In our busy lives, we can barely find solutions to our day-to-day problems. Fixing the tap in the kitchen, washing the car, deep cleaning the house, servicing the appliances, and whatnot. We need to embrace the reality that with time our lives have become chaotic and frenetic. We need assistance in tasks that once seemed simple and petty. And if you are new in the town, then the struggle rises to another level. You have no idea where to find help from the locales and how to get basic things done for your new accommodation. Here, an app for handyman work comes to your rescue. It can do anything from shopping for groceries to contacting a plumber to bringing a salon home.

If you can relate to the problem that most people around the globe face, then you surely understand how hectic it would be for them to find a solution to these problems.

A Handy Man App is the best solution to these problems. An app for self-employed handymen like this has you covered always. It helps the users to accomplish their daily tasks and offers great advantages in its features and services.

What is the Handyman Mobile App?

handyman app development

A handyman mobile app is nothing but an app for handyman work that allows you to hire the services of handymen, or people who help you with many household activities. The app covers the services of an electrician, a plumber, an on demand carpenter, a beautician, a cook, a driver on demand, and many more. In short, it is an application where you can hire people for activities you cannot perform.

One of the most crucial factors to consider when choosing an app for a handyman is whether it will give all of the services you require. The handyman app will be an all-in-one service provider app. When you require any type of service, a handyman will be available to assist you.

Understanding How Handyman App Influences the Target Market?

We are all well acquainted with Uber, the handyman service. It is quite popular in the domain and is known for the amazing feature set it offers.

When talking about Handyman app it is important to consider that the solutions that you take to the market are interesting and engaging. Another important point to consider here is time. These apps for handyman help users manage their time and energy well. With a consistent level of service, you can win customer loyalty and be in a win-win situation.

It is important that the application you are taking to the market not only solves the problems your customers face but also helps you make a strong presence in the market that reflects in the strong presence and excellent service.

There would be some great services that would make things easier and are specified as per the target market. Everything from faucet repairs to self-care pampering sessions with a beautician will be supplied via the Handyman app in no time. It ensures that the consumer is satisfied with the services they requested.

There is no space to waste time while we build an app for handyman work and help you be at the top of your business. Handyman’s on-demand application development is a great idea to make great profits and mark a strong presence in the market.

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How On-Demand Handyman Mobile App Works

The local handyman app will help the user to find a working person in your area, saving you time and hassle from having to give them your resident’s precise address.

As the user needs some assistance, they simply need to check on the application for the service provider and reach the best solution provider in their locality. This would make it easier for the users as well as the service providers to connect with each other and know the requirements clearly.

The users could even schedule their tasks with their ease. They can ask for immediate assistance or for future assistance saving them a lot of time and allowing them to plan their day as they wish.

Now that we are aware of the need for the app for handyman work in the market and sure that it is actually a profit-making business, the next in line is understanding the business model you would follow for your application. The business model defines the major part of your profit and revenue earnings.

Industry and Market Size of Handyman App

The United States is the largest market for handyman services, spending USD 4.1 billion on different handyman services. More than 73% of customers hire handyman services to fix more than one issue at home. Among all the handyman customers, around 4% are property managers or real estate owners.

TaskRabbit is the largest handyman service provider across the globe, covering more than 70 major cities.

Urban Company, formerly known as UrbanClap is the most popular handyman service provider offering the largest number of handyman services.

Types of On-Demand Handyman Booking Mobile Apps

on demand handyman app development

Considering the dedicated services, handyman service mobile apps can be divided into two categories as listed below:

1. Single Service Aggregator Mobile App

As the name suggests, these apps are dedicated to just one chore or service. For example, GoMechanic focuses on car repair only. For beauty services, we have MyGlamm and BeYou.

Managing such applications is easy, as they focus on just one service and thus you need to collaborate with professionals from one specialty. Also, since these applications are dedicated to one service, they have their target audience.

2. Multiple Service Aggregator Mobile Apps

TaskRabbit and Urban Company are the best examples of these apps. Such applications focus on multiple services, including but not limited to household chores, construction, beauty services, and much more.

