Today the mobile application development industry is catering to the needs of every sector by offering unique and highly-functional apps to various businesses. One look in the app store and you will know that countless competitive apps are presently running in the market to serve the basic ticket booking requirements of users. Bus booking apps are serving super-functional features to make bus booking easier for users.

There were times when the bus journey was not preferred by most people owing to the lack of luxurious facilities, poor road infrastructure & inefficient system of ticket booking. One had to stand in long queues to purchase the tickets and it was time-consuming. Ticket booking on the telephones was also quite difficult as often the lines remained busy or out of service. But times have changed now, and there are plenty of luxury service providers that hire bus ticket booking app development companies to offer great services to the travelers owing to a wide network of road infrastructure and online ticketing system

In A Nutshell

Over the last few years, the tourism industry has witnessed tremendous growth and upbringing. Especially in developing countries like Asia, it is one of the most economical modes of transportation. There is a comparatively high gap between the airline tickets and advanced reservation of tickets, making the bus traveling industry a feasible option to the users.

This raise invites many companies to cater their services via online bus booking tickets. A huge population reciprocates favorable chances to the companies for offering their quality services to people.

Here in this blog, we aim to identify the cost for developing such a prime solution of traveling for people, features, opportunities for the service providers, and what’s next.

The Emergence of Online Bus Ticket Booking Mobile Apps

Right now, the mobile bus ticketing app industry is flooded with a myriad of bus booking app designs out there. This Bus Reservation System is an automated system that allows purchasing online bus tickets. The system has the record of each passenger consisting of the details of the schedule of each bus. Thus, an online bus booking app allows scheduling the routes, checking seat availability, as well as uploading an interactive seat map that allows the customers to select the seats themselves.

Bus Reservation System

The bus ticket booking software enables users to reserve the ticket by selecting their seats using the internet. Also, the bus availability as per your suitability can be checked via these apps. Several of the bus ticket booking app development companies are creating these apps for travel agents and agencies, which are keen on creating their points to bus ticket booking mobile apps or portals. Functionalities such as route creation, route allocations to various vendors and various buses, booking, seat selection, etc. are being offered.

Market Growth & Stats in Bus Booking Industry

The Internet, as a medium, attracts a large user base for online booking.  Let’s overview the effective stats in the bus booking industry in recent times.

  • Globally the mobile ticket market impacts a big direct ticket sales of $1.2B in the industry with a CAGR of 17%.
  • As per Statista, the revenue of buses is estimated to have projected to $16.8B in 2022 with an annual growth rate of 9.10%, forecasting to hit the figure of $53.6B by 2026.
  • Succinctly this industry has faced user penetration of 6.6% in 2022 and continues to hit 6.8%. 
  • Public transportation saves up to $6000 annually for the riders.
  • The Indian bus-intercity market industry is laden with transforming and comfortable rides to the people, estimated at $15B and more in the coming years.
  • Redbus, the premiere bus booking app, promotes safe traveling mode for its users by serving more than 10M travelers in India.
  • As per research, Electric buses will reduce carbon amount to 1.5 Gigatons per year by 2050.

The Fundamental Module of The Bus Booking App Development

As it comes to bus ticket booking app development, the Vendor Management System tends to play a crucial role here, as using this system, the admin will be able to create one & more vendors who can create/add/update/delete buses on the different available routes as they like. Both the vendor as well as Admin will be able to prepare routes, however, it is going to solely depend on the choice of the portal’s owner.

bus ticket booking app

The bus ticketing app enables the app owners to view reports such as the booking status of each bus, bus availability, total seats booked as per date, total seats booked as per route, transaction mode, and a lot more.

In this post, we have covered various aspects of bus booking app development. We will be covering the functionalities and features, along with the cost (yes, the most important question asked by many people) and several other factors. So, first, let’s begin with the basic needs and functionalities of bus booking mobile apps.

Leading Bus Ticket Booking Apps in The Industry

The massive drive in the market of bus online booking, influenced many players in the market; taking their fleet forward with their optimal mobile-friendly solutions for users.


This is one of the eco-friendly bus ticket booking mobile apps for convenient bus service in the German travel industry. It is an aggregator bus booking app for passengers and travelers for intercity. Just enter the details of source and destination with the app, and enjoy your travel with free music, food, and snacks on real-time tracking.


