Tattoos have been a catalyst for the fashion trends and lifestyles of millions of people around the world. While the craze for tattoo fonts has always increased with time, different designs and creativity have witnessed this landscape. But when we are talking about the third decade of the 21st century, creativity is at its all-time high, and everyone wants to look unique. The same is happening with the tattoo industry where no two people prefer to have the same tattoos. Here, Tattoo Font Generator makes tasks simpler by providing different and creative tattoo fonts for different people.

Tattoo Font Generator Apps

In this blog, we will talk about some of the most popular Tattoo Font Generator platforms and apps that have streamlined the tasks for tattoo artists to a significant extent-

Top Tattoo Font Generator Apps


1. InkHunter (Best Tattoo Font Generator Apps)

Once carved, a tattoo becomes a part of our skin. In such a case, no one can afford a single mistake while getting a tattoo. At the same time, nothing can be better than an opportunity to see the tattoo on our hands before carving it in real-time. InkHunter does the same. This is an application that comes with thousands of tattoo designs in it. The core competency of this app is that it comes with a feature that uses augmented reality to print the tattoo on the user’s hand in virtual time. With this feature, the user can get a good idea about how the tattoo is going to look on his hands.

InkHunter makes it much simpler for people to check the tattoo on their hand, select the best one, and engrave it in real-time.

Tattoo Designs

2. Tattoo Designs

Everyone has a different taste in tattoos. While a design book might not provide sufficient options to the people, it limits the choices. At the same time, even the tattoo artist can not remember thousands of designs to suggest it to the customers. So, Tattoo Designs is an application that consists of tens of thousands of tattoo designs for customers. There is different tattoo category according to the preference of people. One can select from old-school tattoos, skeleton tattoos, watercolor tattoos, alien tattoos, grim reaper tattoos, and much more.

New designs are added to the application regularly. However, this app can only be accessed by Android users, it also doesn’t carry any search function to search for a particular design.


3. Tattoodo

Tattoodo is one of the largest tattoo communities around the world with multiple features that streamlines a lot of task. First of all, it helps you discover, follow, and connect to the best tattoo artists in the locality by using the location service. At the same time, this application comes with a wide range of tattoo design options for different body parts. One can create a collection of tattoos for the future preference. Also, Tattoodo enables users to find popular tattoo studios, to get the work done by the best professionals.

At the same time, this application allows users to opt for a premium subscription with a monthly fee of $5.99.

Tattoo Fonts

4. Tattoo Fonts

While all the above apps come with a combination of designs and texts, this application is solely dedicated to different tattoo fonts. When engraving a popular dialogue or something, the font of the text plays a significant role. So, Tattoo Fonts is one of the best apps that will give you a huge variety and options of tattoo fonts to choose from. All the designs in this app come with an intuitive interface which makes the font previewing very easy as well as fun.

One can easily export the font in a few clicks to carve it on the skin in real time. So, it saves a lot of time and for selecting the right style that suits different people. The application provides 125 high-quality fonts with customizable sizing. At the same time, users can also write their text to have a preview of it in different fonts.


5. FontSpace

FontSpace is also a tattoo font app with a vast collection of tattoo designs for personal and commercial purposes. Using the text font feature, one can create and preview their custom tattoo design. This software is being used by more than 10K people around the world with a strong Play Store rating. Huge collections of font bundles, premium fonts for free, font sharing, and ease of accessibility are some of its core competencies that make this application one of the best choices for users around the world.

Fonts for Instagram – I Fonts

6. Fonts for Instagram – I Fonts

As the name suggests, this application works in the integration with Instagram. I Fonts enable the users to share the different designs and fonts on their Instagram story. One can show their creativity by using the custom design feature and showcasing it on the social media platform. One can generate custom designs by using symbols, texts, size adjusting, and spacing of the text. Then, the design can be previewed and shared on Instagram.

