Nowadays, it is quite a trend among people to use photo editing tools like the Face Swap apps to post pictures of them now and in the future. This tool is an AI-powered photo & video manipulation & editing app developed by a Russian firm, Wireless Lab. It is known to render highly realistic makeovers of human faces leveraging a neural network. In just a short period, this app has become a viral photo editing tool that enables users to click pictures of them where they look younger or older. 

They can also experiment with features like hairstyles, tattoos, and beards and try gender flipping even. Users can play with many filters & features and create face swipe videos. It’s a pretty exciting tool that many apps are integrating to cash on the popularity of this trend.

What is a Face Swap App?

face swap app

These trending apps provide variations for your facial data, like showing how people look when they are older, or they can even tune their Face into a celebrity image or a video. These apps are trending nowadays with celebrity images & videos from different movies, and they work pretty fast, delivering instant results.

How do Face Swap Apps work?

These apps offer fast and accurate results, allowing them to stay on trend. Youngers use Face swapping apps to share their older version or even fit themselves in small clips from different movies. Face morph apps have three essential elements integrated that make them popular among users. First is Augmented Reality, which helps in better face mapping & recognition; hence, the output can be pretty accurate. Then there is Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning that allows the app in their core algorithm and output results. Suppose you are keen on jumping into this business and launching your Face Swap app. In that case, you’ll require the best AR developers, and it is a good idea to join hands with a reputed app development company to get the maximum benefits and great results. 

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Why Invest in Face Swap Apps? (Industry Stats and Business Opportunities)

Top Face Swap Mobile Apps – List: 

There are many Face Swap or Face combiner apps available on the app stores, both Play Store and Apple Store; still, very few of those are much usable, and even a few can deliver outstanding results. Hence, we offer the top Face Swapping apps available for both platforms. 

Sr. NoApplication NameAvailable OnRevenue ModelPublisher
1FaceappAndroid | iOSIn-App PurchasesFaceApp Technology Ltd
2MeituAndroid | iOSIn-App PurchasesMeitu (China) Limited
3OldifyWebsite | iOSIn-App PurchasesApptly LLC
5Face Swap LiveAndroid | iOS₹140.00 BuyLaan Labs
6SnapchatAndroid | iOSIn-App PurchasesSnap Inc
7B612Android | iOSFreeSNOW Corporation
8Cupace 4.8Android | iOS  
9MSQRD 4.3Android | iOS  
10MixBoothAndroid | iOSFreePiVi & Co
11Copy Replace FaceWebsite | iOSIn-App PurchasesRevosoft Technologies PTY LTD
12Reflect – Realistic Face Swap   
13Photo Face SwapAndroidFreeVysionApps
14InstagramAndroid | iOSIn-App PurchasesInstagram, Inc.
15Face overAndroidFreePixel Force Pvt Ltd
16BanubaAndroid | iOSIn-App PurchasesBanuba
17Aging BoothAndroid | iOSFreePiVi & Co
18MRRMRRWebsite | iOSIn-App PurchasesI Love IceCream Ltd.
20FaceMagicAndroid | iOSIn-App PurchasesInsight Technology LTD
21JiggyAndroidIn-App PurchasesBotika E.Y LTD
23Portrait AIAndroid | iOSIn-App PurchasesPortraitAI

Reface: Best Face Swapping App

Face Swap Application

Technically a deepfake app, Reface helps swap your Face with celebrities on videos and GIFs. Earlier known as Doublicat, Reface is a viral app that works great to create quirky face swaps and share them online. It makes high-quality face-swapping videos and is mainly dedicated to the art of video face-swaps. Reface is the app for you if you ever imagined how it looks to see your Face in a blockbuster movie poster. The app constantly updates with new GIFs & videos so its users can try out new & hilarious face swap filters. Reface pro download offers a subscription version to remove all the watermarks from videos, eliminate advertisements, and unlock unlimited access.

Garage – Face Swap app by Microsoft 

Garage face swap app

The Face Swap app by Microsoft moved to Experiment Complete in 2019, with a few features being slashed. Even after the features were slashed, and the transition took place the application remains to be one of the most popular face swap applications available. Click your selfie, find the person you want to swap your face with, and done.

Snapchat: Faceswape Option in SnapChat


Among the most significant social networks, Snapchat has almost 200 million daily active users. The Face offers brilliant photo and video capture options and, along with that, allows to swap faces. While clicking a photo/video, users can place a finger over the screen area where the Face is positioned, and soon several faces appear at the screen bottom. Just locate the Face Swap option and tap on its icon, and then you can click a picture or get your next social media video. 



