Today mobile application development industry is catering to the needs of every sector by offering unique and highly-functional apps to various businesses. One look in the app store and you will know that there are countless competitive apps which are presently running in the market to serve the basic ticket booking requirements of users. There are apps serving super-functional features to make app usage way easier for the users.

There were times when the bus journey was not preferred by most people owing to the lack of luxurious facilities, poor road infrastructure & inefficient system of ticket booking. One was required to stand in long queues to purchase the tickets and it was really time-consuming. In fact, ticket booking on the telephones was also quite difficult as often the lines remained busy or out of service. But times have changed now, and there are plenty of luxury buses offering great services to its traveling owing to a wide network of the road infrastructure and online ticketing system.

Bus ticketing app development

Emergence of Online Bus Ticket Booking Mobile apps

Right now, the bus ticket booking mobile app industry is flooded with a myriad of such apps being available out there. Basically, this Bus Reservation System is an automated system that allows purchasing the online bus tickets. The system has the record of each passenger consisting of the details of the schedule of each bus. Thus, this system allows to schedule the routes, check seat availability, as well as upload interactive seat map which allows the customers to select the seats themselves.

The bus ticket booking software enables users to reserve the ticket by selecting their seats using the internet. Also, the bus availability as per your suitability can be checked via these apps. Several of the bus ticket booking mobile app development companies are creating these apps for travel agents and agencies, who are keen on creating their own bus ticket booking mobile apps or portal. Functionalities such as route creation, route allocations to various vendors and various buses, booking, seat selection, etc. are being offered.

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Fundamental module of Bus Booking App

As it comes to creating a Bus Ticket Booking mobile app, Vendor Management System tends to play a crucial role here, as using this system, the admin will be able to create one & more vendors who can create/add/update/delete buses on the different available routes as they like. Both the vendor as well as Admin will be able to prepare routes, however, it is going to solely depend on the choice of portal’s owner.

These systems enable the app owners to view reports such as booking status of each bus, bus availability, total seats booked as per date, total seats booked as per route, transaction mode, and a lot more.

In this post, we have covered various aspects of Bus ticket Booking, We will be covering the functionalities and features, along with the cost (yes, the most important question asked by many people) and several other factors. So, first let’s begin with the basic needs and functionalities of bus booking mobile app.

Bus booking app development

Features of Bus-Ticket Booking Mobile App:

The idea of an entirely paperless and Uber-like solution with a mobile app for both the passengers as well as the drivers is to allow not just online booking & cancellations on the go, but also enable real-time location tracking facility and trip updates in form of push notifications. It is vital to offer extraordinary and useful features with a Bus Booking Mobile app in order to develop a ground-breaking bus booking system that is capable of revolutionizing the bus industry.

Also, a bus ticket booking solution breakthrough in terms of security as well, with it enabling the bus drivers to verify passengers identity and board them via a QR-code based mobile interface.

So, let’s explore all of the necessary features that must be present in a Bus Ticket Booking Mobile App:

Features of Bus Ticket Booking Mobile App:


  • Registration
  • Login
  • Home (top routes, top cities, offers)
  • Search bus availability by source, destination, stops, date/ date range
  • Resultant transport Company with their bus availability
  • Varieties of filters
  • Bus detail (Amenities, dropping & boarding points, fare, time, seats)
  • Graphical Seat map
  • Seat separation for males & females
  • Choose seat from the map
  • Ticket types (e-ticket. M-ticket, counter ticket)
  • Price variation as per the seat
  • Fare calculator by dropping & boarding points
  • Search pilgrimages packages and view resultant packages
  • View package information (travel, stay, add-on) and select seat
  • View & write reviews
  • Make an inquiry for Hiring a bus
  • Get quotation on email
  • Online payment
  • Varieties of the payment module
  • Hot deals and offers
  • Social promotion and earn points
  • Redeem loyalty points through third-party system code
  • Bus ticket booking confirmation through SMS & email
  • Ticket delivery at home (In case of the counter ticket)
  • Buy vouchers and use/send to friends & relatives
  • Automated reminder for ticket/bus booking
  • Print & download Ticket
  • Send ticket via Email
  • Manage wallet
  • Manage Trips
  • Track bus location
  • View advertisement
  • Ticket verification through QR code
  • Cancel tickets by ticket number as per the T&C
  • Request refund & track them
  • Reschedule booking/ticket
  • Customer support
  • Multicurrency support
  • Manage profile
  • Security Assured
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Notification & updates
Operator/Travel agency-

