How about you get an instinct on the climatic conditions, suitable stays, fares, etc. on your next trip? Confused, well you shouldn’t be Hopper app business model has opened up such opportunities for the users. The travel giant named “Hopper App” will give you these predictions before jumping into an unproductive deal. Traveling is what everybody adores and when you have got Hopper, your traveling seems to be as amazing as your destination would be.

Hopper is none other than a travel app but slightly stand-outs from others in many ways. Traveling for some means picking up a place, collecting the best packages & add-ons with it, and let’s go. But for some, it can be as adventurous as trekking to a snowy hill, as romantic as watching the sunset on a beach, and what’s not? So for such nomads, Hopper has got it all.

This article gives immense know-how on the hopper app and deploying Artificial Intelligence solutions in the travel industry. Artificial Intelligence has not only bloomed in the IT sector but it is marching in the Travel sector too. Predictions that are being discussed, are consequences of implementing AI & ML in travel application development. So let us learn about the Hopper Business Model & How Does It Work?

What is a Hopper Application?

It is firstly a travel application that is designed to predict or estimate the airfares, flights, hotel tariffs, suitable timings, etc. The application accommodates with best deals on the selected destination to enjoy the traveling with more enthusiasm.

What is a Hopper Application

It was put to sea in 2015 by some learned scholars from Expedia i.e. Frederic Lalonde, Sebastien Rainville, and Joost Ouwerkerk. The app was launched in the Canadian city of Montreal to help people in planning their vacations at sustainable and affordable prices.

Its existence since 2015 has resulted in the selling of more than $600 million worth of flights. Moreover, the present statistics show around $1.5 million selling each day. The app has blown away the market with 30M downloads & 75M planned trips.

Putting light on its achievement, the application has managed to be on the Top of 2015 Category from the very reliable apple store. Hopper app was also showcased on multiple websites and popular magazines namely WSJ, Paste Magazine, BuzzFeed, Time, and others for offering exceptional traveling experiences.

The technological aspect of the app i.e. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has paved the way for the app to provide color-coded calendars, anticipate the airfares, available flights, destinations with best deals, right environmental conditions, etc.

Characteristics of Hopper Travel Application – AI in Travel & Transportation Industry

Hopper has extensively changed the way of planning any vacation. Here are a few features that have blown away the travel industry when implemented in the app:

Characteristics of Hopper Travel Application

Right Insight for Travel

Hopper has content that gives 96% confident results when it comes to anticipating the price. This AI thing has bloomed across the hotel booking as well. Users will come on the app, select the dates of their traveling, and then the app will pick out the best fares and suitable stays for the users.

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Not only this, it helps the users of the app to estimate the most extravagant, economical days for standardized bookings. The data the app provides is 100% authenticated and you cannot go wrong with the estimations, being taken from the Hopper App.

All Types of Booking at Single Place

In a few tap-tap games, you can book your hotels, flight, and other essentials related to your travels. This type of mobile app development helps users in staying on the app and fulfilling all the requirements associated with the application.

The calendars, neighborhood, and other details bringing you unforgettable traveling are what the Hopper app features.

Collective Searching

Hopper App contains the collective that of hotels and flights for such people who usually travel for their business meetings and seminars. The app helps in triggering the fights, fares, stays, and other details directly on the app. No need to look up here and there to collect data on the best business travels and meeting places.

What Activities Hopper App Does For their Clients?

Traveling Details

It asks for your traveling details once you log in on the app. You need to put your destination and traveling time & date in the app. This approach has opened up the gates for AI flight booking app development. You can see thousands of businesses offering traveling at best deals through their apps.

One more activity you find interesting on the app is the color-coded information on hotels, prices, stays, etc. This functionality works like this:

  • Green Color: Price of that day
  • Yellow: Standard
  • Orange: Little High
  • Red: High Demand & Price


Predictions on the app are performed by Artificial Intelligence. Data are being collected to showcase the best predictions at a particular time to the users. A predictive calendar is presented on the app, giving you an idea about which days will make your journey more enthusiastic and which days will drive you more money.


The app gives complete details on each kind of expense like Airfares, Hotel Tariffs, other Traveling Expenses, etc. You will get some instructions on how to save money on expenses while traveling on the app. This makes your traveling cheaper and more fun for you.

What Stop You In Its Full Utilization?