This beautifying and filter app is mainly used to click striking pictures but also allows a Face Swap option. After launching the app, click on the Smiley icon and choose the face swap option from the menu. But this feature works only in real-time; hence, two people must be in the shot, and after enabling the face swap option, start taking a picture or recording a video, and the app swaps the Face automatically. 



Is an excellent and easy-to-use photo editing app with a fantastic functionality known as Paste Face. It enables users to take the Face of anyone in an image and quickly paste it on someone else’s Face. And this feature works magically because the Cupace app can manually extract faces from any image. Cupace allows quickly cutting a face from a photo and choosing an image to paste the Face on and then paste the Face on that image. To simplify the process, the app enables magnifying into the picture, making the face cutout entirely accurate. After the Face is cropped, it is saved in the Cupace app, and users can paste it on as many images as desired.

MSQRD 4.3: 


This is an excellent app for video selfie enthusiasts. Pronounced masquerade, MSQRD is a cross-platform app offering several entertaining features where users can become cute animals, a movie superhero, or swap faces with their friends. They can even broadcast live videos on Facebook with a mask over Face. This app also has a rich filter gallery so that the 30-second videos can be more fun. MSQRD allows sharing of captured photos & videos on many social networking sites. 

Face Swap Live:

Face Swap Live

The face-swapping process with this cross-platform app created by Microsoft is automatic, so it just needs to take a quick selfie, find a celebrity picture or anyone else to swap faces with, and the app will do the rest. Users can even swap multiple faces in a single photo, as the Face Swap app automatically finds faces in pictures and paste a new face over them. However, the results might not be perfect each time, so better be patient and keep trying till it creates the desired image. 

Cupace 4.8: 

Cupace 4.8

Making memes or any other kind of funny photo is easy with Cupace 4.8 app as here, the users require cutting a face from one picture and paste onto another. They can even use a magnifying glass functionality to cut a picture more precisely. All the faces cut from images are saved in the app’s Face Gallery and can be used many times without getting into the image-cutting process. As the Face is selected, quickly paste it onto a new picture and add a funny sticker or caption to enhance the comic effect.



Using this simple-to-use app, users can quickly transform into a movie star, a famous personality, or a favorite singer. Just select an image containing a face one desires to use, and the app automatically switches. MixBooth allows taking pictures and importing images from the photo library or Facebook. Shake the phone to see the final image result, which can be shared on the desired social media platform.

Copy Replace Face: 

Copy Replace Face

This is the right app for users desiring to be a bit creative with face swapping. The app offers desired flexibility to customize the entire appearance, like the user has the option to copy the whole Face or copy facial parts, like the nose, lips, and eyes. Hence, it creates a unique-looking face. Copy Replace Face app also allows layering multiple looks on top of one another, giving your picture a different appearance altogether. 

Reflect – Realistic Face Swap:

Reflect - Realistic Face Swap

This app uses Artificial Intelligence technology to swap faces with much precision. It adjusts the color and makes the skin smooth automatically, offering a visually striking image. Also, it allows the option to adjust the swap level, allowing users to choose whether to go for a full-on modification or tone down the swap level for a more realistic look. The app’s built-in meme creator easily creates fun-loving memes to share on social media.

Photo Face Swap:

Photo Face Swap Apps

The photo Face Swap app allows users to swap faces in pictures, and even though the app is easy-to-use, the picture result depends on how well-lit the images are and how rightly aligned the Face is. The app is famous for its ease with face swapping and its feature Face Bomb effect that puts one Face on all the people in a picture. 



Instagram is the hub for most-loved features, and face swap is one of them. However, often users have trouble locating the face-swapping option, so here is the step:

  • Open the Instagram app
  • Tap ‘Your Story’ in the top-left corner, below the profile picture
  • Scroll through circular filters to the right of the shutter button
  • Choose Browser Effects
  • Search Face Swap
  • Browse through options and choose a filter
  • Press ‘Use Now’

With Instagram, users can swap faces without installing the app. It offers several filters for video face swapping and face swap pictures and also works as an app to swap faces from two still images. 

Face over: 

Face over

This app works like a photo-editing service and works amazingly well for high-quality face swaps, as it allows to directly copy & paste faces from one image onto another person’s head. It will enable image trimming and resizing to help in increasing photo quality. Users can upload images directly into the app and swap faces from multiple photos. The app offers pro features at $9.99 for unlimited face swaps, premium functionalities, and no ads. However, Face over the app is only available for iOS.


