Among many of the e-Practices in the arena of Healthcare, an integral and efficient one is e-Prescription or Electronic Prescription Solution. It is certainly making healthcare immensely easier and smoother, and it endeavour to connect all of the patient’s healthcare providers, thus it facilitates efficient and accurate decision-making. Moreever, Information technology have been crucial in influencing the world and the technology has not left the functioning of healthcare industry untouched.

Why e-Prescription Software Needed:

Manual errors can put patient’s life at risk. Things can go even worse in case there is a gap between provider and pharmacist and handwritings get misinterpreted. So, what channel to choose to bring in all elements on the same page and thus avoiding maximum mistake & errors, making the work-flow entirely flawless?

e-Prescription is Ideal Solution: Having an eRx (e-prescription) software including mobile apps, it gets possible to establish an important connection between physicians, other prescribers, pharmacists, patients and thus it gets easier to support interoperability across the healthcare ecosystem.

What is e-Prescription Software?

Well, to have an easy understanding of the concept, e-Prescription is basically a process to electronically generate a prescription and send it to a patient or a pharmacist. The prescription which has been generated via e-Prescription is error-free, easily understandable and more accurate. The e-prescription apps aim at reducing the risks which are there in traditional style prescription-writing. As here, there is no involvement of written/oral communication, thus e-Prescribing ensures patient safety and enhances the quality of care.

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An ecosystem of e-Prescription Mobile Apps

Customized e-Prescriptions Software and mobile apps come helpful to prescribe and refill in real-time, and real fast. It offers benefits to a list of people, such as:

Healthcare Consultant: They can immensely benefit from the patient-oriented websites and apps as they are able to store, share and securely view assessment records.

Pharmacists: Well, they will be able to deliver great services only when they are not confused while delivering the correct prescription in coordination with patients and physicians.

Hospital & Care provider: By having an e-Prescription mobile app or a website, they will know where to stretch the limit of accuracy and it gets easier fetching past records.

Physicians: These apps allow the physicians to avoid the ambiguity of any kind and treat patients in the most accurate manner. With customized e-Prescription solutions, it is possible to enhance quality and safety of the prescription process. A prescription can be easily converted into a digitalized file and can be sent across pharmacy

Patients: Well, there are categorized into two divisions: In-patient (admitted in the hospital) & Out-patient (also known as OPD, they are outdoor patients, not admitted in the healthcare facility). They can view new prescription, medicating timing, as well as can order medicines from nearby pharmacies.

This results in:

  • Better efficiency: Minimizes time taken by pharmacy technicians to interpret handwriting or enter information manually. It also eliminates pharmacist-to-physician follow-up calls.
  • Enhanced Patient Safety: No more need for the pharmacists to unravel handwritten prescriptions and this minimizes the potential for errors.

e-Prescription Software Development

What are the features of e-Prescription Software/Mobile App?

A million of changing has been noticed in the way this healthcare industry functions, with there being myriad of medical mobile apps and software introduced to make the proceedings smoother and efficient. Thus, these medical software and mobile apps are bringing in revolutionary changes in traditional styles of practitioners, doctors, pharmacists & even patients.


e-Prescription Software/App Features: Doctor Panel

  • Receive Alerts: Doctors will receive relevant alerts whenever their appointment is due, dosage time, and for various crucial aspects.
  • Known allergies: Stores patient’s allergies and this database help doctor in crosschecking before prescribing a new medicine to the patients.
  • Access Medicine Database: With there being comprehensive medicine database, it is easier to search by brand and generic drug names, class, specialty, alphabetically, as well as a favorite-list, can be created.
  • Generate Refill requests: This feature saves providers from verbally or manually requesting refills for patients, while the pharmacists don’t need contacting a practice repeatedly to verify a renewal.
  • New RX: In case, there is no requirement refills, the doctors can provide new e-prescription to the pharmacists that will be implemented for the in-patients.
  • e-Cancel: It allows the doctors to cancel the prescribed medicines electronically, in case the new medicines need to be prescribed to in-patients, while the out-patients (OPD) can also submit e-cancellation request online.
  • Pending List: This list keeps the doctors in the loop about the pending medication list about a particular patient, like when the course one is over, they can prescribe next course from that list.
  • Dose calculator: This section keeps the doctors informed about the calculated dose that needs to be given to the in-patients.
  • Electronically Send Prescriptions: Send electronic prescriptions to any connected pharmacy. Refill requests can be accepted or denied with just a single tap on screen & allow to send comments to pharmacists electronically.
  • Controlled Substances Prescriptions: Electronically prescribes and tracks controlled substances, such as opioids. This ensures their effective usage and eliminates poor-record-keeping which may lead to drug abuse.
  • Note: Research shows that in 2016, 45.3 million prescriptions for controlled substances were electronically delivered, thus it reflects a 256% rise from 12.81 million controlled substance e-Prescriptions in 2015.
  • Eliminate prescribing errors: Robust e-Prescription systems detects out-of-range dosing & duplicate drugs, like if there are two prescriptions for same drug or prescriptions for two drugs in the same class. They generate alerts to potential safety issues & describe the seriousness of the issue.
  • Medical demographics: Demographics can be viewed and your feed can be accessed in the required widget. The patient process is also analyzed which results in connected care.
  • Customizable Views: Robust toolbars enable sorting by any field. Put together same medication names, visit dates & filter data.
  • Generate Reports: It can generate patient-specific/practice-wide reports in Excel, Word, PDF or any of these files formats: HTML, MHT, RTF, XLS, XLSX, CSV, Text or Image file.
  • Re-Prescribing: With just a single click, it is possible to re-prescribe one or many medications from history in the same format prescribed in past.
  • Documentation Capabilities: Documentation of patient’s medication adherence is improved with electronic prescribing by tracking what medications are ordered and when, and also when a prescription is filled or refilled. EHRs integrated with e-prescribing capabilities is able to log this information, create a detailed view of patient’s care over time.
  • Patient Prescription History: It stores all medications prescribed for patients. It is used to sort & organize, with the help of robust tools, by date, status, drug name and more. There are color code medications by status, like purpose for changes in dose, then tan for discontinued medications, and there is a lot more.

