Some people are really blessed with great vision that they are able to visualize how perfectly they can decorate or re-decorate space. However, then there are others who are not really into a decorate-the-home thing and thus when left on their own, end up making pricey design mistakes. Now, who would like that? None, right!

This is the reason why home-décor shopping mobile apps (image-based apps) have carved its niche among people’s hearts. In fact, with these home décor apps being for your rescue, the idea of designing home yourself won’t scare you to bits anymore.

More and more people are embracing this new trend for home decorating. These home decor shopping mobile apps offer plenty of ideas and options to design home, suggesting what-would-best-suit-where and also offer wide-ranging home décor products that can be purchased within the app itself. With the use of latest image technology, these home-décor mobile apps enable the users to be a little more design savvy. These apps offer a variety of features, thus granting its user the ability to visualize things like a pro.

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Here, in this blog, we will discuss in detail about home décor and Furniture shopping mobile apps, its features, top home décor mobile apps present in the market right now and a lot more. So, now that you’ve got the basic idea of the home-décor app, next let’s move on to the features.

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Essential Features of a Home Décor eCommerce Mobile App:

In the presence of a horde of mobile apps out there, you’d want your home decor mobile app to shine through and make a mark of its own. It is vital that your app is a brilliant pack of home décor solutions that can give your competitors in the arena of home décor mobile apps, a run for their money. They must be out-of-the-box solutions which allow customers to see their home LIVE with the personalized changes.

So, here is the list of features that a home décor shopping mobile app shouldn’t miss out on:

Live Try-outs: Ever thought about offering your clients a 3D feel of their homes? Well, do integrate this progressive solution into your app without any second thought. This allows the users to experiment with their home furniture, floor covers & home antiques.

Turn a decorator: When the clients are given the chance to design their own room, they certainly will be bouncing back to your home décor app. Your app should allow the clients to purchase the entire originator look of the room.

Personalized Cart: Enable your app users to personalize their requirements. This way the B2B clients of your app will be able to manage pricing, catalog, track their sales orders.

Multiple channel options: By having a mobile app for your home décor business, you’ll be able to establish your contacts more than one channel business integration sans the limit. You may also opt for channels like B2C, B2B, multi-brand & marketplace sites.

Manage pricing: This feature allows you to manage mass discounts, campaigns, configuration and costing applicable on the large purchases. Besides, it enables the businesses to authorize their own contests & schemes

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Additional Features for Home Décor Shopping apps:

Catalog Display:  This list should display the whole range of product your business offers, so customers can easily find their way to what they’re looking for. This is one crucial feature of these apps as it increases the product purchases because often customers go ahead and make a purchase simply by viewing the product image.

Order & Delivery Management: This feature allows the business to manage the orders placed within the app as well as the deliveries. In fact, the delivery areas can also be configured.

Advanced Push Notification: It is one useful feature which can be used to notify the users whenever a unique décor accessory has arrived in the stores or whenever there is an update in the product range, new offers, special schemes, etc. which will ultimately boost the sales.

Special offers, discounts & coupons: Integrate this unique feature to run exclusive discounts, offers & to sell aggressively.

Refer a Friend: Most of your marketing & promotional work will be done with the integration of this feature. It is advised to craft an attractive scheme as that will lead to more app downloads and product purchases via the online channel.

Advance CMS: This feature keeps the entrepreneurs up-to-date about their store. At the same time, you can share event pictures and blogs with exciting content that’s relevant to your home décor business. This leads to more traffic to your mobile app, website & web-app.

Multiple Payment System: Offers multiple payment options to the app users as that will be an added benefit for your business. Like you can offer debit/credit card, net banking, m-wallet, payment gateways like PayU, Paytm, etc.

Cash on Delivery: There are a certain group of users that find it convenient to pay on delivery, so increase your purchase numbers by integrating this feature.

Social Media Sharing: This is one vital feature for all of the online businesses out there. This allows you to share various brand campaigns for your home décor business on social media sites and this, in turn, will drive traffic thus ultimately increasing the sales.

Product Reviews: Whether it is offline (via word-of-mouth) or online (in the form of ratings, reviews, survey or feedback form) product reviews can greatly contribute to attracting more users.

Manage Shipping: This feature allows the business to ship the ordered products with the help of an in-house team or maybe outsource shipping service via third-party shipping service providers.

Deep Linking: This feature is great for marketing as it does a great job of promoting products on social media as well as drive traffic & sales to your app or products.

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Which are the most-prominent Home Décor Mobile Apps?

