Before we dive into the digital banking app development, lets get an idea of what it means and how to go about it. With the modernization and the commencement of technologies like AI and ML. We have seen a commendable growth in financial solutions and so pert the digital wealth. The long-term support aims to give more flexibility to provide wealth assets and solutions to the customers as well as banks. Digital Banking App Development adds an extra layer to such solutions.

After the disruption by the COVID 19 pandemic shock. The banks have procured e-commerce platforms to deliver better services to the customers. impacting a global increase in the sales and profits. 

In addition to that, the high street banks want to allow a more specific analysis of data on the cloud. As this data is the core of digital significance and transformation. This will resolve the practices to handle data security and operate the conventional models and structures handed.

Let’s start with the Digital Banking App Development process in detail in this blog. 

What does digital banking app development means?

Digital banking is a small part of the online banking. Where users use banking services and banks deliver the services online i.e. with the use of internet. It can be looked as an conversion of the traditional banking into the digital banking in the real sense. The conversion is a very slow process which gradually may in future eliminate the need of paper. Hence digital banking is an ongoing process for banking service digitization.

The process of Digital banking app development involves high levels of knowledge and proper process, correct methodologies, risk analysis & knowledge on appropriate automation. Hence experts banking app developers are required to develop a digital banking app. It involves web-based services & integrate many Banking APIs which enable a bank to offer the same traditional banking services digitally. The main aim of digital baking is to provides customers the ability to access their financial data easily using mobile apps, desktops & laptops, Kiosk and ATM machines.

What is the mobile banking app?

In the nutshell, digital banking solutions deliver faster, speedy, secure, and insightful solutions to the industries and people. These banking solutions successfully provide greater benefits with their feature upgrades. 

What more we can expect from these modern banking solutions. They left us with easy solutions without any need for the paperwork and save the digital paper for a long.

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There are many such banking solutions this industry serves to us like faster payments globally, breach of security, timely internet payments, access the personal financial spending, and much more important an instant blocking to our card at the time is stolen. 

These are the basic things the digital industry provides to its customers. But to create a banking app, the banking service providers and businesses take care not to avoid any important guidelines or laws to target the market.

Digital Banking App Development

Market stats and analysis for digital banking in 2022

  • With the sudden outbreak in the industry of online banking app statistics. The US industry has hit the mark of $693B. The US payments will take $189B. 
  • “How to build a banking app” that combats the latest industry trends and bridges the gaps. You need to have more inspiration first. 
  • A total of 31% of people are likely to use their phones for banking solutions. Digital banks would seem to replacement of physical banking and the middleman. 
  • 89% of people use to operate their daily banking deals on virtual platforms rather than visiting the physical banks.  
  • The top partners that offer mobile banking solutions are capital banking solution, CGI, Microsoft, and oracle. 

The above specs clearly state that this would be the high time for you to enter into the banking app development solution to reach the masses. 

What is the need for digital baking app development in the market?

Due to the traditional banking solutions, the simple mechanism to handle the tasks like account opening, cash and withdrawal, KYC updation, and many more become so much of tedious. This seems the urgent solution to secure their data and make it more commercial and operational. Previously where one could wait for several days to register their loans and complaint. 

But with the evolvement of technologies now the bank would be able to come up with the solution to lean the desired results to the users. Either they specifically mere every possible outcome or they can collaborate with the prime company to ladened some decent solution for the global audiences. 

More stats on Digital banking app

In regards to that, there are many more analysts who have strong support for stats that reports that the digital banking app market is prone to reach $11.4B and is projected to rise at the rate of 13.6 in 2027 with a revenue of $31.4B. This is highly evidence of and success of online digital solutions, people have good to welcome the life cycle of the banks. 

Now let’s discuss some of the important guidelines that need to be assessed for digital banking app development

Guidelines as a key measure for the banking solution

To assure success in the industry where there are maximum chances for a security breach. The banking industry has faced the faster need and deployment of the interface that helps secure money transactions and exchanges which is done on daily basis. 

However, it could be a matter of critical observation to regulate the guidelines and data privacy robustly. In the past, the industry has seen the risk of financial frauds, or thefts, but opting for these parameters would surely.   

