The IT sector is all about drastic shifts and technological development. Each day ends with new hopes and emerging opportunities. In the light of the sentence being said, flight booking app development is the new sensation in the town. With a shift of 43% of individuals, planning their vacations via travel apps, everything has become a click-click task. A gaze on the traveling statistics shows that around 78% to 80% of the audience downloaded the flight booking applications, among which 60% use these apps regularly.  

The article is an insight into what it takes to develop a travel booking app with in-depth knowledge on its features, benefits, costing, money-making process, etc. details. Flight booking apps like MakeMyTrip,, goibibo, TripAdvisor, etc. have already gained huge success in the same stream. Now, if you are willing to set-up your leg into this ground, you have to be unique and power-packed with all the required attributes. So why look somewhere else, when you have a complete guide on travel app development here. 

What Is Flight Booking Mobile App Development? What Is Its History?

Any development works well when you have an adequate glance at both market and application type. But before this, there should be a clear understanding of the term “Flight Ticket Booking App Development”. Not only this, who has carved out this term and when? This is another question that is always being asked. Hence, it is better to study rather than fail. 

What is Flight Booking App Development?

Here the term Flight + Booking + Mobile + App + Development defines its sense fully. Flight is traveling by air, booking means to confirm your presence for traveling, mobile is the cell phone, the app is your application, which is helping in making the booking and development stand for the building of such apps.

flight booking app

Thus, the whole meaning comes out as the process of making a platform for your cell phone to book or fix your availability at the respective place. It can be a business meeting, vacations, random traveling, etc. So this was all about the meaning. Next would be the existence or about the budding of this business segment in the IT sector. With speculation in the market we have grown stronger and wiser with better products that can help you earn great revenues.  

When Was the Idea of Flight Booking App Originated?

During the 1950s, flight reservations were made using manual systems which were accessible at consolidated booking centers. These were operated by a group of individuals in a room with physical cards being inventory. The term inventory refers to the seats on the plane. 

With the blooming technological environment in the late 1950s, American Airlines wanted to have a suit that initiates real-time accessibility to flight details in all centers. Along with this, the suite should integrate and accommodate automation of ticketing and booking methods. 

So it took 2 years and in 1952, American Airlines announced Magnetronic Reservisor to fulfill all its requirements. Then in 1964, it initiated Sabre which had got the capability of maintaining accuracy on inventory in real-time and was accessible to all the agents around the world. 


So in this way, the development of systems to book flights and keep accuracy came into play. Now we will be reading the types of having an mobile app development for the travel business. 

What Type of Flight Tickets Booking App Development Do You Need?

The construction of any app becomes possible when you decide the type of application. The type of application is majorly dependent in the audience group, the service you are providing, its utility and your budget. The development of such apps are largely focused on three variants:

  • Native
  • Hybrid 
  • Web


Native Apps:

Native Application Development is a specific choice and is developed for a single operating system. So either you can have an Android App or iOS App. The native app utilizes coding patterns from Kotlin, Swift, C++, React, the very popular Python development, etc. 

The benefits of developing an app on a Native platform are apps run faster and give a seamless working experience. One major drawback that comes with it is it requires duplicity of codes which runs up the cost of development.  

Hybrid Apps:

Hybrid App Development is the handy one that involves fewer costs and is compatible with all platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows. Developing a hybrid app is easy as it utilizes languages like HTML5, Objective C, etc. These apps act as web apps and give a flawless experience to the users. 

Most clients prefer owning a hybrid application owing to its utility for a general group of people. With our budget-friendly solutions you can surely reach your target audience with a ground-breaking product. 

Web Apps:

Web apps are just like native apps but require your phone’s browser to run and perform actions. These are the websites you open on your devices like Desktops or Mobile Phones and they adapt the interface according to the device screen. 

The main benefits of obtaining a web app are it does not require customization incompatibility with the platforms like iOS or Android. Simultaneously, the apps are not downloadable from the play store or App Store. 

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So if you want to develop any flight booking application, you have to decide the platform first and then read the features given below.

Characteristics of Custom Flight Booking App Development Business

An eye on the feature always helps in setting up the business goals. Features are the aspects that drive your business and help in earning the desired business objective. When you enter the market with a unique feature set you already are way ahead of your competition. With their technical skills and industry experience our android and iOS app developers deliver you solutions that set benchmarks in the industry. 

Quick Signing-Up

The first impression becomes the last impression and hence this goes with the app development too. When users start entering into the app, the very first step comes as the Sign-Up. Flawless application development is when customers quickly login to the app. Easy sign-ups are the ladders to success. 

