Today, staying in touch with your loved ones and other people has become extremely easy with numerous messaging and chat apps, thanks to the advent of messaging app development at our disposal. These apps are extremely available, rich in features, and very secure, thus making staying close a lot more fun.

Create Messaging App like Telegram, Messenger, and WhatsApp have successfully bewitched their apps and secured top spots in the app ranking globally. Needless to say, the competition in Telegram Like App Development is really fierce out there in this arena, making it tough for the business to earn fame.

Meanwhile, here in this post, we will be exploring how you can gain instant fame in the arena of messaging apps by introducing an app of your own and making it a huge success. Do you also want to know about the telegram like message app development process of Build Messaging App like Telegram with cost and key features, then keep reading this article.

A study found that there are over 3 billion active users of messaging apps worldwide. WhatsApp is the most popular app, with around 2.4 billion users.

So, what do you require to succeed in the messaging app development business or want to Create Messaging App like Telegram?

You would need to be updated with the latest happenings to Create a Messaging App like Telegram around the globe. This would make it easier for you to build a strong presence in the market with telegram-like message app development.

Well, this article guides you through the kind of messaging app development that is a precursor for an even better messaging mobile app.

Let’s see how:

How to Create App like Telegram?

Creation is a word that can have different definitions in the field of the mobile app development arena. It can be about instant messaging app development from ground zero in the form of rewriting the whole code or creating it with the help of online tools, protocols, APIs, and libraries. You also need to be sure from the start whether you want to develop your own app or outsource the app. You can assign the ace app developing agencies with the task of creating a masterpiece app for you. Meanwhile, the main areas to consider are as follows:

  • Timeline
  • Back-end
  • Features
  • Design
  • Cost
  • Security
  • Support

You also have to be sure about the platform for which you are going to develop the app. Whether you are going to app development for iOS, Android, or Windows, or in most cases, all of them, The basic functionality of an app depends mainly upon infrastructure in the form of databases, RestFul APIs, storage servers, messaging protocols like that of XMPP, notification services, etc.

The Telegram Like app development process becomes transparent when the client is a part of it. We Make an App like Telegram to sure the clients are always updated with the development the new technology and trends. Our experts sometimes suggest solutions and responses to the client, and if it work well, then we make sure that the solutions delivered are up to the market standard.  We have been developing solutions that ensure that your business is profitable.

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How Do Apps like Telegram Make Money?

As you decide to enter the market with an app like Telegram, it is important that you understand how such apps that barely charge for their services make money.

Well, to burst your dream bubble, the owner of Telegram Pavel Durov, never saw Telegram as a money-making app. The app is dedicated to offering encrypted and safe environment to the users. To meet the cost of running the app, he introduced some paid in-app features and a few subscription models. 

If you are looking forward to Telegram Like App Development, there are a few monetization models that you can choose to Make an App like Telegram:

Advertise on Your App 

Let the apps and businesses that target similar businesses as yours advertise on your app. Take commissions for displaying their ads on your app. As they gain visibility you make some money. 

In-app Purchase

You can allow users to buy some in-app features or access premium features. This is quite a popular monetization model for apps that engage user and then want to charge them for premium features.

Subscription Model to Make an App like Telegram

Let users pay to subscribe to your app for unlimited access to the features. With monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscription plans, users can choose interesting options and pay accordingly.

Basic Features of Messaging App like Telegram

The days are gone when people used messaging apps only for chatting; nowadays, people browse merchandise and get all the interesting content through texting apps. Brands and various businesses look to unlock new exciting marketing ways in order to attract more and more users. There is a set pattern of features that appear on a chat app. Sharing of images, group chats, video calls, social login buttons, and some others.

Create App Like Telegram

Basic Features to Make an App like Telegram

When talking about the basic features, we make sure that the solutions that are delivered to you are designed in a way that earns you the best results. We have been working on the feature set with market research and competition study. The loopholes in other applications are the major point of distinguishing and the USP in the market.

Customer PanelADMIN PANEL
Verification processManage profile:
MessagesManage users:
GroupsReporting and analytics:
ChannelsUser Privileges:
In-App filters for picturesPush notifications
Support all media 
Support multiple file types 
 Turn off notification 
Activated notification 
Cloud storage 
Syncing with contacts 
Export data 
Plenty of stickers & email 
Terminate activate session 
Block users 
Smart search 
Manage privacy 
Multiple profile pictures 
Sharing live location 

Advanced Features for Telegram Like App

When talking about the advanced features like “Create App Like Telegram, these change the picture of the application. We have been working in the direction of providing strong solutions that make it possible for users to interact and engage with the application easily.