So without wasting a time, let’s know more about how to make a banking app under the guidelines in detail. As digital banking app development requires a proper planning and process to be followed.


The payment card industry data security standard (PCI-DSS) is the global platform that regulates every digital transaction and data protection online. 

In the fast-moving world, nothing we can say attend for granted, how we are sure about the existence of financial risks. This guideline helps the businesses to monitor the authenticity of the users and block any person who has performed any security hacks in between. 

  • GDPR 

The general data protection regulation is regulatory guidelines that come under the EU. it secures any digital data of the banks and restricts access to the outsider from controlling the user-sensitive data. GDPR compliance is essential for any European bank when thinking of digital banking app development.

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  • CDR

The consumer data right gives the freedom to the users to safely transfer their data. In Australia, it is the major controlling authority to protect the data of the banks and companies. 

Along with that, there are several rules to monitor the usage of the data of users. They have a clear specification of how they collected the data, processed and shared it with the authorized platforms to deploy more advanced services to the economy. 

Plus, the fintech companies merge the pretexting protection rule that protects the companies from any blackmail and manipulations. Canadian government takes the privilege to step one more step behind the success of digital banking software development. 

Till now you have come to know the critical guidelines that would help the industry for seamless integration of digital solutions to the banks. Thus in digital banking app development, it needs to be customer centric and needs to focus on customer data rights.

Now is the time so let’s start with the development process of the banking app. 


How to make a robust digital banking solution for the industry?

How to create a banking app? Desired to give exposure to the end-users and to the users to delve into specific and inspiring mobile banking solutions it is extremely important to tailor your app to some of the important areas before feature implementation. 

The first important aspect in digital banking app development is the security and trust people are looking for in their applications. As per reports if the user feels any halt or security downfall inside the platform, 48% of them choose to leave rather than continue. This is an urgent case to look upon. 

Securing your customers data in banking app

Assure your users with a convenient way to secure their data without a second thought in the app. The next threat is the reliability of the existence of the banking solution. Before publishing your app to the Play Store, follow the security guidelines and rules that are most important in case of the urgency of any privacy hack. Make sure that your application is prepared and instilled in every security rule. 

Hire some of the best banking app developers to limit any attack and makes the life of the app resistant to much more. As you must have realized digital banking app development can not be handled by a bunch of freelancers.

How to address data security in digital banking

Another important parameter is the how-to address the best user experience in your mobile banking app development. At first, it is hard for businesses to deliver a respective user experience and maintain the essential entertainment factor to engage them. 

Your designer and developer need to assert the balance between not-so-boring and over-fun. Your future would be a real example to enhance the users while performing their important things in the app and be aware of the information based on their relevancy and interest. 

All in all the platform gives maximum to offer to the users. It should be fast as per the user’s perspective. While at the time of the transaction the user cant halt in the middle. Let you sync it with every important platform to allow more functionality to the users while payments. If you limit the audience in the medium they want to pay, then chances are they seem dull and lack interest in the further payments. Do not make an overloading app, people are no anymore interested to yield over such platforms. They can rather look onto other lightweight solutions like UPI. 

If your users are first-timers make sure that they should not be stuck in the further steps to process their transactions or get to know more about the app. Guide them through the functional screens and the layouts 

Now is the time to implement these things as features that would add value to the overall experience of the users. 

Steps to create the digital banking application for the industry

At first let’s discuss some of the top-notch features that instill the expectations of the users. Create a mobile banking app for the users that would cherish their app journey for a long. 

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Few important features we consider during digital banking app development ;

  • User profiles

The user is always atoned to handle his profile easily. For that reason having a user profile option allows the user to manage his profile. It will give a glance look at their transactions, rewards, contacts, payments, and many more.

The user can firstly sign up to the online banking app platform with a manual registration process or via social media accounts. Whatever would be easy for them they prefer that way for their ogin process. 

  • Cashback services

This feature comes in the advanced option you can give to your users. Here you can prevail some rewards or the cashback options to the users as per the performance of their transactions. This will motivate the users for more transactions and engage with the platform. As per the survey, it is finding out that people use digital platforms to win rewards and discounts. 

This strategy helps you to know about more the customer behavior inside the platform. 

