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Fun Websites -Random Sites to Visit When You’re Bored

Nobody can be hyper-productive constantly, and studies have shown that enjoying intentional reprieves after times of work is better for your efficiency. But how would you spend those breaks?

Visit random websites to cure boredom and waste time in the office?

6:30 am: Alarm Rings > Snooze > 7:00 am: Alarm Rings >Snooze > This is how many of us start our days. > 7:15: Start the Day 
And then we rush to our workplaces, get involved in the professional biosphere, working, discussing, and chit-chatting. Everything seems confined and monotonous. Formal greetings, working on the systems for hours, meetings, follow-ups, and the work again. In the hectic schedule, a little change is actually a great relief. It refreshes your mind and helps you be sane most of the time. 

Since most of us spend time with our systems, we have a list of cool fun websites that would help you have a little fun in your work time. 

Fun Websites to Go on When Bored

1. Find the Invisible Cow

Want a small break from your tiring and a little boring work? Well, simply open find the invisible cow website in the new tab and spot the cow with the audio. You simply need to click in the direction of the audio to spot the cow.

It may sound a little kiddish, but this cool website site is actually popular among professionals.

2. Eel Slap

If you are simply done with the work and want some fun time why not slap someone with an eel. Yeah, it may sound a little weird but it is fun. (Trust Me…A Great Relief)

So, if you have nothing to do and want to spend some time entertaining yourself then this is the solution. 

3. Paper Toilet

Another amazing website to go on when bored.

Visit a website the worst you can do is click on a blank screen. 

Le Website: You’d be rolling toilet papers here. 

Yeah. As you scroll up and down you would be rolling and unwrapping a simple toilet paper roll. 

Funny it is. Isn’t it? 

4. 2048

Who isn’t aware of this? Join two 2’s and make them 4. Join two 4’s make them 8 and continue. This is a real fun game to exercise your mind and take a break. Continue with the game and see how many 2048s can you make. 

5. CookieClicker

An idle game run by ads. Simply click bake cookies and make bigger cookies. Sounds fun? Yeah! When you are all tired from work even random clicks make you really happy. Simply click, bake cookies and turn a million cookies into a big one. 

6. Zoom Quilt

This is the result of collaborative artworks over the internet. You can infinitely zoom in on the image and walk along with the various elements that are connected with it. 

7. This Is Sand

Ohh, the last task was so draining!

Take a break with This Is Sand. One of the most popular time waste websites. Simply click anywhere on the screen and let the sand flow. As you continue to play with the sand, you can see it being collected that the bottom of your screen. 


Isn’t it amazing going home to a cute creature waiting for you and running around as soon as you are home? Yeah, dogs are always cute. With this website, you can see dogs running on your screen left to right in an infinite loop with some amazing background sound. 

9. Gravity Points 

Pass on your time as a child. All you need to do here is point your cursor on the screen a simple click and tiding! There are small gravity centers that attract the rays on the screen towards themselves. 

Sounds nothing like fun.

But it is. You can create patterns on multiple points and even see who would continue with more points on the screen. 

10. Staggering Beauty

Visitors who are not susceptible to epileptic episodes should visit this timepass website. As you shake your mouse vigorously, the wiggly worm shakes. Enjoy some funtime playing with the worm in the middle of your work. 

11. Pointer Pointer 

Want a fun website to waste your time? Here it is. Simply scroll the screen, point at a point, and once you are done there is this image of the person pointing at you. 

Yeah! A lot of pointing here. 

12. Da Font

How about experiments with the look of your system? 

Download some interesting fonts and make your documents fun. 

If you have to spend a lot of time writing and reading documents then you know how important it is for you to see those funky letters on your screen that make it easier for you to read and get your work done!

13. MapCrunch

When you are looking for websites to go to when bored then this is the right place to be at. Let’s go and wander around to our dream destination sitting in the office. 

Fun na!

Simply visit the website, search for your favorite place, and then have a little visit. 

(In case you are tempted, a vacation isn’t a bad idea)

14. Google Maps Street View

Simply see what’s around on your system. You can see nearby market areas, stalls, parks, and whatnot. If you are too lazy to take a stroll outside, simply have a walk with a few clicks on your system. 