This process should remain as easy as possible. It must not involve complexities and entering the website should be as quick as possible. The log-in should be made with an Email ID or Contact No. and Password. 

Travel Bookings

Flights are booked just in a few taps. You enter your destination, then the respective date and you are good to go with flight bookings. The flight bookings are easy and can be done from every corner of the world with our travel booking app development. 

ticket booking

You also get an idea about the flights available to the particular destination. Waiting time between the flights, etc. This makes your travel as easy as possible. 

AI in Flight Booking

Another great feature integrated in the online flight booking system is Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution. It helps in forecasting the right time, best flights, fares, etc. things to you. AI in Travel Industry is mushrooming like anything. 

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Nowadays, apps have inbuilt humanoids that guide users on many aspects of their travels. This gives them to make some quick decisions and gain the best experience of traveling. 

Flight Confirmation Status

Once you have booked any flight, you can check its immediate status i.e. confirmed or not. This helps in availing other options if the flight has remained on hold or is not being booked by the app. There are many big names like Expedia, MakeMyTrip, Agoda, Tripadvisor, etc. which confirm bookings to a particular destination. 

Hotel Availability By Review 

The hotels or villas at the respective place are displayed on the app based on Star Rating or Reviews of the customers. Top locations and stays are based on the 4+ Star rating and commendable reviews. Then rating and reviews go down until 3 or 2. 

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The app does not highlight the locations or places that have bad customer reviews or ratings.

Hence, you will get priority listings only on the app itself. 

With such features and cutting-edge technology into functioning, we make it a point that you stand out of the crowd in the market. Enter the market with price as the solutions that are delivered to you are not just well-tested and uniquely developed, also they are technically way ahead. 

Get An Cutting Edge With Scalable Airline Application Development 

Advantages or benefits are something that everybody seeks when it comes to the development of any application. The sections give enough knowledge on the benefits you get with travel booking app development. With these advantages, it becomes easier for the mobile app development team to enter the market with high ROI generating results.  You can connect with our team round the clock in case of any confusion or doubt.


Multi-Language Support

The login language set-up is something that is the basic requirement when it comes to entering into the app. There should be no complexities. Any applicant can set-up their language preferences and change them as per the ease anytime. 

The app development gives a minimum of 7-8 language support and our executives are also comfortable with all the languages. 

Multi-Tickets Booking

You can book multiple tickets at a time. The app construction today is so advanced that the multiple ticket confirmation feature is also added. Users can pre-book their locations while traveling for a vacation or a business meeting. This facility has been included in the app development for the last 3-4 past years.

Similarly, each location with the best pricing and location insight is also shared with the users.

This cutting-edge technology gives a complete overview of what you are paying for and what will you be getting.

Exceptional Booking Offers

When it is your’s or someone’s big day, you can request special packages on stays, dining, or traveling. The application development allows any user to confirm as many tickets as possible. It means you need not roam here and there in search of other options for booking tickets. You can book multiple tickets at one place with the same login details.  


Easy Access to Flights

Many apps do not offer Domestic and International Flights at the same time. This can be a troublesome situation and you can lose a huge amount of business. The advanced flight app development offers Domestic as well as International flight booking through one single place. 

You need not bother about the Domestic flight as well as International Flights. All will be confirmed at this one-stop destination.

Push Notification

The real business of travel works on the flier, e-brochure, SMS, EMail marketing, and others. The flight booking app development provides you benefits of sending timely notifications and performs aforesaid promotional activities. These motivate users to book their trips with your app and hence generates business in the short-run. 

Flawless Payment Gateways

When it comes to booking, it directly tells upon the payment options. The payment gateways integrated with the apps are highly secure and trustworthy that your payment details remain as secure as possible. Simultaneously, you have got all the payment options like Google-Pay, Paypal, Payzapp, etc. which are universally accepted gateways. 

Predictive Analysis

As the article conveys about the implementation of AI in the travel world, applications are making their way towards the predictive analysis of traveling. One can accommodate what is the right time or season for traveling when the trip will be economical, what will be the Air Fares, Train Fairs, etc. 

This is best done with the help of the Hopper Business Module. This is doing well when it comes to anticipating the right time for enjoying with loved ones. 

When talking about flight ticket booking app it is important that it has some interesting characteristics that make it a big name in the market. Our experts ensure to develop applications that are flawless and have a brand identity. We understand that your application would be the face of your business, and our android and iOS app development solution providers make sure your identity is not spoilt. 

