Celebrity Look Alike App – An Overview

As they say, ‘there is an app for everything nowadays, we witness the increasing trend of celebrity lookalike apps, which work with facial recognition technology and generate your celebrity look alike. If you wonder what celebrity do I look like, upload your picture on the app and choose appropriate filters to find out about the Celebrity you look like. These apps use facial recognition technology and your facial data to get the best match analyzing facial features like skin tone, eyes, hairstyle, etc., and coming out with your celebrity doppelganger. These user-friendly apps are gaining massive success even in 2022, and today, several celebrity lookalike apps are available on both Android and Apple platforms, and there is still scope for more. Hence, if you want to create an app like ‘Star by Face’, the time is now to jump into the business. 

This article discusses the best celebrity look-alike mobile apps to know which celebrity do I look like and many aspects of the ‘Celeb look alike’ app development process, including its essential features, development process, top apps in this arena, and much more. But before that, let’s explore what Celebrity lookalike apps are.

What is a Celebrity look-alike generator app?

Mainly a face recognition app, it analyses the user’s face and matches their facial features with that of celebrities. It picks the closest match that the user looks like. These apps are accurate with facial recognition and analysis; however, if users expect different results, certain apps can alter the results when presented with pictures in various poses and angles. 

Growing Trend of Celebrity look alikes apps

Nowadays, it has become common for people to be on their smartphones constantly. They are almost always present on social media apps like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter. They like to share and click pictures on these social networking apps and even share their locations with friends and family. Research states that over 246M people in the USA use social media networks for these purposes, and this number is expected to increase by 257 million by 2023. 

Top Celebrity Look-Alike Mobile App and Pricing

App NameAvailable OSPricingOwned By
Start By FaceiOS | AndroidFreeStart By Face
GradientiOS | Android$10 WeeklyTicket To The Moon, Inc.
CelebsiOS | Android$4.99 WeeklyTakeoff Labs LLC
ReplikaiOS | AndroidFreeLuka Inc
Y-StariOS | AndroidFreeFriendzy Limited
Look – AlikeAndroidFreeYourELink Inc.
LookyiOSFreeWho do I Look Like Inc.
Facer AppAndroidFreeVoiceapp
You Look LikeAndroid$3.99Cerdillac
celebrity look alike app

Which are the top Celebrity Look-alike apps present in the app market?

Here are a few of the best celebrity doppelganger App to find your celebrity look alike

Gradient: Face Beauty Editor

what celebrity do i look like

This popular app in this category offers incredible features and a seamless user experience. Its Artificial Intelligence (AI) and beautification features provide the most accurate results to users to find their celebrity doppelgangers easily. To further enhance the user experience, it has provided a photo editing feature. Despite the various unique features, the app never loses its primary focus on providing the most accurate celebrity lookalike results.

Celebs: Celebrity Look Alike

Celebrity Look Alike

Another significant app in this category, Celebs is known for its impressive comparison and enhanced accuracy built with Machine Learning technology. With the ML feature, it is much easier to identify emotions; based on that, it brings the best possible results. As a Celebrity lookalike app, Celebs is pretty fast and uses facial recognition technology to scan faces & features against millions of celebrities out there and come up with the one that looks exactly like you. 

Star by Face: Best Celebrity Look Alike App

Star By Face

Starbyface app works slightly differently than the usual celebrity lookalike apps, as here, instead of taking selfies and finding the celeb lookalike, users upload their picture and the app edits the picture as a celebrity face. Star By Face also uses a Machine Learning feature that recognizes facial expressions and presents results accordingly. The app platform is safe and secure and never sells users’ photographs of the app. It automatically deletes all pictures after providing the results you desired. As it is integrated with social media, users can directly share results on their social media platforms and tell them what celebrity do I look like?

Replika: My AI Friend

what velebrity do i look alike

This celeb look alike app allows its users to edit photos professionally. Its unique features involve the best touches, retouches, and users can easily choose and apply the best filter to their selected pictures. My Replica offers the best app filters and even allows sharing & posting on social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and various others.

Y-Star: Celebrities Look Alike

who do i look like

This app’s popularity is constantly increasing as it enables its users to morph their pictures into celebrity faces in a quick manner. It offers a fantastic user experience capturing facial data via the smartphone’s front camera and presenting accurate results. This way, the user doesn’t need to put much effort and automatically gets accurate results. Y-Star is a must-try app for users who desire to morph their picture as a celebrity.