Acquired by Goibibo, it is one of the top players in the online bus ticketing app industry. Redbus has more than 70% of the market share. The company came forward with many new solutions like hotel booking, rental rooms etc. within the app. Partnered with local bus operators, offer deals and discounts to their users with flat 10% on first-time bookings.


It is one of the largest chains of bus ticket booking mobile apps that provide instant access for passengers to travel city to city across the world. Whether you are planning to travel to the most popular cities in the USA, Argentina, or Spain, you will get hassle-free travel at an affordable cost. Pick your best eco-friendly bus companion with the optimum route for the trip on a budget at your own pace.


Indian travel app companion in the marketplace known for the app-based bus booking app platform, to acknowledge users with real-time bus booking. Bus booking service providers can control all of the bus bookings from the inventory with the computerized online booking system.

bus ticket booking app development

Features of Bus Ticket Booking Mobile App

The idea of an entirely paperless and Uber-like solution with a mobile app for both the passengers as well as the drivers is to allow not just online booking & cancellations on the go, but also enable real-time location tracking facility and trip updates in form of push notifications. It is vital to offer extraordinary and useful features with an online bus booking app to develop a ground-breaking bus booking software system that is capable of revolutionizing the bus industry.

Also, a bus ticket booking solution breakthrough in terms of security as well, with it enabling the bus drivers to verify passenger’s identity and board them via a QR-code-based mobile interface.

So, let’s explore all of the necessary features that must be present in a mobile bus ticketing app:

Different Panels of Bus Ticket Booking App Development

CustomerOperator/Travel agencyAdmin
LoginManage profileManage profile
Home (top routes, top cities, offers)Dashboard (Seat graph, total booking, refund, total revenue)Dashboard
Search bus availability by source, destination, stops, date/ date rangeManage bus routesManage users
Resultant transport Company with their bus availabilityManage Bus BookingManage brand owner (for show ad on the website)
Varieties of filtersManage ticket bookingManage business partners (for loyalty points)
Bus detail (Amenities, dropping & boarding points, fare, time, seats)Reporting & analyticsManage vouchers
Graphical Seat mapLive to track of busCustomer review & rating
Seat separation for males & femalesReal-time attendance of passengersManage promotions
Choose a seat from the mapManage pilgrim packagesManage Travel agency/operators
Ticket types (e-ticket. M-ticket, counter ticket)Customer review & ratingManage to bill for Travel agency/operators
Price variation as per the seatDeliver counter ticket to customer homeManage transaction (refund, the payout to operators, profit, and income)
Fare calculator by dropping & boarding pointsSales summaryManage refund & cancellations
Search pilgrimages packages and view resultant packagesTicket scanningManage commissions
View package information (travel, stay, add-on) and select seatNotification & alertsManage ticket type
View & write reviews Custom dashboard for operators
Inquire about Hiring a bus Amenities management
Get a quotation by email Live to track of bus
Online payment Payment gateway integration
Varieties of the payment module Cloud storage
Hot deals and offers CMS integration
Social promotion and earning points CRM integration
Redeem loyalty points through third-party system code Email & SMS marketing
Bus ticket booking confirmation through SMS & email Manage sharing and points
Ticket delivery at home (In case of the counter ticket) Manage advertisement
Buy vouchers and use/send them to friends & relatives User permission management
Automated reminder for ticket/bus booking Notification
Print & download Ticket  
Send ticket via Email  
Manage wallet  
Manage Trips  
Track bus location  
View advertisement  
Ticket verification through QR code  
Cancel tickets by ticket number as per the T&C  
Request refund & track them  
Reschedule booking/ticket  
Customer support  
Multi-Currency support  
Manage profile  
Security Assured  
Newsletter subscription  
Notification & updates  

Advanced Features of Bus Ticket Booking App Development

Other than these basic features the bus booking app development experts can assist you with some advanced features that would make your bus reservation app the best in the market.

Bus Ticket Booking Mobile App

When it comes to managing interesting solutions and features we make sure that your product stands a step ahead of your competition. In case you want to have a strong solution that earns you great profits then you are at the right place.