  • Login
  • Manage profile
  • Dashboard (Seat graph, total booking, refund, total revenue)
  • Manage bus routes
  • Manage Bus Booking
  • Manage ticket booking
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Live tracking of bus
  • Real-time attendance of passengers
  • Manage pilgrim packages
  • Customer review & rating
  • Deliver counter ticket to customer home
  • Sales summary
  • Ticket scanning
  • Notification & alerts

  • Login
  • Manage profile
  • Dashboard
  • Manage users
  • Manage brand owner (for show ad on the website)
  • Manage business partners (for loyalty points)
  • Manage vouchers
  • Customer review & rating
  • Manage promotions
  • Manage Travel agency/operators
  • Manage billing for Travel agency/operators
  • Manage transaction (refund, the payout to operators, profit and income)
  • Manage refund & cancellations
  • Manage commissions
  • Manage ticket type
  • Custom dashboard for operators
  • Amenities management
  • Live tracking of bus
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Cloud storage
  • CMS integration
  • CRM integration
  • Email & SMS marketing
  • Manage sharing and points
  • Manage advertisement
  • User permission management
  • Notification

bus booking app development


bus booking app development

Advanced Features:

Social signup: App users can be enabled to sign-up to the app using their Facebook, Google or e-Wallet account details and can create their profiles in the mobile app, entering details such as postal addresses, phone number, id details, and birthdate.

Real Time Seat Chart

Bus Booking App Development

Co-traveller Management: Enable the app customers to store all these above-mentioned details for their co-travelers such as family and friends as well. This way, it won’t be needed to enter details of co-travelers the booking is being made. While making the bus booking, app users can select the co-travelers by adding the saved details. This certainly saves a lot of time of the passengers.

Make Bookings on-the-go: App owners can enable the customers to search & book the buses on their desired routes. They will be able to see the bus details such as pickup and drop-off points, meal facilities, seat layout, etc. Preferred seats can be easily picked.

Go Cashless: Online-payment feature will enable users to make payment via card through payment gateways being integrated by app operators as well as via third-party e-Wallets. Once the customers have made a payment, an online ticket is generated with a QR code that will allow the drivers to scan and verify customer details as they board the bus.

Real-time Location Tracking: With the help of this feature customers won’t require to call the bus operator’s office in order to find out about the whereabouts of the bus and what time it will be departing. They will be able to see real-time location of the bus on the inbuilt map itself, where the estimated arrival/departure time of the bus, as per boarding point selected by them while making the booking, is shown.

Bus drivers will also have a live seat map of the bus that shows which are the vacant and occupied seats and number of passengers on-board. Besides, it enables the drivers to access current & upcoming bus schedules with pick-up & drop-off points.

bus booking mobile app development

Journey Alerts: Customers will be able to see the estimated arrival/departure time for a bus on the basis of boarding point chosen by the app users while they make the bookings. Users will also be able to receive SMS/App alerts regarding their journey via push notification feature. The alerts can be auto-generated or can be pushed out by the driver to all of the bus passengers from driver app panel.

Centralized Booking Management: This feature will enable the customers to cancel their bookings in only a few clicks. Not just that, but it also allows them to view past/upcoming/ cancelled booking from a single interface and they will also be able to access specific bookings with the use of advanced filters offered within the app.

Ticket Validation: QR Scanner can be integrated into the driver app panel that would allow drivers to validate bookings by just scanning the QR code generated on the customer’s app when they book the ticket. All the details regarding booked passengers, such as their name, phone no, date of birth, ID (driving license, passport, etc.), and seat number is provided so it gets easier to the drivers to verify boarding passengers’ identity and ease the passenger boarding process. The feature will also help the bus operator to do away with the conductor & ticket-checker, making the process paperless.