This is an amazing way to pass your time if you are looking for something that can keep you engaged all the while. See a few locations what’s around them and everything.
Once you are tired of wandering, get back to the work. (Sarcastic Smile)

15. Wayback Machine

Ohhh I am sure you want to do this to your colleagues too but ignore them. This website helps you in digital time travel, where you can go back in time when any other website was conceived. You can see their original not so interesting faces and the current engaging and interesting faces. 

Invest a little time to be motivated that every great thing takes time. 

16. Flightradar24

What to do when in the middle of the work the wanderlust in you is suddenly active? Reach this amazing website and track the flights globally in real-time. The database here is really vast. Get information on over 1200 airlines, with 180,000+ flights, covering around 4,000+ airports. 


Travel from anywhere to somewhere and here’s a flight for that. 

17. OCEARCH Shark Tracker

One of the most visited websites to cure boredom is OCEARCH Shark Tracker. The website is basically a non-profit organization that talks about the ocean’s giants to help scientists accelerate the ocean’s return to balance. 

The people here are making the best the technology and you can surely have some fun moments here. 

18. Rainy Mood

“I’m only happy when it rains

I’m only happy when it’s complicated

And though I know you can’t appreciate it

I’m only happy when it rains”

Who doesn’t love the sound of the rain? It is amazingly soothing and calm. When you are looking for random websites for fun, you can surely reach this one for some joy. Simply put on your earphones and enjoy the drizzles and if you have the creative juices flowing well, you can feel yourself in the middle of your favorite place enjoying the rain. 

19. Snopes

Did you know?

Are you one of those who love to share facts and figures with people in general? So, Mr. Know It All, here’s a website that talks from nothing to everything in detail. Snopes is a fun place where you can enjoy your break in updating yourself. 

This is an amazing solution that would make things easier and help you be in the lead. 

20. Lizard Point 

Let’s go back to school. Lizard Point is the basic application that has free map quizzes. Do you think your geography is rewarding? Well, this is where you can test. 

Play it with your colleague in your free time and learn some interesting facts together. 

21. Wikipedia’s List of Individual Dogs

Dogs! (Broad Smile) 

If you are getting bored and looking for fun websites to visit, then this is the one you can connect with. Simply find the list of lost, advertised, movie dogs that made an appearance in the past. 

Life is so simple! The smallest of the thighs would make you happy. 

22. Pokémon Showdown


Who would forget this cute sound? 

Well, if you want to indulge in the pokemon battle then this is the right website for you. Get to battle with a custom-generated team or other players and enjoy your free time on this website. 

23. TagPro

Turn your love for the flag to your favorite time pass. This free-to-play game is available online where you need to capture flags to win. Ask some of your colleagues to join you in the quest and be in a win-win situation. 

24. Shut Up and Take My Money

Let’s find out some quirky gift ideas that would make things easier for you. The website is ladened with some amazing gift ideas that are interesting and engaging and would make things so much better for you. 

Get some amazing gifting ideas in your free time and let your friends and family enjoy the little quirkiness. 

25. Don’t Even Reply

Check this out in your free time and see if you can use a few with your friends. 

Got a lot of time to kill? Well, this is exactly where you can excel. The website shows a list of replies sent to people in response to the classified ads they have posted. Some of these are real works of sarcasm and art. 

26. Drive Me Insane

Do you have friends who are scared of spooky stuff and paranormal activities? With the application switch on and off the lights to a place and see the response it does. 

Simply log in to the website and start doing some fun stuff to add a little element of joy to your monotonous work-life. 

27. Live Kitten Cam

Are there spirits of ailurophile in you? 

Then you would love this website. This is the best website to kill your time. 

Take Kit(ten)-Cat Break! 

Simply visit the website and find some really cute and adorable cat pictures and videos. Share them with your friends and colleagues and have a hearty smile. 

28. The Useless Web

One of the websites with the most pointless things. If you want a time pass website then this is actually your stop. Take a break from your hectic task schedule and make a change with the senseless website that would engage you long enough. 

This is a fun place where you can always be engaged and have fun with various collections. 

29. Hacker Typer

Get transformed into that cool hacker who would unlock the locker in the bank account sitting at their computer. This website turns you into a part-time hacker with your keyboard. 

Amazing it would be in the middle of the work, you turn to a hacker on his mission a quest to loot a bank or maybe break into a restaurant for a coffee break. 