  • Social signup: App users can be enabled to sign-up to the app using their Facebook, Google, or email account details and can create their profiles in the mobile app, entering details such as postal addresses, phone number, id details, and birthdate.
  • Real-Time Seat Chart: Your users can decide their seat on the bus with the help of the online bus ticket booking system. They can choose the type and size of the seat in their bus in real-time. This makes the journey more comfortable and your app quite popular.
  • Co-traveller Management: Enable the app customers to store all these above-mentioned details for their co-travelers such as family and friends as well. This way, it won’t be needed to enter details of co-travelers the booking is being made. While making the bus booking, app users can select the co-travelers by adding the saved details. This certainly saves a lot of time for the passengers.
  • Make Bookings On-the-Go: App owners can enable the customers to search & book the buses on their desired routes. They will be able to see the bus details such as pickup and drop-off points, meal facilities, seat layout, etc. Preferred seats can be easily picked with an online bus ticket booking system.
  • Go Cashless: Online-payment feature will enable users to make payment via card through payment gateways integration by app operators as well as via third-party e-Wallet app development. Once the customers have made a payment, an online ticket is generated with a QR code that will allow the drivers to scan and verify customer details as they board the bus.
  • Real-time Location Tracking: This is quite an interesting feature in the bus booking app feature list. Customers won’t be required to call the bus operator’s office to find out about the whereabouts of the bus and what time it will be departing. They will be able to see the real-time location of the bus on the inbuilt map itself, where the estimated arrival/departure time of the bus, as per the boarding point selected by them while making the booking, is shown. Bus drivers will also have a live seat map of the bus that shows which are the vacant and occupied seats and the number of passengers on-board. Besides, it enables the drivers to access current & upcoming bus schedules with pick-up & drop-off points.
  • Journey Alerts: Customers will be able to see the estimated arrival/departure time for bus-based onboarding points chosen by the app users while they make the bookings. Users will also be able to receive SMS/App alerts regarding their journey via the push notification feature. The alerts can be auto-generated or can be pushed out by the driver to all of the bus passengers from the driver app panel.
  • Centralized Booking Management: This feature will enable the customers to cancel their bookings in only a few clicks. Not just that, but it also allows them to view past/upcoming/canceled bookings from a single interface and they will also be able to access specific bookings with the use of advanced filters offered within the bus reservation app.
  • Ticket Validation: QR Scanner can be integrated into the driver app panel that would allow drivers to validate bookings by just scanning the QR code generated on the customer’s app when they book the ticket. All the details regarding booked passengers, such as their name, phone number, date of birth, ID (driving license, passport, etc.), and seat numbers are provided so it gets easier for the drivers to verify boarding passengers’ identity and ease the passenger boarding process. The feature will also help the bus operator to do away with the conductor & ticket-checker, making the process paperless.
  • CMS Integration: Quite a necessary feature as it enables the app operators to manage static content pages such as About us, Contact Us, FAQs, App Privacy Guidelines, Booking Page, and much more. This feature comes useful to the Admin as s/he is the one responsible for the management of these pages.
  • CRM Integration: Customer relation management is an essential part of a successful business; thus, an efficient CRM software integration is a must for the iOS or android bus ticket sale solution.
  • GPS Tracking: Herein, the GPS location tracking device, integrated with the mobile bus ticketing app is installed in the bus for the tracking purpose, thus making the tracking process easier for the drivers, passengers as well as the admin.
  • In-app Chat Integration: This is quite a cool feature to be integrated into such an app, as it will allow the drivers, passengers, and the admin to address several issues by chatting with each other. It can also be useful for the admin when he needs to convey some crucial information to drivers as well as passengers, keeping them in sync.

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  • Seat Maps: Using this feature, customers will be able to choose their desired seats as per the map shown on their device. Integrating this feature would be included in your bus ticket booking software cost.
  • Boards: This feature enables the functionality of automated chat support technology via machine learning.
  • Cab Booking App Integration: This is quite a useful feature that one can integrate into their bus ticket booking mobile app, by integrated cab booking API. This way, your customers will also be able to book a cab to reach the bus station/stand.

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  • Hotel Booking API: Once the hotel booking API is integrated into the bus booking app, the app will suggest nearby hotels to the users as per their location or the destination they are heading to. Thus, your app users won’t head to head elsewhere to book a hotel. They are served a lot within a single platform itself, which will certainly please the customers and grab the attention of more users.

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  • Bus Route Information: Integrate this feature into the app, as it will inform users of the route that will be taken by the bus during the journey and here all the spots the bus will be passing along the destinations are to be mentioned.
  • Marketing Tools: This feature is great to please the users and enhance user engagement with your bus reservation app. You can offer customers loyalty programs, offers & coupons to your app users from time to time, thus enticing them to make a booking from your app for their travel purposes. These were the advanced features that you can integrate into your bus booking mobile app. Including these features will make your bus booking mobile app interesting and unique and it will be able to give a tough run to your competitors.

