Once in our lives, we have made this request back at home to own a pet and it was clearly declined. Reason? It’s a huge responsibility. 

Well, back then we had no alternative but to accept the final words. Thanks to the advanced technology and mobile app development teams, you can prove your sincerity with a virtual pet online, and then if your family permits get a new one. 

And it’s the “National Pet Week.” YaY!!! 

On a personal note, the best part of having a pet is the ecstasy of coming home to a loveable and selfless animal that is happy to see you. The unconditional affection your pet offers is more than simply keeping the stress away. They are a great company and can help you improve your heart health and develop emotional and social skills in children. Many people think they are changing the lives of the pet when brought on home but on an analytical note, they change our lives only for the better. 

Why Have a Pet?

Well, many kids these days are just fascinated with the idea of having a pet, but according to a study, it is now proved that having pets at your home highly influences your well-being. A furry friend has helped millions to survive the recent pandemic lockdown by managing stress levels. 

  • Having a pet around you has a positive impact not only on your health but also on your lifestyle.
  • Couples with a pet at home have lower blood pressure and communicate with each other more often than couples who do not have a pet. 
  • Pet owners are more aware of their neighborhood than those who have no pets. 
  • Having a pet at home builds a sense of empathy and responsibility in children and boosts their literacy skills.

Yeah, for sure having a pet is the key to a happier life, but sometimes they are troublesome. So if you want a pet but can’t choose to have another living being at your home, simply download a virtual pet application. 

Own a pet virtually without the hustle of having to carry it around. 

What is Virtual Pet?

Simple Answer Nothing More Than Chips and Pixels. 

Yupp, these digital pets are basically AI-based human companions, that most people keep for their entertainment. Because obviously in most families pets are the extra real responsibility a real one cannot be nurtured, so why not keep virtual pets? 

If you wish to have virtual pets, download the virtual pet games online on your mobile and enjoy! The AI-based solution providers take care of the details and thus you need to raise, teach, feed, train, and clean your pets exactly like the real ones. 

Some applications let you earn points and explore new games to play with your pet. 

You know they need a lot of attention, and this is how you spend time with them. (*Wink* *Wink*)

These virtual pet applications have gained great popularity among all demographics, kids and adults alike. 

Unlike any other application, these applications also have various types, like virtual pet apps for adults and kids. 

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Types of Digital Pet App

Digital pet apps are one of the most amazing AI-based startup ideas that you can work on. In the fast-paced world, empathy is declining, and applications like these soothe users, calming them for a while. 

So, if you want to monetize on this idea of offering empathy via virtual dog games and applications to the users simply connect with an IT consulting firm today. 

Web-Based Digital Pet Solutions  

Virtual pet sites can be accessed by anyone who would sign-up. Simply put log in to the website, play virtual pet games, earn money and spend that on buying stuff for your beloved furry friend. For some websites, they would offer quests to complete and then the points. 

Software-Based Virtual Pet Solutions 

These are integrated with stronger computing and offer real-life simulations for your pet application. These are more challenging and reflect reality more than web-based solutions. The software development teams working on digital pet solutions need to be more creative and innovative. 

The working of either of these virtual pets games remains similar and they do stand almost together in terms of their popularity in the market. 

How Does Virtual Pet Work?

The virtual pet app community is growing stronger and better with every passing day. If you are one of those who want to enter the market with a solution that fights the competition, then you need to know what your competition offers. 

Here’s a rundown of the best digital pets applications that you need to evaluate before you decide to build an application for yourself. If you are looking forward to building a platform-specific application then we share here some android and iOS-based applications that the dedicated development team would love to explore. 

Sr. No.Application NameAvailable OnPricingPublisher
1BubbuAndroid | iOS$0.99 – $114.99BUBADU information technology Ltd.
2Moy 7Android | iOS$0.99 – $2.99Frojo Apps
3My BooAndroid | iOS$1.99 – $99.99Tapps Tecnologia da Informação Ltda.
4Happy Pet StoryAndroid | iOS$0.99 – $74.99Happy Labs Pte Ltd
5Talking Tom SeriesAndroid | iOS$0.99 – $9.99Outfit7 Limited
6My Cat!Android | iOS$0.99 – $124.99Appsulove
7Hamster LifeAndroid | iOS$0.99 – $74.99Cross Field Inc.
8Cat CondoAndroid | iOS$1.99 – $4.99Zepni Ltd.
9Cat Sim OnlineAndroid | iOS$0.99 – $39.99Turbo Rocket Games
10DogotchiAndroid | iOS$2.99Mawges
11HellopetAndroid | iOS$9.99Applepie Studio Inc.
12Hay DayAndroid | iOS$0.99 – $99.99Supercell
13WildscapesAndroid | iOS$0.99 – $99.99Playrix
14My Talking HankAndroid | iOS$0.99 – $99.99Outfit7 Limited
15FishdomAndroid | iOS$0.99 – $99.99Playrix
16My Tamagotchi ForeverAndroid | iOS$0.99 – $99.99BANDAI NAMCO Ent. Europe

Best Virtual Pet Apps and Games for Android and iOS

When planning to develop a virtual pet application for Android or iOS, simply reach for the best Android app developers and iOS app developers who would help you translate your dream into a working reality. Some of the top applications that the team recommends for their feature set are:  

1. Bubbu – My Virtual Pet Cat

mobile app development

Are you an ailurophile? 

Then this is the Android cat game for you. Fall in love with the furry friend requesting you to eat, bathe, play, and whatnot. The interface is really fun and you would love petting your cute Bubbu. 