Fonts- Lettering Font Design

7. Fonts- Lettering Font Design

With 4.4 ratings, Lettering Font Design is one of the most known applications for accessing different tattoo designs and fonts. One can create custom tattoo designs while also selecting from the wide range of readymade options. For creating custom font designs, one can use 250+ typefaces to combine with the text effects, using original logo typography. At the same time, this app can also be used to design logos and share them on Facebook covers, Twitter posts, Pinterest posts, social media graphics, and much more. This app has more than 1 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

Text Font Generator

8. Text Font Generator

  Text Font Generator is also a tattoo design app that helps users generate custom designs as well as select the designs that are already uploaded in the application. Using a wide range of styles and symbols, one can create a unique design, share it with friends and social media platforms, and use it to engrave it on the skin in real-time.

Cool Fonts & Keyboard for Bio

9. Cool Fonts & Keyboard for Bio

This is also a similar tattoo design app. It comes with a range of tattoo design options that can be used by tattoo artists or users who are planning to get a tattoo. Also, if the existing designs don’t interest the users, they can use the existing logos, texts, and designs to create their custom designs and download them.

Font picker

10. Font picker

As the name suggests, Font Picker is a tattoo font dedicated app that helps users engrave their words innovatively and attractively. The app offers thousands of font options matching the different preferences of different people. The app is being used by more than 50K people around the world to give their tattoos an astonishing look.

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Benefits of using a Tattoo Font Generator Apps

Technology has streamlined a lot of things for the human by encouraging speed & accuracy and decreasing efforts. Similarly, the tattoo font and design generator app have also minimized the efforts of tattoo artists and users who are planning to get their tattoos anytime soon. However, that is not all. Such apps deliver a lot of benefits to the users. These benefits are but not limited to

1. Encourage Creativity

First of all, the tattoo font and design generator apps encourage creativity to a significant extent. Users can go through the thousands of designs, texts, fonts, and images and choose the one that suits them. At the same time, they can mix one or more tattoos to get a unique design. Moreover, the tattoo designers can learn as well as get new ideas about the tattoo designs which they can suggest to their customers. People can get new and unique designs every time they plan for a tattoo. 

2. Virtual Analysis

Getting a tattoo and not liking it on the skin is a very common scenario that completely spoils the mood of one who gets the tattoo as well as a very disappointing moment for the artist. Either the person has to live with that tattoo or they have to go through the tattoo removal procedure which is not a good option for the skin. So, some of the advanced tattoo design and font generator apps come with an AR feature that allows the user to see the tattoo on his skin in virtual time. Just by using the feature, the user can easily assess how a particular tattoo or font would look on his skin.

3. Thousands of Options

These tattoo font generator apps have enough options to choose from to make sure that your tattoo is not shared by your friend, neighbor, or anyone in your locality. One can get a unique tattoo design that works more like an identity. At the same time, the different categories in the app make it easier for the user to select the design according to a particular preference. Moreover, some of the design apps even categorize according to the body part.

4. Own Tattoo Designs

With these tattoo design and text generator apps, it has become very handy for all of us to instill our creativity and thinking to generate a unique and custom tattoo design. These apps come with a lot of symbols, texts, designs, and more that can be collectively used to create a new tattoo.

5. Ease of Accessibility

Most of these tattoo design applications are free to download and use. It makes the new tattoo designs much more accessible for the end users. At the same time, the quantity of tattoo designs is another core competency as the traditional booklet that we see with the tattoo artist can never provide us with that much of designing options.

Must-Have Features for a Tattoo Font Generator App

Be it online or offline, the competition has increased, and every platform has to carry some additional and unique features to differentiate it from others. Similarly, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of tattoo font generator apps. In such a situation, it is never easy to become the people’s go-to platform. So, we have enlisted some of the core competencies of tattoo font generators that can act as the USP of such apps:

1. Copy and Paste Options

A big end-user of tattoo designing and font generator apps are tattoo artists. They prefer to have their portfolio to show to their clients and customers. So, the tattoo font generator app needs to have the copy and paste option so that the tattoo artist can copy it to their portfolio.

