Well well, this is something being an entrepreneur you have there in your mind. Living in the world of prodigy where we always looking for instant solutions with comfort, the need for freelancer marketplace development is bridging the gaps. With more support from the time boom in the internet and technological trends, it can be possible for businesses to serve the demand for nonphysical jobs. In this blog, we will discuss the complete process of freelancer portal development. If you want to know how to build an app like Fiverr? then this blog is for you.

Let’s throw some more light on the above context. Suppose you are a business owner and working on some product. Although you have an entire team with you, still at someplace you are in need of some instant clearance in your model or you may be stuck in the middle. Even if the issue is minor it consumes your crucial time. At the time, if someone would suggest to you a guy who has a strong profile online, with the skillset, looking to work as a consultant; can be a real archer for your product. 

How would he help you? Or do you take his expert advice? A powerful platform can act as a great way to connect you both. In this instance, you can take from his experience and that will surge a transition into your overall product. Which you would have not seen or thought of this way before. Maybe you have a team full of back support but many times we have seen that someone from the outside assists and aids a big push to your product development process and hence your growth.

So think this way!

Freelancers are under the covet filled with every skill that the industry would have been searching beneath. Talking about the numbers in the sense, that the US is the leading country for procuring more jobs for freelancers than any other. It is counted that in the USA, 68M people are working as a freelancer and helping industries in some way. Coming as a trend more countries in the queue treat the freelancers just like their backend employees. Yes, you heard it right! 

Now if you are in the position to start thinking of having your own business for freelancing. It could seem to be tough at first, but trust me if you have high gigs you can achieve anything. 

As an entrepreneur planning to develop the functional model for freelancer marketplace development is like planting a seed. Which takes lots of patience and hope; as when will your tree return back to fruit. Having a seasoned developer who values the same level of desire and passion you have for your business, develops the road to success for you. He can produce the right level of a freelance marketplace for freelancers and the industry.

Remember: If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.

So let’s start and deploy an awesome freelancer portal development like the leaders like Fiverr, Freelancer, or Upwork.

Let’s discuss some of the things that make the two top-rated platforms Fiverr and Upwork commendable. 

But first, understand the brief idea behind the freelancer portal development. 

Freelancer Marketplace Development: In a nutshell!

Freelancer Marketplace Development

The freelancer app platform is the space that allows connecting both freelancers and businesses. These platforms put the bar that forces the people to work in the old-time schedule of 9-5. 

It is the place where freelancers can get access to their choice and comfort of job. Whereas businesses end their efforts in search of finding the right person who can contribute to the best to give the desired outcome on time. 

While the platform acts as the middleman to accomplish everyone’s work. 

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How does freelancer portal development like Fiverr and Upwork help millions?

Behind the success of thrilling websites like Fiverr or Upwork, there are important reasons. It nevertheless to a discussion that how these platforms create a difference in the entire industry of freelancing. You could take their mistakes as lessons and their success as examples for your journey. 

How to build a website like Fiverr and help millions seems to be a big question but can be answerable. Here we enlighten some important things to fuel your business. 

  • For freelancers

There’s no doubt that how beautiful these platforms are and how impactfully they are also saving a big role for freelancers.

There are no limitations on the type of services these agencies deliver to the people. Freelancers can find jobs in design, marketing, development, or copywriting. 

They have used the filters which on applying can show the result for the recent jobs posted. The machine learning algorithm helps you select the most appropriate list of jobs at the window on the basis of skills, prices, and portfolios. 

This helps freelancers and agencies to look the matching jobs as per the required profile. This would increase the chances of great employees for the company. 