Build Messaging App like Telegram

1. The mobile app, desktop app, PWA

This platform is easily available for desktop, mobile, web for the users to download and use any version of a specific platform.

2. GPS integration

GPS is integrated into the hardware system which allows the users to share their exact location with their friends and other users.

3. Cloud storage integration

To increase the security barriers, Cloud storage will be integrated into the system. Cloud storage stores the user data for future purposes.

4. End-to-end encryptions

End-to-end encryptions are another way of keeping the data secure. In this, the information will be encrypted from end to end and only 2 parties can access that piece of information.

5. Multiple accounts

Users have access to creating multiple accounts within a single app. User is allowed to use 2 or more than 2 numbers and maintain their contacts with various accounts.

6. Video streaming

It allows users to stream videos according to their choice. There is no need to download the videos in order to view them.

7. Two-step verification

This is very helpful in making a specific account secure with the two-step verification. Providing the password is necessary every time a person logs in.

8. Lock chat

This is one of the most popular features that skies a person to secure his conversations with other people. The user needs to provide the password every time he login from a new device.

9. Make your own GIF

As you understand by the heading that it allows users to create their own GIF and share it with other users.

10. Contact integration

The next step in this process would be to import your contacts from your address book to the app as there is a need for the app if you cannot find anyone to talk to. This step needs to be fast and quick. The more friends you text, the greater will be the number of people who will think of using it.

11. Profile customization

Profile provides a sense of individuality to a specific person. In this app, a person can change names and their nicknames, patterns, and background colors, or select an avatar picture from camera roll or you can also take a picture in that instant. In most of the apps, People are allowed to check out user status, their online status, their last seen, and also if they are typing something.

12. Messaging

This feature operates via the internet connection but if someone goes offline then they can receive their texts as soon as they come back online. In addition to that, texts can also have statuses like delivered, failed, seen, and edited. This is the latest feature in most of applications which allows a person who is sending a text to keep track of his message. So if you are looking to make your app different from others, you can consider providing users with both kinds of chatting options – private and public. In public chats, a person can become an admin and create a group of friends to talk to and share pictures and videos. Within groups, you can also create subgroups of some specific persons you want to chat with.

Digging a Little Deeper for Create App Like Telegram

As everyone out there knows the basic function of a messaging app is to exchange texts with other users but if you want to stand out from the crowd then you need to provide a function that will store the conversation history.

For messenger apps, this boils down to the aspect that chat histories and various files sent by friends will get stored in the cloud so that the user can access it at any point of time they want to. This feature is of great use to users who use more than one device on a particular messenger account, those who accidentally delete the app, or those who lose their phones. A quick search is an option that helps you track the conversation that took some while ago and you can also search for friends, GIFs, media files, and anything other you need.

Voice messaging is another feature that can be implemented within the app. This is a simple feature via which a user can send messages through voice media. Friends can exchange messages within them without typing anything.

13. Video and voice call

Video and voice calling are some of the basic reasons that make these apps more interactive, giving users an option to interact with their friends without keeping a check on the call rates and bills. Here are some of the important video and voice options that an app can offer:

14. Voice calls

Voice calling allows users to keep in touch with their friends for free via voice calls even if they live in another country. Users can speak to each other but they can’t see each other’s faces.

15. Video calling

Visual communication is offered between the users. A Video call needs a speedy internet connection and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and that includes video of the user who made the call. A person can easily get in touch with friends and relatives even by living far away from them.

16. Group Calls

Users can hold group conversations with audio and video.

17. Media file transmission

Texts and emojis are alright but people like to share various other types of media which include stickers, photos, and GIFs. The picture is a great source of conveying a message in a quick time, particularly in a real-time chat app. Stickers are other sources of monetization for messaging apps.

18. Push notifications

Notifications are a must-have feature that needs to be implemented in an app during the time of its MVP development. They act as a direct line of contact between the app and its users. These texts come in handy by keeping the users active within that app and letting them know whenever a new text arrives or a friend comes online.

19. Group Admin

There should not be any leniency offered in this matter. There should be strictness and privacy as the admin should be able to control the chat that occurs and also prevent spamming in the group. The admin has the final say in the decision of allowing or not allowing the members to manage the group. He has the power to disbar a member of the group. Group chat is used mainly for business purposes.