2. Font Changer

People have the text in their minds and look for the best font and design options that add charm to their text. So, a tattoo design-generating app should support an ample number of themes and fonts that can present the text in different formats. So, the users can keep the text the same but choose a design that seems most attractive to them.

3. Device-Friendly

Users can access these online apps from whichever device they prefer. So, this software needs to be device-friendly. A tattoo font generator app is meant to support different screen sizes, like smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, and much more. It helps to target a broader target audience and thus maximize the number of downloads.

4. Augmented Reality

AR is a burgeoning technology that has been reshaping the tattoo software industry as well. To bring the maximum number of users to the platform, it should carry augmented reality software that can help the users visualize the design of the tattoo on their body in virtual time so that they can decide whether to engrave it in real-time or not.

5. New Design Updates

Updating new designs and fonts is very important to keep the user base engaged. Having no new designs and fonts in the app might bore the users, and they can find a substitute for the application. So, it is crucial to upload new designs, fonts, symbols, and features in the app regularly.

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How to Develop a Tattoo Font Generator Apps?

As we can see in the sections above, tattoo font and design generator apps have grabbed the audience’s attention to a significant extent. However, not only do the end users get the benefit of these apps, but the owners of these apps also make a good profit. The time has never been better to invest in such an application. So, if you are planning to develop a tattoo font generator platform, here are the key steps that you would like to ensure in the process:

1. Research and Develop a Vision

First of all, do research on the market you are planning to enter. Take a look at the demand for such software, competitive landscape, number of users, popular features, target audience, and growth forecast. Having gone through all this analysis, you need to determine the type of tattoo design app that you want to develop for yourself. There are different types of tattoo apps and you have to select a category for developing your app.

2. Designing and Prototyping

Having discussed all the requirements with the development partner, they will design the user interface of your application and deliver a prototype for the same. This is the sample of your software where you can test the features, themes, user experience, functions, smoothness, and much more. It is important for you to analyze this prototype efficiently to give feedback, ask for corrections, and improve.

3. Core Development

This is the core development phase where the development team will build the back end and front end of the application. All the features and functions of the app are coded in this step. At the same time, the software development kit is utilized to build the complete infrastructure of the software. Moreover, third-party integration, API integration, and payment gateway are also integrated in this phase.

4. Testing

As the name suggests, this phase is for the complete testing of the software to make sure that the tattoo font generator app is distant from any kind of bugs or errors. For the same, different types of tests such as performance testing, load speed, feature testing, and bug removal are performed at this phase. The mission of the testing procedure is to deploy the finest version of the software.

5. Deployment

This is officially the last stage of the software development process where the development team deploys the software on the respective platform. Google Play Store charges $25 as the deployment fee while Apple App Store charges $99 annually to deploy the app. This is the stage where the owner makes the application available to the target audience.

6. Maintenance and Promotions

Having uploaded the application, you must provide frequent updates in the application and remove the errors faced by the users. It helps to retain the users of your application. Similarly, you must inform the target audience about your app to bring traffic to the application. For the same, you can rely on traditional marketing and digital marketing efforts.

Wrapping Up

Tattoo font and design generator apps have been popular among the youth segment due to the ease of design availability. While a local tattoo artist can only provide limited designs and font options to choose from, these apps can provide thousands of choices in a single click. At the same time, the AR feature allows the users to check the suitability of the font or design before engraving it on the skin in real time. Thus, developing such an app has become a good investment option. Bringing good traffic and providing the necessary updates on the app can easily bring good financial benefits for the app owner.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of tattoo generator application?

The cost of tattoo generator application depends on many factors like location of the development team, members in the team, features, etc. An average tattoo generator app would cost around $10,000 to $25,000 if you hire a team of mobile app developers from India.

What programming languages would you use for tattoo generator app?

Depending on the platform you want to showcase your app, we use Kotlin, Java, Swift, and React Native.

How long does it take to design and develop Tattoo Generator App?

The timeline to design and develop the tattoo generator app depends on the complexity of the application and its features and functions.

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