  1. It is a massive opportunity for the freelancer to connect with the bidding or create a good profile listed with the skills and portfolios or take the premium services to advertise their profile and get it on the top. 
  2. See first impression is something set in our minds for a long. So freelancer makes the most out of it. Prepare before for this. Add relevant videos, skills, and portfolios to self-promote yourself. Get a better chance to showcase your mere talent. That is what Fiverr and Upwork are all about. Maybe you get the chance to work with some of the industry leaders like Microsoft or Apple. 
  3. When you serve something for the freelancer, take care of them like a guardian. Any complexity or middle loop would end your game and throw them away. 
  4. Your platform would be a great source for individual talent to partner with the business. This could be a breakthrough for you.
  5. Once the professional connects with the platform, s/he chooses the payment options for the services he will take. Hassle-free payment gateways bring easy payments and build customer loyalty. 
  • Fiverr and Upwork for businesses 

Freelance platforms like Upwork and Fiverr are the best alternative for your working employees. You can scenic the balance between the employee’s flexibility and the opportunity to hire the best talent. 

  1. Sometimes you are left with the time for recruitment. Hiring from a trusted platform would ladened huge success for you. 
  2. Today the portals are equipped with a large pool of individuals, picking up one would be tedious. The option for you is Fiverr or Upwork. Here you can plug and pick direct freelancers who are already experts in their fields. Just start working them for your product without any prior training; as they are already well-proven. 
  3. Fiverr and Upwork have a balance of trending tools and speculations like tracking the working progress, project management, reporting, and payrolls. These are a must to organize a bunch of activities on the platform of different freelancers and their work. 

Over to you now! Let’s take more inspiration from the existing freelancing marketplace. 

freelancer portal development

Market stats for apps like Fiverr and Upwork

Over to the market and brief analysis of Fiverr and Upwork. This will inspire you to add real value to the idea of a freelancer portal development.

Fiverr started back in the year 2010, intending to give agile solutions to the experts, and professionals to enter into vigorous industries. 

The marketplace of Fiverr gets a total funding of $111M with user satisfaction of 98%. 

Upwork started at the beginning of 2015, joined with the ventures of two; Elance and oDesk, and successfully boon the market experts with more than 10M profiles. 

These two platforms give access to the businesses in two ways:

  • Using the existing template
  • Or customize the platforms

In the grand success of both platforms, there are more points. It allows companies to hire the desired specialist on-demand, without hampering the cost. Let you access the multitude of experts with their esteemed prolificacy to hit the notch. 

For the individual or the candidates, as per the survey, more than 50M dollar revenue was generated from the freelancers. And this is a major ice break. For the entry-level candidates and expertise, there has always been a gap in surging the appropriate job filled. In this context, they are not satisfied with the hiring but an online marketplace for freelance services could be the real savior. 

These platforms offer the most important work-life balance by directly reflecting the increase in inefficiency. A flexible work schedule brings more than 35% of job workers into the reference who have issues with the traditional timing schedule of offices. 

We can see these stats as a positive factor. 

How you can earn profits with freelancer marketplace development like Fiverr and Upwork?

It can’t find the sense if we are not able to get the nerve. Right? Before how to make a website like a freelancer application, we are talking about the profits and the amounts. Let’s think about how these freelancing industries would earn phenomenal earnings in the end without distracting from their paths. 

So we are getting some of the real revenue generation models that impact your app idea and branding. 

  • Subscription-based model

It is the prime way for businesses to earn higher returns. How? They can place the best plans with the best services so the individual can fit inside one of them and initiate their job searching opportunity. 

Mainly freelancing companies like Fiverr and Upwork facilitate their candidates and clients with premium packages plus, business and enterprise. You can request anyone as per your needs. 

  • Commission for a deal

Agencies are looking for the best hire at the freelancing platform. If the candidates matched their expectations they hence permit the deal to the candidate. For every successful deal, the agency or the company would pay 10% of the commission. In addition to that, the platform has charged a small amount of the commission from the candidate’s end.

  • Start with a free model

Now, this is the best model to get huge mass at your platform although it would not generate the revenue it helps in building the branding and trust of the people and the companies. 

  • Let experts advertise their profiles 

In the technology time when we always want instant results, it becomes an urge for top companies to outsource some of their top talents. 