Banuba Face Swap Apps

Although this app is not solely focused on Face Swapping and allows easy access to various hilarious face-altering filters & masks, still its most prominent feature is Face Swapping. With a significant focus on face alteration aesthetics, the Banuba app offers near-to-perfect results with face swaps and face masks. It allows you to upload pictures directly into the app and take live selfies & videos. It is an easy-to-access helpful app for people keen to enjoy social media benefits without constant alerts & notifications. Banuba allows its users to send pictures directly through their contact list without using third-party social media platforms.

Aging Booth:

Aging Booth

Free-to-use, Aging Booth offers many exciting functionalities and is mainly famous for transforming a face into an older version. Here the results are astonishing and work as a masterpiece when it comes to aging the photos. It provides quick results instead of taking up a lot of time. Besides, it allows before and after pictures on a video, so users can save on the phone’s storage while the auto-crop is available through face detection technology. 



A fantastic app to change Face, MRRMRR offers a vast collection of many unique features and also provides multiple options that provide four categories – emojis, masks, effects, and filters in real-time. This way, the users can become anyone from Kim Kardashian to Hilary Clinton. Its face-detection technology is quite innovative and tracks the facial details & expressions in real-time with various edits & face-swapping methods. The app allows you to save and share photos & videos easily.


FacePlay Face Swap Apps

FacePlay is an ideal choice for online people looking for a realistic face swap. FacePlay works magically when adjusting and interchanging one’s Face with someone else’s with ultimate perfection. It brilliantly covers even the borders; hence the results can successfully shock anyone. More so, the app enables a three-day trial policy; after that, users require purchasing a paid version. 



For consumer apps, it can be pretty challenging to Face swap online in videos due to obvious reasons. Hence, those keen to give a funny twist to their videos using a face swap-free feature should go for FaceMagic. With this app, users can upload a selfie and use its feature. However, in the case of face-swapping on videos, it works amazingly and even showcases various face swap effects to pick from.



Go with Jiggy if you aim to have fun looking at your Face in funny stickers and GIFs. With Jiggy, you must first upload your selfie to detect your Face, and then you can scroll via various GIFs and stickers to place your Face. Jiggy has a vast library and can incorporate more. If you require a bit more extensive stock, get a paid subscription as it allows access to the whole store and removes watermarks from final pictures. 



With this funny selfie poster creator app, users can blend their Faces into any picture. With this simple app, users don’t need to spend time figuring out controls. Click an image and select a template to blend the Face on that template. This app offers more than a hundred templates ranging from a gymnast to an astronaut, automatically detects a Face in the template and adjusts the Face’s angle and orientation to fit the frame. When templates are not enough, users can create their face swaps by adding photos from the phone’s gallery. 

Portrait AI:

Portrait AI Face Swap Apps

This app converts a photo into a 1980’s portrait painting, and it does incredible work and the images look breathtaking and not something fake. The app develops pictures by an AI algorithm by examining your Face in painting. However, the photographs do appear slightly European because the AI in this app is presently being trained with European faces, and hence it slightly leans toward that side.



Even though this app is missing the face-swapping features, it shows how one looks if they have a different gender, have a broader smile, or are older or younger. The app’s free version only offers essential beautification tools, and the users must upgrade to the pro version to get access to all the options the app offers. 



Integrated with the best AI technology, the Meitu app detects facial signatures with an augmented reality add-on, thus being a good choice in Face Apps. This simple-to-use app with minimal UI and fewer pages offers several filter options giving a smooth animated motion effect. Meitu has one of the best built-in photo editors helpful in enhancing output photos in many ways. It also uses stickers & smaller elements for pictures and offers many small to big additional functionalities. The app provides cloud servers that allow users to save images, videos, and other elements remotely. Meitu has patented its AI and face recognition technology that gives accurate face data. 



This is the app for users simply looking to see an older version of themselves. The app has one of the best Augmented Reality technologies providing the most accurate face mapping data, making it the best alternative for FaceApp. Oldify has an excellent animated functionality enabling users to record videos of any activity like an older man. It provides live results with the best output in an image, video, and more forms, and its AI techs can recognize faces and insert objects in the right place. The app’s algorithms precisely support the entire system without any AI tech.  

Our Recommendation

There are many face-swapping apps available out there, and mainly each offers something unique; hence it would be difficult to pick just one. Like MRRMRR and MSQRD are best for real-time masks and filters with pretty high accuracy. Face App and Face Changer apps are remarkable for their shows, and Cupace is famous for its manual editing skills. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Final Opinion:

Face Swapping is a modern feature for photo editing and video-making apps, and many apps out there have incorporated this feature to attract more users. Above we have mentioned the top Face Swap Apps offering face swap online features for Android and iOS platforms.


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