These are the strong tools that make it easier for people to be involved with your bus booking software and stay in line with your work.

Hire best iphone app development company

Business Models influenced in developing Bus Booking Software

“Redbus’ 30 sec commercials ads boost the sales of online ticket booking to higher than traditional booking methods. Likewise, many other companies with their solutions help the users and leverage new companies to adopt successfully driven business models.” 

When we are looking for a robust model for huge transportation modes, we have come forward with two types- aggregated model and self-owned model.

Let’s understand their way of working.

  1. Aggregated model: Here in this model, service providers and bus operators combat mutually to run buses for users. In simple words, this model helps people to connect with the buses and feed them in return.
  2. Self-owned fleet model: in this independent business model, the service provider or operator launches their app; don’t depend on any other for the whole control of the application and services and grab the entire profit margin.

Monetization Models for Bus Ticket Booking App Development

To monetize your bus-ticket booking app, you can opt for various strategies. Our team of dedicated developers can integrate features and functions in your app that suit your choice of monetization model. Some of the most popular models are: 

  1. Subscription Model 

You can let users who travel on a regular basis buy subscription plans on a monthly or annual basis. This would help you to earn revenue in the long run and offer a premium experience to your users.

  1. Freemium Model

Offer a few services in your app for free and charge a minimal amount for premium features. Also, lets users buy only the premium features they want instead of all with an in-app purchase model. 

  1. Advertisements 

You can let others who target the same audience as yours showcase their brands on your app. For each display ad, you can charge them a price. Easy!

As their visibility grows your revenue grows too.

  1. Paid Listing 

If you have an aggregator app, why not let those who are looking for greater visibility on your app pay you for it? Simply list sponsored service providers on the top and as they gain business you gain profits.

Tech Stack in Bus Booking App Development

Right technology implementation is a must for developing a feature-rich and robust Bus Booking app. Therefore, for crafting out the polished app and for making it abreast across the industrial niche, the technology is certainly the one that is required to be selected very smartly.

Tech Stack in Bus Booking App Development
  • Mobile OS – Android, iOS
  • Push Notifications – Twilio,
  • SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification – Nexmo, Twilio
  • Payments – Braintree & PayPal, Stripe, eWallet, Net Banking
  • Database – MongoDB, Hbase, Cassandra, Postgres, MailChimp Integration
  • Cloud Environment – AWS, Google, Azure
  • Realtime Analytics – Hadoop, Spark, BigData, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM
  • 3rd Party API Integration – Hotel, Cabs

When working on the bus booking app features the technology stack plays a crucial role. Better your bus booking app features stronger is your screen presence and larger clientele. So, simply find the right tech partner at the best bus booking software cost and get going today.

Technology influences the quality and the marketing scheme of the product. We understand that the market is full of competition and standing out from the crowd is one thing that you need to take care of in all cases. We have been working in the same domain for years and we make sure that the solutions that you are to bring to the market are meant to bring you success.

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Required Team Structure for Bus Ticket Booking App Development

As you hire a mobile app development team for your bus ticket booking app development, make sure they have the following team members on board.  

  • Business Analyst: To ensure the app is developed as per the client’s requirements.
  • Project Manager: The point of contact between the client and the development team. Also, the tech guide to take care of the project. 
  • Developers: Android and iOS app developers who can build the app in native or cross-platform.

Quality Analysts: To review the app before launch and report any errors or bugs if found.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Bus Booking Mobile App?

When talking about the cost to make an app for bus booking there are a lot of factors that influence it. When it comes to the development of a bus booking app, the important factors to consider are the country where the app is being developed, the choice of platforms, i.e. iOS or Android, or both, functionalities, features, UX & UI design, etc. Combining them all, a rough estimate would cost somewhere from $15,000 to $35,000.

However, upon finding the expert bus booking mobile app development company you can get the exact figure. However, the cost may vary based on the number of booking APIs that need your app to allow being integrated into your project.

Future of the Online Bus Ticket Booking App

The future of the bus booking and tourism sector will snip up many opportunities to the new entrepreneurs. We can think more intricacies into the niche industry with the collaboration of tech and data.

In recent years global urban mobility has shifted to huge transformation with more eco-friendly and sustainable solutions in the world. The bus mobility industry can be vague with such happenings. It too has a bright inflection with the surroundings.