CMS Integration: Quite a necessary feature as it enables the app operators to manage static content pages such as About us, Contact Us, FAQs, App Privacy Guidelines, Booking Page, and much more. This feature comes useful to the Admin as s/he is the one responsible for the management of these pages.

CRM Integration: Customer relation management is an essential part of a successful business;thus, an efficient CRM software integration is must for customer-care department.

GPS Tracking: Herein, the GPS location tracking device, integrated with the bus ticket booking mobile app is installed in the bus for the tracking purpose, thus making the tracking process easier for the drivers, passengers as well as the admin.

Bus booking app development cost

In-app chat integration: This is quite a cool features to be integrated into such kind of app, as it will allow the drivers, passengers, and the admin to address several issues by chatting with each other. It can also be useful for admin when he needed to convey some crucial information to drivers as well as passengers, keeping them in sync.

Seat Maps: Using this feature, customers will be able to choose their desired seats as per the map shown on their device.

Boards: This feature enables the functionality of automated chat support technology via machine learning.

Cab Booking app Integration: This is quite a useful feature that one can integrate into their bus ticket booking mobile app, by integrated cab booking API. This way, your customers will also be able to book a cab in order to reach the bus station/stand.

Hotel Booking API: Once the hotel booking API is integrated into the bus booking app, the app will suggest nearby hotels to the users as per their location or the destination they are heading to. Thus, your app users won’t head to head elsewhere to book a hotel. They are served a lot within a single platform itself, which will certainly please the customers and grab the attention of more users.

Bus Route Information: Integrate this feature into the app, as it will inform users of the route that will be taken by the bus during the journey and here all the spots the bus will be passing along the destinations are to be mentioned.

Marketing Tools: This feature is great to please the users and enhance user engagement with your bus ticket booking mobile app like you can offer customers loyalty programs, offers & coupons to your app users from time-to-time, thus enticing them to make a booking from your app for their travel purposes.

These were the advanced features that you can integrate into your bus booking mobile app. Including these features will make your bus booking mobile app interesting and unique and it will be able to give a tough run to your competitors.

Tech Stack 

Right technology implementation is must for developing featured rich and a robust Bus Booking app. Therefore, for crafting out the polished app and for making it abreast across the industrial niche, the technology is certainly the one that is required to be selected very smartly.

  • Mobile OS – Android, IOS
  • Push Notifications – Twilio,
  • SMS, Voice and Phone Verification -Nexmo, Twilio
  • Payments – Braintree & PayPal , Stripe, EWallets, Net Banking
  • Database – MongoDB, Hbase, Cassandra, Postgress, Mail Chimp Integration
  • Cloud Environment – AWS, Google, Azure
  • Realtime Analytics – Hadoop, Spark, BigData, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM
  • 3rd Party API Integration – Hotel, Cabs


Bus ticket booking App – Development Process

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How much does it Cost to develop a Bus Booking Mobile App?

As it comes to the development of a bus booking app, the important factors to consider is the country where the app is being developed, the choice of platforms, i.e. iOS or Android, or both, functionalities, features, UX & UI design, etc.

Combining them all, a rough estimate would cost somewhere from $15000 to $35000. However, upon finding the expert bus booking mobile app development company you can get the exact figure. However, the cost may vary based on the number of booking API that needs to be integrated for your project.

bus booking app development team

Why is it important to choose the right Bus Ticket Booking Mobile App development Company?

It will make all the difference in your app quality when you choose an Mobile app development firm that has years of experience in delivering best-in-class apps. They will be able to create brilliant customized and robust apps for you as per your business requirements. They can understand the complexity of your product and can also comprehend your business objectives through the app. The good app development firms will be able to offer you a brilliant set of professionals, comprising of knowledgeable & skilled app developers and designers, QA testers, etc.

Thus, it is important to get in touch with a reliable app development service provider for this purpose.