which celebrity do i look like

This app finds the celebrity face for users in a few minutes. Look-Alike can quickly find celebrities from varied industries instead of sticking to just one stream, and it even allows men to find their female lookalike and vice versa. Here, the users need to download pictures and see their celebrity match resembling them the most. The app calculates based on facial features, like nose, eyes, mouth, etc. It analyses random photos, compares facial features, and uses an advanced algorithm that predicts how close users look to famous personalities. The lookalike app allows users to share findings on various social media platforms, like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Looky – Celebrity Look Alike

who is my celebrity look alike

This great app is pretty simple to use as its users require taking selfies from the app directly here. The app server searches and displays match results once the picture is clicked from the in-app camera. Users can go for a second attempt if they are not satisfied with the result the first time. It is popular among users for its simplicity and allows sharing of results on different social media platforms.
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Facer App: Celebrity You look Like

my celebrity look alike

This app is highly demanded among its user base and offers a wide-ranging selection and features. Its vast database of celeb pictures covers over 1000 famous faces, including sports personalities, musicians, actors, politicians, athletes, bloggers, etc.). Facer App matches your picture with three celebs and displays a similarity percentage alongside each celebrity. Once done, the users can save, alter and share results with a few tweaks and filters, even including the ‘cartoon’ option that gives an animated look to your Face.
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You Look Like : Gradient Celebrity Look Alike

which celebrity do i look like

Last but not least in our popular celeb lookalike apps category is the Youlooklike app, which is one of the most popular ‘celeb lookalike finder apps.’ It analyses the user’s picture of their Face and examines the facial features, such as eye color, hair color, ear shape, and much more, to offer its verdict. The app uses Amazon’s Machine Learning functionality to compare faces and automatically choose a celebrity, allowing high recognition accuracy. It also allows users to select a celebrity for themselves to analyze. Youlooklike App is constantly enhanced and optimized as here the developers are always trying to expand its remarkable database of over 1000 celebrities.

Top Celebrity Look Alike Filter

  • Hollywood Celebrity look-alike filter
  • Sportsperson lookalike filter
  • Pop-singer celebrity look-alike filter
  • TikTok’s celebrity look like a filter
  • Political celebrity look-alike filter

How do the Celebrity Look-Alike Apps work?

The working process of celebrity lookalike apps is pretty simple and accurate.

  • In these apps, users usually start by uploading their pictures to the app; however, they must ensure there is just one person on the camera. The Face must be visible to ensure high accuracy in results.
  • After detecting the Face, the app creates a facial pattern that includes everything, such as nose, eyes, hair, mouth, eyebrows, etc., along with the face position. The male users of the app can try adding a beard to look like their favorite Celebrity.
  • Once the app has gathered the data, its neural network compares the user’s Face with various celebrity faces and offers highly accurate results. Several apps enable users to share their results on social media platforms.
  • Many celebrity look-alike mobile apps can access photographs on your device and tell you who your celebrity looks like. So if you want to know what do I look like, upload your photo, choose a celebrity look alike filter, and have the answer of which celebrity do I look like.

Unique Ideas for Celebrity Look alike Apps

Celebrity Look ALike Cam At Sports Events

What celebrity do I look like? Who do I look like? Even if you don’t ask their questions yourself, The Celebrity Cam will find out.


Voice-based Celebrity Look-alike app:

Nowadays, people like clicking pictures from their phone cameras and finding celebrity matches. However, there can also be an app where the selection is made using voice messages. For instance, the user clicks a picture from their smartphone and gets an option to speak for a celeb name, and the app converts the same. This idea will allow users to pick a celebrity from the available list. Businesses use Voice-based technology to create this kind of app, where users can click pictures using their voice. 

Cartoon Look-Alike App for Kids:

These days, kids are constantly involved with smartphones, where they often use an app that includes playing games, watching cartoons, clicking pictures, performing essential kids’ academic rhymes, and more. And by having such an app mainly created for kids, after clicking pictures, they’re prompted with various cartoon characters; they stay engaged with the app for longer. These apps can enable children to share photos in their galleries and on their social networking platforms. Hence, the apps entertain the kids and offer them a great experience. These apps can also integrate features like ‘lookalike celebrities quiz’ to challenge their users and create more fun for them.

Sculpture or Painting Look alike App:

If you want to offer something unique with your celebrity lookalike app, adding sculpture/painting functionality is a good idea. You can even introduce suitable sculpture options matching the user’s face. Integrating sculpture/painting options will increase the app’s engagement and user base.

Significant features to include in your celebrity lookalike app

Here is the list of features that can make a big difference to your app:

Cartoon characters: This functionality works excellently at enticing the younger audience, converting a face from an image into their favorite cartoon look-alike character. Its AI-based functionality creates a cartoon character base and allows its users to give a theme to the app that they can constantly change to get higher engagement levels.

Gamification: Integrating the gamification feature allows users to use the app for creating funny videos, taking a quiz, making greeting cards, or getting points upon accomplishing small tasks in the app.

Celeb Look-alike tools: It is helpful to recognize famous matching faces resembling the users automatically and, as it is an imperative feature for this category of apps, ensure it works smoothly. Advanced technologies like machine learning and Artificial intelligence integrate this functionality to find out look-alike face.

Celeb Look-alike Filters: Users like filters & effects such as face editing and virtual makeup, as other than what celebrities look like, users also love applying unusual filters, stickers, and effects to their pictures to get creative results and sharing them with their friends later on. Thus, integrating these features takes your app a notch higher.

Advanced image editing tools: Integrating advanced picture editing functionalities is a good idea if your app includes sharing pictures on social media platforms. It will allow users keen on sharing photos on their social networking platforms to modify the color and edit the images before posting them.