Here the section confirms the limitations of the application. If in case, the app does not support the flight cancellation, you are requested to immediately inform the Hopper Support team to provide you instant cancellations of the booking. For this, the Hopper App does not involve any charge, while other companies may deduct some charges as a cancelation fee.

So this was all about the cancellation and other activities involved in the Hopper app for its users. News has also rolled that a big investment of $16 million in growth funding by BDC Capital IT Venture Fund has been done on the Hopper App.

CTA hopper app

Simultaneously, American Airlines (AA’s) tickets can be purchased from the Hopper app. These are some of the big deals acquired by the owners of the Hopper AI Travel App. Moreover, the company is claiming that it is saving  40% to 50% of the revenue of the clients.

After checking the activities performed by the app, lets us take a deeper dive into the functionality of the app.

How Does Hopper App Work? What is Its Working Capability?

The working of the Hopper App is nothing but an action performed by the AI & Machine learning mechanism. Hopper is entirely based upon Artificial Intelligence which works upon algorithms and collective data techniques. So here is a glance over some of the crucial steps involved in the working of the Hopper AI Travel App:

How Does Hopper App Work

Installation of the App

Installation of the application is the very first step involved in understanding how the app functions? Along with this, you can either download the Hopper iOS App or Hopper Android App. Moreover, the application is available for desktop users also. You can install the app and then you are good to go for signing up for the application.

Signing Up Process

Signing up for the application is as easy as a piece of cake. You need not log in with Facebook or any other app. Just switch on your location and the app will automatically pick your spot and will provide the best deals possible.

How App Fetch the Best Details?

After signing with the required details, you need to enter the destination and dates to wander. The application will show you a map of the city and the user will get all the best hotels and deals in color-coded formats just like its calendar.

Offering the Best Predictions

Once the user is on the map and clicks on any hotel, the client will get the prices, and the perfect time to stay, and simultaneously, will give you an analysis of the price comparison with other hotels and dealers.

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Showcasing the Hotels

To give users a real view of the place, the team sends their professional photographers to acquire the actual view of the place they are offering their clients. They capture the entire place beautifully, offering the amenities, rooms, washrooms, and other services to the users.

Showcasing the Hotels

The view of each place comes like a story on the Facebook app. Simultaneously, you get a perfect view of the scenic places nearby like beaches or sunsets, etc.

Payment Options

Now that you have selected a proper place to stay at the respective destination, you are requested to make the payment. The options can be net banking, debit or credit cards, etc. The whole data you entered will be kept safe in the hopper app and will not be shared at any place.

After making the payment and confirming the traveling dates, you will get all your codes and otp at one place i.e. on the app itself. The best discounts and offers will directly be displayed on the dashboard which users have availed.

How to Develop an App Like Hopper? Steps to Built Artificial Intelligence Flight Booking System

Booking travel tickets with predictive capabilities are fun, but at the same time, it is helping thousands of people in building their business. Hence to build an app like Hopper comes very first in the mind.

Our Development Process

This article conveys all the steps involved in the development of apps like Hopper. Besides, a few things need to be contemplated before any development of such an app.

Platform Type

Talking about the first thing first then “Platform” will top the list. Any app that is going to be developed has some platform. So generally, there are two bases for developing an app i.e. Native & Hybrid.

Native apps are developed for a particular operating system like iOS or Android. On the other hand, Hybrid apps share common coding patterns and are compatible with all operating systems. The only difference between the two is Quality. If you want to develop some flawless apps then Native will be the best option. And if you avoid quality over money then, Hybrid app development will be the ultimate option.

Hopper App Business Model

Platform decide, now comes the business module you are going to flourish in the coming time. If you are planning to develop a travel app like Hopper or similar, then decide the targeted audience and revenue schemes before you put your app to mobile app developers.

It will also involve the subscription part or freemium services to the users. Wise market research, understanding the competition in that region, the need for a travel app to be successful or not, etc. are a few points to consider.

Characteristics of Your App

After all this, you need to think about the attributes of your app. Since we are dealing with the development of an app like Hopper, so we have to integrate the following features:

  • AI-Based Predictive Algorithm
  • Search Option
  • Activity Fluctuation Alerts
  • Filters
  • Integration with Map
  • Safe & Secure Payment Gateways
  • Push-Notification
  • Trip Details
  • Unbeatable UI/UX

So these are some of the details, which you must contemplate before developing a travel application like Hopper. Next comes the “Development Cost” which is another important scene in the Hopper Business Model.