30. Internet Live Stats 

Not sure what you want to do? Well, let’s just check how many people are sitting online now. Maybe this sounds a little awkward, but it is not so. You can actually be the spectator who would know how many blogs are going live, how many websites are being hacked, the number of emails being sent, and everything else. 

So, when you have no idea what to do with the internet, just see what the world is doing with it. 

31. Giphy

One of the best if you are looking for something cute and funny. Simply type anything and see interesting images and gifs. You can explore interesting things on your screen with just a click. 

Bee flying Tingling bees logo

32. Bees Bees Bees! 

One of the best websites to let your mind refresh. Here you can see Oprah panicking as the bee enters its audience. 

33. Scream Into the Void

Irritated, frustrated, angry or what? You can simply enter your emotion and click the “scream” button to see your words zoomed. Not just zoomed but with a screaming voice. This is a good exercise to vent out what you feel when you are stuck with work or your boss is being inconsiderate. 

34. Shady URL

It’s a free internet tool that turns your URL into something nasty and dubious. Your URL will appear to lead to a phishing site or a virus. Fun na? Try how would your business website look like when taken to the domain. 

35. Astronomy Picture of the Day

Let’s be lost in the cosmos in our free time. The website shows various images from the universe and has a little explanation from the astronomers. This website is informational with delusional images that leave you awestruck. 

36. Codecademy

Have enough time to learn something new? Well, why not take some time to learn to code. This fun website teaches you how to code in various languages. Simply log in and get going. 

A great way to utilize your free time. 

37. Passive Aggressive Password Machine

If you think the password to your account isn’t safe enough, then this is the website for you. Simply type your password here and let it work. This website would let you know how strong your password is. 

38. BuzzFeed “Comments” Sections

Check out some of the amazing comments on the BuzzFeed posts. These posts are a great way to entertain yourself when you are bored, but the better part is the comment section that is full of something interesting and unique. 

Read these in your free time and see how opinionated the world can be. 

39. Stellarium

The visits to the planetarium during the school is one of my fondest memory of those days. With this website, you can visit a planetarium anytime you want. Simply click on the images and see various phenomena around the universe on your computer screen. 

You can choose a date, time and location to know exactly how the sky looks at that particular moment. 

40. Duolingo

Wasting time at this age is so not right. Develop a new skill when you are bored. With Duolingo, you can learn around 30+ international languages. You can either visit the website or check the application. 

When bored, put your time to the best use. 


Color your cosmos exactly how you like it. This website lets you experiment with the cosmos and design it exactly how much you would like it. 

42. A Soft Murmur

Simply create a sound that you may find distracting. From creating sounds that are calm and composed to generating sounds that are irritating, it is a great way to pass your time and relax when you are simply overworked. 

A little change in your schedule would be no bad. 

43. Taste Dive

How about a little research on what to watch once you are home? 

Well, this website helps you with some recommendations of interesting and trending content in the entertainment industry. Find out the movies, TV shows, Video games, songs, books, and everything else that can help you distract yourself from work, and relax a little. You can also find some new music, games, podcasts, movies, and other things on the website. 

44. Addictive Tips

A review of top mobile and desktop applications that can take care of your routine. It evaluates applications based on their utility, efficiency, and results. Find some really easy solutions to your routine tasks here. 

45. HowStuffWorks

Know everything here. The website talks about the smallest things and why are certain things the way they are. This is quite an interesting website if you have an inquisitive mind. Find out things and share the information with your friends and family in general.  

46. Freerice

Play a few games, win them and donate some rice to the needy. A great way to utilize your skills and time into doing something good and rewarding. 

47. MuscleWIki

Fine-tune your workout with this website. Instead of showing the images of the muscle, you can see how the muscles move and are sure that you are exercising the right way for a strong body.  

48. Hubski

If you want to share something insightful or want to read about others’ stories then this is the place. Instead of random fun, you can do something thoughtful when you are tired of your regular work. 

49. Radio Garden

Simply rotate the globe and listen to the station that you want to. An interesting application to give you a break from your hectic schedule and work pressure. 

50. Music Theory 

Get some interesting lessons to help you enjoy your free time. You can get theory lessons in music, exercises, calculators, and ear trainers to keep you engaged with the work. 