Managing these apps is a difficult task as you have to collaborate with professionals with different skill sets. However, since these apps cover many services at once, they have a larger audience and thus larger profits.

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Top Sought-After Services through Handyman Mobile App

Handyman service applications provide hundreds of different services, but if we have to choose the five most popular among them, we can choose the below-mentioned ones:

1. Carpentry

One of the most sought-after services on Urban Company is carpentry. Since carpentry requires some tools and equipment, it’s hard for people to do it by themselves. And thus, they prefer hiring a professional for such activities.

If you are planning to develop a handyman mobile application, make sure that carpentry is one of your services.

2. Cleaning

Cleaning is another service highly popular on handyman applications. Mainly because most working couples find it hard to clean their homes before leaving for work, they prefer to hire someone who can assist them with cleaning. Also, these professionals are required when moving a house or office, or after a function.

Cleaning can be a rewarding category in an app for handyman considering the fact that people need these professionals every single day. As mentioned above, working couples need a housemaid every day. Offering a monthly or weekly subscription can be a good bet for you.

3. Electricians

Again, this activity requires great expertise and some tools that are hard for everyone to arrange. From doing electricity work in a new house to setting up a workplace to fixing the air conditioner, everyone needs the help of an electrician and thus these professionals are high in demand.

Currently, Urban Company has 347k reviews under the electrician category which shows the popularity of this category and these professionals.

4. Pest Controlling

This might seem like a once-a-year activity but is essential for every household and business place. Also, on demand pest control is a high-end activity, which, unlike an electrician or carpenter, charges high fees. Apparently, the higher the fees, and higher your commission as the handyman estimate app owner.

5. Plumbing

Plumbers are the professionals required urgently. Someone might wait to fix their electricity switchboard or the leg of their dining table, but they need someone quickly to stop the running leakage from their bathroom tap. And this opens the doors of opportunities for on demand plumbing services.

In fact, plumbers are the most searched professionals in the household category on Urban Company. So it’s a must-include service when you plan to build your handyman service application.

What are The Benefits of the On-Demand Handyman App?

handyman app development cost

A handyman application provides you with a number of advantages. These advantages help your users live a stress-free life. When we are caught in difficulty, we often seek out people who can assist us, but locating people who can assist us in fixing our difficulties is a major task. The Handyman application platform will allow you to select the best people to assist you in completing your work.

  • You build a better relationship with your customers if you have a handyman gig app for self-employed handymen.
  • Having an application allows your users to book your services on the go, eventually, allowing you to cover a larger audience.
  • With a handyman gig app, you can cover multiple locations and multiple services.
  • It reduces the cost of managing the activities as well as the service providers.
  • It helps you build a brand for your business. For example, people say “let’s Uber” instead of “Let’s book a cab”. This is the power of branding.
handyman app

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Business Model for Your On-Demand Handyman App Services

As you enter the market with an on-demand app, it is crucial that your business model is in line with your business vision and objective and caters to your target audience the best. The target audience of handyman service apps can be divided into three categories.

Business to Consumer (B2C)

There are so many applications that cater to the needs of their users’ direct services. Business-to-consumer applications let the users connect with the service providers directly without any third-party involvement. This could be either some grocery service, delivery service, restaurant booking service, ticket booking service, etc.

Building a handyman app that connects directly with the customers is a great choice. Initially, it may take some time but as the setup gets in line, it’s just profits.

Business to Business (B2B)

Here instead of connecting with the users, you go directly to someone who would use the handyman gig app for self-employed handyman as their business. You get a white-label solution in that case. You can simply customize the solutions to fit the client’s requirements and rebrand them to fit their identity. It is expected that the worth of the B2B on-demand service app market will be $1.8 trillion by 2023. As a result, developing an on-demand app could be a fantastic way to get a piece of that pie.

Client-to-client (C2C)

The individuals who offer services to others are covered under customer-to-customer services. A babysitter application or nursing application can make things easier for you. C2C is becoming a bigger part of the delivery sector with startups around the world growing at a rapid pace. As this business model promotes person-to-person interactions, a sense of safe and trusted service is built on the user.