20. Timely Alerts

Sending in timely alerts about a text you receive or when there is a text in the group, should be one of the main features of any messaging app. These alerts play a key part in real-time communication. Even the updates for the app are delivered via alerts. If you want to develop an app that will win over the audience then you need to pay extra attention to your notifications section.

21. Search

This feature should make the life of users a lot easier by helping them to search for texts and important files from within the messenger or inside a group.

22. Security features

The utmost aim of a group chat application should be to secure the data of the users. You should invest a good amount of money in protecting the texts and encrypting data to be secured from others.

23. Delete the message

Something we send out some texts that we don’t want to. So, to make sure the person doesn’t receive the text, we need to introduce a text-deleting option in order to undo some texts.

24. Group Calls

Group Calls can prove to be a big addition to any app and take it to the next level. It enables the members of a group to hold a group call within them without even exiting the app. This feature is very much desirable among the current users.

25. Sharing & Storage

When you get information that is jaw-dropping, you tend to share it with your friends. Unlimited files should be allowed to be shared via the required number of devices.

26. Payment Integration

Payment functionality features like QR-Scan Code, Native in-app payments, and online direct payment are crucial in such an app.

27. Sponsorship

Sponsorship combines with advertisers to give away rewards to the users for completing some in-app actions. This approach helps advertisers gain some inroads inside the app by giving away rewards for their users, who can earn more rewards by using more of the app. The app earns money by taking a share of this revenue from the rewards. Like for example, branded stickers are used by many companies to promote products like upcoming movies or new cuisines. This strategy tends to work better because its main purpose correlates with the app’s motive.

28. Chat SDK & Messaging API

Making the collaboration platform intuitive and more retentive for Chat integration API on third-party platforms and multi-platforms for iOS, Android, and Web applications.

29. Make it Personal

Additions of some settings need to be done to round off a mobile app. Some apps out there allow you to customize your personal experience by changing wallpapers, statuses, and notifications. The migration of data is also available in case someone wants to change his phone number or delete his account on a permanent basis. Backup of chats and media files can be kept in the settings menu. Some apps use your phone’s internal storage instead of a remote server to store the chat history and extra data like videos and photos you receive. If someone turns the backup off and uninstalls the app, the data will disappear.

The feature set that we involve when Telegram Like App Development is customer-centric and helps you earn the best results.

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When you are looking forward to making a strong presence in the market, it becomes quite important for people to deliver solutions that make things easier. We have been helping our clients to deliver solutions that would make things better.

How to Hire the Right Mobile App Development Company?

To hire the right mobile app development company for your project, there are a lot of things that we need to consider. If you are looking for the right messaging app development company, check all these points. 

List Down the Best Mobile App Development Companies

Before you find the right mobile app development company to develop your app, list down all the companies that help you in your search. Enlisting the companies will help you compare your alternatives and streamline your search process. 

Check for the Experience and Expertise of the Developers

The next point to consider here is the experience and expertise of the developers working with the company. If they have a team of developers and designers with the right experience then they can help you develop a successful messaging app. 

Consider the Portfolios of the Company

Make sure you check the portfolios of the company and see what they have done. It would give you an insight on the level of expertise the company has. This will help you build a better understanding of the company and their skills. 

Find Similar Solutions And Tech Stack Used

Once you check the portfolios, shortlist the projects that seem similar to your business idea. Check for advanced tools and technologies that the development firm has used to Build Messaging App like Telegram. 

Enlist Clients and Their Reviews

Make a list of the clients of the companies whose portfolio you like. Then see if you can connect with their clients personally for their experience. You can also check platforms like Clutch, GoodFirms, etc. to check the reviews and experience of other businesses with the company.

Ask for Quotes from Different Companies

Collect quotes from different companies before finalizing the company. This would help you select the right company with no extra expenditure. You have to make sure the company is trustworthy and fits your budget. 

Select the Company That Suits Your Budget

Once you have decided what tech stack you want and the company with the best budget, simply lock them. It is important that your solution is up-to-date and helps you stand the test of time.

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Monetization Methods for App Like Telegram

Some basic ways to generate revenue via the messaging app

Well, you decided to create app like telegram and enter the market to woo your audience for profits. It is important that the application that you take to the market is defined well and engages the audience to an extent where they can turn to be a source of income.

If you are looking forward to making money, all you need to do is find the right monetization method. Our telegram-like app development team share here some of the techniques, but the market is not limited to these.

Subscription fees

A customer needs to pay the subscription fees in order to access an app. An app used to change $0.99 per year after providing a one-year free trial period. The large user base is of high importance in order to earn a substantial amount of revenue. But since most messaging apps nowadays are free, subscription fees are seen as a barrier as it bars people from utilizing an app.