What is the Cost to Develop App Like Hopper, Skiplagged, Kiwi?

Artificial intelligence in the flight booking system has proved to be the savior and a boon to uplift business growth opportunities. Many companies have started hiring travel app developers who can produce apps like Hopper, Skiplagged, Kiwi, etc.

CTA Hopper App

These businesses are providing growth like anything, big names like American Airlines, BDC Capital, etc. have started investing in these companies to enhance their business visibility. To have an app like this, a few bucks need to be invested. Here the on-demand or fresh development may work well. So the cost of development is affected by these below-given points:

  • Platform size
  • App Designing
  • App Capacity
  • Total no. of Developers Required
  • Geographical Location


App development in India might turn as economical as possible. Here the workforce is quite hardworking and talented. So will get your travel app development done just at $10 to $80/hour rates. This will include very good technical support too.


This place is full of talent and you will get the most proficient people in handling your travel app’s AI & ML mechanics. Here the development will cost a bit higher i.e. $50 to $150/hour. You will get an amazing team of developers, led by talented Sr. developers.

Eastern Europe:

A business hub, I can say to this place. Eastern Europe is a spot where you get the most acknowledged development companies in the world. It is in the same competition as the Australian companies. The developer here drives you an investment of $50 to $150/hour.


So USA & Canada are the Hubspot of the IT sector. Any company from any part of the world targets the USA & Canada for getting their business in their hands. So if you have decided to make your travel app from this region then you are going to invest huge bucks like $50 to $250/ hour.

These were the estimated costs taken from the various regions. Reach out by finding the top developers in that region and then contact the top companies on their websites. Prices may also vary depending upon the requirements of the user and the technology so utilized.

How Does Hopper App Make Money?

The interesting part of why anybody wants an app like hopper is its funding and high monetary value. In this section, our team has shared a deep insight over the funding received till now by Hopper and its progression in the coming days.

Talking about its presence, then this travel giant dominates the flight market worth $800 million under the guidance of Expedia. Secondly, it covers over 20 million users using the app already.

The third most significant thing was it is the fourth-most downloaded app after Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb in the United States. It is a manpower hub with 120 person working members generating $15 million in the last year.

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Its per day revenue stood at $1.5 million for flights sold in respect of 300 airlines and generates around a $5-per-ticket fee. Not only this, it charges around 1% to 4% commission from the airlines too. So this is the overall revenue or money-making policies from the hopper.

Final Words:

To sum up, on the Hopper app and its working, it would not be wrong to say that it is a big investment resulting in big earnings for Frederic Lalonde, Sebastien Rainville, and Joost Ouwerkerk. As per the reports, hopper invested six crucial years and around 10 million dollars to improve its AI Prediction Algorithm on a serious note.

This results in massive funding of $100 million in 2018 to the application for investing in the best predictions possible. This idea was generated in the laps of Expedia and and now it is a big name in itself “Hopper Travel App”.

The app is mainly known for forecasting the details of the right time to travel to any corner of the world. It acts as the humanoids helping users to find the most amazing days for their first or other visits to any destinations. So what are you waiting for, download the app and plan your super exciting trips from Hopper App now?

CTA Hopper App

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hopper business model?

Hopper is an AI-based intuitive travel application that acts on an aggregator model. Get the list of the cheapest flights and hotels and book them via the application.

How does Hopper make its money?

This mobile-only application functions as an OTA, where it can efficiently share the estimated cost of flights for almost a year. As compared to other aggregator websites, the application allows flight booking from the platform instead of passing the customer to the other website. They earn commissions for flight booking.

Is Hopper a legit site?

Yes. If you are a budget traveler then Hooper is a great choice to book cheap flights and accommodations. Also, it has been reviewed to offer the best rates in the market than booking directly with the airlines or hotels themselves.

What company owns Hopper?

Hopper was co-founded by Joost Ouwerkerk and Frederic Lalonde. Fredric Lalonde has been in the travel business before when he co-founded Newtrade Technologies which was acquired by Expedia another travel business giant.

Does Hopper have hidden fees?

No. The best part of booking your flights and hotels via Hooper is, that it has no hidden fees. Just a click and your booking are done. Simply a convenience of $5 is added at the checkout process.

How much is Hopper worth?

With around 70 million users globally, the Hopper app’s net worth in 2022 is $5 billion.

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