You can choose the best business model that can make things easier for you and help you earn the best profits from the market. 

How the Handyman Mobile App Makes Money

1. Commission Amount

Adopted by most handyman apps like TaskRabbit, this model works simply. Users book any service through the app for self-employed handymen and make a payment; the handyman serves the customer and then gets paid for his work. However, the amount that the handyman gets is a bit less than the actual amount the user had paid. This difference amount is the commission that the handyman job app owner keeps in return for creating the platform to connect the customer and the service provider.

The best part is that the amount is charged by the user and not by the handyman. This means the handyman gets a full reward for his work.

2. Advertisement Selling

Some services, plumbing, for example, need some accessories like taps or pipes to fix the issue. Now, what can be a better place for the taps or pipes sellers to show their advertisement than a page dedicatedly built for services that demand their supplies?

This is the power of advertisement selling on these handyman apps. Handyman apps like TaskRabbit can make a great profit by showing relevant ads on their handyman job app. Users get direct access to buy those products when they need them. Suppliers get the perfect audience to target through their ads. A win-win situation for everyone.

There are many providers offering the same service, and which one will the user hire depends upon visibility. Therefore, a chance to highlight the names of the best providers should always be there, and a featured listing serves the same purpose.

Service providers may avail their name at the top of the service providers list or under the featured list by paying a sum of money to the app owner. This way, the app owners make some revenue and the service providers get more job offers, eventually making more money.

4. Handyman Registration

Some apps for handymen charge a one-time subscription fee from the handymen when they register with the app. This not only makes some extra money for the app owner but also makes sure that only serious and real service providers register with the app for self-employed handymen. Contrary to this, there are chances of a fake listing if the registration is free. Charging a small sum is beneficial for all three parties, the app owner, the service providers, and the users.

5. E-commerce Integration

As already mentioned, many services on the handyman applications require some material, tools, and supplies. Generally, the users or the handymen need to buy those supplies separately. Enabling an eCommerce option in the app itself selling the required supplies does not only make it easier for the handymen and users to buy these products but also generates some revenue for the handyman job app owner as they may charge some commission from the product sellers.

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Top Handyman Mobile Apps Across the Globe

handyman app development in india
Sr. No.Application NameAvailable OnRevenue ModelPublisher
1Task RabbitAndroid | iOSFreeTaskRabbit Inc
2ThumbtackAndroid | iOSFreeThumbtack
3Urban CompanyAndroid | iOSFreeUrban Company
4HandyAndroid | iOSFreeHandy Technologies, Inc.
5PorchAndroid | iOSFreeWatermark Community Church

1. TaskRabbit


With more than 10 million users on Android and iPhone, TaskRabbit is one of the leading handyman apps out there. The app offers hundreds of same-day handyman services, including household, repairing, moving, house cleaning, electricians, laundry, and much more.

2. Thumbtack


It’s a well-known application offering handyman services and is available for Android and iPhone. Along with offering hundreds of handyman services, the app also allows users to compare and estimate the costs of services and customized pricing plans.

3. Urban Company

Urban Company

Formerly known as UrbanClap, the Urban Company is undoubtedly the most popular handyman service app in the industry. It offers every imaginable service, from household to automotive and beauty. It has millions of users with a presence in hundreds of cities across the globe.

4. Handy


Handy is yet another popular handyman service app offering hundreds of handyman services. The app has over a million downloads on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store with thousands of positive reviews.

5. Porch


Porch offers advanced features like multiple services and easy onboarding. The advanced search option allows the users to search for their desired services easily, as well as find nearby handymen using GPS tracking.

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Features of On-Demand Handyman App to Let Users Get Things Done!

When talking about features of the On-Demand handyman application, it becomes quite easy for the developers to deliver exactly what you want if you are sure how the application would function.

To give you a clear understanding of the mobile app development process we list here the feature set depending on the users who would interact with the application.

Customer, Service Provider, and Admin panel are the three different types of service apps integrated under one. Although each section has its main features, the general ones are identical.