  • The rise is visible in both the manufacturing and operations side of the industry. With the smart operations more eco robust solutions, decarbonization goal achievement, and smart city build upraised.
  • Changing the climate situation, and fast-changing landscape triggers many new-age companies to cohesive with the connected app ecosystem to serve hassle-free rides to the people.
  • AI and big data insights in a helpful way to the need and service of the users with data of the matrices.
  • The tech market fueled the electric bus industry and attained mobility solutions for global users. This would impact drastic combat in the air pollution and environment.
  • Smart ticketing is one smart buying solution for travelers without any worry of balance. Instant recharge makes it convenient for users to book tickets and shop.
  • Driverless buses can be the next move to integrate with public transportation. A Chinese company named Yutong developed the entire model of a bus without a driver and covered 20 miles through the city of Zhengzhou.
Mobile App Development

Why Is It Important to Choose the Right Bus Ticket Booking Mobile App Development Company?

You had your share of tech research, but developing a mobile app without any third-party assistance would be quite difficult. You would need a bus ticket booking app development team that would create and customize apps that meet your business needs.

Experts can understand the complexity of the product that you are expecting and can evaluate your business objectives via the app. Any app development firm would offer you a brilliant set of professionals, consisting of knowledgeable & hire mobile app developers and designers, QA testers, etc. Thus, it is important to contact reliable Android or iOS application development services for this purpose. Your bus ticket app cost includes the following attributes.

With a mobile app development company to assist you in the development process, it becomes quite easy for the clients to take to the market a solution that stands out from their crowd. The development team at Octal IT Solution delivers solutions that are ladened with features and have impressed the clientele to an extent where we get some great referrals.

Attributes of a Successful Bus Ticket Booking Mobile App

The attributes of a successful bus booking software need to be user-friendly and engaging. Not just that, they need to be easily navigable and help you earn better profits. Some of the general features that any bus ticket booking software must have are listed here.

Choose Pick and Drop Locations- As discussed above, your customers can choose the pickup spot and the drop-off locations. This way they would know the exact time of transition and can manage their schedule accordingly.

Share Information of Basic Facilities- A lot of service providers who reach out to us for android bus ticket sale software solutions ensure they integrate this feature in their app. It is an easy way to let your customers be prepared for whatever the future would bring to them.

Allow Passenger to Review & Rate- Let your customers review and rate their experience. They must be able to provide feedback about the bus service provider and your app. The frequent reviews could help you upscale your business and help you mark your presence in the market.

Also, you would know the drawback of your app, thus working only in the forward direction.

Enjoy Safe and Secure Travel Plan- Customers would reach your bus reservation mobile application when they would want to enjoy a safe, secure, and hassle-free travel plan. Your app must allow them to have insurance, tracking, and other features that would help them be confident about the journey.

When working on a bus booking app, the development team affirms to integrate features with your application that makes it a point that the solutions are interesting and well maintained. These features are curated after the in-depth study of the application’s functioning and are a sure-fire trick to keep a step ahead of your competition.

We can customize your solutions and integrate features that you want to build a strong market.

With the online bus booking app features and attributes the cost of developing an application may seem to be a great amount, but it isn’t.


When it comes to building a bus ticket booking mobile application, you need to hire a team that is well-versed with market needs and customer psychology. Not just this, you also need to be sure that the team delivers solutions that are technologically ahead of your competition and are futuristic.

The solutions that you take to the market must be scalable and flexible. With ever-evolving technology, it is important to be with a team that offers after-deployment support and strong solutions.

online bus ticket booking app

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does building a bus booking application development cost?

A rough estimate would cost somewhere from $15,000 to $35,000 for a basic bus booking app and around $30,000 to $70,000 for an advanced app.

What are the advantages of the Bus Ticket Booking App?

A bus ticket booking app comes with various advantages like: 
★ Update the movement of vehicles 
★ Keep a check on the availability of vehicles
★ Better the existing transportation ecosystem

How do I create a bus booking app?

To create a bus booking app stick to the following steps:
★ Preparing a document with features and functionalities
★ Creating wireframes
★ Designing app screens and layouts
★ Programming the application
★ Bug fixing and quality analysis
★ Launch and maintenance

What are the new trends in online bus booking apps?

Some of the latest trends in online bus booking app development are: 
★ Dynamic Pricing with Brands 
★ Gamification 
★ In-app challenges 
★ Referral and Loyalty Points


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