How to Develop A Flight Booking App like Expedia, MakeMyTrip, Justfly? 

The ratio of people downloading the apps prior 5 years ago has become 196 billion via the google play store at the end of 2021. Flight booking app solutions reflect the same trend in the market. With a lot of new travel apps mushrooming in the market, applications like Expedia, MakeMyTrip, Justfly, etc. are ruling the app store. 

Let us put an eye on the major things to consider while developing an app:


Decide Business Niche 

Any development happens for a cause. You must have a precise understanding of your business objective. After this only, you can achieve the best results from the development. Hence, decide either you want to have your hotel booking app, or it will be a complete travel booking app. Once you have made up your mind, also add some quick login or registration pages to your application.

Choose Platform for Development

It is compulsory to decide either your app would be a Native App or it will be a Hybrid or Web App. Decide the platform, according to which your budget on the app development will also get impacted. Native in comparison to the other two will be slightly costly as it is designed for a specific OS. 

But if you are looking for an app to be compatible with all the platforms like iOS, Android, or Windows, then Hybrid will best suit the business. Hence, a quick decision on the app deployment platform is also necessary. 

When it comes to online airline reservation app development it becomes quite crucial that your team integrates some unique perks into your application for better results. Our experts have worked in the same domain over the years and have experience in working on such projects. We study your competition well to know what customers need and then bring on the screen an experience that resolves all the problems. 

Flight & Destination Integration

Now the development must have popular destinations, places and domestic as well as flight booking options. A user who gets each and everything in one place just like the travel giant MakeMyTrip earns handsome business options. You might receive good funding and tie-ups from brands like Indian Airlines, and other companies. 

Maps & Directions 

The flight ticket booking application also encourages locations on the maps and travel directions. This helps any user estimate the duration of traveling, and plan things accordingly. Maps also provide a glance over the sub-locations you can visit. 

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Secure Payment Gateways

Security is something that is highly recommended these days. Either you want it in app development or using the payment gateways, security is the pioneer thing one should consider. The details any user adds while doing transactions or flight bookings must be as safe as gold in the lockers. 

24*7 Technical Support

Technical support is the primary element of any development. But when we ask for technical support for flight booking app development, it should be round the clock and must accompany multilingual support. 

Our airline it application development team takes care of the fact that each feature plays a significant role in building an impact on your audience. The experts ensure that all the important aspects are covered in the product that is deployed to you. 

How Much Does It Cost to Develop A Flight Booking Application?

The cost of the development of a flight booking app can be estimated from the features integrated. The core features of any travel app involve the features mentioned above in the article. 

cost to develop an app

Based on these features the cost incurred in the development of the travel booking app is as follows:

  • It takes 1000 hours to develop a flight booking app system.
  • If we estimated the cost according to feature then it would range between $50 to $100 per hour.
  • So the overall estimation costs between $50,000 to $100,000.

When talking about the cost estimation of the flight tickets booking app development the cost of entering the market may seem a little higher but the revenue it generates is worth the investment. We offer you the best on demand mobile app development services in the budget that too within stringent deadlines. We understand how important it is for you to enter the market at the right time for maximum profits. 

How to Make Money from Flight Booking Application Business?

There are many ways of obtaining money or business revenues from flight booking application development. These include some strategies or business modules, which boost your flight sales and provide a sustainable client base.

flight make money

These strategies may include implementing the following features:

  • Merchant Model: Users can book flight tickets to a one-way journey or round trip at their convenience.
  • Commission Fees: You can list the top hotels on top and can earn good incentives or commissions.
  • Advertising Model: Hotels & Airlines display their ads on the app and users get pay per click. 
  • Social Media Campaigns or Promotions: Users place their apps promotional offers over various social media platforms. Earn money on social media promotion basis.

Since you have entered the market with an intention to gain maximum profitability, the airline application development process needs to include maximum features in your web application

So this is the overall money-making process involved in the flight booking app. Users who are up to their travel app development can get enough knowledge from this article.  


Flight Booking App Development is the new strain that is blowing like the wind in each part of the world. Everybody who once enjoyed naps or breaks from life now prefer traveling over resting at home. Hence, flight booking development has become the new segment for gaining great business revenues, business visibility, and brand value in a short span. If you want to enter the market to monetize the trends that travelers are currently following then you surely are at the right place. Just make sure you hire the flight booking app development company that can help you earn the best rewards. 

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