There are a number of home décor apps in the market that has made it big in the market. They offer useful DIY home décor tips as well as tips to re-do the entire room, helping all the way through finding furniture, colors, layouts & measurements.

home decor appIKEA: Did you ever wonder whether a particular IKEA furniture would look good in your space or not? Well, get rid of all that confusion as IKEA’s enhanced reality mobile app will do the job by using image technology and allow you to virtually place furniture from their catalog in your home. This way, all of those who have a hard time envision furniture layouts can easily visualize their space with this app. Try before buy is the key here. When you are on the mission of designing your home, you will never face measurements issue with the use of the TapMeasure app, calculates space and area simply by using the app camera. Thus, it helps the users in planning without any tape measurements. For instance, you want to know how big is your dining table, well you can do it simply with TapMeasure that uses image technology to get accurate dimensions from your space just instantly.

home decor appTaskersAre you looking for ways to decorate your home? Then, you must keep seeking out inspirations on Pinterest, magazines, Instagram handles, isn’t it? Whenever you come across something you like, you definitely want to find its version that falls in your price range and is available in your country.

Let this app, Taskers be at your rescue. This British home décor retailer has an image search option that makes it happen. Here you can upload any picture and it will instantly display similar options.

It is not just time-saving but hassle-free way to for the app users to find items fitting their aesthetic. Another of its feature is that the app offers smart filters thus allowing users to narrow their search, so they can find items as per their interest.

canvas home decor appCanvas by Occipital: Canvas is a great option for the ones looking for professional utility from the image technology for their home décor project. As it can easily create 3D view via mobile scanning feature, thus the users are able to virtually recreate their home. It also includes exact measurements every part & corner of their home.

home decorHutch: This ‘design your own space’ app allows its users to see the combinations of various items together. Thus, they get the chance to bring out their inner designer and have some fun while trying out a new style for their space.

The app allows its users to make in-app purchases, where they can purchase items that they put together and liked as well. Hutch offers a designer-curated range of products, free shipping & returns, however, what their USP is that they use the image to make the shopping & designing easy for people.

Brilliant tools to make home-décor e-commerce mobile app a success

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Creating a strong online presence is vital for any retailer in today’s times when everyone and everything is going online. As per Forbes reports, usually, the customers execute an online research for products, however as it comes to purchasing, they prefer making in-store purchases, mainly when it comes to furniture. So, basically, they are seeking an omnichannel experience.

In this case, to inspire your customers to make an online purchase, you first need to create a solid online presence. Here are few of the primary tools that will help the business in doing so:

Content:- As you must have heard people saying that ‘Content is the King’. Well, they certainly were right. Be it writing a blog, or a monthly newsletter or even building a website, it is crucial to offer good content that would invoke customers’ interest.

Usage of tools like Google Trends &Grammarly is advised. Google Trends lend a valuable insight into most-searched terms in your arena & location, this way you can accordingly plan your content, while Grammarly will save you from the reader’s annoyance caused by typos. By installing Grammarly as a plug-in on your browser, it automatically scans your content for grammar & spelling errors.

Design:- Now that the content part is sorted, let move on to make the app look wonderful. For home décor app, it is crucial to have compelling visuals in order to spark user’s interest. Popular tools like Canva (useful to build high-impact visuals and also offers many free templates for social-media posts, ads & marketing stuff) &Unsplash (used for general pictures required for brochures, blogs or to build social media visuals).

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Advertising & Keyword Optimization:- Both advertising & keyword optimization is crucial to promote your online store and there are a few tools that can be helpful:

  • Fatrank: This extension when added to your browser, gives comprehensive reports on where your website ranks with specific keywords. Surely a fine way to assess your position in the industry and it also offers valuable insights on how to optimize your efforts.
  • mypixel: This intuitive retargeting platform helps in building ads in a variety of formats, targeting your audience and reaching it via a huge network of more than 7500 websites.

Sales & inventory management:- When running a business, you require to provide customer-service, manage inventory, balance finance and during all this while you also need to report on your online store’s performances & achievements. The best tool for this domain is Lightspeed Retail POS.

This tool offers a fully-integrated platform allowing the retailers to manage their store from sales, analytics, payments, customer loyalty, inventory and a lot more. This offers all the insights required to make the right decisions and to engage with the customers in a manner that they keep visiting the app.

How Much It will Cost to Develop Home Decor and Furniture Shopping Mobile App?

Though the development cost depends on what features you want however a mobile application with basic eCommerce basic features will cost you around $10,000 and if you are looking further to add multiple platform with advance features the development cost can go high around $20000 to $30000. To have exact cost estimation or to book a free consultation visitOctal IT Solution

Conclusion: If you are someone who is looking to create a home décor mobile app for your e-commerce business, then we hope this blog helped you in providing a detailed view of the home-décor app development process. Meanwhile, if you are keen on getting such an app, then get in touch with a home décor mobile app development company that understands your business needs and is willing to work to attain the desired results.

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