Social Media signup/sign-in: Every user loves a smooth experience with the app, and social media signup offers just that by enabling users to use their social platforms like Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to signup quickly and start using the app. Besides, social media integration allows users to share their results on their social platforms and refer the app to family and friends.

Voice Technology: In this day and age, voice assistance has become a standard tool, and in this app category, you can integrate voice-based technology to allow users to use voice assistance to identify their lookalike.

Beauty score: It is quite an entertaining and engaging feature integrated with Artificial Intelligence technology. The app can estimate various beauty indexes with Beauty Score functionality and show users their overall beauty score with a funny comment. However, it would help if you well thought out this option so it doesn’t offend people.

Advanced picture editor: If your app allows people to share their pictures on social media platforms, it is advised to offer the advanced picture editor. It will enable users to tune the color and tones of their images created by the app before they post them on other platforms.

Ethnicity identifier: The Gradient app is the reason behind the immense popularity of this feature that allows users to upload their portraits and see their approx. DNA ancestry in percentage and with specified ethnicities.

best Celebrity look like mobile app

How does Celeb look alike apps make money?

Everyone who is looking to create an app aims to make significant revenue through this business idea, and the monetization models that primarily work for celeb look alike apps are: 

Advertising: This can be a tricky revenue strategy where you must think about the advertisements and their placements. Select the most suitable and relevant ads for the app users, and then work with the businesses offering payments for ad space in your app. The different types of advertising available are: 

  • Banner placements in the app;
  • Short Advertising Videos placements;
  • Full-screen advertising;
  • Providing ads with gamification elements;

As your app solution best suits the entertainment segment, advertising must be your business’s most effective and relevant revenue strategy. After all, the advertisement revenue can go up to thousands of dollars, so it is a great monetization model to opt for.

Subscription: This is among the most fruitful revenue model for app publishers. They can select the best content to offer their customers free of cost for a limited period. Mostly in celeb lookalike apps, celebrities are often included in paid version, so if the user desires to use the Celebrity they resemble, they must pay a charge for it. The subscription model generally comes up for videos, tutorials, audio, and other cloud services leading the market. Hence, the app must contain informative content to increase the app revenue. 

In-app purchases: If you choose the freemium revenue model for your app, its core functionality can be used for free, whereas the other advanced intriguing functionalities can be kept for the paid version. These money-making tactics allow more and more users to get attention, as few people are keen on paying for an app they haven’t tried. This way, the users can see the actual value of the paid content and make an intelligent choice.

Sponsorship: Yet another way to earn money using a mobile app. However, ensure your app receives daily user traffic before using this revenue model. Then the app publishers require connecting with the other businesses with the same business niche. The subscription model can be used to monetize the app: 1) by Equally dividing the total revenue, 2) Monthly sponsorship fees.

How much does it cost to create a Celebrity lookalike app?

It can be pretty challenging to get the exact development cost to create an app, as several factors affect the app-making cost, such as:

  • Number of platforms (iOS or Android, or both)
  • App Development team (iOS Developers or Android Developers, or both)
  • Back-end Development
  • UX/UI Designing
  • Location of the App Development team
  • Third-party app integrations
  • Technologies used
  • App functionalities integrated into the app

All of these factors can make a significant difference to the app cost. Especially when considering the company’s location, you must do thorough research. The hourly app development rates in the USA and Europe are much higher than those in India and other Asian regions.

Developing an essential app for a single platform can cost around $25000-$30000, whereas creating an app with advanced features for more than one platform can cost $50000-$60000. 

Conclusion: Celeb look like apps are pretty much in trend now and these apps are getting more and more users on board. At Octal Info Solution, we have a team of experienced professionals with immense knowledge in the app development arena. Get in touch to get a high-performing celebrity lookalike app development.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How crucial is the design for Celebrity look like the app?

The app design is not just about the app’s unique look but also about the user experience, so you must consider all buttons, screens, panels, and how they function in the app. Choosing a suitable color scheme is also essential so that everything is visible, readable, and doesn’t make the user’s eyes tired.

What technologies to use for celeb lookalike apps?

These apps usually use Artificial Intelligence technology to match faces and might also have a voice, image, and facial recognition functionality, along with Machine Learning. It all depends on the desired feature set.

How do Celebrity lookalike apps work?

It is recommended to use front cameras. Then the app creates a facial pattern once the system has detected the Face. The facial detection system detects features like nose, mouth, eyebrows, hair, faces, and face position. Users can even add a beard to look like their favorite Celebrity. An accurate result is generated using a neural network to compare the person with different celebrities and suggest the most similar ones.

What essential measures to consider while developing a celebrity lookalike app?

It is essential first to identify the best app development company experienced in creating celebrity lookalike apps and has a strong experience in crafting apps for any sector. Consult the app development experts to understand your app requirements and communicate those requirements and ideas with the app developers while creating the app to make it more responsive and interactive.

Which are the popular celebrity lookalike apps present in the market?

Star BY Face – Most Popular Look Alike App
Celebs – Celebrities Look Alike App
Gradient- Best Celebrity Twin App
Popsugar Twinning App
Face Idea: Celebrities, Who looks like me

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