 Let’s go over the features of each of the sections for a profitable handyman app like Uber.

Customer Panel

Here we talk about the users who would hire services via your Handyman Application. The feature set under this section would make your app for self-employed handymen easy to interact with and engage with. To affirm that you stand ahead of your competition and that your clients can easily navigate the application and integrate exemplary functions in the section.

1) The Profile of the User

Let the user sign up for the application and create a profile with the required information. Affirm that the onboarding process is easy and doesn’t take a lot of time for your users. Let them add additional details that would make it easier to hire the services and when they can connect with the service provider.

Included features:

  • Login & Email Registration
  • Social Media Integration
  • Customized User Profile
  • Notifications and Alerts
  • Recommendations

2) The List of the Services

In the feed, the user would talk about the services the application offers. The user can select the service they want and pick the results by adding location, price, and other filters. When talking about the application, the user can simply check the services with amazing discounts available on your products, their pricing, the projected delivery time, and any reviews that have been left.

Included features:

  • Listings of products and services
  • Specifications of the product or service (Product Description)
  • Filters and Search Options

3) Integration of maps

Integrating maps with the application would make it easier for the service providers and the customers to locate each other. In case you miss integrating this feature, there are a lot of troubles that they would face. The Zomato and Uber map is a clear reflection of how strong the presence of the map defines user engagement.

These apps for handyman would never have gained popularity if their applications weren’t for this interactive and dynamic map. A map is the easiest way to let your users engage with the app for self-employed handymen.

Included features:

  • Show the Arrival Time Estimate
  • Check out the current service location
  • Guide the shortest route

4) Chat within the app

Integrating a smart chat app with your application is required to affirm that it becomes easier for the users to connect with the customer and the service provider as well as the smooth operation of the business. A chatbot is an amazing solution for the success of an on-demand service app. This function is important to deal with any confusion that may occur between both parties, like some sort of emergency or canceling the event or if there are some modifications then the buyer and service provider can chat and come to a complete agreement.

This function eliminates all uncertainties for both parties as if the buyer and service provider can contact one another in the event of an emergency, cancellation, or doubt. In addition, an SDK for talking can be included in the program.

Included features:

  • Option for a simple chat
  • Feature of Attachments (Images, Videos, Documents, etc.)
  • Option to Block

5) Preferences and Other Optional Features

Other options and features include the ability to reset the password, change contact information, set up e-wallets, choose a light or dark theme, and so on.

Handyman Panel

Here the service providers have their dashboard to connect with the application. The service providers can easily plan and work the situations to let the handyman gather all relevant information in one location. The sellers need to take care of the services they are offering and the calm they want to maintain. Both are, nevertheless, equally significant. Our mobile app developers recognize the importance of both, the app users and service providers. As you create a service provider version of the on-demand service app, make sure it has all of the essential and unique features that will provide the service provider with a positive experience.

Here is the list of the features that a service provider account would get.

1) Create a profile

This dashboard is defined for those who offer handyman services to the users. Here they can sign up, build a profile that showcases all the services, and fill out information such as their name, age, and a brief bio. Consumers can also use this tool to receive a quick overview of the service provider and see their ratings.

Included features:

  • Login & Email Registration
  • Login & Registration for Social Media
  • Invitations and Referrals
  • Access to the entire profile

2) Approve or Deny the Request

When service providers receive a service-related query from the customer, they have the choice to either accept or decline it. Let’s assume the customer’s location is far from the service provider’s, they can simply deny providing services to the area or specify extra charges. If they are available and free they can accept the request. This is an important feature because it allows the service provider to receive and accept requests with ease and convenience.

Included features:

  • Request Acceptance
  • Request Rejected
  • Notifications by Push

3) Chat within the app

Chat, as previously mentioned, is a feature in on-demand service apps that ensures easy communication between the buyer and the provider.

Since we have a chat feature for the customer’s version, the vendor’s version is almost certain to have it as well. Here in case of a complex and technically advanced in-app chat feature, a basic one that allows users to share text, photos, and files would suffice.