51. Radiooooo

Discover great music here. Choose your mood, country, and time, and listen to some of the amazing songs that would keep you happy and charged. Why waste time when being bored? Relax with some amazing music that makes you happy. 

52. The Economist 

One of the most reliable spaces to get acquainted with the latest happenings around the globe. It talks about all the social, political, and economical news from different corners of the world. 

53. Sleepytime

One thing that our generation struggles the most with is the sleep cycle. This website tells you the right time to sleep and wake up for healthy sleep. 

54. What Should I Read Next? 

An interesting website to share the recommendations for the next read. This application is one of the most loved on the list and has a wide user group. 

55. My Fridge Food 

Feeling hungry?
What’s in your fridge right now? 

Simply select the ingredients and get the best recipes you can make from them. It is easier to cook great food and get some new recipes without buying anything new. 

56. OnRead

An educational website that lets you in the library and allows you to read what you want to. This is a great way to take a break from your daily schedule and read something that is valuable and interesting. 

57. Weave Silk 

Simply hover your mouse over the screen and create a masterpiece. This is a great way to calm your anxieties and draw something fun and interesting. Share your creation with your friends and see what they have to say about your hidden talent. 

58. Eyebleach

Visual stimulus plays an important role in calming your mind. This website makes use of a few visual stimuli that would soothe your mind and make you feel charged enough to start your work afresh. 

59. List of Conspiracy Theories

Love mystery and suspense? 

This is the website for you. Read about various conspiracies and murder mysteries that involve all the names from history to the present. A good read if you have time and patience to uncover the mysteries around the world. 

60. The Oregon Trail

An amazing website for those who love to play computer games. Ladened with various stimuli and elements this would provide you with an amazing adventure in the middle of the busy workday. 

61. Sporcle

Not sure what to do? Don’t want to go out and have no idea what to do. Well, simple! 

This website offers umpteen quizzes on various topics that you can enjoy. 

Enhance your knowledge when you are free. 

62. Poptropica

Basically, a kids’ game to wander around and communicate safely. Create a Poptropica character and go on journeys with them. Travel to various game islands and have fun when you have the world’s time to not do anything. 

63. Habitica

A healthy habit tracking application that makes things easier for you. This website turns your life into a game and helps you be in the best of your health. 

A little time here can seem to be productive and useful for you. 

64. Foddy

And let the athlete in you be on the ground. Run as hard as you can to win the race. Simply build a 100-meter racecourse and run the race with full force using your keyboard to get that winner’s title. 

65. Reddit

Dive into anything that you want to read. From facts to satire to sarcasm everything on any topic is here. This is a good place to see the world’s opinion on popular topics. 

66. Flash By Night

Simply reach out to the website for some amazing solutions. The website has some amazing games that would help you relax and refocus. Designed to help you soothe your mind these games are simple to play and need very little hard work.

67. Xkcd

Sarcasm, Romance, Language, and Maths everything that your office is, is here in this webcomic. This is something really senseless as the website has no clear pronunciation too. A few letters together to create a platform that helps professionals relax. 

68. You Are Listening To

Police scanner audio is integrated with other songs for a soothing and calm experience. 

69. Incredibox

Turn to a musician for a while. Get a group of beatboxers who would make it easier for you to create some happy music. If not beatboxing, you can choose the style you want to integrate from the list. 

70. Drench

A simple click-the-screen game where you need to use your intelligence a little. You would be given a few chances and with each click, you have to change the color of some of the blocks. Before the last click affirm that the screen is Drenched in one color. 

71. Quick Draw

Let’s see how alert you are. Simply visit the website and doodle what it asks you in 20 seconds. A great way to utilize your time and relax yourself a little

Doodle has become a highly appreciable skill these days and you can simply enjoy it here with a few scribbles. 

72. Apartment Therapy

Are you a fan of aesthetics? This is the website for you. Design amazing rooms exactly how you want. Take some ideas, look at the elements, save them for later use and enjoy. 

73. Space Jam

Here are some amazing games that would help you feel nostalgic. Simply check out how your favorite characters help you relax in the middle of a monotonous day. 

74. Retail Me Not

Saving a little in your free time is not a bad idea. You can simply use the application or the website to get some discount coupons and rewards to save on everything you love, be it travel, rent, food, or anything else.

