique is its ever-advancing AI which is getting better with each input. The application is a time saver if you want to build videos that sync exactly like real-time speech with the video. The product is quite popular among game developers and animators to make interesting videos that engage more users.

Android App

10. Interactive Wav2Lip Demo


This is an interesting tool to create lip-sync videos that seem realistic. It can create lip-sync movements based on the transcriptions given. Interactive Wav2Lip is one of the popular lip-sync tools among media marketers to create videos and gifs with accurate facial movements. The AI algorithm gets better with each video and input.


Software Development Consultation

Common Features of AI Lip Sync app like Wombo:

  • Computer Vision algorithms
  • Create, train, prune and optimize NN models in various frameworks
  • Embedding Generation
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Hand and posture detection and tracking (CNN + LSTMs)
  • Instance Segmentation
  • Ultra-Lightweight Object Detection & Tracking 
  • Image Captioning
  • Key Point Identification (Face/Body)

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How to develop a App for Making and Watching Lip Sync Videos?

How to develop a Lip Sync app

As you move toward app development, it is essential to have the right app development team on board that can understand your app requirements and expectations and deliver desired results. During the search for app developers, it is essential to execute a background check, choose a reputed and experienced development firm, and check their hourly rate and client portfolio. And ultimately, as per your business requirement, zero upon the right firm. There are a few stages the app development process of the Lip Syncing mobile app goes through, such as:

Discovery stage: 

At this step, you and your app development team gather together for app discussion and market research and explore competitors, picking their weaknesses and strengths. It is time to determine whether the app will target young people or adults. Find the target audience and the competition, research what you can provide that the users are missing the other apps, and more.

App Development Stage:

At this stage, the app developers gather to discuss their understanding of the app objectives clearly, so that everyone is on the same page during the development process. Then the app development team moves to work on front-end and back-end coding and integrate crucial functionalities. They work on profiles, sharing alternatives, authorization options, and integrating requisite services and APIs. These developers work on great-quality coding and ensure seamless work without any compatibility troubles.

UX/UI Design:

The app needs a design that can allure the users, works smoothly and seamlessly, and is user-friendly. Get an expert app designer on board to get the best options for the color palette, layout themes, and design elements, like buttons, fonts, and icons.

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App Testing Stage:

At this stage, the app is sent to the testers to check its performance and compatibility with other screens and devices and check in case the app is taking a lot of time to load, consuming too much, or has bugs or errors. This step plays a vital role in the app development process, as the app must function smoothly before it is launched on the app platforms like App Store or Play Store. Or else the users may end up rejecting the app. If the testers find issues with the app, they send it back to the developers, who work on the app and send it for testing again, and this process repeats until the app gets a green signal from the testers. 

App Launch stage:

 After the app testing, it can be launched to the app stores. And to do that, the app has to meet specific requirements of the app stores, such as app descriptions, app screenshots, and much more. Hence, it is essential to read the app store guidelines before publishing it.

App Maintenance Stage:

Your app is now launched; however, it will require frequent upgrades and functionalities from time to time to enhance the app performance. 

Octal CTA

What should be the Team Structure for Lip Syncing apps?

To create a great quality app, your app development team needs to consist of:

  • Project Manager
  • App developers (iOS & Android) 
  • UX/UI Designers
  • Back-end developers
  • Quality Analysts
  • Business Analysts

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What are the revenue models used by LipSync apps?

As a business launches an app, it aims at earning significant revenue through that business idea, and the monetization models that amazingly work for Lip Sync karaoke apps are: 


In this monetization model, businesses consider the advertisements and their placements. They pick the most relevant ads for their app users and then get together with the companies and, in return, get paid for the ad space in the app. The various kind of advertising available are: 

  • Full-screen advertising;
  • Providing ads with gamification elements;
  • Short Advertising Videos placements;
  • Banner placements in the app;

With Lip Syncing apps being apt for the entertainment segment, advertising could be an effective and relevant income strategy for your business. Advertisement revenue can go up to thousands of dollars, so it is a great monetization model.

Subscription for Lip Syncing App

It is the best-suited revenue model for app publishers, where they can offer the best content to their customers free of cost for a limited period. The subscription model generally comes up for videos, tutorials, audio, and other cloud services leading the market. Hence, the app must offer informative content to take up the revenue.

In-app purchases for the App for Making and Watching Lip Sync Videos

With the freemium revenue model, users can use the app’s core functionality for free, whereas the other advanced, intriguing functionalities can be kept for the paid version. Hence, it attracts more and more users to the app, as few people are keen on paying for an app they haven’t tried before. This model allows users to see the actual value of the paid content and make an intelligent choice. 


This model allows you to make money by using a mobile app. But before using this revenue model, ensure that your app receives daily user traffic. Next, the app publishers must work with other businesses with the same business niche. The subscription model is an excellent monetization method. 1) by Equally dividing the total revenue; 2) monthly sponsorship fees. 

How much does it cost to create a LipSync app?

Getting the exact development cost of app development can be pretty tricky, as it depends on several factors, such as:

  • Number of platforms (iOS, Android, or both)
  • App functionalities integrated into the app
  • Technologies used
  • Third-party app integrations
  • Location of the App Development team
  • UX/UI Designing
  • Back-end Development
  • App Development team (Android developers, iOS app Developers, or both)

These factors significantly affect the app cost, and mainly while considering the company’s location, thorough research is crucial. The hourly app development rates in the USA and Europe are a lot higher in comparison to rates in India & other Asian regions.

To give a rough estimate, when a LipSync app is developed with an Indian app development company and for a single platform, the cost can be around $25000-$30000, whereas the cost to create an app with advanced features for more than one platform can be $50000-$60000. 

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