Software/Mobile App Features: Caretakers/Nurses

It is the nurses who are responsible for the care of in-patients and this panel proves greatly helpful to them in managing the proceedings well.

  • Known allergies: This panel will keep the nurses aware of the known allergies of each in-patient so they can be careful during the care.
  • Medication history: It keeps the nurses in the loop regarding the medication history of the patient, so they are clear about how many dosages have been provided and other crucial information.
  • Refill Request: Nurses can send refill requests to the pharmacists via this panel as the medication is near over and more dosages need to be provided to patients.
  • Medication Doses: Through this panel, nurses and caretakers will have a clear idea about the medication dosages that needs to be given to the patients with appropriate dosage calculation.
  • Medication Timing: The nurses will receive alerts about when the medication needs to be offered to the in-patients.

Software/Mobile App Features: Pharmacist Panel (For In-Patients & Out-Patients)

  • Patient details: All the relevant details related to a patient can be found in the system.
  • Known allergies: Stay aware about the known allergies of the patient, so to be able to provide drugs accordingly.
  • Doctors Details: It offers information such as physician information for reference, insurance & personal details, also allows referring the current e-prescription and the patient status. Besides, past assessment records can be filed easily and presented sans any manual efforts.
  • Prescription (Text or Image): The prescription is received by the pharmacists electronically in the form of Text or an image:
  • New orders: New orders requests can be received from the app itself.
  • Accept orders: Accept order requests from the e-prescription mobile app.
  • Delivered orders: There is a separate section displaying orders delivered by the pharmacist.
  • Track shipment: Pharmacists can track the status of their shipment from the app itself and ensure speedy delivery of drugs.
  • Received Payment: This section reflects the details of payment received in the lieu of drug delivery.
  • Prescription History: Past order history can be checked from this section.
  • Drug Database: With there being comprehensive drug database, it is easier to search by brand and generic drug names, class, specialty, alphabetically, as well as a favorite list, can be created.
  • Check document: Documentation of provided medication is improved with electronic prescribing by tracking what medications are delivered and when.
  • Online Payments: Order status can be tracked online and patient payments can also be collected even after they have left the clinic, with e-payment integration system into the app.

Software/Mobile App Features: Out-Patient Panel

  • Upload test reports: Patients can upload the test reports into the e-Prescription app to connect with doctors and pharmacists and request for appropriate medication.
  • Check prescription: Allows patients to check for a prescription from anywhere and anytime.
  • Medication: Patients are aware of the medication timing and right dosage.
  • Prescription history: The prescription history is stored in the app, so the patient can consult about the same with another doctor as well.
  • Place orders: Order can be placed online via the app.
  • Track orders: Order status can be tracked online.
  • Order history: Patients can have a look at the order history whenever needed.
  • Payment options: A number of payment options are made available to patients to make in-app payment, such as Credit Cards, PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, etc.

  • Fax to pharmacist: In case, the facility is not available to send an electronic prescription to a pharmacist, a patient can always send a fax.
  • Patient Education: Patients are often curious to know about the medicine they are taking, and a robust e-prescription system provides answers to both practitioners and patients. e-Prescribing systems must be able to connect to the pharmacy databases in order to locate information about alternative medications, possible side-effects, and comparative costs.
  • Medicine Details: Boosts patient’s health understanding and compliance with their medical condition outside doctor’s clinic.
  • Dashboard: It offers information such as physician information for reference, insurance & personal details, also allows referring the current e-prescription and the patient status. Besides, past assessment records can be filed easily and presented sans any manual efforts.
  • View Insurance Coverage: Status of insurance coverage, co-pays, & class alternatives are made available to the patients.