Get her ready, give her different kinds of stuff to eat, and buy her new stuff with the coins you win. The application is really fun to interact with. 

The application is available for free over the app store and runs on the basic in-app purchase business model.  

2. Moy 7- Virtual Pet Game

mobile app development

Amazingly you get to pet an octopus!

The free virtual pet application is an extension to the list of Frodo after My Corgi, My Chicken, and others. Choose the pet you want to have and take the responsibility exactly like a real-life pet. Bathe it, play with it, earn points, buy stuff, earn more points and let your pet have all the fun it could have. 

3. My Boo: Your Virtual Pet To Care and Play Games

mobile app development

This digital pet application by Tapps Lab is available for free on the Play Store and has the cutest pet that you could own. It is cute, playful, demanding, and above all very engaging. You can spend hours with your virtual pets and be in the best of your moods for the day. 

4. Happy Pet Story: Virtual Pet Game

mobile app development

Fan of the quest games? Let your pet enjoy the quests and win gold for you. The app by Happy Labs is a few steps ahead of the others on the list considering the interface and the idea behind the application. 

Your pet here needs to go for quests, cross hurdles, fight monsters, and win gold. 

Yeah! Right from your imagination to your mobile phones. 

5. Talking Tom Series

mobile app development

Who isn’t aware of the Talking Tom? 

I mean that cat who would repeat every word that comes out of your mouth was so irritating. Just like the real cat, this needs your constant attention. Feed her, bath her, play with her, and whatnot. This is an amazing application that needs to talk about a lot of things that are interesting and engaging. 

6. Hellopet – Cute cats, dogs, and other unique pets

mobile app development

Buy a pet, build it a room, and see it grow!

Yes, with the application you can simply enjoy the feeling of being a pet parent and see your little kids grow online. It is very user-friendly and offers a range of features and functions to keep you busy with your little creatures. 

Although having a pet around is always fun but sometimes having them running around is so devastating. Can say that because it is. And this is the distinctive feature here. Your pet would run through your phone screen randomly anytime (tongue out). The application is super fun and developers who work on virtual pet app development do suggest integrating this. 

7. Hamster Life

mobile app development

Many naive pet parents think having a teeny-tiny rodent as a pet is a great move as it would be easier. Are you one of those? Then, surely this is the application for you. Hamster life lets you have a real-time rodent on your phone. Play with him, feed him, and let him drive the car. It’s like having Stuart Little on your phone, except instead of a rat you have a hamster. 

8. Cat Condo

mobile app development

“Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur! 

Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr!”

Don’t you need this song when you are sick or injured? Yeah, we all do. The purring of the cat is one of the most soothing sounds that can help you be in distress. The application lets you pet a cat exactly like the real one. 

Choose the breed and the color of the cat and then you are good to go. 

9. Cat Sim Online: Play With Cats

mobile app development

And no one can ignore the cuteness of this feline. 

The application lets you enjoy having a real cat around all the time. Take care of it, pet it, and bear through her moods. 

The application is realistic and helps you understand the responsibilities of handling a cat. 

10. Dogotchi: Virtual Pet

mobile app development

Our favorite Tamagotchi gets a new digital avatar. Simply pet and love the dogs in the application keep them happy and see them grow. Sorted. 

The application is quite popular for its ease and basic interface. 

11. Hay Day

mobile app development

A pet or two are fine, but how about a farm?

With this application, you can own a farm and have fun around. Decorate your farm add elements rear animals and enjoy. This is one of the best iOS-based virtual pet applications that never fails to engage users.

12. My Cat! – Virtual Pet Games

mobile app development

Shiny eyes, beautiful fur, and that cute face. Who would not fall for a cat like that? Get a pet cat here and you would love to be in the game. Pet it, bathe it, feed it, play with it, and let it help you relax.

This is quite interesting with Augment Reality Solution integrated. Bring your cat into your living room with AR. You can rub its belly, pet it, feed it, and simply play with it. The application takes the virtual pet and technology to a new level and offers an exciting user experience. 

A simple virtual pet application that would prepare you for a real pet. 

13. My Talking Hank

mobile app development

Hank loves photography. As you pet him help him click the pictures of the animals on the Island of Hawaii. An amazing virtual pet application that engages people from various demographics equally. 

14. Fishdom

mobile app development

Decorate the aquarium and soothe your mind. This is an interesting application that would let you solve puzzles and build an aquarium for yourself. A little change from the territorial active animals that we have been petting so far. (Wink)

15. My Tamagotchi Forever

mobile app development

Love Tamagotchi? 

Exactly the application you were looking for. Engage with your pet and see it grow. Play interesting games, win points, use them to buy stuff, and let your Tamagotchi be in the fun zone with you. 

16. Wildscapes

mobile app development

We have talked about pets, farms, and their rooms, so let’s now talk about a zoo. Instead of one or two pets why don’t you get a personalized virtual zoo? This application lets you build a customized zoo with all kinds of adorable creatures thus, leveling up the virtual pet app game. 

Download Here 


A lot of alternatives Literally. 

These pet games online are fun to use and the development cost is really low. If you are planning to enter the market then all you need is around $20k for a basic application and around $35 to $70 for an advanced version. 

Final Opinion

Well, the market is surely full of applications that offer you a virtual pet dog or cat. All you need to do is check for the features and the functions and download an application that you love the most. 

If in any case, you want to enter the market with a digital pet application connect with the experts today!

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