  • Bill splitting

For instance many times we humans tend to have split the amount when ordering something for common of us. This is where the bill splitting property depicts more catch to the emotional connect as a team, especially to the older people. 

This is the feature important for businesses to rejoice people with the gratitude among their family, friends, or relatives. Businesses adopt this feature in the mobile banking application development so they can break their amounts for anything like gifts, movies, or any party. 

This feature is the prime consent at the time when you are short on the money. Plus, it will help your app experience as a unique element in the run, triggering your business revenue to much more percentage. 


  • Peer to peer transfers

Users are interested in doing their payments from their likable platform. You cant limit their to access their choice of cards.

This is where the peer-to-peer transactions allow great payment functionality to the users.

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  • User notifications

This feature helps the users to get important updates while not on the app. So that they cant miss anything. The banking app is aligned with different unique so the users cant have to go anywhere. Hence they get everything in a single app.

Suppose the user wants to pay the bill for electricity, he will get the important notification of the prior which makes him easily pay before the date. So they would not worry to keep in mind about the dates.

  • Add instant transactions

More than anything, digital banking applications offer users instant payments. Aint it would be a great thing to have something within the reach of our fingers which is very important for our daily chores. Instead of traveling to bank location and waiting in long queue. Eventually getting the same banking service from comfort of your home should be your aim

Make sure that the user would not face any kind of halt or loop in the payments. As long as user can add money and do transaction easily digital banking apps can not be successful.

  • Support with offline

Users do not wish to turn on their internet or come under the wifi access to open their app. Rather they are more interested to grant the platform accessible throughout the day with or without the internet.

Or, sometimes they could even face internet fluctuations, or there is no network, at that time how about they have some easily accessible banking platform. Plus whenever you are not in any network, makes you safer and less risky to the hackers. 

Hence with the support of the online modes takes your reach at that hustle time to your niche users. And that’s a great thing. 

  • Chat for assistance

This is a vital feature for the person who comes to the platform for the first time. In that case, your 24*7 chat assistance gives them a direct connection. If they feel satisfied with a feature they would likely use your app.

You can ask your developer to improve your user experience to the most definite level, this will increase your traffic and revenue on the platform. Simple but important features can surge a great impact on your app. 

  • Speech recognition

As a matter of fact to beat the heat of the competition, voice recognition is the prime thing rolling the trends.

As per a survey, the speech or voice recognition facility would be able to successfully outreach in the revenue and ideate more forms into the access of the digital banking app solution. 

  • Get custom alerts

This will allow the users to set their custom alert pop-ups. Lets suppose the user wants to set an alert for electricity bills then they can choose to customize their alerts just only for the payment date-time of the electricity, not for other things.

  • Track their spending 

Evidently this feature gives users to know more about their time on the banking app. By all means for the companies based on the user’s stats helps them to customize and ad advanced features inside the app. 

  • Neary ATM map

Generally based on the geographic location accessibility, now you can easily integrate GPS feature in your app. As a result this would allow the user to access the nearby locations of the ATMs.

Due to this you can grant your users permission to check out the ATM location and collect their cash at the time in need. More to that this feature gives real-time data, currency exchange rates, and hours of operation.  

  • Connection with wearable devices 

Wearable devices are the prime need of the users to access anytime, anywhere. We are talking about the digital solutions and not rendering the attachments like smartwatches are downgrading the expectations of the users. 

Hence integration of these devices would give the real-time access to the banking facility and step ahead of your application in the real mean. 

Now let’s jump to know about some of the accomplished applications in the industry. You can either take the example and delve into something best for your users. 

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Top banking app solutions for 2022

This is the most interesting section! Talking about the direct facts and importance of the best popular apps for digital banking in 2022 gives you more vamp. 

Let’s get started. 

  • Ally Bank

With an extensive range of solutions, the Ally Bank is one of the top banking app solutions. The app is believed to give users low processing fees and facilitate the maximum, which impacts the userbase highly. 

Some of the promising features which landed the application to the next level are AI-based mapping, bill payments, transaction history, deposit management, and likewise features. The features help the customers to save on their bills as well. 