Included features:

  • The Service Provider Side Chat Feature is the same as the Customer Side Chat Feature.
  • Personalization

4) History of Orders

This feature allows the service provider or service provider to see all of their prior, continuing, and scheduled service bookings. It makes it easy for service providers to keep track of the employees and the services they have delivered and their payouts. Furthermore, there is

Included features:

  • Request Acceptance
  • Request Rejected
  • Notifications by Push

5) Miscellaneous Features and Settings

The miscellaneous features offered to the service providers are similar to the ones that are offered to the customers

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Admin Panel

This is where you would interact with the application. It is defined as managing and changing the basics of the application. For example, if there is a deal that you want to display on the application, you can use the admin panel to articulate it and do so. You can also receive a fast overview of your clients’ profiles and interact with them using integrated tools. As a result, your handyman service app would be defined, and function as the admin panel directs it.

Included features:

  • Dashboard
  • Service Provider Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Manage your commissions and pricing.

We make sure to integrate features and functions in your application that make things easier for you to understand and connect with. We have been delivering solutions that are easy to connect with and can help you earn great results.

Features To Consider in Handyman On Demand App

Handyman App

1. Find a Nearby Handyman

This is a must-feature for any app for the handyman. Since most of the services listed on these apps require immediate action, the user should be able to find the handymen nearest to him to avail of the services as quickly as possible.

2. Real-Time Tracking

This will keep the user engaged with the app as he will be able to track the real-time location of the handymen or the status of his inquiry. This also allows the user to do some advance preparation (like keeping necessary products ready) before the handyman arrives.

3. Push Notification & Alerts

Order placement, confirmation from the handyman, task completion status, payment status, discount offers, or promotional activities, the users should remain updated about the happenings on the app, and push notifications to serve the purpose well.

4. In-App Chat

This allows the user and the handyman to communicate with each other, regarding the job status, location of the handyman, or if any supplies are required to complete the task. Also, this allows the customers or handyman to communicate with the support team should they need any help.

5. In-App Camera

The in-app camera allows the customers and the handymen to communicate with each other through video calls as well as send pictures of the broken item/home/office – something they need to get fixed. This improves communication quality and service quality.

6. Arrival Time Estimate

Sending a handyman’s estimated time of arrival to the user serves many purposes. First, the user remains connected to the app and second, the user can do any advance preparation if required to complete the task.

7. Contact Masking

Contact masking is a term used to hide the contact details of the handyman and the customer from each other. This serves many purposes. If you think from your business perspective, this avoids the situation of the customer directly booking the handyman instead of using your app. Second, it also keeps users’ data safe as people cannot contact each other uselessly.

8. Panic Button

There can be a situation when the handyman or the user is in some sort of danger because of the other person. A misbehaving customer can create trouble for the handyman, or an unprofessional handyman can create trouble for the customer. Having a panic button in the app safeguards the service provider or the customer from such troubles.

9. Multiple Payment options

We enable multiple payment options in your application which allows the users to pay through net banking, credit card, debit card, e-wallet, UPI, Cash, and many other payment methods.

10. SMS Authentication

SMS authentication is required at the time of registration for the customer as well as the handyman. Also, this service authenticates bookings as well as task completion. While booking a service, the customer has to verify a one-time password, and the handyman has to submit a code to start and finish the task.

11. Schedule Service

In case of some issue or unavailability of the customer or the handyman, the app allows the customers and handymen to schedule the services for a later date or time.

12. Real-Time Analytics & Dashboard

Admins, handymen, and customers are provided with a dedicated dashboard where they can see real-time analytics such as jobs availed, jobs completed, total earnings/spending, reviews, ratings, etc.

13. Effective CRM System

The CRM system allows the admins to better serve their customers and manage a better relationship with the customers as well as handymen. The system allows the entities to communicate with each other efficiently.

14. Efficient CMS system

The CMS system is used to manage the content, services, and users on the application, as well as to allow the admins, handymen, and customers to manage their respective profiles.