75. Mint

A personal finance application that would make things easier for you. This application has a lot of features that would take care of your daily expenses and help you save some extra money. 

76. Quora

An interesting space that answers almost everything. Log in to the website to give yourself a good read of what’s trending and any other questions that may strike your mind. 

77. Instructables

Love watching those cute DIY videos that would help your creative juice flow real fast? Well, this application is the right place to explore a little. See interesting projects prepared by experts and if you love something do not forget to try it at home. 

78. The Magic iPod

Create a mix of your favorite songs over the internet here. This web-based application is seeing exponential growth each day. 

79. The Onion

Satire at its best. Take a moment to compliment the writers here who bring to you news from all domains with a satirical tone. This is one of the best places to spend your time if you love a little satire and sarcasm in your conversation. 

80. Lifehacker

Interesting blogs and videos to simplify your life, are available with a click. You can simply reach the website or their youtube channel to find tricks to a few complicated routines in your day-to-day lives. 

81. Ted Talks

Read and hear about what the most influential people around the world have to say about their journey and achievements. A great space to get inspired when you feel like doing nothing. 

82. Mix

Get to see what you love. It simply analyzes your browsing history to see what you love and show you similar content. This is a good time pass website that would help you relax a little when your boss seems a little bossy. (Wink) 

83. Pottermore

To the Potterheads on your desks, this is the place for you. Simply visit the website and have some fun at the Hogwarts. 

84. LEGO Videos

Fun videos with Logo characters to help you fight boredom. One of the best websites to pass time when you feel stuck at work. 

A small break and Tadaang! Recharged, you are back to work. 

85. Wait But Why

Tim Urban brings some interesting content to the screen every day. Simply read through his blogs and see what fun can you take out in your leisure time. 

Good content with personalization, something that would surely make you happy.

86. The Oatmeal

Another interesting website that offers you an exceptional visual stimulus to relax. Enjoy super cute graphics with original comics, quizzes, and some articles. This is an interesting place to make the best of your boredom. 

87. Supercook

An amazing place to find some interesting recipes to make sure nothing goes waste. You can simply check out the recipes in the list and choose the ones with basic ingredients. A great way to impress your family at home and kill some time simultaneously. 

88. Zillow

An amazing application to find the real estate in your area. If you are bored of your work, look for some spaces around that you may want to rent or buy. 

89. Animal Planet Kitten and Puppy Cams

A quick look at the cute animals around the globe can bring that cute smile to your face. It is interesting how in the middle of a hectic and not-so-happy day, you can have some amazing animals around. 

90. Imgur

Some real interesting images that would make your day a little less stressful and hectic. 


Space information in an easy-to-read language to make sure you are updated with the latest happenings around the universe. Share it with your colleagues and set that collar higher. 

92. The Toast

Fiction blog that leaves you awestruck with some amazing write-ups and interesting stories. 

93. Cracked

Say it loud. This is the best place to use your satire in expressing yourself out. 

94. Mental Floss

An interesting website that is ladened with topics from different walks of life. Read a lot and enjoy like never before. 

95. Tumbler

Dive into the world of super cute GIFs and Images that leave you happy and awestruck. A great place to spend your time to make sure you get back to the work refreshed. 

96. Digital Comic Museum 

An interesting space to find out the best in the comic space. The latest comics were uploaded. Spend some time here read a few comics and get back to work. 

97. Epicurious 

An interesting space to find some delicious recipes, and kitchen hacks. If you live on your own this could be your increase your general knowledge space to go. 

98. Brainy Quotes

Find quotes that fit any situation on any topic. 

Wrapping It All Up!

“I’m bored” is a useless thing to say. I mean, you live in a great, big, vast world that you’ve seen none percent of. Even the inside of your mind is endless; it goes on forever, inwardly, do you understand? The fact that you’re alive is amazing, so you don’t get to say ‘I’m bored.”

When you feel exhausted from work and want a little break that can help, then all you need is to reach a website that can help you relax. It could be anything you love. Some entertainment gossip, sports updates, what’s happening around the globe, nostalgic comics, trending manga, some healthy recipes, and whatnot.

Just distract yourself a little, relax, and get going again!

If you are looking forward to building some websites that cure boredom, then you can connect with our experts over a cup of coffee to discuss your idea and see it turn into reality!

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