In addition to that Ally allows its users with the stock news to inspire the users for the latest digital currency exchange happening in the market. 

  • Capital One

Capital One is the prime representative of the products and features of the banking app solution. It facilitates the reward to the user for their every transaction. Features like card management, store, lock or customize their card usage.

  • Chime

This is another great user-based experience app. For those users who have high finance accounts and wants a single platform that would manage their accounts, Chime is for them. 

With great options like zero maintenance fees, rewards for every transaction, transfer instant money, plus the users can track their accounts and get the notifications in real-time. 

  • Chase

Chase is for the users who want to have their digital identity and easy allotment of money transactions. It wins the heart of the users with its reward credit system.

Chase offers its users astonished features like quick payments, checking the deposits, tracking their remaining balances, or sending the transfers. 

It addon with the feature to assist its users 24*7. What more do you need. 

So, after the detailed discussion of the popular apps, it’s time for you to develop your financial solution for the people. 

Digital Banking App Development


Revenue generation models for digital banking apps

Talking about the strategies is equally important. If you are successful in the market race, people find it more interesting than what model you have opted to catch more traffic at your channel. What makes your users much satisfied and how do you overcome the competition. 

So we must discuss some of the important models for revenue-generating for digital Wallet apps

  • Subscription

A subscription-based method is the best functional model for the banking app solutions providing companies. It is hard for the companies to offer free featured and personalized services to the users. The subscription-based model allows the user to get all of the premium services under the carpet.

Users can choose from any flexible plan like monthly, quarterly, or yearly. This model is derived to give user-content optimistic services and features for safe and secured banking. 

  • App advertisement 

Under this, app advertising model the banking service providers trigger and enhance the user experience journey. Here the platform allows good space for the relevant companies to show their ads. It gives more interaction to the users, with their elements and illusion them for more mobile payment application development solutions.

This app model would not cost anything to the pockets of the customers while it charges the service providers for every click.  

  • API as a Service

This is the new service model for the companies and the users. This allows the users to ask for the API for knowledge of new services. Concerning that the bank charge to small cost to the user. This model runs on the importance of the facilities to the users. So the users may not hesitate to take services from a third party. 

Besides the above model, you can instance for many more new solutions to the customers in the real-time, after all the banking is prior the must-have asset for the market. 

Digital Banking App Development Cost in a nutshell

The final cost for the digital banking application included several things like the development process, testing, communication, API integration, location rates of the developer, nature of the app, and technologies.

We can estimate roughly the banking app development cost to be $35k-$45k. 

Hiring Teams for Digital banking app development

A bank may decide to either develop their own in house team for digital banking app development or can decide to hire a Professional mobile app development company. As hiring and maintaining an in house team has its own learning curve most of the banks and financial institutes prefer hiring Fintech App Development Companies. Such companies can be located on shore or off shore. You can check our blog on hiring the best fintech app development companies to get an idea on the top players.

Digital banking app development for various app types

Top Mobile app development companies can develop different types of financial technology apps as below :

  • E-wallet Apps or Payment Transfer Apps: Such apps allow users to make payments any time to anyone without visiting a bank. Such e-wallets are highly popular and highly sought globally. As it offers the ease to transfer or pay anyone from the mobile in their hands.
  • Loan Lending Apps: As such apps make the lending process easy & quick, and also supports automation in loan disbursements and operations. Development of such loan lending apps is also very popular.
  • Apps for Insurance: Insurance apps helps insurance companies with their internal process and efficiently run their business operations. For instance, employees can use these apps to quickly access client information, generate documents, etc.
  • Investment: As personal finance is very much followed by every one, hence investment advisor apps, stock trading apps for real estate investments as so users can manage their financial portfolio.

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Key Takeaways from the Digital Banking App Development!

People are always in search of the desired and optimal solution. For that, they trust the banks. From the beginning, people depend on the reliability of the banks. And why not it has fulfilled every aspect from every corner. 

With the emergence of high tech-oriented technologies like big data and blockchain, mobile banking app solutions would garner every priority and need of the users. 

Hopefully, you have learned something meaningful from the above blog, and want some inspiration to enter the market of Digital Banking Application Development. If yes, then connect with us.

Digital Banking App Development


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