This is an excellent way of earning some money via an app. This is one of the most efficient methods to capture the user’s attention. Along with earning a few dollars, one downside of advertising is that ads pop up in between and annoy the users. In this case, one can offer to disable these ads at some cost. This monetization method is quite effective as it provides a good channel to marketers for showcasing their apps and reach out to a wide user base.

In-app purchases

You can charge the people for any extra feature they ask for. Paid stickers are one such feature that is in high demand and have become one of the major sources of revenue for a large number of apps. This marketing strategy is a win-win situation for both entrepreneurs and users. Messenger can also be used to sell various other customization options like wallpapers, filters, and themes.


Games are another source of revenue for some apps. Users have the luxury of playing video games directly within chat threads.

Whenever you enter the market with Telegram Like App Development, it becomes important that the solutions are integrated with some interesting features that make it easier for people to engage with your application and help you earn better profits.

It is important that your monetization strategy is inline with the cost of Telegram Like App Development so that you always have an upper hand. The Cost of Telegram Like App Development of such applications isn’t very high and thus you can easily win over the market in a little time.

call to action

Cost to develop a messaging app like Telegram

Talking about the actual mobile app development cost, it can be measured in dollars/hour. It is vital to find out what is going to be the average telegram like app development cost as per the region, which differs as per the markets in UK, USA, Eastern Europe, Western Europe & India.

  • North America $60-250 per hour
  • The United Kingdom $60-150 per hour
  • Western Europe  $40-120 per hour
  • Eastern Europe $20-100 per hour
  • India  $10-80 per hour

This way, the final cost is certain to be around $20000–$25000 for one platform if you decide to choose the developers in the Indian region; however, for both the platforms iOS & Android, the cost may reach $50000. Further, when talking about how much does telegram app costs there are a lot more things that determine the final investment value. The most dominant points here are:

Features of the Application

If you opt to develop an application that has only basic features, then the cost of telegram like app development would be limited. Other than this, if we talk about advanced feature-ladened applications the cost of telegram-like app development would be on the upper edge.

Technology Used to Build Messaging App like Telegram

When we make a quote, we bring to the table the technology that would serve the purpose the best. Any modification or updates in the same would mean a difference in the cost. We suggest you the best of the solutions in your budget and affirm that our prices are the most reasonable in the market.

Platforms Opted

If you want to develop an application that is native to either of the platforms like Android or iOS would cost less, but the application that is available for both would ask you to stretch your budget.

These are a few points that majorly determine the cost of your application. For feasible solutions outsourcing, your telegram like app development process would be a better idea.

The Final Words

When talking about creating App Like Telegram, significantly, the mobile app development company takes care of privacy concerns and security. The developers make sure that the database is encrypted and only be accessed by people who have the details. We have been working in the direction of creating products that are dedicated to cyber security and can help you be the least vulnerable to any hacker attack.

Are you looking forward to developing an application that would help your users socialize with their friends without the threat of their data being lost? Well connect with the experts and see what we have to offer.


What are the key steps to creating a messaging app?

The key steps to creating a messaging app are:
1. Define your goals and target audience.
2. Choose your platform(s)
3. Design your app
4. Develop your app
5. Test your app
6. Deploy your app
7. Promote your app

What is the best way to cut the cost of Build Messaging App like Telegram?

There are a few ways to cut the cost of Build Messaging App like Telegram:
1. Choose a simple design.
2. Start with a basic feature set.
3. Outsource development.

How much do the most popular messaging apps make?

The most popular messaging apps make billions of dollars in revenue each year.  Messaging apps make money through a variety of ways, including:
1. Advertising: Many messaging apps display ads to users.
2. In-app purchases: Some messaging apps allow users to purchase premium features, such as custom stickers or themes.
3. Subscriptions: Some messaging apps charge users a monthly or annual subscription fee.
4. Data sales: Some messaging apps sell user data to advertisers.

How much does it cost to develop a messaging app?

In general, you can expect to pay between $20,000 and $50,000 to develop a basic messaging app. If you want to develop an app with more features, or if you want to develop it for multiple platforms, the cost will be higher.

How much is the Telegram app worth?

Telegram is a privately held company, so its exact valuation is unknown. However, some analysts estimate that Telegram is worth between $10 billion and $20 billion. Telegram has a large and growing user base, and it is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. Telegram also has a number of unique features, such as end-to-end encryption and support for large groups.

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