Why do you need to have an e-Prescription Mobile App & who all does it helps?


With an e-Prescription mobile app, it gets possible to get connected electronically, which allows accessing patient medication history, receive electronic refill requests, send error-free prescriptions, view prescription insurance formulary information and also comprises of all information on electronically-connected pharmacies.

When e-prescription software and e-prescription apps are developed at an experienced e-Prescription Mobile App Development Company, it enables physicians to generate & send accurate e-prescriptions from any of the computer or smartphone with internet connectivity. It saves times, improves communication and also increases patient satisfaction.  Hence, there is a lot an e-Prescription mobile app can offer your Healthcare Practice ranging from pharmacists, patients, and pharmacies. So let’s how it benefits them all:

E-Prescription Software /Mobile App Benefits to Prescribers:

  • It allows easy follow-up with patients in case of their health status and to provide support.
  • Review a patient’s history and current medication & healthcare information.
  • Generate complete medication list with dosage and other important details
  • Transmit efficient and safe prescriptions with just a few taps.
  • It saves recurring prescription formats for re-use thus making the process quicker
  • Makes the understanding of patients’ history easier, even when they have seen by another doctor
  • e-Prescription mobile app/software is able to remember your favorite drugs thus you can fill the prescriptions easily and quickly
  • Enables single-click access to PDR and FDB drug references
  • Makes it possible to avoid CMS E-Prescribing penalties
  • It checks automatically for drug-to-drug interactions, drugs side-effects & drug allergies.
  • It allows easy access to patients’ health records & medication history.
  • It streamlines workflow processes and facilitates more mobility, as by having e-Prescription apps on their mobile devices, prescribers will be able to write & renew prescriptions from just anywhere
  • With e-Prescription software, it gets nearly impossible to tamper with prescriptions
  • Time-saving for doctors as well as their patients and staff
  • Accurate, safe & reliable than paper prescription and also ensures safety and medical compliance, and reduces healthcare costs
  • This powerful tool helps in managing patients’ records & medications efficiently & safely

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E-Prescription Software/ Mobile App Benefits to Patients:

  • Fast & easy account creation & set-up
  • There is built-in Pharmacy look-up to find pharmacies that provide particular drugs or medicines.
  • It offers built-in dosing calculator.
  • Marks pharmacy from where prescription will be filled.
  • Renews prescriptions or can modify old prescriptions.
  • It enables simple refill – patients can request for refills via the system, thus no need for time-consuming phone calls and appointments
  • It is flexible & convenient for the patients as they can get the advice and medications quickly.
  • Increases the convenience of patients

E-Prescription Software/ Mobile App Benefits to Pharmacists:

  • Receive electronic prescriptions
  • Receive electronic refill requests
  • No confusion in delivering the correct prescription
  • In coordination with physicians and patients.
  • No need to unravel handwritten prescriptions
  • Reduced chances for errors
  • Eliminate pharmacist-to-physician follow-up calls.
  • Lesser time entering information manually or interpreting handwriting
  • Track Shipments
  • Receive online payments

Why is it important to choose right development partner for ePrescription Mobile App?


As you begin your search for the right e-Prescription App Development Company, ensure that the firm offer these integral features, such as: Speedy execution, Simple & Appealing design, friendly support, easy-to-use, feature-rich, efficient processing on all devices (tablets, mobile & desktops), suitable for both web and mobile apps, mobile-ready strategy (suits both Android & iOS apps), Integrated with EHR system of the healthcare practice, HIPPA, HL7 compliant, Integrated with EPA (Electronic Prior Authorization), and Certified with EPCS (Electronic Prescription for Controlled Substance).

Note: EHRs integrated with e-prescribing capabilities is able to log this information, create a detailed view of patient’s care over time.

Ensure your Compliance & Integration

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
Health Level 7 International (HL7)
Food and Drug Administration (FDA),
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)
HITECH’s Meaningful Use Stage 1 and 2 (MU-1 & MU-2)
Integrated with EPA (Electronic Prior Authorization), and Certified with EPCS

What are the purchase options offered for SaaS based System?

Well, most e-Prescription App Development companies offer three options: Monthly, Annually & Flat Purchase. The cost includes installation, training & technical support with updates and upgrades.

Cost to develop a custom e-prescription Software and Mobile app?

Numerous factors go into consideration for determining the cost to develop an e-Prescription Software , after all, it’s a huge system, that requires a lot of integration. However, the factors that mainly affect the development costs are:

  • Basic Features & Functionalities
  • Additional & Advance Features
  • Third-Party API Integrations
  • Certifications & Compliances
  • Development Partner Location
  • Size of the development team