Let the gigs buy the whole package get themselves advertised on the platform and eventually get a fast response. 

  • Deposit the fees at the beginning

This type of model is not seen everywhere. Besides, Toptal is the one who has adopted this unique concept. This allows them to buy the entire package for $500 at the beginning for the companies and in case they want to quit the platform they get the whole refund back.

Following are some of the functional models. Which is best for you, Do some research and choose the best one. 

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mobile app development

How to Build an App like Fiverr: Required Architecture

The app’s success depends on the quality of expertise your app developers have put on. Let’s check out the best functional ways to get something exceptional for your business. Keep aware of the important structure and how to create a website like Upwork or Fiverr and surface everything under the budget without any loss. to build an app like Fiverr you should follow these points.

  • Designing ethics

To engage the people, get inspired by the real examples of the existing platforms. Coming to the fact, designing is the most impressive art on your platform to gauge more people. 

  • Align with the faster freelancer marketplace development

When design and development both mutually collaborate, enhances the user experience of the application. 

Based on the app architecture, the development and design are underwired. When both the components interact then the outcome is the real trait. 

  • API integration 

Have you heard about Stripe or Braintree? They are the payment gateways, responsible for channeling the best money transfers. Gear your engineer about the need for a secured way for the API integration and indeed yes you will get the best at all. 

  • Database development 

Secure your platform with the database features. Let the clients and candidates access the database 24/7 or connect with the cloud server. Remind us about the hacks of the data we have seen everywhere. So make sure your platform does not face such a situation. Use databases like MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc. 

For cloud services, you can go with Amazon AWS. 

  • Deployment and website maintenance

When your mobile app developer accomplished the final app then it’s time to launch your product. Go through the guidelines of the app store to make it possible for your audiences to not face any halt. 

Estimated Cost to Build Apps like Fiverr and Upwork?

Your app is your brand reflection. Fiverr and Upwork are the top channels where most job seekers and clients have land to find the right opportunity. 

The freelance services website or app must have real-time features that welcome everyone. 

  • Sign up for authorization
  • Add your profile; freelancer’s or company’s
  • Share your resume 
  • Or post job and specific feature requirement
  • Track the employee’s time 
  • Dashboard 
  • Apply search bar and filters
  • Inbuilt chat assistance to solve queries
  • Automatic payment gateways
  • And invoice generators

There are more factors like the right business model, niche, payment integration, features, and technology implementation. As per the increase in the number of enterprises, it would become more welcoming for the industries to work on their USP.

Although cost evaluation is very specific depending on the business to business. Finalizing the value of the freelancer marketplace development can be around $25k-$35k. In case you want to go for the advanced level of freelancing app, it will cost you more penny. It can go around $50k. 


The existing marketplace is very demanding and according to the stats, 50% of the businesses are looking for virtual options that can work without any corrigendum but make out great results. 

Like Fiverr and Upwork there are more than thousands of platforms already existing in promise to deliver non-stop solutions to enterprises. Freelancing is the future of the digital world. Since COVID, we have seen a gradual rise in the job market; at one end companies have fired their employees, but on the other freelancers enjoy being part and parcel. 

The facts are interesting! 

So why not be the next business to build an application in the freelancer marketplace?


How much time does it take to develop an app like Fiverr?

To develop an app like Fiverr, it may take around 800 hours to 1200 hours. It depends majorly on the complexity of the app.

Benefits of developing a freelancer marketplace app?

The benefits of developing a freelancer marketplace app are: 
Ease of accessibility
Pool of clients and freelancers
One can work on multiple projects
Secure and safe environment
Merit-based system
Build a client base with little effort.

What is the major tech stack required to develop a freelancer portal app?

To develop an app like Fiverr or Upwork around 70 to 80 technologies come into the picture major ones being HTML5, jQuery, and Google Analytics.

freelancer marketplace development
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