15. Loyalty Program Integration

We also enable loyalty programs for recurring and loyal customers of the application, offering them special discounts, rewards, and offers.

16. User Behavior Tracking

One of the greatest marketing tools, user behavior tracking allows the admins to plan for their services and offerings based upon the most sought-after services, preferences of the customers, and much more. It helps in better marketing the app.

17. In-App Document Management

Customers and handymen can manage their documents within the app, which includes invoices, licenses, certificates expertise level documents, etc.

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Things to Consider in Developing Handyman App

handyman on demand app development

1. Prepare and Get ready for your plan

Every application starts with a proper plan and the handyman service app is no exception. Before you get in touch with a app development company, be prepared with your expectations, a feature list, and a detailed plan. This will help you build an app per your expectations.

2. Handyman License & Certification Requirements

There are activities and jobs that require some sort of licenses and certifications for the handymen. However, as the app owner, it’s your duty to ensure you have the authority to assign and complete those tasks. Make sure you have all the certifications and authorities prepared in advance.

3. What Does The Development Process Include?

Having a brief idea of the app development helps you get your application development smoothly and as per your requirements. Get in touch with your handyman app development company and discuss with them the ideal app development process to avoid confusion in the later stages.

4. Competitor Research and Analysis

Before you enter the market, it’s necessary to know about your competitors and market segment. This will help you plan your features – some features that your competitors have are a must include in your handyman app like Uber and some features that your competitors do not offer will give you an edge over them.

5. Pick Services Only After Market Study

Not all services sell on the Handyman app. There are services that sell more, and there are services that sell less. Only a proper market study can tell you what features and services you should include in your handyman app like Uber, so it’s necessary that you do this research beforehand.

6. You need to Set the Prices Wisely

Setting the prices carefully is necessary. Take care of three main aspects – what your competitors are charging for a particular service, how much the handymen charge for a particular service, and how much commission you want to keep with yourself. After analyzing these factors, set prices for each service.

7. Work on a Robust Marketing Strategy

Building an app for a handyman is just the beginning of your business. More than 96 percent of apps developed cannot even retain the cost of development. Reason – they are not properly marketed. Prepare your marketing plan, do some market research, and make a list of activities that work and that don’t work.

8. Security Aspect of both customer and handyman?

Since your handymen are going to visit one place to another and will meet your customers in person, it is essential that you take care of the safety aspects of both parties. Implement a panic button, do a background check, and take care of other safety aspects to ensure no one remains under any safety concern.

What Tech Stack is Required for Handyman Finding App Development?

These are some required tech stacks that we should keep in mind when we are going to do handyman handyman-finding app development process.

  • GWT – for Powerful Programming
  • Datastax – for Data Management
  • SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification – Nexmo, Twilio
  • Mandrill – for everything related to emails
  • Push Notifications – Google Cloud Messaging Service, Twilio,
  • Payments – Braintree & PayPal, Stripe, EWallets
  • Streaming Media System – Helix Universal Server, Wowza Streaming Engine, Nimble
  • Streamer
  • Database – MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra, Postgres, MailChimp Integration
  • Debian – the Universal Operating System
  • Real-time Analytics – Hadoop, Spark, BigData, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM
  • Cloud Environment – AWS

Estimated Cost to Develop Handyman App

When you are looking forward to building an efficient handyman application for your business, it is determined by a variety of factors such as the features, accessible platforms, and the integration of extra services that are required to run the business such as sales and analysis.

The cost of a basic handyman application with general features can range from $5,000 to $15,000, and for the advanced solution you may need to extend the budget to $50,000 beyond this more information about the handyman app like Uber is needed to get a more accurate estimate.

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Wrapping This Story Up!

We have been working in the direction of providing you with a handyman estimate app idea that can help you be at the top of your business. With some amazing features and interactive solutions, there is no chance that the user will skip your product.

Our team studies the market and the competition hard before they get into the development phase.

Octal IT Solution is a leading handyman on-demand app development company in India that offers rich handyman app at affordable prices. So, if you are sure that you want to enter the market with a Handyman Application simply connect with our experts over a cup of coffee!


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